23 August 2014

The Chatsfield Book Five: Tycoon's Temptation by Trish Morey


Reviewed by Desere

Hurt sometimes just refuses to go away. You can through yourself into your work, you can get drunk and laugh and try to forget, you can do just about anything but the hurt will always be there. Sneaking up on you in the dead of night or hitting you with the first rays of sunlight.

In this read, the fifth book in the new Mills and Boon series, we meet Holly Purman and Franco Chatsfield.
Holly has devoted her life to her family's vineyard and there is no way and no how she is going to risk losing it all, especially to a Chatsfield!

Franco Chatsfield has never played by the rules of his family and he 's not planning on starting anytime soon either. But The Chatsfield's new CEO makes it clear that Franco needs to secure a partnership and he can't say no. So he figures he 'll seal the deal and get the out! Should be easy enough. There's just one problem, one very tempting woman stands in his way.  

Franco and Holly soon finds themselves working together to both get what they want, but as time passes and all starts to fall into place so does their passion for each other and soon Franco find the pieces to his heart have somehow been slotted back into place, he has no idea how and soon he only has one question , does he go against hope and shatter his heart again or does he go after the woman who has mended it?

I really liked this read, the characters were interesting and the plot had a very nice fun flow to it. The character of Franco does come off as a little too dark , but once the author reveals his reasons from the past I saw him in a complete different light and I immediately sympathized with him. I loved, loved the moment when the truth about his feelings for Holly hit him, it was so intense and had me yelling out" That's it, you're finally there! "

I loved the character of Holly, so much fun to read!  She was all fire and ice and this of course made me adore her! I mean who doesn't love a give it as good as she gets it heroine! I was non to happy about her judgmental attitude toward Franco but as she started to get to know him the author did a fabulous job at showing that we should never judge someone on first impressions. You just simply cannot know what lies behind their bad attitude or sadness in their eyes. Always take the time to get to know someone before you go all out to hit them with words and actions that hurt.

I am taking away a message of life has it's way of dishing out pain that shatters our hearts to the point where we believe it cannot be repaired, but life also has away of showing us that there is always hope for a better tomorrow. The trick is to be able to recognize it when it comes along , and if you don't then at least be man enough to recognize it when it hits you over the head, and act right away! Never delay in grabbing onto happiness for tomorrow it might be too late.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a very sexy and passionate love found during the most unexpected series of events romance reads. Trish Morey has created a stunning fun and fresh plot with believable and remarkable characters.

4.5 star review
" He wants the deal closed, she wants his heart " 

22 August 2014

If Only..... by Tanya Wright

If Only...

Reviewed by Desere 

Everyone knows when you lose someone it hurts, but it is even worse if it's unexpected. In this debut release from Tanya Wright she tells the story of Micha O'Shea. Ten years ago she was planning spending the rest of her life with boyfriend Drew, dreaming of picket fences, children and the perfect happy ever after. Then suddenly it was all brought to a screeching halt when Drew was tragically killed in an accident.

It is a hard blow for all of Drew's friends but of course more of a blow for Micha. As their friends move on with life and once a year celebrate the life that was Drew, Micha falls deeper and deeper into a world of depression, binge ice-cream eating and hiding from the world.  That is until one night she joins them in the annual celebration and ends up having one too many shots of tequila and kissing her best friend, sexy and delicious firefighter Josh Taylor.

Josh has been Micha's rock ever since Drew's death, he takes care of her on every friendship level possible, after all he did promise Drew he would. But the soul searing kiss Micha lays on him sends his senses into overdrive, and keeping his distance and not dreaming up erotic dreams of Micha is darn near impossible and not as easy as it has been for the last ten years. As for Micha, the kiss as her seeing Josh in a new light and as she floats between dreams of Drew and her having their happy ever after and X-rated dreams of Josh , she is soon forced into having to decide if she wants to continue to live in the past or say "What if I took a chance?"

