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The CEO's Baby Surprise

by Helen Lacey

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15 April 2015

Her Boss by day by Joss Wood

Reviewed by Desere 

The incredible shining talent of Joss Wood is back, and it's more remarkable than ever!

In this book one to the Sydney's Most Eligible Series we meet talking to herself in the mirror to try and find the courage to get out of a date Willa Moore-Fisher.

Yep, sounds a little like she's crazy but I know for a fact there are many woman that talk to themselves in the mirror, it's weird but a great way to find that little inner goddess we all wish was with us 24/7.

Now when Willa is not talking to herself in the mirror she is focused on proving herself. She has an honours degree, she's got loads of talent and when International tycoon Rob Hanson needs a new accountant it's just the bit of luck that Willa needs.  Except there is one little problem, she knows her boss already and not the " I've met you before, how have you been?" kind of know, nope she knows him intimately! Talk about awkward!

Rob doesn't do long term, his step father's mission of destruction of his family pretty much made sure of it. Willa however is just what he needs, she's got a head for numbers and a body for sin, she'll crunch his business numbers by day and crunch him at night. But once he has her in his arms he starts to wonder if he shouldn't make her a permanent fixture in his life, but what about that little word called divorce?

I loved the characters in this book, from page one both Rob and Willa were shouting out" I am in your face and there's nothing you can do about it!" I loved every single minute of it. Fun, a little crazy, passionate, sensual and addictive are only some of the words I can think of and yet none of those seem to do this book justice, definitely one of the best books I've read all year.

Best of all was the ending, I so did not see it coming, I had a complete different scenario playing out in my head, and usually it feels like I have been let down when books end in not quite the manner I wanted it to, but this time around I was actually very pleasantly happy about it.

Through the remarkable characters of Rob and Willa the author showed how everyone sometimes needs a change in order to find what they are made of, it's a hard and long battle to get to the end results but with a little change the picture becomes crystal clear and the way forward is paved with everything dreams are made of.  So stop the pushing and chill awhile.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads that have a high dosage of sexiness, fantastic emotion and a stunning somewhat laid back meets intense romance journey. Joss Wood has once again shown she is an author that will go down in romance history as being able to give readers a juicy story packed with lots of zest for life energy and one of the hottest fictional couples of all time.

5/5 star review
" He's the boss by day, but at night the tables are turned" 

12 April 2015

The Tycoon's Stowaway by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Desere 

When picking up a Stefanie London book I can always be sure there will be blazing hot passion, scrumptious settings and really awesome fun and fresh characters. But what makes her books so much fun to read is that each time she manages to surprise me with something new. Of course the characters are new, the setting is new and the story is new, but it's the hero and heroine's personalities that manage to surprise and blow me away with every one of her books. In this read she did it again, by taking a non traditional Mills and Boon Modern hero and changing him up in ways that had me thinking " Why are more of the hero's in these reads not like this?"

It starts with Brodie, he is not the typical tycoon type, he's more fun and laid back, hardworking yes but with that seriously sexy
" Let's get down and dirty at the beach because I am all about the party!" This being said there he does also have a hidden side behind the party-boy attitude, he's a really big softie and takes really good care of his sisters. Successful yacht charter owner, sexy party at the beach bad-boy but I will take care of you at all costs , so yeah pretty much the perfect man!

His love interest from eight years ago, Chantal, makes quite the comeback into his life. But seeing her dance for other men is not what he had in mind when she was in his fantasies, dancing just for him. Chantal had a rough marriage , being controlled and told what to do, who to see, how to dance and how to act was an absolute nightmare, so when Brodie literally drags her out of the sleazy bar and away from the dancing stage, she's less than impressed. But she decides to stick around on his yacht for the night and by morning she will get back to the bar, and continue her journey of proving herself worth of being a top dancer her always-making-sacrifices mother will be proud of. The only problem in her master plan is when Brodie starts to put his charming cheesy moves on her,she can't seem to resist. Sex with Brodie is just the kind of stress reliever she needs before getting back to her task, but what to do when Mr. has-a-woman-in-every-State decides she's the one and only ?

