24 July 2014

The Summer of Jake by Rachel Bailey

The Summer of Jake

Reviewed by Desere

Most people will tell you that falling in love is never part of the grand master plan of their lives. Most plan their careers, their vacations, the car they want to buy but planning on falling in love is just never as easy , nor is it what everyone plans on doing.

Yet it is exactly what Annalise does, she falls head over heals in love with, well the same guy she has been in love with since she was 15.

But there is a major twist to this little tale of romance. You see the object of her affection, Jake, has approached to ask for assistance in landing the girl of his dreams. Not the most comfortable of situations, yet Annalise is a kind hearted person and agrees to help him out, well that's the part she tells herself , and the fact that Jake will splash her designs in his famous shops and get her name out there has nothing to do with it.

Along the way she falls deeper and deeper in love with Jake and soon realizes she 's in too deep and has no way of getting out, because let's think about this for a second you find yourself madly in love with a guy who you are helping out to catch the another girl, not cool and as I said there ain't no easy way out of that one.

And yet Annalise finds herself wondering just what exactly Jake is thinking when he smiles at her or when he gets that dreamy look on his face. Could it be that just maybe Jake wants her instead? Jake does not do commitments , he is more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy so Annalise is pretty much sure she's misreading the signs, right ?

I loved this read so much I devoured it in just two hours! It starts out a little slow but builds up to a very nice romantic summer loving tempo. The entire brothers sister falls in love with his best friend element has been done countless of times before and for the most part those reads play out with the characters going from knew you since then now I think your hot and now you are in my bed . In this read it played out a little differently with the main characters taking a route of first changing and blossoming into proper adults before it gets to the bedroom antics.

I found this touch simply delightful and it somehow made the read feel softer and not has harsh as some other 'oh look am sleeping with your sister/brother' books. The book was as light and funny as it was deep and emotional.

Jake has to learn to grow up and be a man and less of a player, Annalise has to lean to stand on her own and let go of her family's influence. I am taking away a message of when you think something is just simply not part of your grand plan, don't for one second think that life will not happen. Life has all kinds of little twist and turns lurking in the shadows ready to emerge when we least expect it.

The trick of course is to not run away but to stand up and grab onto the chance to have a little something you thought you did not want, if you don't it might simply never come around again, and regret is always too late.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance it was a great summer romance escape read for sure!

4/5 star review
" Summer loving it happend so fast, or did it?" 

21 July 2014

Arranged By The Stars by Kamy Chetty

Arranged By the Stars

Reviewed by Desere

I have never been one to believe that the stars determine out destiny, but I have always thought of it as a rather nice saying. I will also say that when I received this book, and read the blurb I thought of the idea as rather interesting for a book, and it certainly did show the stars in a new light to me as reader.

The read tells of scandalized ex-beauty queen Ashwariya Kapoor , she is set to marry by arrangement. It comes down to a matter of honor and duty, what a slep right ! But it has been written in the stars and the wedding arrangements align up with the stars so it 's meant to be right ?

Billionaire Doctor Kieran Kanna does NOT fix people he works with software and software only, so of course his biggest fear comes true when his father is taken ill and he has to work with the one thing he so does not want to!  Add into the mix the very not so bright idea of him having to have a fiance to allow facing the woman he walked out on somewhat easier and what do you get? A fully blown Bollywood drama of epic proportions!

But as I said the alignment of the stars in this read has a lot more up their 'sprakly sleeves' than anyone thinks and soon Ash and Kieran start to feel the undeniable heat between them, but it goes against everything the cosmos have planned, the stars simply have to be wrong for Ash and Kieran are not meant to be. Is it possible for the stars to change their minds and set into plan a whole other destiny for these two characters?

I have read some other books by this author before and in all honesty none of ever really truly felt like she was reaching her full potential. The reads felt dragged out and as if the author was aiming high but not quite reaching the high.

Of course in the writing world it is all about taking the criticism and reconstructing it into something new to see if that 's what the readers are looking for.

With this read the author did a great job at doing just that! I felt more connected to the characters and their emotions. The plot made more sense than previous books by this author.

She aimed high again but this time got so much closer to that giving the reader a real high time feeling. Of course if you don't believe that the stars have anything to do with our destinies than this read might be a little too much for you to take in, but as I always say when picking up book one needs to keep any open mind and place yourself in the shoes of the characters and the message the author is trying to give.

