12 February 2016

His Shock Valentine's Proposal by Amy Ruttan

His Shock Valentine's Proposal

Amy Ruttan

His Shock Valentine's Proposal by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

Loved this story set in a small town in Montana "Big Sky Country" named Crater Lake and what a picturesque place this is the setting is perfect for our heroine Dr Esme Petersen to runaway to and hide or so she thinks, things change when she meets the local Dr Carson Ralston this is his hometown there has been a Dr Ralston in this town as far back as it was named and he is not too happy about someone arriving and wanting his patients.

MS Ruttan pulled me in from page 1 with this story it has everything that a lover of medical romance wants in their stories two people that so badly need something good to happen in their lives and a spark that neither can deny. Carson has been hurt before with love and is not too interested in trying it again but when there is one emergency after another and ex partners arrive on the scene and they finally open up to each other this brings them even closer. This storey is moving heart-warming and emotional there is drama and a very sensual journey to such a beautiful HEA.

This is part of a duo about two brothers and I am looking forward to Luke's story MS Ruttan never disappoints me with her stories they are a must read they will have you smiling throughout and I highly recommend this one. The setting is just wonderful and Montana is now on my bucket list. I recommend that you grab yourself a beverage of your choice sit back and enjoy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published February 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romances


09 February 2016

Talos Claims His Virgin by Michelle Smart

Reviewed by Desere
Talos Claims His Virgin (Kalliakis Crown #1)

Fast paced , sexy, sexy, SEXY, and loaded with drama! This was the perfect book in every way you can think of!

Cutest heroine ever, and the most incredible hero, as in the kind that melts you , then enrages you then just brings you back down from your little anger in fulled rage. Did I mention he's a Prince!!

Michelle 's books are always perfect , she wraps everything I need to take away from a romance book up into a perfect bubble, adds the most delicious twits and then BOOM does something unexpected that makes me doubt my previous review of her books, that's right I always say her books are the best and I cannot fault them at all, and when the next one comes she does it even better than the last one hence the BOOM that blows me away!

It's hard to explain or rather put into words just exactly what she does because I have no idea what exactly it is but I do know that I highly recommend anyone and everyone to sit down and read any of this author's books . It a experience you will never forget, you will walk away with emotions you have never experienced from romance books( yes the normal love, happiness and heartache is there, but Michelle amps it up and I mean really amps it up!).

Trust me on this , read this , no read any book by this author and your life will be changed forever!!

5/5 star review
" He claims her but does she want to be claimed?"

Her Hometown Redemption by Rachel Brimble

Reviewed by Desere

A truly delightful read full of romance and beautiful happiness! This author is so brilliant she could write a dictionary and I would still walk away in awe! I loved the characters and the emotion oh my gosh the emotion was so electric and overwhelming that I had various emotions running through me and if I did not have the end of the book to get to I would have most likely gone nuts with not knowing what to do with the feelings.

It was a fun, flirty kind of read but with drama, and the very best kind of drama, you know the kind that leaves you drained but in a good way! Rachel Brimble is a diamond in the romance writing world, one that I truly know will never lose her sparkle!

5/5 star review
" Coming home is never easy"

A Vow to Secure His Legacy by Annie West

A Vow to Secure His Legacy

Annie West

A Vow to Secure His Legacy by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

Truly MS West knows how to take her readers on a magical journey to the glamourous world of the rich and beautiful in ballrooms and chateaus around the world and this story has taken us to Paris where vulnerable Imogen Holgate the ever cautious accountant has decided to live life to the fullest after first losing her twin sister and then her mother and with the fact that she is suffering the same symptoms as her mother is convinced her life is going to be a short one. So she takes herself on a trip of a life time around the world and the first stop Paris where her world is turned upside down in such a good way.

