From Doctor to Princess?

From Doctor to Princess?

Annie Claydon

From Doctor To Princess? by Annie Claydon

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a beautifully written story, a story of love and caring and of two people who help each other out, when both need it and never thinking at the beginning that this journey will turn to a beautiful joyous and romantic HEA, I hope that you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Dr Penelope (Nell) Maitland has left her job at a big hospital in England to get away from a and unpleasant boss and situation, and she has travelled to a small country to become physician to Prince Hugo DeLeon, who is a doctor himself his father has hired her to make sure that he does what is needed to get well and of course we all know that Doctors make the worst patients, but Nell is more than capable of pulling him into line.

Hugo is not impressed at all that he now has a live in Doctor keeping tabs on him although she is beautiful and knows what she is doing, he feels that she is keeping something to herself and when there is a newspaper report he discovers what it is and they have two ways to cope one, he can come clean with his health issues or they have a fake engagement.

This is a story that brings out the best in the hero and heroine, both are strong and caring and as they learn more about each other as they “pretend” to be engaged they also get closer, but Hugo has been through one engagement that went wrong because of him and he never wants that to happen again and it takes a bit for him to learn that being without Nell is no way to go forward. I truly loved this story the caring and attentive Hugo and Nell do make the perfect couple, and this one left me feeling very happy for them both, thank you MS Claydon for another fabulous story one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 28th 2018 by Mills & Boon Medical

Tempted by Mr Off-Limits

Tempted by Mr Off-Limits

Nurses in The City

Amy Andrews

Tempted by Mr. Off-Limits by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

MS Andrews always writes a book that is sure to leave me a very happy reader and this one is no exception, I have just had a lovely steamy, sizzling and moving journey to a gorgeous HEA with two very opposite people (or maybe they are not) one city one country, but both so very much attracted to each other that staying just friends is not going to happen.

Lola Fraser is an ICU nurse in a big city hospital she works hard and loves her job and is fun-loving single gypsy, she longs to travel like her great aunt. She grew up in the sticks and getting out of Doongabi was the best thing she had done, but when she offers to share her apartment with her best friend’s brother Hamish Gibson the world as Lola knows it is turning, sex for fun and de-stressing is changing the way she feels.

Hamish is a real country boy and when he comes to the city to take a course to further him in his paramedic career staying with Lola for a few months should be easy and fun even if they had shared a very steamy night together a few months before that was only to help her sleep that night. But when there is a tragedy in the city and both Hamish and Lola are emotionally affected this brings them back together and Hamish is losing his heart to the girl who is always going to be single.

This really is a beautiful story with heart wrenching cases on the road for Hamish and in the ICU for Lola and together they lean on each other but Lola is still determined to be single and travel the world and she is stunned that Hamish falls in love with her, this doesn’t sit well with her and then when a closer loss for Lola makes her see that there is room in her caravan for two the world is a happier place for her and Hamish. I loved this one from start to finish, fabulous moving story with sizzle to boot and yes it left me smiling, lovely location and Christmas and New Year, this is one that I highly recommend.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: October 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances

Locked Down With the Army Doc

Locked Down With the Army Doc

Scarlet Wilson

Locked Down With The Army Doc by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fast paced story set in Hawaii, two doctors arrive for a conference and meet in the bar neither are ready to fall in love but when a hurricane arrives to turn their lives upside down, falling in love has a way of just happening for the right people and these two are so good together witty banter will keep you smiling.

Dr Amber Berkley works with the infectious diseases department and has arrived at the conference to give her presentation on meningitis, she has no plans to start a relationship, she has been there and walked out and she is never going to be pushed around by any male, but meeting the Scotsman at the bar sends sparks through her and an unexpected night spent together and a hurricane arriving the next morning could change her no doctor dating rule.

Dr Jack Campbell has been in the army and is in Hawaii to speak about a new product that could save lives, he has a lot to decide on as in a new job and he is still getting over losing the woman he loved, but when he meets the pretty and lively woman at the bar, he is shocked at the feelings he has and then disaster strikes with the hurricane he steps up to do what he can to help and together they work well.

