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Flirting with Dr. Off-Limits by Robin Gianna

Flirting with Dr. Off-Limits

by Robin Gianna

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dare She Date Again? by Amy Ruttan

Dare She Date Again?

by Amy Ruttan

Giveaway ends October 30, 2014.

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12 October 2014

Tempted By The Billionaire Tycoon by Jennifer St George

Reviewed by Nas
TEMPTED BY THE BILLIONAIRE TYCOON by author Jennifer St George is a October 2014 release by e-Penguin.
Poppy Bradford just wanted to unearth the person responsible for the sabotage of the resort where she worked as general manager. She was devastated that all these seemingly random accidents happened under her watch.
Billionaire tycoon and resort owner,  Nic Capitini wants a scapegoat and wants it now. So he wanted Poppy out! But he can’t really do that, can he? Its three strikes against an employee before they can be fired. So he came to the resort under cover to uncover the truth about Poppy.
Despite being biased, Nic found that Poppy was an amazing manager and person. And the scorching attraction between them was undeniable. Would they give in to their chemistry?
TEMPTED BY THE BILLIONAIRE TYCOON is a fast-paced and intriguing story. I loved the mystery and the thrills in this story. Author Jennifer St George brought a strong heroine in Poppy and a gorgeous hero in Nic. Both had emotional baggage they were keeping hidden. This romantic tale takes a reader deep into both the characters’ psyche to discover why they are against love and commitment.
Highly recommended to all readers.

08 October 2014

Flirting With Dr. Off-Limits by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas

FLIRTING WITH DR.OFF-LIMITS by author Robin Gianna is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for October 2014.

Could Dr. Katy Pappas still be indifferent to surgeon Alec Armstrong? After all he’d rejected her once after the passionate kiss. But she still had the hots for him! But he was her teacher now.

It became exceedingly difficult for Alec to stay away from the grown up gorgeous Katy, but he never mixed business with pleasure, did he? Could he resist the allure of Katy once again?
FLIRTING WITH DR.OFF-LIMITS is a fast-paced, thrilling romance. Author Robin Gianna brought the gorgeous but sensitive hero and matched with the beautiful Katy. This is a sensational romance amid the medical drama.
Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows that when it comes to flirting with the forbidden , it's playing with fire , but more importantly you that you shouldn't do it at all, but it's so much fun and so addicting that stopping is hard, so really hard.

For intern Dr. Katy Pappas, seeing the very delectable surgeon Alec Armstrong again is pure sweet torture! He rejected her after their sinfully delicious kiss years earlier, but boy oh boy does the man still send her into a tizzle! She still wants him and she wants him bad!

Alec is captivated by Katy, she's all grown up and temps him into sinful thoughts, but she's also his best friend's sister, a colleague and his student and therefore definitely off limits. He won't risk their careers with muddling the waters, but as we all know resistance is futile when it comes to something that feels so very right,

Robyn Gianna is fast becoming a author that wows with amazing realistic characters and memorable plots, this time I again got the wow characters and the amazing plot but the difference between this book and her previous reads ? This time she brought her A game and totally wowed me into a state of speechlessness.

I was entranced, transfixed, romanticized and completely blown away.  I adored each and every moment of this read.

The passion, the resistance, the drama and the sweet and soul for-filling ending, it was all simply perfect. Great twits and turns that kept it interesting and wonderful best of all it was a nice, quick easy read.

Noting felt dragged out, yes there is a bit of a back and forth issue but in most reads of similar genres the author did not let the back and forth resistance get in the way of the flow of romance, great job Robin.

I am taking away a message of life has all kinds of little up's and down's generated into the everyday life  and designed to make us fall from our neatly erected throne but falling is not always as bad as it seems. So when you feel yourself being pushed it's important to know when to let go and when to try and hang on, the trick is to of course to make sure to make the right choice, how you may ask will you know, well here's some advise chose your goals and then take the decision.

I recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads, it was fun, easy to read, lighthearted and had just the right amount of emotion to let you know drama can always be overcome.

5/5 star review
" Flirting with the forbidden leads to finding the heart and soul of life" 

06 October 2014

Dare She Date Again? by Amy Ruttan

Dare She Date Again?