As I have already said I adored the character of Brodie, his fun and fresh beach bad-boy attitude really grabbed my attention. I especially loved his softer side, through this character the author showed that there is always and I mean always another side to everyone. It's not the side they want the world to know about because it would mean them being exposed to losing some great battle.
Another little bit of awesomeness was that Brodie  never gives up when he wants something, and hunting Chantal down and dragging her back to the yacht, sounds really cavemen like and usually I am totally against it, but this author made it sound so super sexy it melted my heart!

The character of Chantal was one of those heroines that makes you sit up straight and take notice right away. Strong willed, independent, always moving to reach for her dreams, never giving up and a bit of a total goof when it comes to realizing there is a whole other way to let other's help you without giving up all of your independence that you worked so hard for. Such a goof in -fact that I at one stage thought it might be a good idea to just lock her in cage till she comes to her senses, the author of course had a whole other idea and without revealing it all, I will just add HA HA HA in your face Chantal!

I am taking away an amazing memorable message from this read. Life is meant to be fun and a little crazy with all sorts of unexpected hurdles but accepting a little bit of help sometimes can be even more fun and crazy then you ever expected, but exactly what you need.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a fresh, funky not your everyday kind of read romance. Stefanie London's writing is addictive and the craziness that goes along with the funkiness is what will keep me coming back for more and more every time!

5/5 star review

" She's been missing from his life for eight years, but now that's he has found her he won't be letting her escape again. His fantasy is about to get real in every sense of the word!" 

06 April 2015

The Doctor's Redemption by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas

THE DOCTOR’S REDEMPTION by author Susan Carlisle is a Harlequin Medical Romance series for April 2015.
Dr Mark Clayborn had issues and these issues were huge. But Laura Jo could feel all her control slipping away around him. Her only focus so far had been her daughter. Yet Mark brought out feelings she had thought long forgotten. Could she let him take over her life?

Would Laura’s love make Mark stay on and discover love and happiness?

THE DOCTOR’S REDEMPTION is an emotional journey of two broken people. Author Susan Carlisle penned this story with sensitivity and emotion. She brought Mark and Laura together to heal each other. 

Highly recommended to all readers of medical romance readers.


It Started At A Wedding by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

IT STARTED AT A WEDDING by author Kate Hardy is Harlequin Romance release for April 2015.

Somehow the airline managed to lose the wedding dress Claire Stewart was carrying for her best friend. And now her best friend’s brother is asking questions. 

Sean Farrell remembers the kiss. He had kissed Claire at his sister’s engagement. And the chemistry between them had been off the charts. Would it be same now? Could he kiss her again to find out?
And then he kissed her. Again!

IT STARTED AT A WEDDING is a romance full of surprises. Author Kate Hardy’s stories always leave a reader satisfied and this romance is no different. A reader would stay hooked to the pages till the end.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


A Baby To Heal Their Hearts by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

A BABY TO HEAL THEIR HEARTS by author Kate Hardy is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series. 
Dr Jared Fraser fought hard to keep his heart intact from Dr Bailey Randall and their shocking attraction. Then he gave in to the passion between them and they had a magical night, but with more shocking consequences. 

Would a baby bring them together? Would a baby heal both their hearts and help them move forward with new hope? 

Read A BABY TO HEAL THEIR HEARTS for these emotional questions to be answered. Author Kate Hardy brought this romance shimmering with emotional intensity as well as sensual tension. It’s a story about second chances and moving forward with hope. 

Highly recommended for all medical romance readers.


05 April 2015

Olivero's Outrageous Proposal by Kate Walker

Olivero's Outrageous Proposal
by Kate Walker
Olivero's Outrageous Proposal is a gorgeous April 2015 Harlequin and Mills and Boon release by the incredibly talented Kate Walker.

Lady Alyse is caught between two waring half-brothers, Marcus, the one she's trying her best to avoid and Dario Olivero, the one who Alyse is 100% attracted to, regardless of the fact she's a pawn in Dario's revenge party.  An exciting and heart racing start full of drama sets the rapid pace through out the story.  A delicious tale full of twists and turns, revenge and blackmail, love and heartbreak, Olivero's Outrageous Proposal ticked every box for me.