This was such a stunning read and from the very first page had me in tears. I bawled my eyes out for the pain Micha goes through, I wanted to give her a big hug and tell her she will get over Drew somehow, someday. Of course when one is standing on the outside and Micha's loss is not something you have gone through it's very easy to say that they will get over it. So right at the moment I wanted to tell Micha it will work out somehow , I also came to a sudden halt and started thinking, what if this was me, would I want to get over it, would I too go into a state of depression, or would I tell everyone am fine and totally actually be fine? And with this realization it hit me, that until you have been through such events there is no way you can say how you will react, and you can listen to the advise of others around you but in the end it's up to you to find a way back to the land of the living.

The character of Josh was a treat to read, fun loving, sexy, a little bit crazy fun and a whole lot of  always rock solid pillar strength. I fell head over heals with this hero long before Micha did! But any woman out there would agree that a guy who is always there for you, and goes to the extremes to try and make you smile is perfect and any woman would easily fall in love with him, so this little personality trait is not what truly attracted me to his character. It was the soul searching the poor guy has to go through, and finding the reasons to truly look deep inside the meaning behind is promise. Being in love with Micha for so long and never acting on his feelings because of a promise to his best friend showed him as loyal as they come. Loyalty is always a unique and sadly not found very often personality trait. Through this character the author showed that being loyal and keeping our promises are one of the most valuable and attractive traits any one person can show. Of course just as any romance reader would, I shouted out more than once for him to forget the darn promise and take hold of Micha already, but yes the nagging little voice of reason was with me all the way. Through these set of emotions the author reminded me that a promise is a promise and loyalty is a stunning quality but what if we can see our promise in a different light?

From this read am taking away a range of messages. Holding onto the past will only cause you to never really step into the future life has planned for you, never decide for someone when they are ready to let go they need to do so in their own time, and never take a promise at face value, yes you made the promise but what exactly did you promise?

I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there. The book had serious depth, a stunning life lesson and a beautiful forever to be remembered romance.  A word to the wise, make sure you pull out the tissues for this one, trust me you'll be needing it!

5/5 star review
" One too many shots leads to the kiss of a lifetime, and suddenly the past seems so far away" 

21 August 2014

The Valquez Seduction by Melanie Milburne

The Valquez Seduction (The Playboys of Argentina #2)

Reviewed by Desere

Have you ever read a book from start to finish, closed it off and just sat there as ever so slowly you try and reenter the world of the living?  Taking deep breaths doesn't help, staring at the cover only let's you fall deeper back into the book, and staring at the space around you only makes you want to crawl back inside the world the author created , thus you are so completely trapped it will take you months to reenter the world of real people again.

This my dear reading friends is what happened to me when I completed the new read from Melanie Milburne. I felt a variety of emotions bouncing around, it ranged from heart aching sadness for the hurt the characters had to go through, to an all time high of joy as it was brought together in true spectacular Melanie Milburne fashion.

The read tells of innocent schoolteacher, Daisy Wyndham, standing outside a Las Vegas nightclub she has never felt more out of her depth, and that was before I do more than play the game on the field Argentinian polo player, Luiz Valquez comes to her rescue in front of the press. This rescue however leads to reports of their engagement and soon they strike a deal. It's a dangerous charade but it's one they're both prepared to play. And when it ends they will both have what they want, Luiz 's playboy image will be gone and Daisy will cast aside her cloistered upbringing. But with Luiz doing his very best to be good and Daisy trying her damnedest to be bad, and I do mean very bad it's only a matter of time before one of them gives in. But which one will walk away from the deal first, when it comes to saying I love you?

Now as mentioned this read had me completely just sitting there and staring into space as I tried to come back down to earth and process the various emotions, it has happened to me before but it has never been this intense! I felt like crying because the book had ended and I felt as if I had just lost apart of my soul, and quite frankly I doubt it will ever be found again.

