A Whole New Ball Game

A Whole New Ball Game

Woman of W.A.R series #4

Lauren K McKellar

A Whole New Ball Game by Lauren K McKellar

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a fabulous story, there is a mix of sport and heart-waring and sensual romance and then the love and caring that a nurse shows in her everyday job caring for very ill children in a home away from the hospital. I thoroughly loved meeting Nurse Zoe Taylor and AFL star Sawyer Benson and sharing their journey to a beautiful HEA.

Zoe works caring for sick children in a hospice and these kids mean everything to her especially Emily, but Zoe also has another love AFL, playing football is just the best but she also wants to volunteer in Africa to help the underprivileged like her mum, but when young Emily pushes Zoe to prove that woman can play football and she literally runs into Sawyer then things are about to change in her life.

Sawyer has been playing top level footy for a while and he is single at the moment after breaking up with his long term girlfriend and he is hurting seeing as she has new partner, but he needs someone to take to a big awards night and when he is knocked over by the beautiful Zoe and they realize that they have somethings in common like footy and he is very drawn to her, he offers to help her with footy in exchange for a “date” he will move on after that because she is moving, yes?

I loved Zoe and Sawyer two strong caring people, they showed passion in their careers and in each other even if they were trying hard not to with each other, but they were meant to be together, and Emily, Zoe’s patient so strong with what she has to go through. This one had me crying and smiling, a beautifully written story that I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys sport and romance with believable and loving hero and heroine, thank you.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published October 1st 2018 by Escape Publishing

The Family They've Longed For

The Family They've Longed For

Robin Gianna

The Family They've Longed For by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Helen

MS Gianna writes stories that go straight to the heart, they are moving, emotional and so darn good that I never want to put them down till the finish, and this one is no different, wow, set in Alaska one of my favourite places and two people who had been through so much and it is time for them to reunite in a gorgeous journey to a wonderful HEA.

Rory Anderson grew up in Eudemonia a small Alaskan town and she loved it, she met Jacob Hunter in fourth grade and the two were inseparable, and friendship grew into lovers when they were at college together, both determined to be doctors. When tragedy strikes Rory runs away, takes off to California and becomes a paediatric surgeon, she lives alone and quietly, but she is needed at home as her Mum is unwell and Rory goes home to look after her, but going home and meeting up with Jake and finding out he is a single dad rocks her.

Jake has always wanted to stay in Eudemonia, become a doctor have a wife and family but that wish is shattered when the love of his life Rory takes off, he stays makes good with most of his wish, he is a single dad to little Mika. Working at the medical centre he cares for Rory’s Mum and she is there to look after her, Jake is determined to not get his heart broken again, but when a snow storm has them trapped in a hut he cannot contain the sensual feelings for long, but it must only be for one night.

This is a beautiful story of second chances for Rory and Jake, Rory coming home gives her a chance to finally open up about what happened and why she ran, and Jake finally gives in to trust her again, this one hits the spot for a romance that will bring all of the best feelings to the surface, there were tears for me and then smiles. I highly recommend this one don’t miss out, thank you MS Gianna.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances

Fool me Forever

Fool me Forever

The Confidence Game #2

Ainslie Paton

Fool Me Forever by Ainslie Paton

Reviewed by Helen

MS Paton has a fabulous writers voice she brings out the best in her characters, her stories are witty with wonderful banter, and this one is no exception there is a lot going on when Halsey Sherwood meets up with the beautiful Lenore Bradshaw and together they work on a sting to bring a Prime Minister down, the sparks fly and the sensual pull grows as PowerPoint girl and ExcelBoy work together and try and control their feelings.

Lenny is working hard to keep her charity, Dollars 4 Daughters going after her life has been turned upside down first by her father going to prison then her best friend and partner falling in love with Cal Sherwood who comes from a family of fraudsters as far as Lenny is concerned. So when Halsey, Paul Newman look alike brother of Cal arrives at her office to check her accounts the sparks start to fly with a sensual pull and then a proposition to team up and work a sting sets them on a course to love.

Hal is not a field person worker he is more a spreadsheet guy and working for the family in Robin Hood style brings them close to being con artists, but helping Lenny after everything that has happened to her is going to change how Hal works and bringing down the Prime Minister of Ossovia becomes top priority and although having Lenny work with him is not ideal in case she gets hurt it is a bonus that has Hal opening up to who he really is.