Reviewed by Desere

Every single mom knows falling in love again is something you don't think about, your focus is on raising your child/children and providing them with love and of course everything else they may need.

So of course the reaction of single mom and paramedic Samantha Doxtator is a natural one when her new student George Atavik pulls out all the stops to get her attention. Samantha does not have the time for this she needs to focus on getting George all trained and set up before she leaves to chase her dream of being an air ambulance pilot and besides she has guarded her heart against loss and pain for so long with very good reason.

But as I said George is dead set on taking full advantage of the attraction he has for Samantha, he very nearly lost his life a while back and he's is never ever going to let second chances slip from his grasp, he turns up the charm to full speed and if's his luck at life continues he will have Samantha is his arms before anyone can say lift off!

I loved this read, it had a great emotional vibe and awesome intense passion which once it was set into full motion totally overshadowed my expectations. Because even though I know for a sure fire fact this author is one of the best in the business the blurb sounded a little off, and I had a fear that I would end up too sad or too frustrated with the character of Samantha, it makes no sense to other readers but to me having experienced so any let down's with single mother characters that seem to drag on and on and on before they actually get to  reasonable point the fear will always remain.

But because this is one of my top authors I of course knew not to judge the book by it's description alone, and little did I know the book would deliver an incredible message about fear. So that of course set me neatly into my place and sure showed me!

The character of George was a wonderful bundle of fun, I loved his spunk and go get 'em attitude even whilst living with the fear of flying the guy really does try his utmost to push his way to the top in everything he does, including snagging Samantha's attention.

The character of Samantha was nothing like I expected her to be, she is cautious of course as any single mom would be but the author does not let her fear of taking a chance at a little fun in life  , as I mentioned this is something I have found over and over again in so many other similar reads and yes I completely understand the fear woman like Samantha has but I have found in other reads that it is simply too dragged out, too over done and I end up getting so frustrated with the character that I wish I never started the book in the first place. This was not the case with this read and I give a major thumbs up to the author !

I am taking away a message of fear is a natural reaction from anyone in any situation. But when fear holds you back from every single chance at happiness , it might just be the time to start thinking " Maybe I should react and see what happens". Yes you could end up hurt in so many different ways but in the end you'll at least know you took the shot and over came your fear.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, the read had fantastic tension, red hot romance and a stunning ending which will live in my heart for a long time.

5/5 star review

"Flying high on the wings of love and hope" 


Reviewed by Nas
DARE SHE DATE AGAIN? By author Amy Ruttan is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for October 2014.
Widowed paramedic Samantha Doxtator had a well adjusted life as a single mom and was on the brink of fulfilling her lifelong dream.

But she had to mentor one last trainee, George Atavik. Then sparks started flying between them, could Sam risk her heart?
George had a second chance at life, dare he follow his heart and strike a second chance at love and happiness?

DARE SHE DATE AGAIN? Is a fabulous second chance romance. It shows how Sam and George learn to let go of the past and forge ahead with new directions toward love and happiness. Author Amy Ruttan keeps her readers enthralled and glued to the story till the last page with her fantastic storytelling.
Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Fired by her Fling by Christy McKellen

Fired by Her Fling

Reviewed by Desere

"You're fired." Those are not words anyone wants to hear yet they are the words that radio DJ Tallulah Lazenby hears, worse the words come from the sex god she just spent the night with!

But Mr sex god aka Tristan Bamfield is also the one that wants to take charge and get Lula back on air, after a night like they had his inner softie side tells him there is a whole lot more going on in the studio that first meets the eye. And firing Lula for darn sure did not feel all that great.

Soon what is meant to be one night becomes weeks of long tantalizing torture. Because back in the studio the red hot memories are making Lula a major distraction and business as usual for this once always professional bad boy is much harder to pull off then ever before.

I have been a fan of this author's books from her debut into the world of romance and she has never let me down. She always delivers one heck of plot with stunning characters and warm fuzzy emotion that sends me into that warm and snugly place of happiness.

When I first read the blurb for this book I immediately fell in love with the characters and what I already knew would be one heck of an awesome plot, as I mentioned this author 's books always gives me that overwhelming sense of happiness so I knew I was in for a guaranteed romance of the year read.