The character of Luiz was intense, and I mean seriously intense. He goes from playboy to complete sweetheart in mere seconds at various times in the read, yes it does sound a little like those types of men that send mixed signals and you can never really figure them out, but it was not the case. It was more of a " this is me, sinfully sexy Luiz, playboy extraordinaire, but only to the outside world, when I am with Daisy I am the real me". It did drive me a little nuts, because I wanted the whole world to see the real him and not just Daisy, but him slotting into place the mask did get me thinking that it's what most likely all of us do at some stage in our lives. We want to be seen as something merely to protect ourselves but deep down there is always someone that is able to get us to bring out the real us. But it never really protects us against anything, it only shows us in a light of uncertainly and most of the time makes us unapproachable to the rest of the world, and let's face it that doesn't sound very much fun. So why? Letting the true you shine out to the world will in the long run ensure that no one is uncertain of you or your actions, step up and step out it's what the world wants.

The character of Daisy was all kinds of sweet, she's a teacher after all. What I enjoyed most about her was her shed the innocence mission. Naturally her innocence showed her as this crisp clean wholesome lady, but her eagerness to get out there and shed the innocence was what made her character fun to read. I am not saying all innocent woman need to go out there and find a hot guy to get down and dirty with, simply to say they'v e made the transition from good to bad, but just letting go a little of the reins will teach you that there is more to life then always obeying the rules, from parents to the press, no matter rules are meant to be our own. Keeping to the rules of others will only make you dull, and what will you end up with? Sadness and not feeling for-fulled at all.

I am taking away a beautiful message of life is meant to be lived as much as possible. Hiding behind rules and masks is not the way to get out there and find your happiness, romantically or otherwise. It's shedding the masks and telling the rules " See you on the other side!"

I highly recommend this read was all fans who love to escape into a world of romance and passion. Melanie Milburne is one of the top selling authors of our time and has always managed to climb inside the hearts of her readers, but with this read she has proven she can capture your soul! A beautiful, stunning, remarkable, captivating, unforgettable read.

5/5 star review
"From temporary down and dirty to permanent bliss"   

20 August 2014

A Deal Before the Altar by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Desere

Every woman out there who has a sister knows how strong and unbreakable the bond is of sisterly love is. You laugh together, you argue and don't always see eye to eye, you cry together when life's troubles pop up and as years go by and you both grow up, the bond just get's stronger and stronger. But all of that aside there is also the 'we fight together'. You will kill if you have to, yes that sounds completely psycho but it's just how it goes. No one and nothing will hurt our sisters if we have anything to say about it.

In this debut from Mills and Boon author Rachael Thomas this is exactly what Georgina Henshaw sets out to do. Her darling sister Emma is head over heals in love, sadly it is with the brother of the one and only " I'll eat you up and spit you right back out" the ruthless Santos Ramirez. If he allows his brother to marry Emma he will lose the company he worked so hard to bring to success, first brother to make it to the altar gets it all,  a condition of their father's will he has never been able to find a way out off.

But when feisty Georgina walks into his office and demands he marries her in order for him to still have his precious company and thus allowing Emma to have her happy ever after, he sees her as a means to an end of all his problems. Only Georgina thinks this will be a marriage in name only, but Santos wants a heir and he'll do anything to make it happen even if it means seducing his lovely wife into his bed. After all the woman has no feelings what-so-ever she's done this whole marriage for business deal before and won't mind getting her heart a little broken, right?

This read was one of the most beautiful, soul touching, sends your heart racing, has you seeing stars reads I have ever read. The set up of the plot has been done before in other similar books but not quite with this much passion. This author had me hanging onto every word, feeling every emotion and desperately wanting to stay inside this book and continue to experience a love so strong and so romantic it will forever life on in my heart.

The character of Santos was the perfect bad boy, am going to knock this man over the head hero. I loved that he tried so hard to be ruthless all the time yet every now and then that special 'am not half as bad as you think' light shined through. Through this character the author showed that when we hurt we do tend to go all out to be as cold as possible in order to protect ourselves yet the good that lives inside us never truly fades away. The trick is to make sure when it does shine through to not let the darkness of fear overshadow the light.

