06 July 2015

The Greek's Last Redemption by Caitlin Crews (Chatsfield #13)

Greek's Last Redemption
by Caitlin Crews
Theo is beyond angry when his ex wife skypes him. It's a first for her, a new antic, and he's annoyed there's more than likely going to be another drama she will cause as a result. Holly has been nothing but a severe pain in his side for the last four years but the last thing he will grant her is a divorce. It's the one thing in the world she wants and he's not having it! Incensed is pretty much how Theo feel's if his thoughts dare to stray to Holly. Threatening to take half of his empire with her in the divorce settlement if he doesn't agree to meet, Theo furiously arranges they meet at Barcelona Chatsfield, the place of their exquisite honeymoon.

I adore the passion and angst and drama that Caitlin Crews packs into her stories, I am a HUGE fan of dramatic and highly emotionally charged stories in which the couple are separated and coming back into each other's spheres. They're my most favorite type of story in this genre. Caitlin Crews captured the emotion perfectly in Greek's Last Redemption. 

Theo is beyond furious with Holly and how she ruined their marriage, he loved her from here to the moon and back times a million. I felt that with every emotional word I read. He was so passionate about his love it makes one only dream of even half being loved like that... which I guess is why I couldn't quite give this amazing story 5 stars... I couldn't quite understand Holly's thinking... which i cant explain without giving everything away. It niggled in the back of my mind, she had the world and she threw it all away.

Don't let my thoughts on that stop you from reading this amazing story - especially if you love the highly charged and passionately emotional reunion stories. Theo! There are no words. Holly was lovely too, a lovely character. The beautiful surroundings of Spain were described so wonderfully. 

The Harrington is also featured as well as Spencer Chatsfield and Isabelle Harrington who's story is Chatsfield Ultimate Acquisition by Melanie Milburne.

4.5 shiny bright stars.

by TashNZ

30 June 2015

The Perfect Cazorla Wife by Michelle Smart

The Perfect Cazorla Wife

Reviewed by Desere

Michelle Smart is an author that wow's with every single story she writes. And this time it was no exception , she wrote a story about a " perfect wife" but it was not only that it was THE PERFECT STORY!

It tells of Charley Cazorla, striding into the exclusive Barcelona party of the year, uninvited of course, with every stride she steels herself against facing her soon to be ex husband. Her hopes and dreams are slipping away and sadly Raul is her last hope. But to stay strong in his presence is far easier said then done. But she knows she can do it, all she has to do is breath, talk, make the deal and get out.

But Charley underestimates the depth of fury Raul feels toward her. Because in return for saving her failing business this bastard of a man, in every sense of the word, is demanding his own brand of payment. Charley will resume her role as the perfect Cazorla wife , in every sense of the word!

But back in her husband's imposing world is the last place she wants to be, but needs must and soon she discovers that their lust for each other is still burning strong. Will Charley be able to escape it's hold a second time around? Or will Raul and Charley finally find the true meaning of love and understanding?

I adore second chance romances, it's what gives me that all too special grin on my face and makes the world seem like a better place. But sadly in some reads it's a very line by line , left to right , a to b , kind of plot. There are no surprises, no make it pop moments, no in your face attention grabbing scenes.

Thank the heavens above there are author such as Michelle Smart, because I got all of that and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Raul is a real jerk, and I mean the kind of jerk that you wish you could squish like a bug. Rich , marries the poor girl and then once the wedding night is over , he's all about changing her to fit into his perfect little image of a rich man's wife. Naturally I did not feel badly for this man when Charley walks out on his pathetic wanting to change her attitude, instead I could not get enough of the adrenaline rush I felt when Charley walks back into his life two years later and voila, she sends his senses reeling !

Charley was my kind of heroine, fun and funky but with loads of the perfect I fell, I lost , I walked out and I won't fall again instead I will fight back attitude that I love oh so very much! I was rooting for her from page one!

Something that I really liked about this read , was Raul always turning the situations into sexual ones, Charley would say something completely innocent and Raul would turn into something so sexy and so alluring that my heart could not stop beating with excitement, even though I was still hating him , very much so! It was very 50 Shades like but so, so , so much better! It had more flair, more depth, more meaning. more this is real in your face than anything I have ever come across.

I highly recommend this read for each and every single romance fan out there, if you want passion with energy, romance with a kick, sex with so hot the pages will go up in flames and a second chance romance that will blow you away, go read this book!!

5/5 star review
" The flames of perfection meets the flames of desire and everything goes up in smoke! " 

26 June 2015

Hot Seal by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Seal
by Lynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz
5 stars

I love me a good SEAL and by gosh Dane "Viking" Erikson is a mighty fine introduction of what looks to be a most promisingly delightful introduction of Seals into the HOT team!