This author has certainly taken the good and the bad and created a very good read with loads of drama and emotion. She is certainly building up to be a great author, keep going Kamy you are nearly there!

I am taking away a message of life does have it's plan for us, if you believe it to be God in working, the stars aligning in your favor or against you, no matter either way life is going to happen and what ever happens you will need to deal with it. But the trick is to be able to recognize when life is trying to show you the right way to go, don't fight the direction just go with the flow.

4 star review
"  The stars light the way to their future" 

19 July 2014

The Rebel and the Heiress by Michelle Douglas


Reviewed by Desere

The once privileged Nell Smythe-Witaker loses her family fortune and it's time to step up or ship out and into a pit of doom. As we all know, if you don't get out there and work your tail off , nothing will come your way.

Her lucky break is that she has some help from rebel bad boy Rick Bradford! We have all heard the stories of those sexier than sin rebel bad boys turning into knights in shining armor. But is it always the full truth and nothing but the truth, or is the knight in shining armor already alive and well but hiding behind the rebel facade?

Rick has not seen Nell since their childhood days, but there is a little matter of a family mystery that still needs to be solved so it all comes down to Rick needing Nell's help just as badly as she needs his help. But of course as we mentioned this is a full fleshed bad boy and that will never been good for the image of any heiress, but he is more than willing to prove he can be good enough for her on every single level she needs him to be, all she has to do is let him help her and not her him.  But does Nell really want the bad boy tamed or is she seeking a little rebel time of her own?

I love, no that 's a lie, I adore this author's books, and every time I receive her latest book in my all too very happy hands it's a struggle to fight the time till the clock hits the hour when work is done and it's time to sink away into the magical world of romance this author creates time after time.

This time around it was no different, I counted down the hours and of course got absolutely nothing done because this book's stunning cover immediately tells you that inside the pages lies a guaranteed masterpiece of romance at it's best!

When I was finally able to shut the world out and get into the story of Rick and Nell I was lost, completely lost and I never wanted to be found again. The read was all kinds of pure fantastic brilliance!

The main characters were both so beautiful I fell in love with them so very deeply. I rooted for them from start to finish! Rick trying so hard to be this bad boy yet always making sure he helps were can was really great to read. I watched this bad boy image of a man unfold into the perfect knight in armor with every little detail the author laid out, and I fell harder and harder for this man as it all emerged.

Nell was awesome! Strong, courageous and a real fighter. I really loved the links to the past that Nell uses to bring out the real Rick, it was so romantic !!!

I am taking away a message of as human beings we are meant to always help others, because it is the right thing do to, but if it is all we do and along the way  we lose the faith to believe the true good in ourselves we will end up destroying our own lives. Help were you can but don't always try to be the hero, because everyone needs help and that includes you.

So instead of always pushing to help others and pushing their help away when you need it, try to understand that just like you always want to help those you care about , they also care about you and want to help you. Don't let a bad ' I can do this by  myself ' attitude stand in the way of you being truly helpful by letting others help you. And never give up on your dreams !

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. Michelle Douglas has once again shown why she is one of the best international selling authors in the world! She takes a story of romance and turns it into a magical, remarkable, memorable read that will have you believing in dreams of happiness in a heartbeat!

5/5 star review
" The Princess and the rebel find their happy ever after" 

12 July 2014

Bound by the Italian's Contract by Janette Kenny

Reviewed by Desere

Caprice Tregore is physiotherapist extraordinaire , she helps heal those that cannot find another way to get over the sudden loss of change in their lives. But her company needs a state of the art makeover if she's going to make it amongst the bigger names in the industry.

So she steels herself and finds every single bit of courage she can to face the one man that can help her make her dream a reality, she knows Luciano will want something in return, what she has no idea but what has to be done has to be done! And besides she is no longer the naive innocent he once knew.

Luciano Duchelini has the perfect plan to help his brother reach a speedy recovery. Caprice will do her physiotherapy magic and he will finance her company makeover, as easy as sliding down a ski slope, right ? But the two months in her company proves that the overwhelming always there attraction for Caprice has not died, and this time he will satisfy his every desire, regardless of the cost.

I have been a fan of this author's work ever since the first time I picked up a copy of Proud revenge, passionate wedlock, a few years ago. The intensity of her characters has amazed and have entranced me every since.