The character of Georgina was all kinds of amazing and had heroine of the year shouting out from every page. Strong, ready to fight, never backs down and does what ever needs to be done to ensure other's happiness. It did make me very sad that she fights so hard to make everyone happy but never herself. I could understand why she does so for her sister, having two of my own I completely understand that ensuring their happiness is not a duty but springs from the undying love sisters share, but more than once I wanted to yell out at her to stop fighting for everyone else and start taking care of her own needs. Through this character the author showed that sometimes the love we have for others is so strong that we forget to remember we are also human and that we also need love. To make it happen of course we need to be able to gamble with our own lives every now and then instead of always being only the make-others-happy-gambler, if we don't we will end up losing more than just our hearts but the respect of those we love.

I have read many debut's in my lifetime and a lot of them have continued to move through life with me, the lessons I learned, the strong emotions I felt, the overwhelming joy at the end of the books when it all comes together, and this read definitely makes it into that category because the story of Georgina and Santos is one I will never forget.

The entire read was filled with passion, romance, suspense and beautiful on some many levels, but what stood out the most was the truly remarkable bond between the characters, sisters, brothers and the very realistic look at just how strong the bond can be. No matter what life dishes out, it's a bond that cannot be broken,yes it can be damaged but never beyond repair. I am taking away a message of life is full of surprises and sometimes they come in very unexpected forms, in this case , waltzing into a office and demanding marriage, but which ever form or way never only see it as a way to solve your own issues. Take the time to see it for what it truly is , life' s way of showing you there is so much more to life then always remembering the past and hurt, happiness is the only way to banish the past , just make sure you don't let it walk out the door., because unlike sister to sister or brother to brother love it might not be as easy to mend.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The book has so much life, passion and brilliant flare and is brought to one of the most stunning endings I have read.  It will leave you begging for more Rachael Thomas over and over again! A pure romantic bliss filled read that is for sure going to reach out to each and ever romance reader out there. Watch out world Rachael Thomas has arrived !

5/5 star review
" It's all business in front of the altar, but behind closed doors it's all about protecting their hearts" 

14 August 2014

The Ultimate Revenge by Victoria Parker

The Ultimate Revenge (21st Century Gentleman's Club #3)

Reviewed by Desere

For over a decade Nicardro Santos, heir to the legendary diamond legacy has lived with one unrelenting purpose, to infiltrate the ultra prestigious Q Virtus gentlemen's club and bring it and it's leader, Zues down.

But what he doesn't know is that Olympia Merisi the daughter of his enemy, is now the one in charge! Olympia has her own reasons for wanting to keep Nicandro close and she will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to her.

The only question that remains at the end of the day is what will happen when the battle lines of hate and anger start to blur and more dangerous and sensual ones start to emerge?

I have been a fan of this author's books since the first time I picked up her debut, she has a way of luring  you into a story that seems as dark as its characters and then slowly and so beautifully dragging you back to the light.

And each time I step into the darkness I cannot help but wonder if am going emerge on the other side as the same person I was before I read the book, because with this author you know there is a guaranteed happy ending in the works but her writing is so full of life and so unpredictable ( I love her for the unpredictable parts as a predictable book is never any fun) that I am never sure if I will at the end of the read still feel that surge of joy and excitement when reading the back cover. It's almost and yes I know this sounds completely off for a Harlequin read, but it always seems as if she is going to kill of the main characters when I least expect it and then what? Thankfully it is ever the case , but it is in this unique captivating, keep my attention all the way through till the end magical way of writing that the true genius of this author shines through time after time.

In this her latest read she has done it all again and ten times better! I was completely addicted to the book from the first page, I could not put it down for fear am going to miss something, and yes I realize it's a book and not a tv show and thus one is able to put down and come back later, yet I simply could not bring myself to do it.

And the darkness was once again there in full force, and my oh my was it simply delicious! I was not nuts about Nicandro having thoughts and such a drive to take revenge , because let's face it, seeking revenge never makes you a nice person it makes you cold, dark and totally not likable, but what I did love is how the author changed his outlook on life once he encounters Olympia. It was like reading about a lonely creature being dragged into the harsh reality of life in order to learn what truly matters in life.