Thierry Girard adventurer turned businessman is looking forward to the day that he can hand the family business back over to managers to handle and get back to his climbing hot air ballooning and dare devil sports he does not believe in love after being burnt once already. Although he is very fond of woman things have been quiet on that front for a while way too busy with the business that is until he spots a beautiful woman across the other side of a ballroom and things start to warm up for Thierry as he is attracted to Imogen as he has not been for years to any woman and sets out to get to know her well.

The zing between Imogen and Thierry is so strong neither can deny each other and so a short affair that seems the best for both leads to passion and exhilaration as Imogen enjoys life and Thierry and Thierry enjoys Imogen and showing her so much fun in and out of the bedroom but when the time comes to an end there are consequences. Imogen does not expect that Thierry will marry her but he does but is it for the wrong reasons and as Imogen and Thierry get closer in some ways there is still a lot that needs to be said.

This is a beautiful story one that pulled me in from page one it is heart-warming so very sensual and emotional another winner from MS West another for the keeper shelf and one not to be missed I highly recommend this story especially for readers who love to fall in love. 

5/5 stars for a wonderful story

   Expected publication: February 23rd 2016 by Harlequin

05 February 2016

A Perfect Compromise by Anna Sugden

A Perfect Compromise

Anna Sugden

A Perfect Compromise by Anna Sugden

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series and this is another one to add to the keeper shelf what is not to love about a hockey player who is gorgeous caring and with issues that need to be overcome so as he can have his HEA with just the right heroine for him one that is strong and knows what she wants but now has to re-think her plans after a holiday in the Caribbean.

Jean Baptiste Larocque or JB as he is known to his friends and fellow New Jersey Cats Ice Hockey team has gone off for a holiday with one of his team mates at the end of the hockey season it was a rough season and again JB has ended it with a minor issue but on the island he meets up with teacher Issy Brandine she comes across with so many different sides to her personality confident a good sense is humour and a little stand-offish but he is drawn to her more so than any other woman before her although commitment is the last thing on JB's agenda.

Issy has her plans for her future after a not so good childhood and having a fling with a hockey player is not on that plan but when her best friend Sapphie ends up with JB's team mate Mad Dog and Issy finds herself drawn to JB's personality she gives in and has that passionate holiday fling which leads to a pregnancy and a journey to such a beautiful HEA although their journey is a rocky one with lots of ups and downs it is one that will have you smiling cheering them on and yes wanting to scream at them as they work through their emotions and find true love.

I highly recommend this book and this series they are beautifully written MS Sugden draws you into the world of ice hockey and the life that goes with loving and living with these athletes who work so hard and play hard in their personal lives and well as public lives don't miss this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published February 2nd 2016 (first published February 1st 2016)            

31 January 2016

Discovering Dr Riley by Annie Claydon

Discovering Dr Riley by Annie Claydon

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a beautiful story one that will pull you in from page one and keep you turning those pages I just about read it in one sitting I could hardly put it down this is about two people who have been through foster care and a traumatic childhood and to see them fall in love and do what they do for other people is wonderful.

Cori Evans is an art therapist and has been given the chance to help at the local hospitals children's department but when she meets her boss properly her impression isn't the best Dr Tom Riley seems stand offish but Cori is positive and works hard at what she is doing and does her best to change his mind.

Dr Tom Riley has just taken over as the temporary head of Paediatrics department he was good at what he did and was working hard to keep things running but having an art therapist come to work there for 8 weeks although good for the patients there are reasons behind questioning it.

Cori and Tom have an up and down journey to such a beautiful HEA there are fairies and beautiful paintings this story is a magical journey and one that I highly recommend it is emotional and heart-warming keep the tissues at the ready and of course you will be smiling as well don't miss this one.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: February 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical


28 January 2016


Reviewed by Nas

FALLING FOR MR DECEMBER by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin Romance series release for October 2015.

Sammy Thompson is a cancer survivor and lives life to the fullest. She won’t let cancer define her. Then she meets Nick Kennedy on a job. And they click together as Sammy clicked Nick’s photos for the cancer charity.