Alyse is being thrown from pillar to post by all her loved ones and with Marcus on her back about accepting his marriage proposal, she's so desperate to get him to leave her alone she decides to go against everything she knows and in an attempt to make Marcus go away she dances with a handsome and perfectly dashing, drop dead gorgeous Italian.  What she doesn't expect is for him to completely turn her feelings upside down and awaken in such a way she didn't know was possible.  In the taxi on the way back to his place she turns to see Marcus.  Dario doesn't miss the hint of a smile.  Perhaps the hint of the smile helps Dario feel less guilty when Alyse finds it wasn't an accident they meet.

In between the waring brothers, Alyse's family is slowly falling into ruins.  There's two hands offering help, Alyse chose the hand Dario offers.  Marriage of convenience.  What's not convenient is the feelings both Alyse and Dario feels and fights.  Dario has risen from the gutter, he has revenge on his mind and a marriage of convenience will get him what he thinks he wants.  Alyse needs to help her family and get away from Marcus. Dario is the short term answer.  That's not all tho, there's still more secrets to spill.

Kate has an such incredible way with words, they flow right off the page into my imagination, they set the scene, they build in a rising crescendo, they tug at your heart strings, they send you away to beautiful locations, they make you absolutely love the hero and feel for the heroine.  There's a depth and intensity that make Dario and Alyse's story 3D in my mind.

Thank you Kate, I'm so honored to receive an ARC for my honest opinion, I really appreciate it and absolutely adore your work.

5 Stars
Review by TashNz


Review by Nas
5 Stars

OLIVERO’S OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL by author Kate Walker is an April 2015 release by Harlequin Presents.

Alyse Gregory wanted to get away from one persistent suitor so she planned on being seen with another man. But meeting Dario Olivero put the plan put of her mind as she was scorched by desire so hot that there was nothing else on her mind. 

Yet was Dario also hit by desire or had she played in his hands? Then he proposed marriage to her as a way of getting out of her problems, would she accept it? Now that she knew why he came after her in the first place?
What would happen to their super-charged chemistry? Would they give in to their passion? But Dario doesn’t do family, what would he do when Alyse drops the bombshell on him?

OLIVERO’S OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL is a sizzling romance. Author Kate Walker once again brought a tale of romance shimmering with emotions and sensuality. A reader would stay hooked to the book till the very last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Reviewed by Maria

When it comes to romance authors, I have some favourites to whom I go every time, knowing that they give exactly what it says on the tin when it comes to romance.  An escape from the everyday monotony, a flight of fantasy and plenty of passion, along with a story firmly grounded in reality.

No one does passion better than Kate Walker.  And her romances always have a touch of the storyteller about them.  Behind this romance is a story of two brothers.  A ‘good’ brother and a ‘bad’ brother.  One born to wealth and entitlement, the other, born on the wrong side of the blanket and therefore, out in the cold.  There is a struggle.  Who will be the winner?

When Dario Olivero proposes to Lady Alyse Gregory,  he’s doing it in the full knowledge that he’s taking the woman his brother wants to marry.  When Alyse accepts, it’s because she wants to avoid Dario’s brother, who’s not her type at all.  But the real reason why both of them marry is because of the instantaneous conflagration of passion which rages between them.

At the end of the day, a woman needs to know she’s being loved because of who she is and what she is, not because she stands for something or brings something to the marriage table like prestige, property or even money.  There has to be real love and desire too.  Kate Walker gets to this conundrum in a way that voices the inner longings of a woman’s heart.  That’s why I loved reading this.

Put simply, I love me a good Kate Walker romance read.  This one checks all the boxes.  Get a  copy.


Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss by Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by TashNz 
5 out of 5
Tempted by her Billionare Boss
by Jennifer Hayward 

I'm going to have to expand my top 6 authors list to top 7 because I cant bare to kick any off the list to add Jennifer Hayward, and add her I must!

I've just finished Tempted by her Billionaire Boss and I give it a solid 5 out of 5. Jennifer Hayward has such a magical ability with her writing.  Her descriptive writing is so emotive and I honestly feel like I'm right there amongst it. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is no exception.  From the exceptional start where Francesca first meets Harrison  face to face in a the office right thru to the glowing conclusion Jennifer has wrapped me up in her phenomenal way of telling a story and I've once again, lost all track of time and completely left the washing pile and vaccuming to be done "later".

