31 August 2015

Reunited by a Baby Secret

The Vineyards of Calanetti

Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Helen

Reunited by a Baby Secret by Michelle Douglas

This is book three in The Vineyards of Calanetti series and although I have not read the first two in the series I did enjoy this story the setting is so lovely.

Marianna Amatucci has two older brothers that have doted on her since she was young and all three siblings run the vineyard and each have their jobs to do but Marianna can be fiery and has the habit of breaking up with her boyfriends on a regular basis which in turn causes her brothers to have a nickname for them all so Marianna decides to take some time of and have a holiday to see if when she gets back home that she will settle more and after some time in Australia she stops of in Bali for a quick break and there she has a very sensual fling with surfer Ryan White but when she arrives home things change drastically for her when there are consequences from that fling.

Ryan White grew up with his grandmother after his parents divorced when he was young and he always felt left out of the families they both had later but he has made something of his life and is now well known in the corporate world but he is a loner and shows no emotion he has no intention of ever settling down so one night stands is what he is after although with the fling in Bali that was a week.

When Marianna confronts Ryan with the news about the baby he is shocked and this starts a very rocky journey to a HEA that will have you smiling Marianna is of course Italian and feisty and determined to get Ryan to make peace with his family so as he can move on in life Ryan is such a tortured hero and he is determined that his child will never feel the way he did as a kid and this one had me smiling when Marianna got through to Ryan and he opened up and the banter between them both and Marianna's brothers is wonderful a very enjoyable read.

Harlequin Romance release Sept 2015

4/5 stars for a great story

The Playboy of Argentina

Bella Frances

Reviewed by Helen

The Playboy of Argentina by Bella Frances

If you love alpha heroes as much as I do you are in for a fabulous story in this book.

Rocco Hermida had a devastating childhood that left him with secrets that eat at him but with help he is now a very wealthy business man a polo playing playboy he has no intentions of ever marrying or settling down that is not the life for Rocco he has memories that he cannot let go of and unfinished business with a lady that he met years before and now she is back in his life maybe he can get over his desire for her.

Frankie Ryan has lived a good life with her parents and brothers in Ireland and she has such a passion for horses but at the age of 16 a man Rocco comes to the farm and Frankie is lost and does something that was so out of character but she is left emotionally devastated and her life changes but she gets on with it but never forgetting Rocco the hurricane.

Years later Frankie arrives at a polo match to see the ponies that had come from her horse or was it Rocco that she needed to see to try and get him out of her system but when Rocco sees Frankie that spark that heat is there instantly but Rocco is such a strong hero but Frankie is also strong but they find that once is not enough to get each other out of their systems.

This is such a wonderful story of a strong alpha hero who is so tortured and of a heroine who is strong also but can she reach Rocco's heart and bring them both so much joy. This one is a very sensual passionate and emotional journey to a beautiful HEA I loved it from page one and could not put it down. This is the first Bella Frances story I have read but it won't be the last. I highly recommend this one to lovers of strong characters and stories that will make you smile.

5/5 stars for a fabulous read

Harlequin Modern release August 2015

30 August 2015

Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers)

Bidding On Her Boss
Rachel Bailey

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a fabulous story I loved the first one in the series and now we get to read Dylan's story and meet the beautiful florist Faith Crawford who will make such an impact on Dylan's life.

Dylan Hawke helps run the family flower business he runs the shops Hawkes Blooms and is very hands on with this and loves his job he is well liked by all of the staff. He is known as a playboy and with the wedding coming up of his brother Liam to a princess he is trying very hard to change his image and the first thing he is doing is volunteering himself at an auction to raise funds for the company charity little does he realize at the time that the winner will change his life forever and also cause some problems with company rules.

Faith has not had a very good childhood and has problems setting down roots for too long every time she thinks this is it something has gone wrong so trusting is something that comes very hard to Faith but she does love her job as a florist and wants to have one of her arrangements listed in the Hawks Blooms stores catalogues and will go to a lot to get that chance so she bids on her boss at a charity auction for three dates with him and this starts a journey to a HEA that has ups and downs but the love they share is beautiful and will have you smiling.

This is a story not to be missed it is emotional and sensual as Dylan and Faith try so hard to stick to the company rules but in the end give in to their feelings but is this enough for Faith who has a lot to overcome. I highly recommend this story and I am very much looking forward to Adam's story thank you MS Bailey for another fantastic story.

5/5 stars for a fantastic story

Harlequin Desire released September 1st 2015

27 August 2015

Country by Danielle Steele

Reviewed by Desere

The reads tells of Stephanie Adams, as any good mother will do she hides her unhappy marriage from her family in order to spare her children from seeing their family spit. But it's not easy being the devoted mother,life is hard and unkind.

