The Price of Duty

 The Price of Duty

Fiona M Marsden

Reviewed by Helen

This is a lovely second chance romance involving royalty, secrets and misunderstandings which all go together well and make it a story that had me turning the pages, Gemma is a quiet girl who works hard and is enjoying a holiday and Udo is on holidays as well and having fun, they meet and fall in love but neither are honest about their backgrounds and when Gemma left quickly she never thought to see Udo again.

Gemma is in the small principality of Monte Picatti searching for minerals to make this principality rich they need funds desperately, when Gemma meets Prince Udolfo she is shocked to find it is the man who has her heart from five years ago, but finding that love again was not going to happen, unless her very rich father makes it his business to get his daughter a Prince for a husband.

Prince Udolfo is doing what he can to save his country, they are in need of money and lots of it and finding minerals hopefully will save them but not quick enough and when he is offered marriage to the daughter of a mining magnate with payment that will keep his country going into the future, he must do his duty. Then he meets the woman who stole his heart and life is turned upside down.

Secrets that are kept can come back later and cause a lot of headaches, Udo is torn between saving his country and going with his heart, Gemma is having a big issue with trust at this stage and add in a couple of misunderstandings and then throw in some danger and Udo has to fight hard to prove his worth and that his love is still strong. I really loved Udo and Gemma both are caring and strong and will stand up for what they think that is do the right thing.

I do highly recommend this story is was a fabulous read with a beautiful HEA, the setting was lovely and the characters were easy to get to know. Thank you MS Marsden for my copy to read

5 stars

Published July 18th 2020 by Fidelis Ink

Their Royal Baby Gift

 Their Royal Baby Gift

Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

Oh my goodness this is such a beautiful story, heart-warming, filled with emotion and so much love, two strangers meet in Singapore, a rescue that will change their lives forever if they can work a way out to be together, I could hardly put this one down and if you have never read a Kandy Shepherd book then you are missing out, why not start with this one, I am sure you will be binge reading her backlist.

Sally Harrington is a designer and working hard on a family project that means so much to her and her two brothers, she needs to go to Singapore to check something out and falls into the arms of the most handsomest man ever, the pull between them is too hard to resist and the best night ever is spent in Edwards arms. Sally has never felt like this before for any man she has issues that were caused from her past, but maybe this might be the one and when she finds herself pregnant what is she to do? Sally is very independent, and determined never to lean on any man she can do this on her own, but then she finds out that Edward is Prince Edward of Tianlipin this is going to make things a little difficult and she cannot forget him of the night they had.

Edward is a man bound by duty to his country and an arranged marriage is about to happen, this is not good for Edward now that he has met Sally, he cannot forget her she is in his heart and mind and will be there forever, when Sally returns to Singapore he convinces her to stay for a bit longer and they need to work out what they are going to do, he is going to be a father he cannot loose Sally.

This is a beautifully written story, I loved it so much, the romance and love that is shining through for Edward and Sally bought so much joy. They had a few hurdles that Edward was determined to cross before they could get their HEA. I cried happy tears throughout this book the emotions were so real I was cheering them on, Edward is such a hero, he is not only good looking but his heart is filled with love and Sally she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside they deserve each other so much. There were lots of smiles and cheering in this book. Thank you so much MS Shepherd for a wonderful story that filled me with happiness, a keeper and a must read and I do highly recommend this one to anyone who loves a great romance.

5 stars

Expected publication: November 10th 2020 by Harlequin Romance 

Revenge in Rubies

 Revenge in Rubies

Harriet Gordon Mysteries #2

A M Stuart

Reviewed by Helen

This is another brilliant and awesome story in this series, I loved it and found it very hard to put down, another murder in Singapore in 1910 that finds Harriet and her boss Inspector Robert Curran working hard to uncover the murderer with lots of twists and turns along the way and I was guessing to the very end. A must read.