Frankie is P.A to Coburn, Harrison's brother.  Coburn lends Frankie to Harrison when Harrison's P.A goes into labor.  Harrison has a reputation as a P.A slayer so Frankie is apprehensive and jittery at the thought of working for Harrison and their first meeting is hilarious and as unconventional as one can imagine but it's the start of something amazing.  Together they go on a emotional and heartfelt journey as Harrison is hell bent on exacting revenge for his father's death.  Frankie is the light to Harrison's dark and the two clash but opposites attract and for once Harrison questions his motives.

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss is such a solid story because the characters are developed, the story is believable and the pace is set at the perfect pace.  I liken it to popping a hot water bottle into bed... it slowly warms up to a sizzling temperature.  I am so loving Frankie and Harrison's story and Coburn was built up in such the perfect way i can.not.wait to read his story in October 2015. I can't even begin to think how he is tamed.

Tempted by her Billionaire Boss isn't a cliche Boss/Secretary story, it's solid and builds up and each character is fully developed, in fact Frankie is so lovely I wish she was one of my friends.  I love her family and I almost wish her brother Salvatore gets his story too.  I loved that they stayed in the Chatsfield and I loved the realistic way Harrison was written.

If you've read my reviews for JH before you'll know I love the angst and drama she creates. This one doesnt have the angst but instead has the classic building to a crescendo story.  Thank you again Jennifer Hayward - you are an amazing writer and I just want more and more :)  Thank you for the ARC for my honest opinion.  My honest opinion is that you are an incredible writer and you truly tug the strings in my heart :)

June 2015 release
The Tenacious Tycoons Series

Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss (The Tenacious Tycoons #1)

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone knows making a good impression on your boss in the first 24 hours is always the key to making yourself known as capable to pull anything and everything off. .

So of course when Francesca Masseria is more than just mortified when her new boss discovers her sitting in the chair of his PA's, shoe-less, skirt riding up showing off legs and stockings , bottle of wine on hand and to top it all off she hits the panic button and has him placed in handcuffs.

Harrison Grant is less than impressed with Francesca's escapades but because he discovers she's the replacement PA he pretty much has no choice and tries to smooth over the disastrous first encounter. First things first he has to focus on the ultimate revenge deal of his career and Francesca has some skills that will come in handy.

Secondly all he has to do is ignore the sexy dreams his mind has started conjuring up ever since the handcuff incident, and last but not least he cannot under any circumstances allow Francesca to get under his skin, it will ruin her. With is cold heart and ability to shut the world out, it should be easy, but then he allows Francesca a glimpse into his heart and his entire plan falls apart.

This is by far the sexiest book this author has written, from page one there is this overwhelming in your face sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine that is so strong it leaped from the pages and dragged me into their world. I absolutely adored the conflict moments, it was as if I was right there for fire and ice coming together for the number one game of the year.

The character of Harrison is the typical cold hearted bastard found in these reads, but with a whole lot more depth. The author did not just give him the cold attitude with the little glimpses of warmth, she layered this man out with so many layers and each and every single layer revealed was like discovering a new hero. I loved Harrison's passion for revenge, of course I know that revenge is never the answer to anyone's past misfortunes, it never makes you feel any better and it drains the life out of you. But the author let his mission for revenge seem so valid and so real that I actually wanted him to execute it, and that is a definite sign that an author knows exactly what she's doing. Through this character the author certainly showed just how convincing revenge can seem when in actual fact there is a whole other message one needs to be seeking.

The character of Francesa was well in the simplest way I know how to explain it, me. I saw myself through this character, I am just like her always making sure my work is up to date, the long hours, the making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed to ensure my boss looks like the professional the world needs him to be, of course there are plenty of woman out there that do exactly the same, not everyone's boss of course is the sexy Harrison, and thankfully not all of us leave our boss in handcuffs the first time we meet him!

But we push ourselves beyond our limits and most of the time we, and just as Francesca, we don't realize that our hard working nature is causing us to miss what other's are able to see. That we mean more to certain people than what we want to believe , and that when the time comes for us to see it, we will need to remember to push the ourselves to believe we can achieve happiness just like we achieve success in our workplace.

This read was perfect and had everything that makes me fall in love with HP 's books a super sexy hero that goes from being pretty much a real zero to the ultimate hero, a heroine that totally rocks and the simple yet very elegant plot that had me hanging onto the edge of my seat. Tempted by her Billionaire Boss is a true gem of a read, passionate, sexy, fun, flirtatious, emotional, heartwarming the list of perfection goes on and on. This author is one  that will go down in history as an absolute master of the romance craft.