Olympia was really awesome, awesome heroine. I adored this woman for being so strong and fighting for what is hers, of course hiding behind a mask of identity showed her more in the light of weak yet she is so determined in making it all work that her weakness takes a back seat and more than once the author completely let me forget about it all together , and then suddenly gently reminded me , really brilliant work Victoria !

From this read am taking away a message of revenge is a very bad thing to go after in life, but sometimes it is the very thing needed to bring you back to reality. The trick is how you react when the chance for the return comes to be able to see it for what it is, a second chance at a life of happiness. And most importantly hiding behind facade, pretending to be someone you are not is never the answer, yes some people will not understand or even want you around but it's simply because they cannot handle the real you. Stand strong and be you  it's what will ultimately let you win any battle in life.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of brilliant, blow your mind, beautiful , stunning tear my heart to shreds and make it whole again with magical romance, reads. Victoria Parker has once again shown why she's a leading lady in each and every aspect of writing the perfect so close to reality read it will leave you in tears and begging to be dragged back for more!

5/5 star review
" Revenge is what he seeks, what he finds will bring his soul back to life" 


Reviewed by Janie

I was given this book to read for an honest review. What I can tell you right off is not to read this book when you're tired. You'll miss too many yummy details of the story. I reread this during the day and I have to tell you I LOVED IT!

The story centers around Nicandro (Nic) Santos, heir to the Diamond Legacy. His parents were killed and he blamed a man called Zeus. Zeus had a daughter that he knew absolutely nothing about. Olympia (Pia) Mirisi was dumped on her fathers doorstep by her mother. She has been abused and her mother then OD on drugs.

Nic makes a bet with Pia that if he gets her into bed that she would have to introduce him to Zeus. Pia fights her attraction for Nic. A sudden snowstorm brings her to the brink of death and the Dr. recommends body heat to warm her up. When Pia wakes up she automatically assumes that Nic took advantage of her. 

There is a constant battle between them for power. Will Pia forgive Nic when she finds out he is engaged? You'll need to find out what transpires between these two and if love can overcome heartache.

5 star review

The Nanny Proposition by Rachel Bailey

Reviewed by Desere

Which reader doesn't love good and captivating scandalous baby romance? I definitely do, and if it's written by the fabulous Rachel Bailey it's even better!

In this her latest read Liam Hawke discovers he is the father of an orphaned newborn, understandably it rocks his world. But this is where the beauty of this story starts, and I will definitely add with the remarkable talent of Rachel Bailey it's even more stunning,  because right here is where nanny Jenna Peters fits in. She's a single mother herself and thus the perfect candidate for helping Liam cope with his new found responsibility.

Jenna works her magic but not only on the newborn but on Liam too. Liam soon finds he can't resist Jenna and is completely spellbound by this beauty that has entered his life under such difficult circumstances.
Jenna however tries to keep her irresistible boss at arm's length, it's a losing battle! Soon it goes from playing house to a full out reality romance of epic proportions.

But once Liam finds out who she really is, she'll have to say goodbye to the man she loves and their little unconventional family. That is unless the seductive charm of a certain single dad makes her proposition she can't refuse, she's a princess after all and all princesses deserve a happy ending right?

I loved every single second of this book. It was sweet and caring, hot and sexy and simply the perfection of a fairy tale romance. The author let's Jenna teach Liam all about being a parent and as he slowly goes from single player to full fleshed nappy changing, bottle warming dad and with each new lesson the man just crept deeper and deeper into my heart.

Jenna was a truly fantastic character, I loved her fighting spirit, yes she of course naturally is concerned about facing her parents and having to explain a scandal no princess will simply want to have to face so yes she's not all about fighting spirit all the way , but as the days go by she keeps this certain " I have to fight " mantra going and her confidence is built up to a spectacular " I can face anything" attitude. It was remarkable to read about a woman who is clearly in dire straits go from down and facing the worse possible scandal in her life to faking it to make it out alive and able to handle it all.