In this her latest read she has once again shown why she is one of the best international author's to ever grace the world with her beautiful stories, stunning memorable characters and romance magic, that is guaranteed to capture your attention again and again and again each and every time!

The character of Luciano fascinated me from the very start of this read, he's colder than ice one minute and hot flames the next. I could not wait to get inside his mind and discover just why he hides his pain and anger. I loved him for trying to be always trying to be the stronger party in everything he does in life, it showed him as I recon a lot of us are for the most part. We hurt badly, but instead of allowing others to see our pain and suffering we hide it, and tell ourselves we deserve to suffer because of what our actions caused.  I adored that the author let's Caprice slowly be the one to draw Luciano out from the world of suffering he has sentenced himself to, the author showed that there is always someone that will show us we simply cannot be strong on our own, a little helping hand goes a long way.

The character of Caprice was awesome! I loved this heroine. She has been through hell and back , fallen more times than she can remember but has always gotten back up stronger than before and ready to fight back. My heart shattered at the thought of what she has gone through and I shed more than a few tears, major tissue alert! Much like Luciano she also hides the hurt , but instead of letting herself live in a hell whole of regrets she gets up and does what needs to be done to get over the issue. This showed her of course as the complete opposite of Luciano but it also reminded me that some of us are able to hit a low spot in our lives and still manage to get back up and move on, it makes us stronger than others but it does not make us any better, the key is to let that overflow of positive energy flow to others and help them to build the same level of courage we have been able to find, and this Caprice does beautifully!

Caprice building Luciano up to a man any person would be proud of and showing him that there is always a way to rebuild our lives after we have fallen from the top, was exquisite! I am taking away so many wonderful messages from this read but the one that stood out and will for certain remain with me for the rest of my life is that when we fall we need to get back up, we might fall again and have to get up yet again, but in the end we will know that we tried our very best and it will never be said we stayed down. And the love of the right person can heal any kind of hurt, all we need to do is let the person in on the deal.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! Jeanette Kenny crafted the perfect escape to romance, love conquers all story with remarkable characters, a brilliant plot and a gripping all the way through till the end read!

5/5 star review
" He wants her and this time he will have her, but will she fall at his feet again or will she be the one to run this time?"

10 July 2014

Her Temporary Hero (Once a Marine #2) by Jennifer Apodaca

Her Temporary Hero
by Jennifer Apodaca
Review by TashNz

Her Temporary Hero, written by Jennifer Apodaca is a July 14 2014 release from Entangled Publishing and the second book in the Once A Marine series.

Set in a small Texan town, Becky Holmes is on the run from her baby's daddy, son of one of the richest families in town.  He's dirty dirty dirty and is stalking Becky to get custody of their baby.  Becky is sent to goooorrrgeous ex-Marine Logan Knights house to hide out, her boss's cousin's house, thinking Logan will be away for a while.  Logan isn't away, comes home, tired and exhausted, to an unknown lady in his bed accompanied by an unknown baby and an unknown dog.  He's NOT amused!  After calming down, he agree's to give Becky and baby home for the night, last thing he can do is turf them out.

Becky isn't the only one with a problem she needs a hand with.  Logan needs to be married by his 30th birthday in order to have his asshole father sign it over to him. Logan works the land, loves the land and has dreams for the land. A temporary wife should be ok... he can help Becky keep custody of her lil baby and he can earn his land.

Becky is a young, lovable gal who just wants to do right by her baby and certainly doesn't want to loose the baby to her dirty, criminal and scary ex.  She regrets being sucked in to thinking her ex thought of her more than just a trailer park girl.  Working nights she's saving as much as she can to fight the custody battle.  I love Becky's mix of innocence and hard working ethic.  Becky lost her momma recently and feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Logan. Oh yes, Logan.  Southern gentleman with a backbone of steel.  He's left the Marines and now works for Once a Marine Security Agency. He's haunted by what he's seen and done.  A decade in the Marines have helped him chose his future dream and he's not about to let his father stand in his way.  Logan is haunted by the past and tells Becky straight up he's going to be no good with the babe.  Logan's inbuilt passion for doing the right thing see's him taking care of Becky as well as fighting his feelings.

Her Temporary Hero is such a fab read filled with great lines.  It's full of explosive action, fast paced adventure, mind blowing passion all mixed in with some good ole southern lovin!  The characters are very very likable and things move at a great pace.  If you've read Entangled before you'll know what I mean when I say this is an Entangled story through and through. The amount of passion, the adventure, the engaging characters all kept me fully engaged until the heartbreakingly thrilling finale.