This was a real page turner, there are arguments, there is fun, the clothes and shoes that Lenny has is amazing but above all the love that grows between them is just amazing and beautiful and had me cheering them one, truly there is so much in this story that made me love Hal and Lenny, I highly recommend this one and look forward to more in the Sherwood family they are a family I want to get to know, thank you MS Paton.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published September 24th 2018 by Entangled, LLC (Amara)

Christmas with Her Secret Prince by Nina Singh

Reviewed by Nas Dean

CHRISTMAS WITH HER SECRET PRINCE by author Nina Singh is a November 2018 release by Harlequin Romance series.

After a car accident brings handsome and striking Ray in her life, Melina Osmon starts believing in fairy tales and Christmas magic. But would Ray stay with her forever? She gets a rude awakening when she finds out who actually the mysterious Ray is. Could she hope for her happy ever after with him now?

Rayhan al Saibbi is a Crown Prince and his royal family is on the lookout for a royal bride for him. Could he take Mel and introduce her to them? What would happen when his parents find out that he is seeing a commoner? Would they agree to him marrying her?

CHRISTMAS WITH HER SECRET PRINCE is a sweet romance full of Christmas magic. Author Nina Singh brought Ray and Melina on the pages for whom you would cheer to get to their happy ever after. Readers would be enthralled by this story to the very end.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Midwife Under the Mistletoe by Karin Baine

Reviewed by Nas Dean

MIDWIFE UNDER THE MISTLETOE by author Karin Baine is a November 2018 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Fraser McColl started believing in miracles when he had to care for two small children at Christmas time. He had midwife, Iona Munro, with him and they were playing happy families. But could it last?

Iona also wanted to believe in miracles at Christmas time. She was happy. But could this be her happy ever after? What would happen when the children would go home to their own family? Would she and Fraser still be a family then?

MIDWIFE UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a beautifully told Christmas story. Author Karin Baine, in her unique way brought a vibrancy to the storytelling.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


Consequence of the Greek's Revenge

Consequence of the Greek's Revenge

Trish Morey

Consequence of the Greek's Revenge by Trish Morey

Reviewed by Helen

I do love a good revenge story and this is a good one, Trish Morey knows how to bring out the real life feelings in her characters and give them the angst and the emotions to keep a reader turning the pages, yes there were times that I wasn’t too happy with the hero but who doesn’t love a story where the readers emotions are running high as well, this is one that I highly recommend.

Athena Nikolides life had been up and down her parents divorced and she lived in Melbourne with her Australian mother, spending holidays with her Greek father, but when her mother dies she moves to Greece but she does not feel happy there and becomes a bit of a wild child and when she is disowned by her wealthy father, she meets a mentor makes a good life for herself as an archaeologist, and now her life is about to be turned upside down again after her father passes away and leaves his billions to her. She needs to be wary of men but when her bag is snatched and the gorgeous Alexios Kyriakos comes to the rescue she feels safe, or should she.

Alexios has worked hard to make his millions but he made a promise to his dying father to seek renege and he will do so not matter that, that man has died he will still get his revenge through his daughter and with a plan in motion so it begins, but Alexios never realizes the emotions and feelings that come with spending time with Athena, her caring and loving ways and the emotions that come to the surface when they are in bed together and the easy way they talk soon turn his world upside down, and then there is his child to consider.

WOW this story has so many emotions flying from the pages hate and love are very close to each other at times and although Athena hates Alexios after what he does to her, when she discovers that she is pregnant and he pushes his way back into her life her feelings are put on the edge again, I truly loved this story even though there were times I truly could have hit Alexios but he proved his love and sincerity for me, this is a story that left me feeling very contented, I loved the setting and with the archaeological references very interesting as well, thank you MS Morey for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 18th 2018 by Harlequin Presents Large Print

ÑY Doc Under the Northern Lights by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Nas Dean

NY DOC UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS by author Amy Ruttan is an October 2018 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Betty Jacinth takes on a new job in Iceland to get away from her ex-boyfriend who was now married to someone else. She also needed to get away from his shadow as he was taking credit for all the surgeries she was performing.

But she didn’t expect Dr. Axel Sturlusson to be so unwelcoming towards her. Axel had his own dilemma as he felt attracted but didn’t want to get too attached to the new surgeon who would leave in a few months. They had chemistry between them and were attracted to each other. But what would happen when Betty’s ex came calling her again? Would she leave Iceland and go back to New York?