From this read there was a clear and very valuable lesson made clear on each and every page, life sometimes deals us set of issues that seem impossible to face. Some make us stronger, others break us to the point where there is no way we think we can rise to the top again. But life also sends up the means to handle it to the best of our abilities and sometimes even sends up the right person to guide us to a way where no matter how bad it seems we can and will be able to handle it. The trick is of course to see the person sent our way and to not push then away because they might not appear in the form we would expect, as the saying goes
 " Nothing is always as it seems" , and it would do us all good to remember that line when life get's a little out of our comfort zone.

Rachel Bailey has written a truly captivating, beautiful story of romance blossoming under the most unexpected of circumstance. And to make it even better we have the characters of two adorable babies. And if the going to sexy single hero to sexy make my knees melt daddy, Liam, doesn't melt your heart, these adorable little babes will !

I highly recommend this read for all fans that love a scandalous, secret babies, love found in unexpected places romance reads, Rachel Bailey has once again shown just why she is able to make her readers hearts step away from the world we live in to the magic of fairy tales come true!

5/5 star review
" Lives turned up side down, doesn't always mean the end of the world. Happiness lies within the eyes of those we love" 

09 August 2014

Damaso Claims His Heir by Annie West

Reviewed by Desere

As Princesses go Marisa is to the outside world the typical had a bit of a rough start to life and went the route of using her charm to party up a storm. She only let's the public see what they want to see and hides her pain and insecurities. The latest scandal she finds herself trapped in forces her to take a trip to Brazil.

Once there she comes face to face with delicious, too sexy to be missed Damaso Pires. Damaso knows he should not get involved with Marisa, she's the scandalous Princess of Bengaria and around her you are sure to lose any good reputation you have. But he can't resist her and soon she's in his arms for a night of unbridled passion.

But their brief affair becomes a permanent arrangement when Marisa reveals she's pregnant. Damaso is not the type of man to walk away from his responsibilities, he has learned the outcome of such a grave error and he won't let his child slip from his grasp, there's only one way to ensure he has his child in his life and the woman he has fallen for in his bed every night , marriage! Only Marisa doesn't see things his way and is ready to take off running, to win the game Damaso will need to fight harder then ever before, this is the biggest deal of his life but will it worth it in the end?

I am total over the top mad fan of Annie West's books, she has this unique way of conjuring up so many various emotions of sadness, anger, hurt, pain happiness, joy all at the same time that it is sometimes yes a little overwhelming to try and figure out which one of the emotions I want to deal with first . But in this lies the magic of this author's writing. She sucks you in with a little bit of sexy fun, sends you spiraling into the emotional wreck of confusion, drags you over to the total heartbreaking sadness of life's events and then pushes you over the edge with a large dose of happiness.

In this her latest read she did so again, and the end result is a story that will remain with me for as long as I live. Damaso was the perfect hero, strong, determined and willing to fight for what he wants, I loved him more and more on each page. I felt saddend by his past but so very proud that he worked so hard to reach the top, where most people in his position would have simply given up and just tagged along with everyone else. Him working so hard to achieve his success really made him stand out from the crowd. I loved his passion for Marisa, I was completely addicted to the way he goes full steam ahead to ensure he has her and their child in his life. Most successful rich men of today would the the right thing by offering marriage and if the woman says no , he will simply walk away going " Hey I get brownie points for trying, right?"

Marisa was a very sad character, I wanted to give this woman a big hug and tell her to not give up, to fight back and not go down in history as never trying to even rectify the events that led to her to the road she has had to face all her life. Her finding the courage in the arms of Damaso was one of the most beautiful stories ever written. The author did a stunning job of showing how the love of the right person can guide us to find the strength to push forward to fight for what we believe in.

I am taking away a message of when dealt a set of cards in life, good or bad, there is never any point in not trying to make the best of it, go with the flow but don't go with the flow of everyone else simply to make them happy. Instead follow your own flow of life and find that certain something that drives you to fight for love and happiness. Following your own flow will lead to inner courage shining through and that's what will lead to people seeing the real you.