I'd totally recommend this book and I will be looking into the other Once a Marine series.  I loved Logan enough to want to know him in real life.  For $1.99 at Kindle you can.not.go.wrong.  I would have paid more!

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to offer an honest opinion :)

"I'll kill for her.  Which, by the way, I'm trained to do"

06 July 2014

Only the brave try ballet by Stefanie London

Only the Brave Try Ballet

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine being a big time professional football star, sustaining an injury and then to bring yourself back in the game you need to take ballet lessons! Yeah, your over the top manly team members are for darn sure going to have a field day with that one, not to mention the stuff the paparazzi will come up with.

This is exactly what sex on legs football star Grant Farley has to endure, but worse than any girly jab any one can come up with or slush that the press can dream up, is the strong attraction he feels for his ballet instructor Miss Prim and Proper Jasmine.

Grant knows he shouldn't tease her but it's just so much fun he can't help himself, and in the process he will get this lessons to get flexible again over and done with, so it should all work out okay. That is if he can manage to not let the teasing go any further than the classroom, that's the plan anyway, but who knows maybe a fling is just what he needs to bring his full head on A-game again.

Jasmine has enough issues of her own to deal with , she's in this lesson thing for the money it's as simple as that, or at least that's what she tells herself. The flaming hot attraction towards Grant can be filed away with a little discipline and dedication, right? Discipline and dedication is what dancers do best, but that only works when it's related to dancing and other areas in life and soon Jasmine and Grant find themselves trapped in a world of secrets being revealed, an explosive passion and a life changing decision that will either bring them together or shatter both their hearts.

I really, really, really loved this book! It was fun and sexy, humorous and had so much fantastic flair that it blended into a perfect romantic escape that I did not want to see end. I wanted to remain in this author's world that was simply magical and blew my mind!

Both main characters were written very well and so very realistic. They both have injury related issues but of course both have to find their own way of dealing with it and the impact if has on their careers. Seeing how the author let them be completely different but the same on so many levels was really awesome.

I very much enjoyed the level of turmoil and anguish they both have to run through to try and get over the hard blows life has dealt them. And yes I will be the first to say it sounds weird that I enjoyed anguish and turmoil because anyone who knows me knows I want everyone to be happy , but when I say I enjoyed the anguish and turmoil I mean that the author tugged at my heartstrings so badly it not only had me in tears but most importantly reminded me that every single one of us has different ways of dealing with pain. The author brought the reality of it all into play with such vivid detail it completely overwhelmed me, major tissue alert!

I loved all the ballet and football terms, I am not a big fan of either but I very much enjoyed learning about both through the eyes of the author and her characters. Some books that relate a lot of information to the characters careers do so only halfway and I feel lost and irritated and most of the time I need to go and give old Google a good search to try and understand what the author is saying, not the case in this read. The author 's very detailed descriptions put me front and center with all the information I needed to create the scenes and get them playing out in my mind.

I felt the heartache and disappointment of both characters, I felt the adrenalin rush as they push themselves to reach the top and I felt each and every moment of joy as they journeyed to the perfect ending.  I will say that the book starts out just a little slow, but this tied in with the realistic part of it all, most reads of this nature has the couple meeting , dancing around each other and by chapter three they jump into bed together. In real life it does sometimes work that way but for the most part people do actually take the time to wait and get to know each other first. So the little slow buildup in this read is totally worth it, because when it hits that explosive moment you just know that this is the way real love is meant to play out.

Through the character of Grant and his up and leave 'em past I learned that it is always good to pursue our dreams but leaving behind our loved ones it never meant to be apart of the deal. Yes, our loved ones are not always going to support us in what we do, but always remember to be the better person and try and make them understand why you are following the dream., but never let your dream overshadow the love you know will always be there from the ones that mean the world.

Through the character of Jasmine I learned that life has all kinds of terrible twists and turns but it's just the way it is. When it seems too much, running away from it , will only let you end up with regret at never taking a chance, give it your all and push away the insecurities and fears and push forward and go with the flow.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. The read had loads of crazy sexy fun mixed with a good dose of old fashioned realistic emotion. Stefanie London brought her own very unique style-anality to this read and I will be eagerly awaiting her next book. Passionate, sexy as all heck and the perfect read to let you know life has pitfalls but there is always a way to get back up.  Watch out world Stefanie London has arrived !!

