23 July 2015

Hired by the Brooding Billionaire

Kandy Shepherd

Hired by the Brooding Billionaire by Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

This story is a real treasure one that will be added to the keeper shelf and I am sure read many times over :) MS Shepherd has bought the hero and heroine to life on the pages the house and garden is a dream setting and getting to know Declan and Shelly was a fantastic trip.

Shelly Fairhill is a beautiful woman both inside and outside she has been through a bit in her life with heartache but she is positive and with a grandmother that taught her values she is now a horticulturalist and very enthusiastic about her work and what she wants to do so when on her way to work she is intrigued by a garden that is over run and very neglected she is determined to bring it back to life and is bold enough to knock on the door and offer her services.

Declan Grant is a geek a very rich one an only child and he had a very quiet and lonely childhood and is very reclusive these days never leaving his huge house with an over run garden after a tragedy that has left him devastated he works with his computers with very few visitors and very rarely opens the door to anyone but his life changes drastically when he opens that door one day.

This is an emotional beautiful story that will make you cry and smile as Shelly and Declan journey to a fantastic HEA the banter between them is wonderful and Shelly is very good at saying what she thinks and seeing Declan finally open up to what has happened and seeing the garden come to life and the joy that is brings Shelly and Declan smiling and talking so much about feelings and emotions, truly this is a story that you will treasure and read in one sitting don't miss this one MS Shepherd has done it again with another fantastic story.

5/5 star for this fabulous story

21 July 2015

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie West

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie WestThe Sinner's Marriage Redemption

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that is about sins and in particular envy when we get to know self made multi-millionaire Flynn Marshall and his desire to be a magnate that will be envied by many others and so far he is doing well but he now needs his final goal a wife that will complete his desires one that is beautiful and well connected and who better than Ava Cavendish the girl that he had known for years as his parents worked on the Cavendish estate Frayne Hall so Flynn works out how to win Ava and sets his plan into action.

Ava has had a dreadful childhood and at the age of 17 finally stands up to her domineering father and leaves to start a life on her own although she is close to her brother Rupert he is away Ava finds herself a job makes friends and gets on with her life never forgetting the last night at Frayne Hall and the help that Flynn had given her and how safe she felt with him.

Flynn had grown up on the estate his father was the gardener and his mother a cook their boss Michael Cavendish Ava's father was a very hard and uncaring man but not to his family he gave them everything and Flynn has always envied what he had and was determined that one day he would have all of that and more and started working hard and made it.

This is a story that is very emotional Ava is such a beautiful caring heroine who craved love she never wanted money or acknowledgment of what she does and Flynn who wanted wealth and acceptance into high society and this journey is sensual and heart-warming as we see Flynn win Ava over and he does everything he can for her he is caring and romantic thinking that she wants the wealth and jewels but as they get to know each other and Flynn finally sees what Ava really wants this is going to bring tears to your eyes and make you smile. It really is one of those stories where you want to push Flynn along to understand what Ava needs. Ava's love is so honest from the start and Flynn really does care for Ava not realising that he does love her but of course when she realizes how he has gone about getting her she is devastated but love wins through for both of them I highly recommend this one don't miss this one it is strong and emotional and very sensual story. I loved this one another fantastic story from MS West.

5/5 star review for a wonderful story of redemption


A woman's intuition is a very powerful tool, one we should always listen to, if things don't seem right you can bet your bottom dollar they're not right!  I think unfortunately us women are deep down genuinely loving creatures who always want to believe in the best in people and when we have our rose tinted glasses on our view of the world is usually far from the reality it really is!

Ava Cavendish has her rose tinted glasses on when she coincidentally runs into Flynn Marshall, 7 years after he rescued her from her spectacular crash in which she lost control of her convertible at 17... far from her father's garden and cook's son... now he is a businessman with the world at his feet.

Falling in love they quickly marry and life seems perfect until the little niggles start to the point where things get quite creepy.   Life appears to b
e mirroring that of her parents, Flynn has her dressing to the nines and be paraded in front of all the business associates he is wooing and being wooed by, when all she wants is her casual clothes and hang out with her husband and enjoy lazy Sunday's.  Her job is disestablished, but the kicker is the house Flynn proposes they live in...