I will also add that during this read I was also introduced to Harrison's brother , and my oh my what a brother he is, the author gave me just enough info to wet my appetite and I cannot wait to read all about Coburn and his guaranteed brought to his knees downfall.

I highly recommend this read for all romance lovers, if you are in need of an escape into the world of true reach into the depth of my soul romance this is the book to pick up.

5/5 star review
" Temptation is the ultimate downfall, or is it the rescue by the angel he's always needed?"

04 April 2015

Out of Bounds - Lynn Raye Harris

Game For Love: Out of Bounds (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Reviewed by Desere 

Lynn Raye Harris has a remarkable talent for being able to write anything and everything , and it always turns out to be absolutely flipping awesome!

No matter the type of hero or how odd the heroine, she is able to take it, make it spectacular and entrance any reader.

This time she took a seriously hot pro-football player facing grief and a seriously ticked off bride, conjured up a storm and voila, out comes one totally off the charts, hotter than hot , sexier than any sweaty badboy football player you can see on screen, read!

It all starts when Malcom returns home for his twin brother's funeral, lost in his own personal world of grief he does not expect to find the very seductive Sabrina Miller walking along the road, dragging a suitcase and dressed in a wedding dress. It's not a sight anyone sees each day and of course it's enough to grab his attention.

Then a storm hits and two lost souls are brought together in spectacular fashion, and in that absolute perfect hot, sexy , passionate, make my knees go weak, blow my mind, touch the very heart of my soul manner that only Lynn Raye Harris can make happen.

Both characters were written with fierce intensity and for such a sort read the author still managed to bring me into the minds, heart and soul of both characters, all the way. I have found that a lot of short reads gives just, just enough insight into the characters yet the characters are never fully developed and thus always leaves me feeling like I missed some critical part of the puzzle, in this read it was so not the case, brilliant work Lynn!

It took me an hour to read this one but it is an hour I would gladly offer up again and again and again and again ! Fast paced, hot, sexy, passionate, intense my list can go on and on. The book had everything I as reader need for the perfect little escape.

I have said it before but I will say it again over and over until the whole world knows it, this author can take any type of hero, any type of heroine, any type of challenge , any backdrop and any kind of other scenario you can think of, and turn it into one of the most captivating, alluring, simply off the Richter scale escape all readers crave, and with this read she has certainly proven it once again.

I could say so much more about this read, but it would definitely ruin it for all readers , because if I were to go on I would for darn sure not stop. So I will only add that if you are in need of a super sexy hero, a kiss-my-ass kind of heroine and a love story that proves the game of love really is about the the way the players play it, then this read is absolutely one you need to add to your reading list.

Lynn Raye Harris is more than just an author, she's the number one star in a world where seriously bringing your A-game means everything, and she does it with such amazing perfection it will blow your mind!

5/5 star review
" They believe they are out of bounds to the game of love, but their hearts are about to prove them wrong" 

27 March 2015

The CEO'S Baby Surprise by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE by Helen Lacey is Harlequin Special Edition release for April 2015.
Unable to ignore the sizzling chemistry, Mary-Jayne Preston gave in to passion and had a fling with the CEO of the hotel group where she was looking after a boutique for her friend. She walked away the next morning before Daniel Anderson even woke up.

Yet Daniel doesn’t think one night was enough and he pursued her. But she thwarted all his effort. She knew widower Daniel had closed off his heart to love and commitment. Wanting it all, she was not ready to be Daniel’s short-term fling. 

Then she found out that one night had consequences and she was pregnant. Would she tell Daniel? And what would Daniel do? Would he commit to her for his twin sons she’s carrying or for the love he had in his heart for MJ? Would MJ accept Daniel’s proposal of marriage knowing he was doing the honorable thing only?

THE CEO’S BABY SURPRISE is a story that will stay with a reader long time after she closes the book. It has that momentous impact by all the emotion depicted in this romance. Another shimmering and mesmerizing romance full of breathtaking emotions from author Helen Lacey.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Reviewed by Maria

Mary Jayne Preston is quite a firecracker.  Even when extremely  pregnant and in the worst predicament in which a woman can find herself, she has a cracking sense of humour that makes her a joy to read.  The man who’s gotten her into this situation had better watch out!