5/5 star review
" He sends her tutu into a flutter, she sends his heart back into the past" 

05 July 2014

How to Bag a Billionaire by Nina Milne

Reviewed by Desere

Adam Masterson has it all, he's ridiculously good looking, rich, powerful and famous. The one thing he does not have is the luxury of avoiding the bag-a-billionaire woman that have suddenly appeared in droves, with only one aim, to drag him off to the altar.

But he does his very best, so when he spots a super sexy strawberry blonde climbing through a restroom window on the night of one of his events he is dead set on getting rid of her asap, surely she is just another gold-digger!

But the jolt of sexual attraction that hits him the moment he looks into her eyes has him wanting to drag her off to his bed instead of throwing her out into the cold. All Olivia wants is for Adam to tell her where she can find his father, and then she'll be on her merry little way.

But Adam sees Olivia as a chance to send the bag-a-billionaire woman running back to their not so rich boyfriends, and along the way he might as well enjoy Olivia's body in his bed, but Olivia is not about to turn out to be the average woman and Adam is in for the ride of his life!

This read was one of the best debut's I have read in a long time. It was pure reading magic from start to finish! Crazy, hot, wild, super funny and so unbelievably sexy !! I honestly did not want this book to end , I wanted to stay in the romantic, sensual wild and crazy world this author created. I laughed out loud, I felt the anger during confrontational moments, and I cried my eyes out for the sadness both main characters had to deal with.

The character of Adam was one of the sexiest, sweetest, most delicious hero's I have ever read. I wanted this man all to myself, and yes I was totally jealous of Olivia! I loved his careful consideration streak whilst still having that little bit of a impulsive moment here are there. Most of the billionaire hero's in these reads are just impulsive without stopping to think what the heroine is feeling, Adam was impulsive but he also kept thinking about how Olivia would be feeling and relating it back to her past. His past was a real humdinger! I wanted to grab his father and smack him over the head and then bury his sorry butt in the sand for the sea turtles to carry off to a land where no one would ever find him again. The way Adam handles everything in life including his terrible very sad past was really unique, through this character the author showed that our past has so much influence on our future and it does teach us one thing but has our hearts wishing for something else, to what extent we allow it to influence our future decisions is what will separate us from the rest of the crowd.

The character of Olivia was awesome in so many ways. I loved her fun and spunky outlook on life, even though she is a bit of a bore here and there, and by that I mean she 's not really the party it up kind of girl and instead sees fun in life as something completely different, rather doing little things to make life fun like shopping instead of doing anything impulsive.  Her appreciation of landscapes, food and everything beautiful really made her pop from the pages, I wanted to be like her and be addicted to everything in life. Yet at the same time I kept feeling this overwhelming sadness because she only halfway embraces life because of her past and linking it back to the type of woman Adam is usually seen with. Her determination to meet with Adam's father really tore at my heartstrings, I loved her for it the one minute and the next I wanted to tell he to abandon the plan all together because I felt every single moment of possible rejection and anger with her during the buildup to the meeting. Through this character the author showed that life is full of risks, if we don't take the risk to discover what we desperately need to know we will always wonder, yes there is the chance that it will all fall flat and feel like it was for nothing, but at least we will know we gave it our all.

I am taking away many powerful messages from this read , life is about having fun, living it up a little every now and then, learning to see yourself through the eyes of another, letting go of the past and walking towards new future. The message that stood out the most is that even the most broken of people deserve to be happy, the trick is to not be in love with the idea of being happy but to be in love with the people around you that will help you make your ideas a reality and then you will for darn sure always be happy.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads! It had spunk, a crazy sexy plot, stunning backdrops, a hilarious and emotional dialogue , passionate pizzazz, and characters that will forever remain in my heart! I will be first in line for this author's next release.

5/5 star review
" He sees her sparkle, she sees him as the ultimate heartache"  

03 July 2014

A SEAL's Mission by Rachel Kall

A SEAL's Mission

Reviewed by Desere

Renowned journalist Rowena Murphy uncovers the biggest story of her career , and she is more than prepared to take some risks to get the word out to the public. Her investigation lands her in Afghanistan, being kidnapped from her tent and then rescued by top-dog Navy Seal Scott Ranger.