When Harriet finds out about the death of a member of one of her friends family, she makes her way to Pris Nolan’s family home in support of Pris and finds out that Pris’s sister in law Sylvie Nolan has been murdered in a brutal way. Inspector Curran arrives to start the investigation, with Sylvie being the wife of Lieutenant Colonel John Nolan, Curran knows that he is going to come up against a brick wall in the investigation as the military close ranks to protect what they call family. Sylvie was a lot younger than her husband and well- liked by the younger military men.

Harriet is always willing to help with the investigation and this time as friends with the victim’s sister in law she is more than confident in finding some answers to help the inspector, of course with so much happening the investigation keeps having more added to it with more murders that appear to be linked to Sylvie’s murder they need to find the murderer and quickly.

Harriet seems very settled in her life in Singapore now she is happy looking after her young charge Will and she really enjoys her job typing up reports for Inspector Curran, she has an eye for detail and even though the inspector is not always happy with the way Harriet does a little investigating herself, he really is appreciative and together they are becoming a great team.

I cannot highly recommend this book and series enough, beautifully written it takes a reader back to Singapore in 1910 to the heat and ways of life then, MS Stuart makes me feel that I am there during the investigations. The characters come to life on the pages, it is a book that I wanted to get to the end of but didn’t want it to finish, bring on the next book I say, I can’t wait a fabulous story that I loved.

5 stars

Published September 15th 2020 by Berkley Books

The Highlander's Forbidden Mistress

 The Highlander's Forbidden Mistress

The Lairds Most Likely #7

Anna Campbell

Reviewed by Helen

I do love a good historical, a rake who can be reformed and a heroine who is beautiful on the inside and out. You can’t go wrong with an Anna Campbell story, this author has a magical way with words and knows how to pull a reader in and bring the characters to life on the pages.

Selina Martin is widowed with a nine year old son, and she needs to marry again to protect her son and is preparing to marry very soon the man she is to marry is wealthy but not very caring. When she meets libertine and rake Lord Bruard her heart sings like never before and the offer of a week as his mistress is hard to knock back one week of pleasure and joy before a lifetime of boring duty, a week to make her smile.

Brock Drummond, Earl of Bruard is a rake through and through settling down to marriage is not for Brock never, but when he meets the beautiful Selina Martin he cannot help but feel a pull towards her and wants nothing more than to be her lover and if a week is all he can have then so be it, they will be discreet and no one will ever find out.

A week together shows Selina the delights of a man who knows how to make a lady burst with joy and Brock is soon falling head over heels for Selina she has captured his heart like no other and Selina has finally found a man who she can talk to, be open with and be the person she really is and her heart is fully lost to Brock. Scandal soon arrives and Selina has to decide if she can finally really trust a man this man Brock who as her heart.

A sizzling sensual story that is sure to make the reader very happy, thank you MS Campbell for another keeper.

5 stars

Published June 30th 2020

Croc Country

 Croc Country

Kerry McGinnis

Reviewed by Helen

I do love a good romantic suspense and the title pulled me in and I do love reading new to me authors and I loved this one, action with packed lots going on, fabulous characters and the setting is fabulous and it is set on a wildlife sanctuary in the gulf country. It had me turning the pages to find out what was happening and really liked Tilly and the strength she shows after what she has been through, this is a book to pick clear the decks though because you won’t want to put it down.

Tilly has been working as housekeeper at Binboona Wildlife Sanctuary, looking after the rangers and the wildlife that is bought in after being injured, she arrived two years before after a terrible tragedy in which she lost her husband and daughter at sea. All is well until the police come to see her asking about her husband Gerry and then everything seems to be turned upside down, then botanist Conner Doyle arrives Tilly gets more confused wondering who she can trust and who not too trust.

Tilly is training to be a ranger now and spends a lot of time with Conner out and about checking for plants and weeds, Conner asks a lot of questions about the other people who are living there which doesn’t sit well with her and then when Luke one of the other rangers and Tilly are out checking the caves they find evidence of wildlife smuggling and now nothings seems to be safe for Tilly, danger is lurking around every corner and she finds out more about Conner as they get to know each other and Tilly is right in the mix of things while trying to end the wildlife smuggling as well as a few other non- legal operations.