I highly recommend this truly beyond beautiful, truly romantic on each and every level romance has to offer, simply magical read for all fans of romance. A fantastic read about Scandal, passion, jealousy, love and the right to be happy.

5/5 star review
" The princess finds herself trapped in the scandal her 'prince'  is not letting her escape from" 

Captured by the Sheikh by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Desere

" I took your bride. I 'll take your throne. Because both are mine by right."

Those are the words spoken by Sheikh Khalil al Bakir, the banishment and shame has turned him into  man determined to reclaim the crown of Kadar from his rival. He starts by kidnapping his enemy's bride-to-be. She's a means to an end, so why he get's all inflamed at the thought of her in anyone else's bed but his own is a mystery he simply does not know how to solve, nor does have the time, he has a thrown to take over.

Queen Elena Karras of Thallia is prepared for a cold, mutually convenient marriage but instead she's carried off into the desert sand, where the virgin queen soon discovers an unexpected desire for her sinfully delicious captor, and leaves her craving for more and she get's it but when the game ends will Khalil walk away and leave her broken hearted or will he see himself through her eyes?

This was a truly beautiful read of how two people learn to fight the battles of life together. I loved the fiery passion that Khalil has, but sadly his passion for the throne is overshadowed with the thoughts of revenge and of course this made him the type of hero you can only have luke warm feelings for, but it is only for a certain period on the book , because as all fans of Harlequin Presents books know, there is always something or someone that will turn the person around.

And that person was Elena, beautiful, smart and always seeing the side of a person they attempt to hide from the world. I loved Elena to bits! The author took me on a truly remarkable journey of how one man finds himself willing to fight for what he believes is his, and the one woman who let's him finally see the truth shine out from the revenge-darkness that his mind has become.

I am taking away a message of life has it's way of guiding us on the wrong path, but it's in order to find the right one. The trick of course is to not miss the right turnoff to take whilst on that wrong path, because the road up ahead might not bring along another turnoff to the road where the your calling is waiting for you.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of a excellent, deeply emotional Sheikh romance. Kate Hewitt is simply one of the most remarkable author 's of all time and with each book her writing just get's better and better!

5/5 star review
" To win the game all he has to do is see himself through her eyes" 

07 August 2014

Shelter Me by Catherine Mann

Shelter Me (Second Chance Ranch, #1)

Reviewed by Desere

Staff Sergeant Mike Kolwalski only wants one thing when he gets home from Iraq, to sleep in a king sized bed with clean sheets! But before he does that he has to hand off his fallen commander's dog to his family without handing off his heart to Seirra.

Sierra McDaniel needs a break, a good long break! Her family life is crazy and when she's not mucking out the kennels, she's slogging her way through grad school. She certainly doesn't want yet another dog, especially because that reminds her of her father.

But most importantly she does not want to see Mr I'll charm you with just a smile , Mike again.  Now I know you're thinking these two characters will see each other again, there will be a little but of uneasiness and the families and friends will help to get them to get together but this is not exactly the case, you see our hero of the moment in this book is the dog!

Trooper " I am just as brave as the best soldiers of all time" has a mission all of his own, and before long Mike is moving in to the ranch to lend a helping hand and hoping for his second chance with Sierra . But will Mike win Sierra's heart again or will Trooper's most important mission yet fail miserably?

I have read many books from this author before and each time am amazed more and more ! Her books are always full of life and filled with deep emotion that slowly tears your heart to shreds with sadness and then beautifully mends it back with such happiness there is just nothing more beautiful.

Shelter me was no different, I loved the characters in this book! I felt so deeply connected to them both it was as if they were right in front of me acting out their parts and so much more than just characters in a book.

What I truly enjoyed about this read were the various relationships, not just the one between Sierra and Mike. The family and friends that stand together no matter what, the we fight everything that is unjust and if we go down we go down together element made it all feel very realistic and I felt like I wanted to be apart of this family, like even if I was not a family member I would still be helped by them no matter what, fantastic job Catherine!