But then life offers an escape, her husband suddenly passes away and it's her chance to alter her life for the better. The better life comes in the form of country music megastar Chase Taylor.

He shows her passion, teaches her there is more to life then just being a mother and ultimately Stephanie sees her life becoming what she has always wanted it to me. But can her family find it in their hearts to let her go and allow her to really live her life for the first time in forever?

CountryThis was one of the prettiest DS reads ever! It had depth, emotion, passion and a story so beautiful it brought me to tears. But sadly the book did also have it's annoying features such as this happens , then that happens then this person does that and this one does this , which is all normal in any read but not if keeps getting repeated over and over.  Non the less the plot was interesting enough to keep me interested and therefore I kept going and in the end I can honestly say this was one of DS's better reads.

As I said definitely the prettiest because it was so nice , sometimes too nice, but when I say nice I mean nice where it certainly had to be, but on some scenes the niceness was a little too much and it felt a little overdone.

Now let's forget about the over sugar coated and nasty repeating business and let me tell you what made this book worth the read., simply put it's the message!

A message of just when you think " This is my life, I am in a loveless marriage, or I will always be a single mom " , whatever the issue is there is beauty in tragedy.  For that message alone I will reread this book over and over , because the author reminded me that there is always hope, there is always guidance we simply need to keep the faith.

Recommended for all DS fans!

5/5 star review
" Country takes her breath away but will it be able to have her heart too? "

Copy provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for a honest review 

23 August 2015

Taming her Nay Doc by Amy Ruttan

Taming Her Navy Doc

Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

Taming Her Navy Doc by Amy Ruttan

This is a great story that will have you turning the pages the setting is so lovely a Navy hospital and SEAL training base in Okinawa, Japan.

Erica Griffin grew up a Navy brat with her father a SEAL but she lost him when she was young in tragic circumstances and decided that she wanted to join the navy herself but be a Doctor and she is nothing but strong and determined and has made her way up the ranks although not without some problems. She has served on the hospital ship Hope for some years and has treated many patients but there is one that has stayed in her mind for five years he will never be forgotten even though she never knew his name, but now it is time to make a move to a new workplace on the Japanese Island of Okinawa little realising that this will change her life forever.

Captain Thorne Wilder has been through a few tragedies in his life and is now determined to be a loner he is a Doctor and a very good trauma Doctor but has been a SEAL as well until an accident changed that for him. He is now in charge of the hospital on Okinawa and they need a new second in command someone who is good at what they do. He has never forgotten the face of the Doctor who operated on him five years earlier and changed his life and now he will actually get to meet her when she arrives to become his new second in command.

This is such a beautiful and emotional story of how love can help heal and bring happiness to people who really have been through some tough times and then to come out showing such strength I loved how Erika always stood up for what she wanted and thought was right no matter how much Thorne pushed her and to see their beautiful HEA bought tears to my eyes while smiling.

This really is a story that I highly recommend to see two people overcome such tragedy with such strength and happiness.

5/5 star review for a wonderful story

Harlequin Medical released July 2015

22 August 2015

Unwrapping the Castelli Secret by Caitlin Crews

Unwrapping the Castelli Secret
by Caitlin Crews
Rafael has spent five long and painful years mourning the loss of Lily, the one girl he couldn't truly have but <i>did</i> have in so many ways, the one girl he treated like a bit on the side, the one girl that if he could have his time back, if he could bring her back from the dead, if he could talk to her one more time, how he would do things differently!

Five long and painful years Rafael has spent chasing ghosts.  He promises himself when he sees another Lily look alike walk past a cafe that this is the last ghost he chases.  When she turns in the street light and Rafael sees his beloved Lily, all walls come crashing down, all defenses come crashing down and what he says and does is from the heart.

Only this Lily look alike refuses his advances and tells him to leave before she calls the police.  "I am the love of your life!" he says.  This is when I was hooked, it was so heart wrenchingly beautifully raw and then the moment you figure Lily IS Lily but does everything to deny it, I was 100% invested and THEN when I learnt what Lily is hiding from Rafael I read and read and read this book till I could not keep my eyes open any more!

Unwrapping the Castelli Secret tells the story of Rafael, a man so in love, not realizing it until it's too late and given a precious second chance that we're never normally given, of a man who wants to right every wrong he has done to his loved one but how can he when he is so so furious with Lily and what she's deliberately done and hidden he can barely think straight.  Lily adamantly refuses she's the Lily he remembers and with some fantastically brilliant and exceptional writing the author pens priceless conversations between the two, was such a joy to read.