I really loved this story Kerry McGuiness has taken me on a trip to gulf country and shown me how beautiful it can be and how dangerous when you have evil people doing things that they should not, I was on the edge of my seat reading this one. As Tilly and Conner get closer and their feelings became clear it was really good to see them both get a beautiful HEA against the backdrop and murder and mayhem, Tilly showed such strength with everything that was going on and the other characters added so much to the story. This is the first of MS McGinnis’s books that I have read but it won’t be the last. I highly recommend this one.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for my copy to read.

5 stars

Published July 2nd 2020 by Penguin Random House

Climbing Fear

 Climbing Fear

CoalCliff Stud #1

Leisl Leighton

Reviewed by Helen

I do love reading books in a series and this is book one and I thoroughly enjoyed it, such a beautiful story of love and hope and putting the past behind you and with the added threat of danger around the corner Reid and Nat have a rough time to mend their love and look to the future, set on such a beautiful horse stud, this is a fabulous second chance love story one that I do hope you will enjoy like I did.

Reid Stratton has come home to the place he is hoping will help him put the past and guilt behind him CoalCliff is run by his loving grandmother Barb, Reid grew up here but when he was eighteen and had just had his heart broken he ran and made his dreams come true and became and X-Treme TV sports star with his best friend Luke. Ten years later Luke was killed in a climbing accident while filming and the media come at him from all angles, home is where he can mend his heart and get back on with life.

Natalia Robinson has been to hell and back with her nine year old daughter Tilly and it is now time to look to the future for her and Tilly, now a single mum she needs to do what she can for Tilly and herself, so when Barb the closest person to a mother she has rings and offers her a job at CoalCliff, Nat jumps at the chance and moves her and Tilly back to the only home she has ever known and where she can mend but finding Reid there was not what she expected especially when her feelings for him come to the surface after all of these years.

There is a lot going on threats to take Tilly of Nat and a few odd incidents around the stud and Reid is getting worried, but the more time they spend together the more they open up to each other both have had their lives turned upside down and maybe together they can find for love and happiness again. But with the danger heating up Reid steps up and finally Nat feels like she has someone she can trust and love finally grows together they can become a family.

This is a story that has great characters that are easy to love and with suspense flowing through the story it is enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, lots of emotions running along with the suspense and the ending is wow everything comes to a head and we find out who and why there has been danger, this is a story that I highly recommend and I am sure the next story is going to be just as good, bring it on.

Thank you to Harlequin Aus and Harper Collins for my book to read.

4 stars

Published October 7th 2020 by HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Christmas Reunion in Paris (Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel Book 1) by Liz Fielding

 Reviewed by Nas Dean

CHRISTMAS REUNION IN PARIS(Christmas at the Harrington Park Hotel Book 1) by author Liz Fielding is a September 2020 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Chloe was speechless when she came face to face with James Harrington after so many years. She had lost everything she held dear when she lost him. Her life was never the same. But now, face to face with him, she doesn’t have the words.

James goes to her flat to confront her. What would he do when he hears her secrets now?

CHRISTMAS REUNION IN PARISis an engrossing story. Author Liz Fielding wove this heart-warming tale and brought to it the pages. This story took me back to Paris and the romance of it. Readers would stay hooked to the story till the end.

Highly recommended for all readers.


One Scandalous Christmas Eve by Susan Stephens

 Reviewed by Nas Dean

ONE SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS EVE (The Acostas! Book 8) by author Susan Stephens is a September 2020 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Dante Acosta had no idea his new physiotherapist is Jess. He was injured and his siblings had stepped in to get the best person available to make him better.

Jess had a massive crush on him ten years back and yet here they were. He was still gorgeous and the chemistry between them was still scorching hot.