Where I made the mistake was not thinking that the book would be even more incredible that anything the author has written before. She completely blew me away!

Delicious sexual tension, incredible emotion and remarkable moments of heartbreakingly beautiful clarity when the truth starts to be revealed.

The characters of Tristan and Lula were both so beautiful they brought me to tears, and I simply could not get enough of the stunning slowly blossoming relationship, I was completely entranced and fascinated as these two go from red hot lovers to enemies and back again to fighting together for justice.

From both characters am taking away a message that life is a roller coaster of emotions that most of time no one wants to deal with, but when you share your thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams with someone it becomes easier to deal with it all head on. Keeping things bottled up will only have the end result of someone special  giving up and never wanting to try and help you and leaving you to truly be alone. Talk about everything and anything with that someone special in the long run you 'll be glad you did.

I highly recommend this read for romance fans looking for a fun and upbeat spunky read with red hot passion and beautiful emotion , a combination so remarkable it will forever hook you onto this author's books and simply never let you go!

5/5 star review
" Fired or hired either way the land of radio is about to heat up like never before" 

26 September 2014

Christmas With The Maverick Millionaire by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Nas
CHRISTMAS WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE by author Scarlet Wilson is a Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for November 2014.
Samantha Lewis worked through Christmas so she could make extra for her mum in nursing home. She was disappointed when she found that maybe she wouldn’t get a job this Christmas. Then out of blue an urgent but well paying job to manage a diabetes patient came and she took it.
Mitchell Brody is a millionaire rockstar with everything at his feet. He didn’t like to be managed. Could he override Samantha’s decision and block all her attempts to manage his condition?
Would Samantha put her professionalism aside and see the man beneath the rockstar? The man who visits a children’s hospital and spends time with very sick kids just to cheer them up?
CHRISTMAS WITH THE MAVERICK MILLIONAIRE is a dramatic but realistic story. I found the information about managing the diabetes condition to be interesting. Author Scarlet Wilson depicted the conflict and tension between Samantha and Mitchell in a natural way. This was an inspiring and uplifting story to read.
Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

To Defy A Sheikh by Maisey Yates

Reviewed by Nas
TO DEFY A SHEIKH by author Maisey Yates is a November 2014 release by Harlequin Presents.
Sheikh Ferran Bashar, ruler of Khadra, fought back when he found an assassin in his room. She came to kill him but he overpowered her and had her in captivity. Then he found out she was none other than Sheikha Samarah Al-Azem of Jahar, a neighbouring sheikhdom. He offered her a place in the dungeon for the assassination attempt or to marry him and be his sheikha.
Samarah had burnt with revenge all her life and had trained to kill just so she could get her revenge on Ferran. Would she take his ultimatum and marry him to kill him? Could Ferran trust her now not to kill him any chance she got?
TO DEFY A SHEIKH is a fast, thrilling story. I loved the tension and the drama, the intrigue and the suspense in this story. Author Maisey Yates realistically brought to life a hero who denies himself passion and love just so he could keep in control. And a heroine who wanted revenge above all else, yet finding out the whole truth changed her.
All readers of romance would love this story. 

25 September 2014

The Magnate's Manifesto by Jennifer Hayward

The Magnate's Manifesto

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine writing up your manifesto on woman as a private joke between you and your buddies, then walking into the office the next morning to learn that your little joke has landed on the front page of every newspaper, social media site and is the top news story of the day.

It's called the international incident of the decade and worse,  woman everywhere want to bury you under copious amounts of sand in the Nevada desert.

This is exactly what happens to Mr All Night Long Jared Stone, and to fix the mess he has to promote Bailey St James to VP, something he is not ready to do and of course there's the little fact that he does not believe Bailey is quite ready to handle such a position, after all he believes woman should be in the bedroom not the boardroom.

None the less he has to save his company and Bailey is the ticket, but when he offers Bailey the position of VP this spitfire of a gal fires back at him by not only demanding the position to be that of CMO and not VP but also pushes him to listen to her ideas.

As they travel to France to pull off the deal of the century, save the company and trace the one responsible for leaking the manifesto it very soon becomes clear to both that their attraction to each other is not going away. The question is, what will they do about it? And what will happen when Bailey's past comes walking through the door threatening to ruin the entire deal unless he has Bailey in his bed?