I loved this book so much, I could feel every little piece of hurt and anger and sadness and joy and heartbreak and love and laughter and every other emotion Rafael and Lily experienced while their story was told. I loved the way the flashbacks were incorporated into the story to make everything come together and I completely understand why Rafael treated Lily as he did back in the day.

If they hadn't had the relationship (as in his convenient bit on the side) they did I don't think this story would have worked in the same way because Rafael has been given a second chance that he is going to grip with every ounce of strength he possesses.  Of course, being a man, he doesn't get walking all over Lily is going to help her feel what he feels or believe what he says and part of the learning is to let go in the hope of return.

I wasn't too comfortable with the family side of things at the beginning, although i know they were removed enough to make it non ick but I still wasn't very comfortable with it.  However, the incredible writing of the author had me ok about it by the time I reached the end.

This is a story that I would want to write if I had any skill in being a writer, I was so involved in the emotion and I absolutely loved the writing, of Lily's reaction and of Rafael's efforts to convince Lily she was who she was.

Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this.

Harlequin Presents October 2015 release

Review by TashNz
6 Stars.

20 August 2015

Claimed for Makarov's Baby by Sharon Kendrick

Claimed for Makarov's Baby
by Sharon Kendrick
Arriving at the church door just in time to stop Erin’s wedding, the proud Russian Dimitri, a blast from Erin’s past in more ways than one, calls a halt to proceedings.  No – he does not agree to this marriage to proceed!  The anger that is simmering can only mean one thing, he knows!  He knows about his son.  The bottom drops from Erin’s world and life as she knew it is about to change big time. 

Dimitri has finally met his match in Erin.  He’s so angry he wasn’t told about little Leo and I thought the author did a great job at explaining the background and how all that came about.  For the first time in his life Dimitiri learns he can’t just click his fingers and everything he demands will fall in place.  Together Erin and Dimitri must cross their barriers and bring down their walls with each other in order to do what they both want in the world – to be the best parents they possibly can to Leo.

I really really enjoyed Claimed for Makarov’s Baby.  Dimitri was the Russian billionaire who had to almost hit rock bottom before he could be a better person.  Erin loves Dimitri after all this time but knows rose tinted glasses don’t belong on when looking at Dimitri… his is a dangerous, careless and seedy world that she wants her son to have no part in.  Dimitri needs to show Erin he’s a different man to the one she knew and I really enjoyed the way everything was laid out.  Fantastic locations and while I really liked Erin, I think learning about Dimitri and watching him grow, the more the story went on the more I hoped HE did achieve his happy ever after.

Another fantastic story from Sharon Kendrick | Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and provide my honest opinion.

September 2015 - Harlequin Presents - Mills and Boon Sexy

Review by TashNz
4.5 Stars

18 August 2015

Hot and Bothered by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot and Bothered
by Lynn Raye Harris
5 star review by TashNz

Hot and Bothered is the latest and 8th installment from Lynn Raye Harris’s H.O.T series and boy it is freakin fab and most certainly doesn’t disappoint!

A loved character, Ryan “Flash” Gordon is the hero of Hot and Bothered.  The Fate gods are smiling down on Ryan because he gets the one thing has craved and dreamed of, the one person he’d pretty much crawl over hot coals for… a night with Emily Royal bin Yusuf (read her back story in Hot Rebel). 

When she disappears the next morning it’s so What the H???  Ryan is ready to make it more than one night, he’d make it forever if he could, if she wasn’t someone he could probably never have because of who her dead husband is, because of who Ryan is and what he does for a living. 

Imagine Ryan’s surprise when he locates Emily with the elusive character Ian Black who is making me curiouser and curiouser, I hope he gets his story and I can’t wait to find out who and what makes him tick.  Surprise is rather a light word, he’s mad as freakin hell and it doesn’t help when he blurts out his secret relationship in-front of the team!  But wait there’s more… what has come of their night together, how does Emily ever hope to get off list of terrorists and how on earth do they get their happy ever after with every curve-ball that’s thrown at them?

Another loved character who has his own lil thing going on is Colonel Mendez.  I just shake my head when I read all these lil bits and pieces that make up the whole story – I wish I was this talented!  As a reader it’s like being in a lolly shop – there is that much awesomeness!

What I loved about Hot and Bothered… where to start… the quality of writing and the effort that is clearly put into research to deliver an entertaining but realistic portrayal of HOT is one of the many reasons I look forward to in each HOT installment. 

The writing is so realistically surreal I feel like I’m on the mission with the HOT team, I feel Ryan’s pain and anger when he first lays eyes on Emily again, I can taste the desert dust in my mouth so to speak.  I believe in what Emily is trying to do, I feel invested in the story and the characters.