The last place DEA Agent expects to run into her ex husband is at HOT headquarters, after all Dane is Navy, not Army, but there he is as freakin' gorgeous as she remembers, and while it's been a long four and a half years without him, it's like yesterday when the memories start flooding back.  SEAL Dane is just as shocked when his ex wife walks into mission control.  He knows the dangerous mission they're about to embark could risk lives and while he tries to hate Ivy on sight, he also tries to kid himself he'd step in front of a bullet for her as he would be for anyone under his command, not because she's someone special.

Racing against the clock Dane, along with the HOT team, Ivy and her DEA partner track down a  state of the art submarine originally designed for drug trafficking missing from Columbia; the Ruiz brothers who have a major hand in the drug trafficking that Ivy is hell bent on stopping and a nuclear warhead which can blow the Eastern seaboard to smithereens.  While surrounded by danger at every corner, partnered together puts Dane and Ivy in mighty fine close proximity where they cant ignore their past, their feelings or their differences and when one part of the mission means portraying themselves as a happy couple, Dane and Ivy are like the fireworks factory they liken themselves to and things really turn into the 4th of July! I loved the end scene, I could totally imagine it and was left feeling I would absolutely love to be swept off my feet by a man in uniform - preferably a SEAL ;)

Hot Seal is a Hostile Operations Team Novella, part of a July release box set Seals of Summer anthology .  So much is packed in it does not feel the length of a Novella.  So much action and drama swirling around mixed with high tensions and breath taking moments of intimacy I was completely hooked until the last page.  Lynn Raye Harris has such an amazing skill for writing heart-beating drama, non stop action and rock solid mind blowing romance all swirled together and packed into one delicious story that has the Hostile Operation Team on my must-read list.

Thank you for the ARC received for my honest opinon.

Available here:
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1F1ocr3
iBooks: http://apple.co/1IjUAIh
Nook: http://bit.ly/1crKeca
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1KmsyZZ

14 June 2015

Some Kind Of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

Reviewed by Nas

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by author Sarah Morgan is a Mills & Boon release for July 2015.

Brittany Forrest wants nothing to do with her ex-husband. He had after all walked out on her and their marriage after only ten days. So why was she feeling all the old attraction now that he was back on Puffin Island? 
Zachary Flynn finds he is still attracted to Brittany as he was ten years back when he had ran from his marriage to her. But why did he walk out? What was his reason?

SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL is a wonderfully fulfilling romance written by author Sarah Morgan. I was hooked from the first page till the end. . It’s very fast paced and filled with sensuality and emotional intensity.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


06 June 2015

A Vacation Affair by Nicole Flockton

A Vacation Affair

Reviewed by Desere 

Being betrayed is one of the worse experiences anyone will have to face in life. You feel like you somehow failed yourself, you ask why you never saw the signs and you pretty much feel as low as scum even though it's not your fault. So naturally you will need to find something that lifts you up again.

In this read from talented Nicole Flockton, we meet Brandt Whitaker, once betrayed by a former lover, he has set his sights on concentrating on his Caribbean resort and spa. And he's worked really hard to make it the most sought after place to stay, but he's still restless and looking for something new to focus on. He never expects for his new found focus standing in the lobby of his hotel.

For Erika Roberts, this little trip to paradise, was meant to be the trip of a lifetime, a chance to reconnect with her long term boyfriend. But instead it turns into a getaway for one. She's determined to make the most of her time and not mope around wallowing in disappointment and sadness. So when she spots hunky Brandt , she recons a vacation affair is exactly what she needs.

As their time in paradise gets tested by the waters of passion, the storm in their battered hearts pound out the question they both have to deal with, will this simply be a vacation affair or will they beat the odds and forever live in paradise?

This was a nice short read, literally took me under an hour. It had a great even flow and the characters and plot was really well developed for such a short read. Some short reads have a tendency to go from meet, to hot in bed, to dark moment to end. And that's all there is, no development of the characters, their hurt, their anger, resentment and of course the actual plot that seems to go from point a to b and then suddenly d , and leaves me as reader asking " What happened to c?" So very nicely done Nicole, you crammed everything I wanted into a very short, nice package!

Now onto the juicy stuff without totally ruining this read for you, because as with all reads from this author, this is another very sexy read that is not to be missed.  The heat and attraction level in this read was off the charts, pages seemed to light up even before the characters even actually met, the setting of a paradise island was perfect for the plot. I think if the author chose a different location such as say Paris, then this simply could not have been so hot to read. It was the combination of sun, surf , and long hot nights that really sent up the sexiness of this read.

Both characters were ones I wanted to hold to let them know it will be okay at some point, but of course that is something I could not do, and thus it is as always up to the author , and a lot of times I find that the author simply does not do it properly, they take it to the level where the reader can walk away with an ending but not really a satisfying ending, definitely not the case in this read, I was grinning like a loon when the ending rolled around.