NY DOC UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS is an emotional roller-coaster of a story. Author Amy Ruttan set this story in Reykjavik, Iceland and I loved the setting and the environment. Reading this story felt as if I was in Iceland experiencing all.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.


Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WEDDING AT MISTLETOE CHALET by author Dani Collins is a November 2018 release by Tule Publishing.

Kristen Benz takes on a temporary job at Mistletoe Chalet as she was at a loose end during the Christmas holidays. But she was enjoying her stay there and loved working with the Mistletoe Chalet owners. Then she had a surprise visit from her high school sweetheart and neighbor, Finn Garrett.

Finn was on his way home for the Christmas breaks when he does a detour to check in on Kristen. He found out from his mum that she was working at Mistletoe Chalet as no one was at her house for Christmas. Finn just wanted to make sure that she was okay on her own. Yet reaching Mistletoe Chalet, he fast became involved with everyone there. And pitches in to help out wherever needed when they become snow-bound. He also discovers the delight of rekindling his attraction with Kristen. And romance bloomed once again between them amid the Christmas magic.

WEDDING AT MISTLETOE CHALET is a sweet reunion romance. Author Dani Collins brought this beautifully written tale of family, relationships, Christmas magic and ultimately the magic of love to life on the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

A Ring to Claim His Legacy by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Nas Dean

A RING TO CLAIM HIS LEGACY by author Rachael Thomas is a November 2018 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Imogen became Just Imogen and spent a passion filled week on an island with a handsome stranger. After getting back to her everyday life she discovered that week had consequences.

But there was no way of finding out who that stranger was…that is, until Marco Silvano came to her place of work as the CEO of a new company. What would he do when he realizes that she was not who she pretended to be? And could she tell him her secret? What would his reaction be?

A RING TO CLAIM HIS LEGACY is a vibrant story. It pulses with the chemistry between Imogen and Marco. Author Rachael Thomas weaved a spell-binding tale and brought this fast-paced romance to life on the pages which would keep a reader entertained and engrossed till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

A Date with Dr. Moustakas by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Nas Dean

A DATE WITH DR. MOUSTAKAS by author Amy Ruttan is a July 2018 release by Harlequin Medical series.

Dr. Naomi Hudson was shocked to find her ex-boyfriend, Surgeon Christos Moustakas at her new place of work on the earthquake stricken island of Mythelios in Greece. She discovers that she was still attracted to him despite the way he had walked out on her by choosing his career over their love.

And now he was a single dad with a child in tow. When they were together he had always maintained he didn’t want a family. So what had changed now? And despite all her heartbreak, she was still attracted to him. And the chemistry between them was still as explosive as ever.

What would happen when she reveals the explosive secret she was holding? Could they forgive each other and move forward?

A DATE WITH DR. MOUSTAKAS is a mesmerizing romance filled with emotional intensity and sensuality. Author Amy Ruttan once again astounds her readers with her heart-warming story telling style. 

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


A Date With Dr Moustakas (Mills & Boon Medical) by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Helen

This is another keeper from Amy Ruttan her stories always pull at my heartstrings with lots of emotion from characters that are real, this time we are in Greece, one of my favourite parts of the world to visit and we meet Dr Naomi Hudson and Dr Christos Moustakas and journey with them for a second chance at love, family and happiness.

Naomi has taken a new position at the clinic on the island of Mythelios in Greece to help out after an earthquake there, never realizing that she will be working with her ex Christos, the man who never wanted a family and left her heartbroken and now to find out that he is a single father. She has something that she needs to tell him, but what will happen when she tells him? Will they find love again?

Chris is shocked to see Naomi at the clinic, he left her years ago never wanting to settle down, but her has never forgotten her either he turned into a major playboy living the high life and doing well as one of the best neurologists, but life changed for him when one of his partners left him with a baby a son he loves and will do anything for, but can he and Naomi move forward and reunite, one date might be all it takes to bring them back together.

I loved this story, heart- warming, moving, sensual and so darn good, Chris had scars from his childhood that he needed to come to terms with and Naomi what a heroine, caring, loving and gorgeous and they make the best couple, I loved my trip back to Mythelios getting to know Chris and Naomi and catching up with the other Doctors and their partners this was a fabulous book and fabulous series thank you MS Ruttan you left me feeling very happy. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 28th 2018 by Mills & Boon Medical