I absolutely adored Annie West's latest release because Annie has taken a popular theme of rags to riches hero and put such a brilliant spin on it that I was captured through the entire book; getting slightly upset at life's little interruptions thrown my way so I couldn't keep reading.  I HAD to know how it all ended.

The emotion I felt was pure author skill!  Can you believe I felt the parallels were starting to get creepy.  Creepy! There's an emotion you don't usually feel reading a Presents/Sexy... Flynn was a fabulous hero and you could kind of work out his motives but yet there was still something not quite right and I wanted to praise Ava from the rooftops for slowly working out things weren't all flowers and daisies as her dreams hoped for... reality was slowly but surely knocking on the door and yet as a reader I was still hoping for a happy ever after.

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie West is a August Harlequin Presents / Mills and Boon Sexy Release.  It is part of the Seven Sexy Sins series and is, in my book, a do-not-miss!  A rollercoaster ride awaits!!!

5 stars from me

18 July 2015

Falling for Mr. Wrong by Joanne Dannon

Falling for Mr Wrong

Joanne Dannon

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this is such a great story set in Israel a setting I have not read a book set in before and it is so lovely I now have added this destination as a place I want to visit the author MS Dannon described it beautifully and this is a story that will have you on a roller coaster ride as Heroine Australian Tilly Walker flees London to Jerusalem after a scandal involving a politician that she was working for as a nanny her great aunty lives in Jerusalem and she is looking for safety from the press. Tilly is such a caring person always there for everyone so this is a real shock to her.

Political Journalist Nathaniel Morgan-Young is after a story he wants revenge against this politician but he must find Tilly and get her story but this is not going to be easy because he knows he must lie to her first and of course he must find her.

When he does find her the sparks fly and this starts a journey filled with lies and a very sensual relationship that will keep you turning the pages as they finally have such a great HEA and the scenery along the way is beautiful as is their story a beautifully written story with the characters coming alive on the pages and the setting really is gorgeous.

I loved this one and highly recommend it.

4/5 stars for a great story that I really highly recommend

13 July 2015

The Marrakaios Baby by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Nas
THE MARAKAIOS BABY by author Kate Hewitt is a August 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Margo Gerras said no to Leo Marakaios marriage proposal after a two-year fling. And to top it, she informed Leo that she had another man she was interested in. So what would Leo do when she came to him with the news that she was pregnant?

Would he marry her now? Could he trust her? And what secret is Margo hiding? Could she trust Leo and let him in her heart? 

THE MARAKAIOS BABY is a wonderfully fulfilling romance written by author Kate Hewitt. I was hooked from the first page till the end. It’s a very fast paced story and filled with sensuality and emotional intensity. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 

Vettori's Damsel in Distress by Liz Fielding

Reviewed by Nas

VETTORI’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS by author Liz Fielding is a July 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Angelica Amery wanted a new start so she went to Italy. But nothing worked out as she found she had been conned by scam artists on internet. She found a development site instead of the apartment she booked. Then to seek shelter from bad weather, she walked in a bar where she came face to face with the most handsome man she had ever seen. 

Dante Vettori couldn’t just leave Geli stranded now, could he? So he took her in and provided a job  for her at his bar. But underneath it all, he also found her to be a stimulating companion and his dormant feelings aroused. He knew Geli was attracted to him as well, but would she still want him when she learned the secret he was hiding?

Read VETTORI’S DAMSEL IN DISTRESS to find out what happened to Dante and Geli. Author Liz Fielding once again astounds her readers with witty dialogue and mesmerizing emotions. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Vettori's Damsel In Distress

Reviewed by Helen
This is a beautiful story in a beautiful setting you will be smiling throughout this one it brings warmth and cheers into your heart as Dante and Geli journey to such a great HEA.

Geli has arrived in the small town of Isola in Milan for a fresh start she is a fashion designer and wants to start in the city that is know for fashion she is the youngest Amery sister and now that they are both married with families of their own and her beloved grandmother is settled it is time for Geli to begin hers. But of course nothing seems to run smoothly the weather has tuned very cold when she arrives and the apartment that she has rented is not there and she has rescued a kitten and her Italian is not the best things are not looking good but when she steps into a café that is warm and friendly this will change her life forever Geli is such a positive person full of smiles and love and her rescuer Dante Vettori is drop dead gorgeous.