Daniel Anderson suffered beyond anything anyone could imagine when he lost his wife and unborn child in an accident.  But now that he has the feisty Mary Jayne in the family way, and a family is literally what she’s carrying, he has a second chance to have the love and the family of which he’d always dreamed.  But Mary Jayne isn’t going to step into another woman’s shoes so easily.

She’s strong and gutsy and ready to take on the world as a single mom.  And although Daniel’s a successful businessman and would make a great husband, she’s not sure if she can buckle down and settle for the white picket fence and the perfect family.  She’s a free spirit indeed.

I enjoyed revisiting Crystal Point and catching up with what my favourite characters are doing.  But be warned!  This is not what you might call a predictable story.

So what’s it to be?  Read and enjoy!  This family story is lots of fun.


24 March 2015

The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

The Millionaire and the Maid

Reviewed by Desere

Every time I receive a new Michelle Douglas I know that I am in for a guaranteed treat. Stunning, deep heartfelt emotion, memorable characters, a romance story that will make my heart soar and my mind wander into the world of blissful romance.

And every time I tell myself, that there is simply no way the author could make this book any better than the last , yet she has amazed me time and time again, this time was a complete surprise, because I walked away from this read with so much more than I have ever done before.

The read tells of housekeeper Jo Anderson, she gets the shock of her life when she meets her new boss. Six months ago millionaire Mac MacCallum was a charismatic celebrity chef, now he's scarred and reclusive. So the very last thing he needs is determined Jo to make him confront his demons, especially when she very clearly has her own. But when Mac can clearly see Jo feeling like the plainest woman in Australia he recons he might be exactly what she needs to find her special flair.

By now I am sure you have already pretty much figured out that Mac is the one who let's Jo feel beautiful and makes her feel just as special as any girl could with the right words, the right looks and the right actions. And that Jo is the one who pulls Mac from his sudden recluse, you are absolutely correct, and I agree is sounds like a story line that has been done before and it most likely has, but the difference is that this time it was written by Michelle Douglas.

And as I have mentioned this author fills a read with deep heartfelt emotion,  memorable characters and a romance story guaranteed to make your heart soar, so you take all of that and add in the author's pure magical flair for twisting and turning characters into something you thought they might become but never really knew the joy it could bring when the time for change actually comes, and you have a ' rescue me and I 'll rescue you" romance that will stay in your heart for a long time coming.

The characters were both strong willed and determined to make themselves known, from page one there is no avoiding them, the author let them reach out from the pages and drag me in, demanding I listen to them, feel their emotions and want to get involved in their lives, and listen I did and with each emotion I felt I became more hopelessly trapped in a world I never wanted to leave, I cried my eyes out when the read ended, tears of joy for the characters finally reaching their hard fought for happy ending, but also tears of sadness that their story has come to an end.

This gorgeous romance is set against  the perfect backdrop, the descriptions used by the author made it felt as if I was right there, I could see the house, I felt the wind rustling through the trees, smelled the fresh air and I could touch the sunshine.

I am taking away a message of guilt is guaranteed to send even the strongest of people into a slump , hiding out from the world. And guaranteed not every woman feels beautiful until she is able to see what others see.  So what is one meant to do when guilt sends you running or your beauty is simply something others see and you spend your entire life trying to see? The answer is a simple one, love! Love will let you get back on the right path after guilt has sent you astray and love will let you see what has been there all along, all you need to in both instances is risk, believe and you will achieve happiness.

I recommend this read for all fans of romances that are perfect in every single way.

5/5 star review
" He sees the real her, she sees her change to free him " 
Reviewed by Nas

THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MAID by author Michelle Douglas is April 2015 release by Harlequin Romance.

Jo Anderson is sent to check on celebrity chef Mac MacCallum after an accident on his sets. He has gone underground. Jo finds Mac in a pathetic situation but manages to bully him out of it. While doing that she manages to fall in love with him as well. But he also gives her self-confident in herself.
But would Mac ever put Jo first? Would he come to care for her as she does?

THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MAID is a sweet romance filled with food, great scenery and intense emotions. Author Michelle Douglas has woven a tale filled with emotional intensity into a mesmerizing romance with a strong heroine and a damaged hero, who is brought to his full potential with the help of our heroine.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.