So if you need a little afternoon romance fix, that's fast, fun, filled with sexiness and a stunning message of being able to take on a challenge for a change in life , this is the perfect book!

5/5 star review
" From affair to forever . Or is it from affair to not ever ? " 


Reviewed by  Helen
This is an exciting sensual and emotional story that you will read in one sitting the setting is just beautiful a resort and spa on an island in the Caribbean to die for the perfect place for Erika Roberts to get away to after being cheated badly by her ex and yes she is more than happy to have a vacation affair.

Brandt Whittaker has worked hard to be where he is today and even being cheated badly by his ex couldn't stop him from finally opening up his dream holiday resort even if he did have to change a few things but here he was and although a bit emotionally battered he is smiling.

When Brandt first sees Erika he decides that he wants her but it has been a while since he has felt this way and with Erika looking for a fun holiday the pull has them eventually meeting up but things don't run smoothly Erika is a strong up front beautiful woman and Brandt is still getting over his past, but when they end up at the secluded beach house things really heat up and not only do they have a very sensual time they also open up to each other and this is just what is needed for both of them a sexy emotional HEA that will keep you smiling.

I loved this one and highly recommend it.

5/5 stars for a great story

05 June 2015

The Marakaios Marriage by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Nas
THE MARAKAIOS MARRIAGE by author Kate Heawitt is a May 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Lindsay Douglas had left her husband of a few months and her marriage. She went back to New York from Greece. But Antonios Marakaios wants her back. His demand is for one week together if she wants a divorce.

Staying together for one week brings them closer than ever before. Because now they are communication as Lindsay is sharing her deep dark secrets as she has nothing to lose.

Would knowing all of Lindsay's secrets bring Antonio's protective self to the fore? Could he let her leave now that he found her again? Because the sizzling chemistry between them is still as potent as it ever was!

THE MARAKAIOS MARRAIGE is a romance shimmering with emotions and sensuality. Author Kate Hewitt brought to life a gorgeous but tortured hero who couldn’t give his all because of past hurts and a broken heroine looking at the hero to make her whole. The chemistry and sensuality between Antonio and Lindsay sizzles. The emotions depicted in the story would touch readers heart.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Desere

I love a good reunion story, and when told by the brilliant Kate Hewitt it's an epic tale of romance and stunning revelations.

In this her latest read we meet Lindsay Douglas, it only took one magical week for her to fall for charismatic Antonios Marakaios. But after a whirlwind marriage, the pressure of loneliness of life as the wife of a proud Greek, proves too much for her, she sees only one option, leave and never look back.

However Antonios has other plans, he returns to Lindsay's life with a deal, attend a family gathering in exchange for a final severing of ties. It's the final break to freedom Lindsay needs, but there's a problem. Antonios still sends shivers down her spine and it's not the cold, spine chilling kind!

He reminds her how devastating their desire is and within in one week she yet again finds herself in love, but will she be able to endure the life of loneliness again, or will Antonios come around to showing her the love and attention she truly deserves instead of passion only in the bedroom?

This read was as close to reality as they come, the extreme sadness both characters have to face and then the hurt of losing each other because of the the very things that caused them so much hurt, and then the absolute stunning happiness that springs forth when the sadness is overcome. The entire read blended the reality of the lack of communication, the hardships of death and the loneliness of dealing with problems on your own.  I teared up on almost each and every single page. My heart truly broke for these characters.

Both characters were strong willed and dead set in making sure they achieve their individual goals, but as all romance readers know there is always a little something to shake up the couple's best laid plans, and shaken up it was !  From the very start I was made aware that hero and heroine really love each other, but that there are obviously secrets they both are hiding, and that it's those very secrets that tore them apart the first time and I was really fearing that it would again.

The depth of emotion in this read, was truly remarkable, I experienced every single bit of emotion that poured from both characters, I felt the angst, the heartache, the pain, the anger and the happiness, which made my heart soar to the heights of romance.

Compelling, intriguing, laced with such clarity that it will leave you breathless and thinking that if only life was this book, so many marriages would end up has happy ever after instead of in court. I am taking away a message of communication is vital in any relationship, but even when the communication leads to being made fully aware of all aspects that make a person tick, it all really comes down to being able to take what you have learned and being able to understand it. If you simply only see things your way and do not take the time to for just a single moment step into the other person's shoes, you will never be able to find true happiness.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of reunion romance reads. Earth shattering emotion, reality so close to truth it will knock your socks off and leave your mind whirling with understanding and best of all as hot and sexy as they come!