But what would Nick say when he discovers Sammy’s big secret? Would he accept her? Could Sammy let Nick take on the uncertainty and burden of her illness?

FALLING FOR MR DECEMBER is a sensational romance filled with emotional intensity. Author Kate Hardy, once again brought a spell-binding story to her readers which would keep them enthralled till the end.

Recommended for all readers of romance.


Reviewed by Nas

A PROMISE…TO A PROPOSAL by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for July 2015.

Ruby Fisher is coming to terms with her widowhood. And trying to move forward. But moving forward meant dating. So was she ready to date now?

Dr. Ellis Webster had promised his best friend he would look after Ruby after his death. But could he watch Ruby dating someone else now that he had developed some feelings for her? Could he change himself enough to be the person Ruby wanted?

A PROMISE…TO A PROPOSAL is a sweet romance to read. Author Kate Hardy did a fabulous job of showing how Ruby moves forward after the death of her husband and how Ellis changed himself when he found love.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.

26 January 2016

A Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe

A Daddy for Baby Zoe?

Fiona Lowe

A Daddy For Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a moving story MS Lowe has taken some hard issues and turned them into a beautiful romance a journey that will have you shedding tears and smiling not to mention what a beautiful setting it is with secondary characters that add so much to this one.

Dr Meredith Dennison is eight months pregnant and very much looking forward to the birth of her baby but then tragedy strikes and she finds herself a widow she of course is shattered her husband is gone how is she to cope, she goes of to their holiday house on the beautiful Shearwater Island to work things through the baby is not due for a few more weeks and then she meets the neighbours Raf Camilleri and his father who live next door they are more than happy to help in any way the can especially when the baby comes early.

Rafe Camilleri has been through some really tough times himself he is a successful business man but is home on the island to care for his grumpy father who is recovering from a stroke this is not what he planed at all but with pressure from his sister he is here and doing the best he can, but when he notices the weekender neighbour in her fancy car and the sad look in her eyes he cannot help but be drawn to her little realizing that this meeting will change his life.

This story is amazing as it takes us on a magical journey to a HEA that has a few hurdles to overcome like how does someone fall in love with a new widow and seeing Meredith come to terms with another man in her life so soon and the birth of such a beautiful daughter that Raf is there for from the start and dealing with upset in laws and a big Italian family truly this is a fabulous story that I highly recommend this is one not to be missed, it is heart-warming and so very moving and I loved it.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published January 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical


25 January 2016

A Kiss To Change Her Life by Karin Baine

A Kiss To Change Her Life

Karin Baine

A Kiss To Change Her Life by Karin Baine

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautifully written story one that will pull at your heart strings and then make you smile make sure you have your tissues at the ready you are going to need them

Dr Rob Campbell is a paediatrics oncologist at The Belfast Community Children's Hospital he works hard he is caring and understanding but he has been through tragedy he is not interested in any long term relationship just work and helping as many of these kids as he can he is also not fond of the media and is not impressed when the directors have given permission for a TV crew to do a documentary at the hospital and when he meets the producer Jessica Halliday he is anything but helpful but Jessica has also been through a lot and is determined to get along with Dr Campbell and suggests helping with his fundraising project a MRI scanner for the hospital this helps to get things moving.

Jessica is a strong determined woman who also has no intention of falling in love she has been there done that and with her past and the health issues she has had this is not going to happen but life throws up curve balls and very soon Rob and Jessica can no longer deny the sparks and pull that is bouncing between them and after one very sensual kiss they agree to a fling for a few weeks but love gets in the road of ending this and when they open up to each other their lives start to change for the better.

MS Baine knows how to pull you in from page one the story comes alive as the characters become real the emotion flies of the pages you will be crying smiling and cheering them on truly this is a story not to be missed it will bring joy to you, sit back and enjoy you will shed a few tears though always good in a good romance I think.

5/5 stars for a wonderful story

Published January 6th 2016 by Mills & Boon