I adored Trooper, so cute and so addictive to read about, and a really cool touch , some of the story lines were told in Trooper's own words. Once you start this read you will not be able to put it down, it was beautiful from start to finish.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of second chance romance reads. A message about there always being a way to make it work shines through on every page!

5/5 star review
" She wants to be left alone, but he wants to shelter her from the hurt"  

31 July 2014

Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy by Jodi Linton

Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy: A Deputy Laney Briggs Novella

Reviewed by Desere

Deputy Laney Brigss has a good life, she brings in the bad guys, has a few beers every now and then, and at night she goes to bed dreaming about her sexier than any cowboy is legally allowed to be boyfriend, Texas ranger Gunner Wilson.

Gunner is off fighting the bad guys just like her, only he has a little more invested in his current case then he wishes to admit. Laney doesn't focus on it too much on it but instead keeps busy in order to be able to fall dead fast asleep at night and not lie awake trying to overcome the desperate sexual craving she has for Gunner who of course is no where near her when she needs him to satisfy her needs.

A great job, a hotter than the Texas sun boyfriend in her bed every now and then ain't too shabby. It's not the perfect life but it's all she's got and that's okay for now.

Then life get's a heck of a lot more interesting when Laney discovers the local high school football coach passed out under the stadium bleachers wearing nothing but a pretty smile and his wife's very sexy lingerie!

At first Laney figures this is nothing more than a drunk, oversexed couple who's fantasies got a little out of hand, but then there's the picture he's holding, not the mention his wife being missing from their home. Laney does what she does best, well outside the bedroom anyways and goes on a hunt to solve the mystery.

Faster than a bullet can rip through flesh she ends up knee deep in a mystery involving a kidnapping, a drug cartel, death threats and a ruthless motor cycle gang. Realizing she's in over her head she calls in the big guns, yep you guessed it, her very own hero, Mr Hotter than Hot Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson, after all the man is her boyfriend so of course he should come save her butt! But getting out alive might not be that easy this time, with or without Gunner by her side.

This was my first time reading this author, and I will say I quite enjoyed her style. The long distance relationship between Laney and Gunner was kind of fun and interesting to read , as I am mostly use to the 'it happens right here and right now' kind of relationships, so it was interesting to read about a couple trying to make something work with distance involved, it made it very realistic, as a lot of couples today have to face the very same challenge.

I loved the heat between Gunner and Laney, it was explosive no matter how long they end up being apart, it was also a lot of fun to read about them when they are together. None of the awkward stuff usually in romance reads( not that those don't make for fantastic reading) was present, the relationship is already there, the angst and do we sleep together of don't we and do I really know you things were all over and done with and it was easy to slip into their lives., really fun, fresh and new!

Both the character of Laney and Gunner were well written and both unique separately as they are together. Gunner is a deeply emotional hero, even though he comes off as a little too rough, which I totally adored. It made him this you want me to protect you hero but you actually want the softer side of me too but you ain't getting it kind of hero, very unique and not something I can really say I have come across before.

Laney is just a woman, but tries darn hard to be tougher than any of the men out there,but it just made her more awesome to read about. I found myself rooting for her all the way when she ends up in situations no woman is meant to be, it was like " Yeah girl , you show 'em what you're made off!"

This was a truly kick-ass, action packed, sizzling hot romance read from start to finish with a lot of unique touches from the author. I am taking away a message of life can go from boring to super action packed really fast and that's what makes life an adventure just make sure you all the facts straight before you go shooting up a storm and most importantly make sure you get out alive !

I picked up that this is a series about the adventures of Laney and of course the yummy Gunner so am sure we are in for lots more action from these two, but the book can also be read as a standalone, if you don't mind the this is where it ends for now ending. If you prefer the this is it as in forever reads then this is not for you.

I recommend this read for all fans of super fast, action packed , hotter than hot romance reads that moves at blinding speed and is perfect for a quick escape to a world of guns blazing, boots stomping, stetson wearing, jean hugging , passionate nights and mystery filled action!

4.5 star review
" Trouble just rolled into town and it ain't leaving without a fight" 

**Complimentary copy received in exchange for a honest review