Dante had been through a lot in his life he loves this town of Isola and is doing what ever he can to keep the old world style and stop the developers he is loved by everyone in the town but after his last relationship turns sour he is single and staying that way that is until a damsel in distress walks into his café covered in snow and in need of help.

As Dante and Geli get to know each other and open up with stories that neither have told anyone the spark and pull just gets stronger and with kittens and injured mother cats to rescue this story is so heart-warming sensual and wonderful you will not want to put it down till you get to the end and then you will want more about these two beautiful people and the town and the other characters that help make this story fantastic the banter between them and the talk about ice-cream and Rosie the ice-cream van will have you smiling.

I loved this one and highly recommend it don't miss this one I need to get the first two stories about Geli's sisters and read them :)

5/5 stars for such an awesome read this is truly one not to be missed

09 July 2015

The Doctor She Left Behind

Scarlet Wilson

The Doctor She Left Behind by Scarlet Wilson

This is an emotional story that is moving and sensual as two people Nathan Banks and Rachel Johnson who are both Doctors that had trained together and been together totally in love and the future was ahead of them that is until tragedy strikes and Nathan loses his parents in a car accident and takes over the care of his younger brother and Rachel is there to support and love them but things change for Rachel suddenly and she leaves Nathan with not much of an explanation Nathan is devastated and Rachel moves on to Australia to live with her mother and she gets on with her life and Nathan joins Doctors without borders and does his best to save the world.

Eight years later a joint friend organizes for both Nathan and Rachel to go on the film set of a reality TV show as the Doctors in The Whitsunday Islands in the Coral Sea and Rachel has another ex there as well one of the contestants, their first meeting after all these years shows that there is still a big spark there but so much has happened in the last eight years and there will need to be a lot of talking done before they can go forward to the future.

This is a beautiful journey to a wonderful HEA as Rachel finally tells Nathan why she left the way she did and Nathan comes to terms with some feelings he has and he is very determined to win Rachel back and of course the setting is very nice sparkling beaches sunsets and champagne don't miss this one it truly is a lovely story 

5/5 Stars for this great story

06 July 2015

The Greek's Last Redemption by Caitlin Crews (Chatsfield #13)

Greek's Last Redemption
by Caitlin Crews
Theo is beyond angry when his ex wife skypes him. It's a first for her, a new antic, and he's annoyed there's more than likely going to be another drama she will cause as a result. Holly has been nothing but a severe pain in his side for the last four years but the last thing he will grant her is a divorce. It's the one thing in the world she wants and he's not having it! Incensed is pretty much how Theo feel's if his thoughts dare to stray to Holly. Threatening to take half of his empire with her in the divorce settlement if he doesn't agree to meet, Theo furiously arranges they meet at Barcelona Chatsfield, the place of their exquisite honeymoon.

I adore the passion and angst and drama that Caitlin Crews packs into her stories, I am a HUGE fan of dramatic and highly emotionally charged stories in which the couple are separated and coming back into each other's spheres. They're my most favorite type of story in this genre. Caitlin Crews captured the emotion perfectly in Greek's Last Redemption. 

Theo is beyond furious with Holly and how she ruined their marriage, he loved her from here to the moon and back times a million. I felt that with every emotional word I read. He was so passionate about his love it makes one only dream of even half being loved like that... which I guess is why I couldn't quite give this amazing story 5 stars... I couldn't quite understand Holly's thinking... which i cant explain without giving everything away. It niggled in the back of my mind, she had the world and she threw it all away.

Don't let my thoughts on that stop you from reading this amazing story - especially if you love the highly charged and passionately emotional reunion stories. Theo! There are no words. Holly was lovely too, a lovely character. The beautiful surroundings of Spain were described so wonderfully. 

The Harrington is also featured as well as Spencer Chatsfield and Isabelle Harrington who's story is Chatsfield Ultimate Acquisition by Melanie Milburne.