This is a great story both Jack and Amber have been through a lot and Jack’s take charge attitude is not what Amber needs and with him wanting to protect her, Amber is fighting her feelings all of the way, but true love has a way of seeing happiness shine through, this is a story that I highly recommend, it is moving and beautiful as Amber breaks her rule of no doctor dating and Jack and Amber join together, thank you MS Wilson for a wonderful story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published June 28th 2018 by Mills & Boon Medical

Bound by the Billionaire's Vows

Bound by the Billionaire's Vows

Clare Connelly

Bound by the Billionaire's Vows by Clare Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

MS Connelly writes a fabulous story with words that pull you in and heroes that will make you melt, and this one takes us to Venice where love is sure to bloom when estranged couple Matteo and Skye go through a journey of discovery and open up about lies and their feelings and past lives, make sure you are comfortable because I am sure that you will not want to put this one down once you pick it up.

Skye walks out on her marriage of a few weeks when she discovers that Matteo did not marry her for love that he did it for revenge against her father, Skye is devastated because she truly loves her husband but is a strong woman and has been alone most of her life so she will move forward as soon as he signs the divorce papers, but the secret she is keeping becomes not a secret so things are going to change.

Matteo had always been after the hotel and Skye was the way to get it, but he didn’t count on the fact that together they sizzled and their short marriage was sensual and he was not happy when she left, so when she arrives in Venice with divorce papers, and that spark is still there he sets a few conditions and is determined to stay in her life even if he does not love her.

This is a passionate story where two people discover emotions that neither knew they had and to see Matteo realize his love was just fabulous, I was a bit wary of Matteo in the beginning but wow did he grow on me he really has the best heart and Skye she is beautiful inside and out with what she has been through and seeing them come together was just joy and bliss. This is a story that I highly recommend emotional, moving and beautiful, thank you MS Connelly for another fantastic story, it is a real page turner.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 17th 2018 by Harlequin Presents

The Nurse's Pregnancy Miracle by Ann McIntosh

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE NURSE’S PREGNANCY MIRACLE by author Ann McIntosh is a September 2018 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Nurse Nychelle Cory was attracted to hot doctor colleague David Warmington but so were all other female staff. But she kept her distance from him as she didn’t much trust anyone after her ex had cheated on her.

And she was pregnant. Which fact she wasn’t ready to share with anyone yet. She had wanted a baby for so long and had gone ahead and had IVF treatment to fulfil her dreams after her relationship broke. As she said, “I don’t need a relationship to get what I want and I don’t have time to build one, to learn to trust again before I start trying to conceive.”

But circumstances kept throwing them together and they gave in to their passion. What would happen now?

After all David also has secrets of his own and he is not ready to become a parent. What would happen when he finds out Nychelle’s secret? Would David accept her with her baby?

THE NURSE’S PREGNANCY MIRACLE is a sweet and emotional romance amid all the medical drama. Author Ann McIntosh wove a spell-binding tale which would hook a reader and keep them glued to the pages.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


A Ring to Take His Revenge by Pippa Roscoe

Reviewed by Nas Dean

A RING TO TAKE HIS REVENGE by author Pippa Roscoe is a September 2018 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Business tycoon Antonio Arcuri asked his PA Emma Guilham to pose as his fiancée so that he can be seen as a stable family man. But it was all for a business deal. He wanted revenge against his father for the way he had treated his mother and sister.

He had expected a straight forward business deal, but things never go according to plan, right? Emma had hidden depths and secrets that he had yet to uncover. And the scorching chemistry between them made them give in to the passion.

So what would happen now? Would they go back to the deal? Would Antonio walk away from Emma after his revenge is over? And would he choose his revenge over Emma?

A RING TO TAKE HIS REVENGE is an intense contemporary romance. The shimmering emotions and sizzling sensuality would keep a reader glued to the pages till the very end. Author Pippa Roscoe once again astounds readers with this mesmerizing romance.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


A Ring To Take His Revenge (The Winners' Circle)

Reviewed by Helen

This is a excellent story, a story of revenge and of love that is so true, a love that shows two people how to open up and show the goodness and the beauty in them, this is one that I devoured, inhaled every word, MS Roscoe weaves a magical story that you will not want to put down.

Antonio Arcuri has worked hard to become the billionaire that he is today, after being treated so badly by his father years before and he swears that one day he will get that revenge on his father, but when a deal comes up that could make this come true he needs a fiancé to help him and the best candidate is his awesome PA Emma Guuilham, he knows how good she is at her job but he knows nothing personal about her yet, and this journey for Antonio is going open up a love of emotions as he falls hard for this beautiful woman.