The format of the writing, the character dialogue, the getting into the characters heads – the laughing, the tears, the edge of seat-ness as we race along with everyone is just fab!   The story lines are still fever pitch and the momentum is doing nothing but continually speeding up.
Can be read as a stand alone but if you read the previous stories you’ll feel a better connection with how Ryan and Emily become one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you love or are familiar with Suzanne Brockmann, these HOT stories are very much on par!  Looking forward to what the
future holds for us with these guys and everyone else who’s been introduced along the way.

So very much honored to receive an ARC from the author!

P.S SORRY about the long review, congrats if you’ve made it this far, it’s just so hard to shorten it and try explain why you love something so much :D

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The Books…

Book 1: 
HOT PURSUIT (Matt & Evie)
Book 2: 
HOT MESS (Sam & Georgie)
Book 3: 
HOT PACKAGE (Billy & Olivia)
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Book 5: 
HOT SHOT (Jack & Gina)
Book 6: 
HOT REBEL (Nick & Victoria)
Book 7: 
HOT ICE (Garrett & Grace)

A Seal's Temptation by Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Temptation by Tawny Weber

A SEAL's Temptation

Tawny Weber

Reviewed by Helen

I fall for everyone of MS Weber's SEALs and Shane is just so hunky and sexy and quiet Shane "Scavenger" O'Brien grew up with a lot of sisters and does not do emotion he is an excellent listener not a talker though and with a few family issues with his mother he spends most of his time being the best Seal and he is good at it but when one of his sisters wants him to come home to Little Lake in Idaho for her birthday he gives in and comes home but bubbly forever babbling sister Sara does have an ulterior motive, and that is to hopefully hook Shane up with her friend Lark.

Lark Sommers is an artist who specializes in pottery and ceramics and is fantastic at it and loves it but things change for her when her mother gets sick and she returns to the small town of Little Lake to care for her and help with the coffee house The Magic Beans but when her mother passes away Lark stays to keep the coffee house going and gives up her life in San Francisco and lives with a lot of guilt and it is a long time since she has been with a guy.

This is such a fantastic story the chemistry between Shane and Lark could set the pages burning but it is emotional as well as fun this is a story that will have you laughing smiling and shedding a few tears as Shane and Lark journey to a HEA that has a few ups and downs but a very sensual journey, I loved this one (as I have the others in the series) the characters are so real and catching up with friends from previous stories is always a bonus.

I highly recommend this story it really is one not to be missed.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

15 August 2015

An Heir Fit for a King by Abby Green

An Heir Fit for a King
by Abby Green
An Heir Fit for a King is a wonderfully written and emotional story.  It's penned by the amazing Abby Green who is so fashion-forward with her writing and an author who consistently pushes boundaries.  An Heir Fit for a King is due for September 2015 release with Harlequin Presents and part of the One Night With Consequences series.

Fashion-forward... what does this mean you wonder?  Read the first chapter and that's EXACTLY what I mean!  An exceptional beginning - daring to go where not many first chapters have gone before.  Uncharted territory which I absolutely adored.  Abby Green has always done this for me and I love it! In my opinion it helps keep these books exciting.

Alix Saint Croix is an exiled King of a small island kingdom.  He is a hard and determined man who's suffered greatly in the past and very close to claiming back his crown.  Never before has he been floored by a woman as he was when he walked into Leila's perfume shop.  He pretty much drops everything to pursue her.  Leila puts the colour back in his world, he's completely consumed by her and it's not long before he's thinking she can be his queen.

Of course things don't run smoothly, especially with Leila feeling completely overwhelmed by Alix's world, by Alix and by the intense feelings she's starting to feel.  They have amazing chemistry which consumes them both but overhearing a conversation tips everything over for Leila and she ends it.  Consequences of their brief union bring them back together, not by Leila's choice and reluctantly she agrees to be Alix's Queen.  Both parties need to dig deep into their pasts and open their hearts up if they stand a chance.

An Heir Fit for a King is set in beautifully described France and a stunning island, so real I was there!  Abby Green never fails to hit the emotional nail on the head with incredibly likeable and slightly broken characters, stunning locations and a story which marvelously wraps me right up and reels me in.  The sparks were flying and the aircon was turned up to full!

I loved A Heir Fit for A King, I loved both Alix and Leila, their character make-up and their chemistry.  I loved the descriptive writing which covered locations, emotions, sights and smells.
I adored An Heir Fit for a King and would recommend it to all!

*Copy provided by Netgalley for my honest opinion. Thank you Netgalley x

5 Stars
Review by TashNz