4.5 shiny bright stars.

by TashNZ

30 June 2015

The Perfect Cazorla Wife by Michelle Smart

The Perfect Cazorla Wife

Reviewed by Desere

Michelle Smart is an author that wow's with every single story she writes. And this time it was no exception , she wrote a story about a " perfect wife" but it was not only that it was THE PERFECT STORY!

It tells of Charley Cazorla, striding into the exclusive Barcelona party of the year, uninvited of course, with every stride she steels herself against facing her soon to be ex husband. Her hopes and dreams are slipping away and sadly Raul is her last hope. But to stay strong in his presence is far easier said then done. But she knows she can do it, all she has to do is breath, talk, make the deal and get out.

But Charley underestimates the depth of fury Raul feels toward her. Because in return for saving her failing business this bastard of a man, in every sense of the word, is demanding his own brand of payment. Charley will resume her role as the perfect Cazorla wife , in every sense of the word!

But back in her husband's imposing world is the last place she wants to be, but needs must and soon she discovers that their lust for each other is still burning strong. Will Charley be able to escape it's hold a second time around? Or will Raul and Charley finally find the true meaning of love and understanding?

I adore second chance romances, it's what gives me that all too special grin on my face and makes the world seem like a better place. But sadly in some reads it's a very line by line , left to right , a to b , kind of plot. There are no surprises, no make it pop moments, no in your face attention grabbing scenes.

Thank the heavens above there are author such as Michelle Smart, because I got all of that and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Raul is a real jerk, and I mean the kind of jerk that you wish you could squish like a bug. Rich , marries the poor girl and then once the wedding night is over , he's all about changing her to fit into his perfect little image of a rich man's wife. Naturally I did not feel badly for this man when Charley walks out on his pathetic wanting to change her attitude, instead I could not get enough of the adrenaline rush I felt when Charley walks back into his life two years later and voila, she sends his senses reeling !

Charley was my kind of heroine, fun and funky but with loads of the perfect I fell, I lost , I walked out and I won't fall again instead I will fight back attitude that I love oh so very much! I was rooting for her from page one!

Something that I really liked about this read , was Raul always turning the situations into sexual ones, Charley would say something completely innocent and Raul would turn into something so sexy and so alluring that my heart could not stop beating with excitement, even though I was still hating him , very much so! It was very 50 Shades like but so, so , so much better! It had more flair, more depth, more meaning. more this is real in your face than anything I have ever come across.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there, if you want passion with energy, romance with a kick, sex with so hot the pages will go up in flames and a second chance romance that will blow you away, go read this book!!

5/5 star review
" The flames of perfection meets the flames of desire and everything goes up in smoke! " 

26 June 2015

Hot Seal by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Seal
by Lynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz
5 stars

I love me a good SEAL and by gosh Dane "Viking" Erikson is a mighty fine introduction of what looks to be a most promisingly delightful introduction of Seals into the HOT team!

The last place DEA Agent expects to run into her ex husband is at HOT headquarters, after all Dane is Navy, not Army, but there he is as freakin' gorgeous as she remembers, and while it's been a long four and a half years without him, it's like yesterday when the memories start flooding back.  SEAL Dane is just as shocked when his ex wife walks into mission control.  He knows the dangerous mission they're about to embark could risk lives and while he tries to hate Ivy on sight, he also tries to kid himself he'd step in front of a bullet for her as he would be for anyone under his command, not because she's someone special.

Racing against the clock Dane, along with the HOT team, Ivy and her DEA partner track down a  state of the art submarine originally designed for drug trafficking missing from Columbia; the Ruiz brothers who have a major hand in the drug trafficking that Ivy is hell bent on stopping and a nuclear warhead which can blow the Eastern seaboard to smithereens.  While surrounded by danger at every corner, partnered together puts Dane and Ivy in mighty fine close proximity where they cant ignore their past, their feelings or their differences and when one part of the mission means portraying themselves as a happy couple, Dane and Ivy are like the fireworks factory they liken themselves to and things really turn into the 4th of July! I loved the end scene, I could totally imagine it and was left feeling I would absolutely love to be swept off my feet by a man in uniform - preferably a SEAL ;)

Hot Seal is a Hostile Operations Team Novella, part of a July release box set Seals of Summer anthology .  So much is packed in it does not feel the length of a Novella.  So much action and drama swirling around mixed with high tensions and breath taking moments of intimacy I was completely hooked until the last page.  Lynn Raye Harris has such an amazing skill for writing heart-beating drama, non stop action and rock solid mind blowing romance all swirled together and packed into one delicious story that has the Hostile Operation Team on my must-read list.