Emma has been through a lot in her life already and is working toward her “living List” and marking of the things that she really wants to do and when her boss Antonio asks her to be his fake fiancé and she can choose whatever she wants as payment for this, Emma sees this as a way to get more of her “Living List” crossed of, but she doesn’t see falling in love on that list anywhere.

This is a story that grabbed me from page one beautifully written, with characters that come to life on the pages it is moving, emotional and it sizzles with sensual delight as Antonio and Emma take that long journey of opening up to each other and falling in love. Antonio made Emma feel so very beautiful for the first time in a long time and Emma made Antonio realize that going after revenge is not always what it is stacked up to be. Thank you MS Roscoe for another keeper and I do look forward to Dimitri and Danyl’s stories a Greek and a Sheikh you have won me already 
5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published August 21st 2018 by Harlequin Presents Large Print

The Brooding Surgeon's Baby Bombshell by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE BROODING SURGEON’S BABY BOMBSHELL by author Susan Carlisle is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for July 2018.

Dr Gabriel Marks has a hot passionate one-night fling with nurse Zoe Avery without expecting anything in return. Imagine his surprise when six months later he sees a very pregnant Zoe!

Zoe was clear that Gabe did not want a family or marriage so she had no expectations when she found herself pregnant. But then he started changing his own rules and wanted to be a hands-on dad for his kid. Could they become a family with their bundle of joy?

THE BROODING SURGEON’S BABY BOMBSHELL is a fast paced romance. It’s sweet and at times emotional. Author Susan Carlisle brought alive the characters of Zoe and Gabe on the pages whom readers would root for to get together for their happily ever after.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.


The Brooding Surgeon's Baby Bombshell

Susan Carlisle

The Brooding Surgeon's Baby BombshellReviewed by Helen

It started with a spark and one night together, a baby on the way and hero determined to be a bachelor and never a father and a heroine who is stubborn and so very independent, can these two make something of their lives and open up to the emotions and love that is growing in both of them for the baby and themselves.

Dr Gabriel Marks is a liver transplant doctor and very good at what he does he grew up with his mother and grandmother with no father, he puts everything he has into his career, but when on a conference he meets another member of the transplant team and the sparks fly, and a very sensual, passionate night is had after a stormy night cancels flights.

Zoe Avery is a nurse but now works with the liver transplant team, single and caring for her mother, having a relationship is for her at the moment but a HEA with a loving husband and family would be lovely in the future. When she spends a fabulous night with Gabe and finds out she is pregnant she decides to have this baby on her own, but when she meets up again with Gabe and he discovers she is pregnant he steps in and is determined to have a part in his child’s life, this is so very hard for Zoe as she is so used to doing everything on her own but the feelings are growing all the time.

This really is a lovely story one that brings all sorts of emotions flying off the pages, they did struggle to get to that HEA, Gabe had such a hard time putting Zoe before work and Zoe was so independent, but love won out and a beautiful HEA happened. This is a story that ticks all of the boxes for a great romance and medical one that I recommend reading.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published June 18th 2018 by Mills Boon Medical



Calhoun Customs Garage #1

Juanita Kees

Overdrive by Juanita Kees

Reviewed by Helen

OMG I fell in love Chase and his family in the first chapter of this book, it is the fabulous start to a new series, I have always loved MS Kees writing and this one is up there with all of them a keeper to be sure, clear the decks because when you pick this one up you are not going to want to put it down as you get to journey with Chase and Charlie to an emotional and gorgeous HEA.

Charlie Jackson has just arrived in Bigfork Montana with her three month old daughter Zoe, and yes she is running from her family but with dam good reasons, it is cold and things have not worked out the way she thought they would for the rebellious Charlie who is determined to prove that she can change and look after her daughter. When she meets the handsome stranger Chace Calhoun and she is offered a job with the Calhoun family doing the art work she has always dreamed of, things might be looking up but can she keep her feelings about Chase locked away?

Chase Calhoun and his family are close after losing their mother when he was ten years old, he tends to mother his brothers and sisters and now that his father is not well, there is a lot to think about but with the kind caring heart he has he helps out the young mother who has arrived in town, not realizing who she is and how she and her daughter are going to change his life and his families.