5/5 star review
" The contract binds them, their desire enslaves them, but can their love tie them for life"


The Sheik's Wedding Contract by Andie Brock

Reviewed by Desere

As far as Sheikh's go, they always have a duty to their people, to uphold the crown, to ensure their country prospers , heck the list goes on and on. So it's naturally not a surprise when I hear the word Sheikh , my mind already goes from hero to boy this is one of those where he will have the battle of his life trying to please everyone. Now it might sound like I am trying to say that I find that scenario a little predictable, but I am most certainly not. My reason is a very simple one, it's that very determination they need to have to keep everyone happy that make the reads featuring sexy Sheikh's such a thrill to read.

And let me tell you, with the talented Andie Brock behind the hero, sculpturing him from nearly regular guy to ultimate hero, there is no way you will be forgetting Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal anytime soon or end up thinking, that this is just an ordinary same as usual regular old sheikh.

Now let's get down to the story, newly crowned Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal needs to earn his people's allegiance. And that means the one and only thing this very wicked playboy has always avoided, marriage! His advisers have a string of beautiful options all line up and ready to get down to business but it's when he meets the exquisite Nadia Amani that he decides it's time he makes a choice of his own for once.

So the wedding contract is signed, sealed but not quite ready to be delivered because Zayed learns the shocking truth, Nadia is his enemies daughter. But it's during the dark desert nights Zayed finds his desire for the princess intensifies and anger gives way to sensual hunger that keeps begging to be satisfied, if only the princess could be someone else.

This was by far one of the best researched books I have read in a while, the attention to detail was brilliant! I really enjoyed the character of Nadia , she was a really fun and upbeat princess and not at all like the usual dull type in these very common sheikh reads. Not once did I wish I could knock her over the end and just shout out " Come on, your a princess, stand up and do something!", nope the author crafted a really stunning princess, in fact I will go as far as to say , Nadia is the type of princess I think every princess should be.

The character of Zayed was one that I found to be a little too overwhelming, but only for the first part of the read. After a while he started to grow on me and I started finding him a little less overwhelming and a more intriguing. But there was one or two times thereafter that I still wanted to stuff him in the nearest lock-up , just to defend Nadia a little, after all I am female and thus of course I would rather stick up for woman then men, woman as so often mistaken as the weaker sex , where in actual fact I think woman are much stronger then men, let's face it woman can face a million troubles and still get back up,  men have a tendency to simply lie down and not even try to get back up, and who comes to save them, that's right a woman!

Through both characters the author showed that there is always a twisty path in life that needs to be taken in order to find the right one. Sure it's long and dragged out and seems never ending and just messes with your plans, but you know what , when that magical end in the road lies within your grasp you'll realize it was so very worth it!

I highly recommend this read for all fans that love a good, shaken up , rock you to your core sheikh romance.

5/5 star review
" A contract that will bind them for life, that is if she can convince her captor to let her into his heart"


Reviewed by Nas

THE SHEIKH’S WEDDING CONTRACT by author Andie Brock is a July 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Sheikh Zayed Al Afzal finds Nadia Amani in his bed trying to seduce him and he is intrigued. His passion ignites just looking at her. And he offers her a contract. A marriage contract. As the new ruler to his kingdom, he needs a wife to help him build a stable reputation. And for heir. 

Yet, after spending a night of passion with Nadia, he finds out she is his enemy’s daughter and a princess of a neighboring kingdom.

Could he trust her now? Could she be a spy for her country? What about  the passion they shared?

THE SHEIKH’S WEDDING CONTRACT is a shimmering romance filled with sensuality and emotional intensity. It’s very fast paced and a thrill to read. Author Andie Brock brought to life a mesmerizing tale with a gorgeous hero and a strong feisty heroine and the result sparkles on the pages. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Reviewed by Helen
Oh I loved this story I loved how Nadia had such strength and passion and then to do what she did for her country after the way she had been treated by her father and brother all of her life and Zayed had so much work to do to show his people that he could be a proper ruler for Gazbiyaa now that he had been made Sheikh.

Nadia had led a life with no one listening to anything she really had to say but she has strength and was always speaking out and with the ever present worry of war breaking out between her country of Harith and the neighbouring one of Gazbiyaa Princess Nadia decides that now is the time to make a stand and do her best to ensure peace with a new Sheikh being named.

Zayed Al Afzal was the second son so he had led the privileged life he went to University in New York and made three best friends and built up a reputation for big business and being a playboy so when Zayed's mother makes an announcement that shocks everyone and Zayed is now to become Sheikh he must prove that he is not the playboy most think he is.

This is a very passionate story that shows strength and understanding as two people who are brought up so differently now are joined together for the good of the people but that spark between them is way too hard to ignore they are very good at pushing each others buttons and the passion that sparks from it ignites this story into a beautiful journey to a wonderful HEA that will have you smiling I highly recommend this story it will keep you turning the pages the setting is beautiful as is the descriptions of the clothing and palace will want you visiting :).

5/5 Stars for a fabulous read that is passionate sensual and heart-warming