I have been a huge fan of this author's books since her debut The Divorce Party landed in my hands, I love the fiery passion , the utterly gorgeous romance and incredibly fascinating plots she conjures up, and because all her books have been five stars and very memorable reads, I did not really think she could come up with anything better because according to me she was already at the top of her game.

I was wrong, so very wrong. The Magnate's Manifesto is her best book yet! The passion and intrigue as from her previous books was again there, but with a really fantastic twist to the plot that I did not see coming!

And that is what made this book so engaging and so much fun to read. Just when I thought I had it figured out and the direction was set in my mind, the author threw me back with twits and turns I have not found in other Harlequin Presents books, and I absolutely loved every single minute of it.

From the character of Jared and his hilarious manifesto to the moment his world comes crashing down when Bailey teaches him there's more to woman that burning up the bed-sheets to the very fun and spunky Bailey learning there's more to life then work, I loved it all.

The character of Jared was a really nice guy, well nice enough for a moron who's opinion on woman obviously needs a major overhaul. I liked how the author let him fall from the high pedestal he created for himself , it was like reading about a king falling from grace, and I might add too funny! And my oh my did I adore his sweet and supportive nature to bits! For some you might be thinking he sounds a little too sweet and only let's the real him shine through when he's typing up manifesto's that are never meant to be seen, and in actual fact is a real jerk. You would be wrong, the author crafted the perfect sweet as can be whilst still having that fire and come make my day I'll blow you away personality, it was brilliant.

The character of Bailey was a totally awesome heroine, strong and independent does what needs to be done to get the job done and pushes to better herself with what she has to her disposal. Of course I don't want to ruin the read so I cannot tell you what exactly Bailey did do to get to the top of her game, but I will say that it takes guts, a heck of a lot of guts that most woman simply will not have. I really admired Bailey and she's a heroine all woman can look up to.

The read is full of delicious tension, fabulous passion, full of life humor, remarkable characters and a very compelling plot. And best of all the author has once again pulled an extremely important life lesson from it all.

You are only as good as you let yourself be, because if you let your past hold you back and make your future decisions based on the past there really is no way you will ever reach the top. You will to the outside world look as if  you have reached that high note, but in the darkness you will simply just still be you a lonely girl trapped in a life she never wanted or a boy simply wishing he was someone else. Fight and claw your way to the top but never let the past come back to knock you down, what's known to the world today will only make you look better tomorrow simply because you did not let it pull you under.

I highly recommend this read, it's fire and ice meets passion and lace! Boardroom, bedroom no matter the room these two are about to burn down the house, and it's electrifying explosions all round! Simply utter perfection!

5/5 star review
"She knocks him from his throne, he pushes her to the top"

24 September 2014

Hot Rebel by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Rebel (Hostile Operations Team #6)

Reviewed by Desere

Just when I thought this author could not possibly make this series any better she goes and writes a book like this. It was simply outstanding from start to finish.

This time the author took me into the mind of Nick " Brandy" Branson or as our heroine likes to call him " Preacher Boy". But there is nothing saintly about Nick, nope this guy is hot with a capital H. And he's also ticked off with Victoria Royal.

She's a traitor to her country and as far as Nick is concerned she should have stayed away after disappearing all those years ago, instead she 's landed right in the middle of his Hostile Operations Team mission in the middle of the desert and royally messed it all up, by killing the wrong guy.

As ticked off as Nick is he also knows Victoria is hiding information that is vital to bring the failed mission back off the ground, it's suck it up and handle his out of control attraction to her or let the bad guy get away. But can Victoria and her killer curves really be trusted, has she been sent to take down the HOT members one by one , of is she really has innocent as she says she is?

The previous books in this series were all five star reads, and I loved them all and as I said I really did not expect the author to make book six any better then the others, oh I knew without a doubt that the book would be incredible but I was not prepared for just how incredible it would be.

I was transported back to the desert, the gun fire, the threats and death of a country enslaved in war, and along with it back to the ultimate of saviors from the HOT squad. The action levels were more action packed then the previous books, yes even better than the previous five, somehow the author pulled off an unbelievable display of action of the very highest levels, unlike any I have ever come across. I am talking serious Die Hard stuff!