Thank you for the ARC received for my honest opinon.

Available here:
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1F1ocr3
iBooks: http://apple.co/1IjUAIh
Nook: http://bit.ly/1crKeca
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1KmsyZZ

Reviewed by Desere

I love, love, love men in uniform but from them all a seal is by far the sexiest! Hell let's get straight to it, they are the most kickass ever!

And what more could a huge fan like myself ask for .. yeah that's right I can ask that the amazing Lynn Raye Harris writes one for me, and she not only did she created what is undoubtedly the best, sexiest, most kickass, awesome, totally rock-bombing seal ever!!

Hot, steamy, exciting, exhilarating don't seem like words adequate to describe this read. I was there for every single moment , I felt every single emotion, I cried like a  baby and got tears all over Kindle, because I did not even realize I was crying , I was simply too trapped inside this awesome read!

There's so much more I can tell you, and I mean a whole helluva lot more ,but it would ruin it completely. It's the must read of the year.

There's just one more thing I have left to say : If you want to escape with the absolute perfection of kick-ass romantic suspense, read Lynn Raye Harris! It's phenomenal, breathtaking, and always , always perfect!!!

5/5 star review

" A seal in waiting is a deal worth taking" 

14 June 2015

Some Kind Of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

Reviewed by Nas

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by author Sarah Morgan is a Mills & Boon release for July 2015.

Brittany Forrest wants nothing to do with her ex-husband. He had after all walked out on her and their marriage after only ten days. So why was she feeling all the old attraction now that he was back on Puffin Island? 
Zachary Flynn finds he is still attracted to Brittany as he was ten years back when he had ran from his marriage to her. But why did he walk out? What was his reason?

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL is a wonderfully fulfilling romance written by author Sarah Morgan. I was hooked from the first page till the end. . It’s very fast paced and filled with sensuality and emotional intensity.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Reviewed by Desere

The remarkable talent of Sarah Morgan is back! This time we get to know the low down on Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest, her whole life she has dreamed of adventure. So at the age of eighteen she thought she'd found the adventure in bad boy Zach Flynn. But after just ten days of romantic bliss their marriage goes up in smoke. Brittany resolves to put Zach and her failed marriage out of her mind forever.

Zach knows he really let Brittany down but being back on Puffin Island stirs up memories he has long fought to bury. He's been a daredevil in life with everything he's done but daring to fall for Brittany again is something he 's sure will never work, he just doesn't feel worthy of her affection.

But the off the charts chemistry forces them together and as long hot summer days on the beach dissolve into sultry, starry nights Brittany and Zach find that the sparks between then are more powerful then ever. Can they make it work on round two?

Sexy, sexy, SEXY!! Yep that is one of the first words I will use to describe this book. Being a major Sarah Morgan fan and having read all of her books and knowing the woman knows how to rock any scenario, charm any character and entrance any reader all I can really say is she 's done it again!!

I was in love with heartbroken Zach from page one, I wanted to cuddle this man and just be there for him, and the man was so sensual it drove me crazy , but of course in a good way. I love characters that just totally blend with the story and Zach was perfect.

I really liked Brittany, fun and funky and full of spunk and bravado! I really felt for her when Zach tries so hard to show he cares but just cannot fully grasp that it's okay to care.

I adored being transported back to Puffin Island, just as the first time I could not get enough of the stunning scenery and the truly come to live little island.  From the remarkable characters with fascinating background stories, the breathtaking heartache and happiness to the story of finding love and the strength to believe, this book is the absolute perfection addition to the world of romance.

I cannot wait for the next installment, Sarah Morgan you keep getting better and better !

5/5 star review
" She's his some kind of wonderful, but can she be the one who saves him?"