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26 May 2015

Seduced into the Greek's World by Dani Collins

Seduced into the Greek's World

Reviewed by Desere 

Every woman heck every man even , has a fantasy they dream about. It's usually in the dead of night when no one is around to hear you accidentally say the dream out loud or do something stupid like make a facial expression that borders on your 'sex face'.

In the new Dani Collins read we meet Natalie Adams and we are taken straight into her fantasy when it becomes reality as she embarks on an affair in Paris with infamous billionaire Demitri Makricosta, reality surpasses her wildest dreams and it's a memory she will always treasure.

But Demitri has other ideas, one night isn't enough and to quench his new found Natalie-diction he suggests she becomes his mistress. Natalie is course thrown off kilter but show me the woman that will say no to a hot billionaire when she has nothing to lose, but the closer Natalie get's to the emotions that Demtri has carefully locked away the more he distracts her with dazzling gifts and a life of luxury holidays to ensure that seduction is the only that remains between them. But can he really carry on with this little game of seduction only or is Natalie getting to his closed off heart ?

The author wrote a very enjoyable read, I very much liked Natalie. She was the kind of heroine most woman think they can be when they get burned in life, but as all woman know, when the time comes it doesn't seem that you are able to really be the person you always told yourself you would be should you get burned. She had spunk but not the overwhelming large dose that some heroine's have, nope just enough to let me know that she will fight to have her little fantasy but she also won't let it shift her focus from her child to the point where she will be a ' it's all about my love life and not what's best for my child' kind of mother .

Demitri was of course the typical bastard hero found in the HP line, but he he had a lot more depth than most. The author did a fantastic job of taking this tortured black heart hero with all his emotional closure and turning him into this remarkable man that no woman can resist, and the man certainly had me weak at the knees when he goes from tortured to saved! Loved it!!

Strong characters, wonderfully crafted plot and a great ending to a beautiful journey of redemption, self discovery and best of all a stunning message of life being full of surprises and when reality comes knocking it's never what our fantasies were, it's always so much better !

Recommended for all fans of Dani Collins books.
4.5 star review

"Fantasy becomes reality but it's not quite what they expected it to be" 

25 May 2015

The Princess and the Player by Kat Cantrell

The Princess and the Player (Dynasties: The Montoros #4)

Reviewed by Desere 

Arranged marriages are always an emotional test for both parties involved. It's either we learn to love each other in our own little way or we engage on a journey of hatred, anger and rage. Sadly in real life it's usually the road of anger and rage.

But lucky for us romance readers it's the opposite in the books. But what if it's with the wrong brother? Yikes is so not even close to the appropriate word, and in true Kat Cantrell fashion, a journey of stunning romance, self-discovery and one heck of a twist took me as reader by storm!

The read introduces us to Bella Montoro, her family will rule Alma, and she's the candidate for a royal wedding. But instead of falling for the chosen son she falls hook, line and sinker for his twin brother James Rowling.

James has always been the black sheep of the family. Charming as all hell , with a coating of sugar so sweet no woman alive is safe he always get's his way with the ladies and doesn't much care for any of them. With the appearance of Bella his life changes and it's all for the better. Except he has a secret that's about to be dropped into his lap, and it could ruin his new found happiness with Bella. It sends this star studded soccer star to hopelessly fighting for the woman he loves.

I really, really, really loved this book. It was the perfect combination of true love prevailing vs a princess fighting back when the demands of being a princess is stacked against her, and a man on a mission, nothing has ever been as sexy as James literally putting everything on the line to get Bella!

And best of all there was two other stories of romance nicely laced into this one, I love triple romance reads, sadly they are very few of those around. Both main characters were remarkable and crafted with such elegance that I truly felt as if I could touch their very essence of royalty.

Of course I did not feel too much for James in the start, he 's a bit of  bastard , and normally that's how I like my hero's , because I know the heroine is going to be the one to come along and totally change him, and yes it did happen in this read. But for some reason I wished James to be a little less of an bastard or rather black sheep. I wanted him to be a little more of a knight in shining amour, little did I know that this author was once again going to send me off my little rocker and surprise me in a way she has not done before. James black sheep total jerk does turn into a knight in shining armor, when the time is right, and not at the time I wanted him to, and this my dear reading romance addicts showed the author's incredible talent for always letting the expected still be unexpected, absolutely breath taking work Kat!