And the drama and intrigue , oh my the drama and intrigue was so, so, so freaking awesome !! Loads of delicious sizzling tension and sex scenes so hot I thought the pages were sure to catch alight any minute, of course it did not but this is one of those books that have you squirming in your seat grabbing the fan and suddenly thinking did I just feel him kissing me? Yep that intense and that good!

The characters of Nick and Victoria were simply put FLOPPING AWESOME! I adored Nick from the start, I loved him for his honestly and integrity, and hey let's be honest the man is a heck of a sniper so that a definite added bonus to the package, and let us not forget the little fact that the guy is all kinds of serious off the charts hot.

Victoria was totally kick ass, a woman that's a sniper is not something I get to read about every day so it really was spectacular and yes my female pride kicked in when I learned she's a better shot than Nick, so cool. I thought it was the sweetest thing to give up her life to rescue someone who one would think clearly did not want to be rescued after everything she has done, and being bad ass and all shy is always a fun combination to read about.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single reading fan out there, there's drama, action, intrigue, passion, hot sex, romance, secrets and so much more. You name it and you'll find it in this book, keep going Lynn we want more!

5/5 star review
" This rebel 's heart betrays his logical thinking and it might just cost him his life" 

23 September 2014

Boots on the Ground by Rebecca Crowley

Boots on the Ground (Homefront, #1)

Reviewed by Desere 

With  really rough start to life in foster care it is no surprise that Grady Reid ended up serving thirteen years in Afghanistan, he saw friends die, fought battles no man has to fight and has finally reached his breaking point.

He decides a fresh start in life is the way to go, he puts down all his savings on a beat up ranch in the small town of Meridan, it's time to plant some roots.

Once there he get's a job as a road worker in order to make ends meet whilst building the ranch , he keeps his war demons to himself and just takes day to day as it comes. But he does not count on the days including a very sexy and very privileged Dr. Laurel Hayes.

She's tempting so very tempting and soon he finds himself enslaved by her sexy curves and falling for her harder than he's ever fallen before. But Laurel has a yearning to travel the world whilst playing Dr and she's so very close to making the dream a reality she can very nearly taste it.

Can Grady make her see she's meant to stay in his arms or will she be gone by morning, leaving him abandoned once again?

This was a really nice read, it had a good and fast paced plot, things move very quickly between the characters , it does seem a little slow in the start but trust me keep going, it picks up very quickly from chapter three, and it's totally worth it.

The character of Grady was a regular soldier that suffers from post traumatic stress disorder yet still keeps his balance by fighting for everyone and everything he believes in which made him all the more sexy. I loved how the author let snippets from his past drift in and out of the read, it really helped with piecing him together, it is not always done in reads where soldiers are involved and most of the time you get that glimpse into his war background but not the before part , so really nice work Rebecca!

The character of Laurel was someone I could really connect with, I really felt sorry for her being so privileged yes it does sound out of place but when someone has it all, it does not always mean they are happy. So yes I felt very sorry for her having it all yet not really having anything at all. I loved how the author let's Laurel's good nature shine through in the read, not once does Laurel have a snobbish attitude, she knows she good looking, she knows she has it all but it does not let her go about bossing people around, which was a really nice touch.

I am taking away a message of no matter if you have it all or if you have nothing at all, there is always something or someone in life that will let you see what's missing or even what exactly you already have.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a good paced romance read with sweet passion and a happy ever after ending.

4 star review
" He seeks to keep his boots on the ground she wants to hit the floor running" 

22 September 2014

The Maverick Who Ruled Her Heart by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas
THE MAVERICK WHO RULED HER HEART by author Susan Carlisle is a September 2014 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Kelsey Davies is happy with her job as nutritionist at the hospital but she wants to leave the sleepy town and move to a big city hospital to leave her past behind.

Then doctor Jordan King arrives and Kelsey falls in love with him all over again, as he was her first love and her biggest crush. But could Kelsey forgive Jordan when she finds out that he was keeping secrets?

THE MAVERICK WHO RULED HER HEART is a fast-paced medical drama. Author Susan Carlisle brought to live a gorgeous and sensitive hero and strong heroine readers would just love.