ONE SCANDALOUS CHRISTMAS EVE is a sizzling romance with mesmerising emotions. Author Susan Stephens brought this sensational story to the pages and readers would love it.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Xmas Dust

 Xmas Dust

Elsie Creek #4

Mel A Rowe

Reviewed by Helen

I do love visiting Elsie Creek with all of the characters I have made friends with and this one is Christmas time woohoo, I do love a good Chrissy story and even better when the heroine the wonderful bush pilot Monet is a grouch at Christmas time and then you have Tim the farmer who this year is not celebrating anything, can these two actually have a great Christmas with a cyclone bearing down on Elsie Creek?

Monet is the fun sassy, spirited and vivacious bush pilot, who fly’s around in the red plane, broomstick and all, she is constantly helping people and is always there for anyone and this Christmas she is farm sitting and looking forward to being alone and away from everyone at Christmas time, Christmas holds some bad memories for Monet. When she arrives at Rigby Downs she finds Tim at home and not in the best of ways, this is not what Monet wants but Tim is her best friend since forever and even though things have been a bit strained for the past year she will do her best to get her old Tim back.

Tim is drowning everything he can at the moment with alcohol and he forgot to cancel Monet’s contract and as much as he tells her to leave she is determined to stay put and with a cyclone bearing down on them she is a fabulous help getting things prepared. They make their own Christmas and talk a lot about what has happened in the last year and Tim realizes how much he is missing his best friend, when the cyclone hits they take cover in the bathroom together and Tim can feel his heart coming back to normal.

Elsie Creek is in trouble after the cyclone hits and Monet takes off at daybreak to help as many people as she can in her little red plane, Tim gets into town with Alex and they are doing their bit to help and Tim is trying to find Monet he cannot let her fly off before he lets her know his true feelings for her. He finds her eventually at the remains of her home The Elsie Creek Inn and he opens up and so does Monet there were tears of joy for me, I loved Monet and Tim what a couple.

This is a beautifully written story with all the emotions that had me turning the pages and opens up the Northern Territory for me and the people that live there, they have big hearts and are a fun lot of people to be with especially in Elsie Creek, I loved this story so very much (and the series) bring on Elsie Creek 5. Thank you author Mel A Rowe for my copy to read, this is one that I do highly recommend.

5 stars

Expected publication: October 23rd 2020 by R&R Ramblings House

Deadly Past

 Deadly Past

Charlotte Dean Mysteries #4

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

What another awesome story in this fabulous series, MS Nefri Clark has such an imagination to think up all of these mysteries in the small town of Kingfisher Falls and getting sleuth “Detective Charlotte” helping the love of her life police office Trevor Sibbritt, but she often gets herself in predicaments that Trevor needs to save her from he is such a hero, if you love a good who-dun-it mystery then this is the series to pick up.

Things seemed to be settling down in town, until a fire and a death, Charlotte is sure that it was not an accident and when she starts investigating she finds that the council and its leaders are again up to no good and with ex policeman Sid Browne and his wife moving back to town and him becoming and annoyance to Charlotte again she is sure he is involved as well.

Charlotte feels that she is being watched by a woman who looks like someone from her past which sets her on pins and needles, there is also a new person moved into town a sculptor who is opening up a new business and Charlotte is concerned for who this person is and who she thinks is watching her are they one in the same. There is a lot going on and with it looking like a loved local is being framed Charlotte and Rosie (Trevor’s Mum) pull out all stops with investigating to help solve the mystery.

Trevor is working hard with the help of Katrina and Bryce detectives sent to help, to catch a murderer and bring the culprits in, they are hitting a few brick walls here and there and Charlotte is more than happy to help, Trevor worries about the danger she often puts herself in but is always appreciative of her help, but when Charlotte’s life is on the line Trevor is there as always.

This story is so well written the characters are amazing and are really my friends now I am turning the pages as fast as I can but savouring every word in the story. I love Charlotte and her vulnerability and the way that Trevor and Rosie are always there for her, she finally feels like she has a family, and maybe that will be added to. A fabulous story I loved it so much and am looking forward to more in the series.

I highly recommend this book and series MS Nefri Clark writes awesome stories, you would not be sorry when you picked up any of her books, must read stories thank you for another excellent story.

5 stars

Expected publication: September 28th 2020