I liked Bella, she was a fun and funky princess and not the normal stuck up kind that you wish you could lock into a closet and make her read up on how to be a proper human being! But there was a moment when I thought I would still lock her up simply because she fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book!

Wrapping it all up , this was a really stunning romance read, heartfelt emotion, twists and turns
(loved the letter Kat!) a beautiful ending and the perfect message we all need to remember life is what we make it and not what the world decides.

5/5 star review
" The princess get's played or no wait the player get's the princess !"

23 May 2015

His Best Friend's Baby by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas

HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY by author Susan Carlisle is a Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Phoebe was pregnant and alone in the world. So she decided to go and meet ex-army medic Ryan Matthews, who was her dead husband’s best friend. Would Ryan be happy to see her? After all, she is a part of his life that he left behind to move forward. 

Phoebe brought back bitter memories for Ryan. Could he help her and help himself in the process? Could they move from the past grief and forge a way forward? Ryan felt an attraction for Phoebe, could he open up his heart for Phoebe and her baby?

HIS BEST FRIEND’S BABY is a well-written romance amid the medical drama. It was an emotionally uplifting story. Author Susan Carlisle’s story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

I loved this story and highly recommend it.


Dance of Love by Inge Saunders

Reviewed by Desere

Auditioning for anything in life is the stuff nightmares are made of! If it's dancing you could fall and literally break a leg! If it's a movie audition heck you could end up saying the lines for the wrong movie, anything is possible when a person is nervous.

In this read, which comes in at twenty chapters, which I will add were nice and short and not dragged out to the point where I wanted to pull my hair out and end up looking like some bad version of Miley Cyrus, the world of dance is brought to life.

The read tells of Ashley and the journey she embarks on fulfilling her dream of becoming a world - class dancer. But as all dreamers know there is always something or someone that stands in the way, for Ashley it's Antonio Machiavelli, and his resounding " It's a no from me" is enough to send any wannabe straight into a fit of nightmares.

But Ashley is not your everyday " Okay maybe next time" kind of wannabe, she fights back by challenging Antonio and takes her anger and rage and channels it into a a on the edge of your seat performance.  Antonio is more than just a little intrigued and very soon it becomes clear that keeping his distance from Ashley will not be as easy and step, step and turn ! And as for Ashley she knows her sole focus needs to be on fulfilling her dream of becoming a lead principal but love makes everything so much harder.

I very much enjoyed this little read, I am not a major fan of books that involves dancing but occasionally I do come across one that has all the right moves.  This read is a wonderful journey of two souls meant to be together, and a lovely message of dreams not always being what we think they should be.

People change and as they do their dreams have to adjust, of course everyone knows that when our dreams try to tell us it's time for a new kind of dream or for a little different version of our dream, it's not always easy for us to listen. We might have had our dream for so long that it seems impossible to alter it in anyway.

The author very nicely showed how dreams can change and that our dreams can still come true but with a little more of a kick along the way than what we expected it to be.

A very lovely and heartfelt read that's perfect for a little romantic escape.

4.5 star review
" She dances her way into his heart, but will he want her there?" 

16 May 2015

From Paradise To Pregnant by Kandy Shepherd

 Reviewed by Nas

FROM PARADISE TO PREGNANT by author Kandy Shepherd is a June 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Zoe Summer’s vacation in Bali is brought to a shuddering halt when an earthquake hits the island. She is scared stiff and with no idea what would happen next, she found comfort in famous footballer Mitch Bailey’s arms. Mitch was her high school crush. 

Would Mitch want to continue their liaison after that night? Because he was after his own career oriented goal which had no place for long-term commitment. Could he commit to Zoe?