This story has so much to love, racing cars, beautiful artwork, families that love and struggle and a romance that will melt your heart with the joy it brings, Charlie and Chase are the most beautiful couple and what they have to go through will have you turning the pages, Charlie is so strong and amazing what she has been through and how she stands up to her father wow I was cheering her on and the love and caring that she gives to the Calhoun’s is fabulous and the way the family supports her and of course Chase man what a hero I loved him, what can I say, thank you MS Kees for another keeper and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Do yourself a favour don’t miss this story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 26th 2018 by Tule Publishing

Tempted by Dr Patera

Tempted by Dr Patera

Hot Greek Docs #2

Tina Beckett

Tempted By Dr Patera by Tina Beckett

Reviewed by Helen

For me this one ticked a lot of boxes, a Greek hero, set in Greece and heroes and heroines helping after an earthquake, and both Deakin Patera and Lea Risi had pasts that need to be settled for them to move forward and working together and getting to know each other opens their hearts to love.

Lea was holidaying on the beautiful Greek Island of Mythelios, getting away from her life after losing her fiancé, as a psychiatrist she knows that she needs to move on with her life, but when an earthquake hits Lea offers her service at the local clinic, here she gets on well with the other workers, but when another of the Doctors who started the clinic arrives back to help there is an instant attraction, but Lea has promised herself that she will not get involved with troubled men again, but she cannot help but be tempted by this handsome scarred man.

Deakin has finally arrived home to help at the clinic after the earthquake, he has no plans to stay for too long this place holds way too many memories for him, but when he meets the newest Doctor helping out at the clinic the chemistry sparks flames that bring a lot of memories back for him, but is Lea the answer to a future, a future back on the island and a future of happiness?

I really enjoyed this story it is moving and very sensual as two people help each other fight fears and move onto the future, the setting is fabulous and the HEA just beautiful the other characters add so much to the story and as this is the second book in the series the characters are building, this is a book that any lover of medical romances will enjoy, I do highly recommend this one.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published June 1st 2018 by Mills & Boon Medical

The Million Pound Marriage Deal by Michelle Douglas

The Million Pound Marriage Deal

Michelle Douglas

The Million Pound Marriage Deal by Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Helen

MS Douglas never ever fails to disappoint me with one of her stories, she writes the most romantic romances, with characters who are so easy to make friends with, heroes and heroines that you want to cheer on or yell at sometimes, but above all else her stories are ones that you don’t want to miss and you need to read this one to meet Sophie and Will and journey with them to the most gorgeous HEA.

Will Trent-Paterson has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather, get married or else lose the title and castle in Scotland the place that is home to his vulnerable sister Carol Ann, marriage is one thing that Will has never wanted, after the disastrous marriage his parents had, this leaves him in a bad mood when he meets his late friend’s sister Sophie for their normal catch up lunch, she has a way a knowing how Will feels and when she jokingly suggests that she will marry him for a million pounds this get Will’s minding thinking.

Sophie comes from a broken family and when she lost her brother Peter she threw herself into the party life, but the need to care for a close friend has made her make some changes in her life, turn over a new leaf, but she needs money to do that and although joking when she makes her suggestion to Will, maybe a marriage on paper will not be such a bad idea for them both, but she is adamant that no emotions will come into this marriage because Will, will always be her friend and love and sex will change that and that scares her.

You just know that when two very good friends agree to a paper marriage and they both say they are going into it with their eyes open that there are going to be bumps along the way and MS Douglas has given them some hurdles to cross that will leave the reader smiling, as the beautifully strong Sophie tries so hard to keep her emotions in check and Will the never marry playboy feels his heart breaking down to love, that this story is going to end in pure bliss, what a story I loved it from page one, with characters that add so much to the story this is a must read that I highly recommend, truly sigh worthy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: September 4th 2018 by Harlequin LP Romance


Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE MILLION-POUND MARRIAGE DEAL by author Michelle Douglas is a September 2018 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Will Trent-Paterson offers a million pound to Sophie Mitchell for a contract marriage. Sophie is in need of money so she doesn’t say no.

And Will doesn’t want to be disinherited from his grandfather’s property. He is a billionaire in his own right and doesn’t really need the money. But he wants to keep the only home his sister is happy in. And his grandfather wants him married to inherit his property otherwise it will be given to someone else.

But will he be able to ignore the attraction he feels for Sophie? Because he had always been attracted to her. While Sophie feels the hot chemistry when they are near.

Will they be able to maintain this facade and keep to the contract-marriage deal they made?

THE MILLION-POUND MARRIAGE DEAL is a fun story to read. It’s sweet and will tug at your emotions. But it has its hilarious moments with the witty dialogue. Author Michelle Douglas once again doesn’t disappoint. This romance is a wonderfully written story of family dynamics and relationships and where love ultimately wins.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.