FROM PARADISE TO PREGNANT is a stunning romance, which starts in Bali. Author Kandy Shepherd wrote the earthquake situation so realistically that I was scared for Zoe and Mitch and applauded when she decides to spend the night with him. This is a mesmerizing tale with a gorgeous hero and a plain but feisty heroine and the result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


15 May 2015

Captive of Kadar by Trish Morey

Captive of Kadar

Captive of Kadar (Desert Brothers #3)Trish Morey

Reviewed by Helen

5/5 stars for this awesome story

Loved this one it is so very sensual and sexy you will need a fan and tissues as you journey through a very scenic Turkey and this is a place I now want to visit thanks to the descriptions in this story I do love my arm chair travelling but this story is beautiful heart warming and so very up lifting as Kadar finally opens up to someone other than his Desert Brothers Amber is the first woman ever that Kadar has felt he can talk to open up to and eventually fall in love with but he still does not fully trust her till the end. Amber Jones is on holiday in Turkey after being let down horribly by her ex and after reading part of her great great great grandmothers diary she decides to follow in her footsteps and see if she can find any clues to what really happened to her all those years ago all she has is a very pretty bracelet and part of the diary but when she arrives on her own and the tour she has book is cancelled and there is problems in the market she meets a man that she is so attracted to and she ends up in his care for the time that she is in Turkey. This story is hot and steamy as Kadar and Amber spend the days sight seeing and the nights in passion filled enjoyment be prepared for a journey that is filled with ups and downs as these two fall in love and open up to each other but trust is the last to come and it takes the insight of Mehmet Kadar's friend to make Kadar see the truth. Don't miss this one it is the third book in The Desert Brother's series and all of them have been wonderful and I am very much looking forward to Rashid's story.


The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride by Lisa Weaver

Reviewed by Desere

The Billionaire's Bodyguard Bride
Lauren Reynolds grew up lying to protect herself and now as bodyguard it's pretty much was helps her to do her job with perfection. But when her new target of security Rafe Dimitriou makes his appearance it's a bit like mixing oil and water, because Rafe was raised to uphold a strict code of honor. The sexy billionaire 's most formidable competitor, Milton Payne isn't as scrupulous.

Both Rafe and Milton are vying to gain control of Gracious Living, and in order to make an offer the company requires the buyer to be married. Rafe needs a bride and he has the perfect solution Lauren! But to what to do to get her to play along, blackmail her of course it's what any billionaire would do. The blackmail scam works perfectly in Rafe's favor when Lauren agrees to marry him, but is she really doing it to get away from his blackmailing scam or does she know more than she is willing to tell her new husband?

I really enjoyed this read, it had a nice fast pace and excellent drama. An awesome dark and dangerous hero that I will add , get's more and more dangerous as the read gets deeper and deeper, and it was all kinds of super sexy!The character of Lauren was the perfect combination of kick-ass heroine meets knows how to survive meets her match , and reading about her was truly exhilarating.

Now creating a kick ass heroine and a super sexy dangerous ass all hell hero is easy , I find them in plenty of reads, but combining them with a truly great suspense filled plot, is something not all authors I've read , have been able to do. But this author totally nailed it!

Lots of action packed scenes filled with a large dose of awesomeness. Steamy and I do mean really steamy sex scenes and best of all drama, drama and more drama ! And the emotion being depicted, all I can say is " Oh my gosh" really had be grabbing for the tissues and there were countless moments of " No that did not just happen!" " Oh man too funny!"

It's a action packed, romantic, knock your socks off read that is not to be missed. Best of all it has a lovely message of trust and second chances always being able to happen when we find hope.

Highly recommended romance, and perfect for a lazy escape into romance, afternoon.

5/5 star review
" Guarding her husband is easy, it's guarding her heart that has her running as fast as her feet can carry her!"


Reviewed by Nas 

THE BILLIONAIRE’S BODYGUARD BRIDE by Lisa Weaver is an Amazon Kindle Press release for May 2015.

Lauren Reynolds had misconceptions when she faces Rafe Dimitriou again. She didn’t want to see him ever again. He was the man who had unceremoniously broken her heart yet here he was. Standing in front of her, asking her to see him.

Could she survive this encounter with him with her heart intact?

Read THE BILLIONAIRE’S BODYGUARD BRIDE and find out why Rafe was back in Lauren’s life. Author Lisa Weaver brought this mesmerizing romance with a gorgeous hero and a strong heroine, the ensuing result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Helen

Who doesn't love a Greek hero and Mr tall dark and dangerous Rafe Dimitriou fills hero shoes very well he is running the family company with his father but Rafe is a very honest and trustworthy hero as well as all of his other assets and when he saves Lauren Reynolds from the sea in Greece he falls for her as does Lauren for Rafe the spark between them is instant but Lauren has secrets that she must keep to herself she is a bodyguard that works for Sentinels Agency providing covert protection services and when the assignment that Lauren is on cause problems for Rafe's family they go their separate ways with Rafe being stuborn and not listening and both carry on with their lives never forgetting the other.

But a few years later Rafe turns up in New York with a question for Lauren he needs her help and she is not willing to help but when Sentinels takes on a new assignment and that is to protect Rafe Lauren agrees but this is going to be a tough assignment being Rafe's wife for a year for two reasons one so as Rafe can obtain a new magazine for his company and two Lauren needs to protect Rafe and keep all of this to herself knowing how much Rafe does not like dishonesty.

This is a sizzling adventure as Lauren and Rafe rekindle the spark that never left but with so many secrets and threats on Rafe's life and with both of them not being able to keep their hands off each other you will be turning the pages to get to the end. Lauren is such a strong heroine one who can stand on her own and Rafe so honest and drop dead gorgeous you will be smiling.

This is a debut for Lisa Weaver and I am looking forward to many more as there are a lot of bodyguards at Sentinels that really need their own story.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good romance with sizzle and adventure 

5/5 Stars for a great story        




11 May 2015

Chatsfield's Ultimate Acquisition by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Nas
CHATSFIELD’S ULTIMATE ACQUISITION by author Melanie Milburne is a Harlequin Presents release for August 2015.

Isabelle Harrington is angry and hurt when Spencer Chatsfield gets the votes and the stock to get her hotel. She is furious at Spencer for breaking her heart years ago and for showing up here as her boss now. Could she let Spencer take over her hotel as well as her life now?

Spencer needed to do his—a takeover of the hotel successfully to show his family he has what it takes. Could he let beautiful Isabelle distract him now? Despite the scorching chemistry still roaring between them, he is a man on a mission. Could he let her distract him now that he is so close? What happens when she find out the secret she’s hiding?

CHATSFIELD’S ULTIMATE ACQUISITION is fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkles with red-hot sensuality, mesmerizing emotion and intense passion. Author Melanie Milburne bring us this story set in the high powered world of boardroom which would capture the readers’ mind with its witty dialogue and tension filled drama till the very last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Her Greek Doctor's Proposal by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas
HER GREEK DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL by author Robin Gianna is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Laurel Evans was on an archaeological dig in Greece to fulfil her dead parents dream of finding the elusive statue which her parents believed was hidden in this dig where they lost their lives. She is alarmed when her team leaders then some team members stared being sick. What was this sickness? Was it linked to their dig? Then local Dr. Andros Drakoulias urged her to close the dig because of health risks associated with it. Would Andros agree when Laurel lets everyone go but stay behind to look for the statue on her own?

He was in love with her but would he stand in her way or let her go? Did she find the statue she was looking for?

HER GREEK DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL is a romance set in the exotic Delphi. I loved reading about author Robin Gianna’s strong heroine and gorgeous Greek doctor. The medical drama is fast and would keep a reader’s attention hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Italian Surgeon To The Stars by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Nas
 ITALIAN SURGEON TO THE STARS by author Melanie Milburne is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for June 2015.

Dr Alessandro Lucioni had a fling with Jemima Clark five years ago. Now he is standing in front of her to enroll his niece at Jem’s school. Could she forget her past and think of him just as a guardian? After all he is a big name heart specialist now. Would he even remember Jem and their fling?

Jem had never forgotten or forgiven Alessandro. Could she let him take on from where he had left off five years ago? But the chemistry between them still sparked and the attraction still thrived. Could he show Jem that he is a changed man now? Would she believe him? Could she?

ITALIAN SURGEON TO THE STARS is a romance filled with medical drama. A reader would stay hooked to the story till the last page. Author Melanie Milburne brought a strong heroine in Jem who readers would root for and a gorgeous sensitive hero in Alessandro who would capture a readers’ heart.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.