Once back home she keeps up her investigation , still determined to get the story of the century, but she 's going to need some help. And who better to help than the top-dog very sexy Navy Seal that rescued her in the first place, but she needs to find him first.

With no name and only the sound of his luscious voice and the memory of his strong arms carrying her out from danger she does not have a whole lot to go on, but her luck is about to change because Mr sexy kick-ass Scott finds her first.

Scott has not been able to forget Rowena and for the last six months she has been on his mind constantly. When he goes looking for her he does however not bargain on having to rescue her again , but instead reckons they can have a good time whilst he is stateside. He could not be more wrong, soon he finds himself fighting to protect her from various dangers but no navy seal trick is going to help him him from losing his heart to her.

I loved this story so very much. It had drama, action overload and the mystery behind it all was simply nail-biting and gripping, by chapter three I was glued to this story I could not have stopped reading even if a IED went off right next to me.

The character of Scott was of course more delicious then the sexiest of hero's ever. I loved this man so very much. He was kick-ass and the best at everything he does, but also had a very awesome sensitive side that melted my heart and made my knees go totally weak. I liked that the author gave him a not so great background because it fitted in very nicely with him becoming a Navy Seal and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. The guarding of his heart element linking back to his past and the relationship with his mother was very sad and I really wanted to just wrap him up and hold him. But it showed just how very bad life can be for a person when they think they are worthless they join armies and this and that just to try and find that certain level of acceptance and understanding when in reality they simply need to find one person that sees them as valuable and not worthless. There is a strong bond between brothers in arms and gives any person a level of worthiness but the level of worth between a man and woman is so much stronger and able to do so much more.

The character of Rowena was really awesome, I loved this woman to bits. She and her " I don't care what it takes am getting this done " attitude made for some great entertainment, and I will add it also drove poor Scott almost insane. She also like Scott had some issues from her past which made her not so willing to give up her heart, but her's were slightly different because she came from a 'parents happily married' background, but without wanting to ruin the book here I will only say that what we see on the outside of marriages is never really the full truth, everyone has a secret and what you see if definitely not always what you get.

I am taking away a message of we don't need another human being to make our lives complete, but having your wounds kissed by someone who loves you and does not see your wounds as disasters in your soul but cracks to put their love into is the most calming thing in this world, and that level of healing is better than anything else out there, it shows true love can conquer it all.

I recommend this read to all fans of action suspense romance reads. It had passion, emotion so bitter sweet it broke my heart but rebuild my soul again with a happy ending like no other, and not to mention enough action to give any reader an adrenalin rush that lasts quite a while after you put the read down.

5/5 star review
" It 's the most important mission of his life, for her it's the story of a lifetime, but can they survive long enough to find their happy ending?"

02 July 2014

Marriage Reinvented by Kat Cantrell

Marriage Reinvented

Reviewed by Desere

Alexia and Jesse had an okay average marriage deal going, they were good in bed, laughed and had good times. But Jesse always gave more of his time to his company then to Alexia , and Alexia on her part totally retreated to a world of her own. With no real communication the marriage is doomed and sadly it does end.

But Alexia is a fighter if nothing else and fights back to survive. Picking up the pieces she applies to for a patent to be filed for a product she invented, only her attempt falls flat when she is informed that the patent has already been filed and not by some nobody but non other than he ex husband. To get her patent back all she has to do is agree to his crazy wild and totally outrageous idea of giving their relationship another shot.

He wants his wife back and he's not afraid to try anything and everything to get her back. But once they are thrown back together in a world blinded with passion, new secrets are revealed, new truths come to light and once again they find themselves back where they were, hopelessly in love with each other but neither one wanting to let go of control over their lives. And then's there's Alexia's betrayal that could shatter any love Jesse ever had for her.

I have long been a sucker for this author's books, but just like with most of my favorite author's I tend to get more than just a little bit nervous when I see the words self published. Not that I think the great authors of the world always needs a editor , but I have read some pretty bad self published books , so yes definitely nervous that I will be disappointed when a great author hits the self published world.

I am overjoyed to say that Kat Cantrell did not fall into the deep, dark and very bad world of self publishing failure. The story of Alexia and Jesse was intense, passionate, fun and absolutely thrilling, and I shed more than a just few tears when it ended, I sobbed like a baby, I wanted the to read to go on and on!

The character of Jesse was all out blazing hot sexy and made my toes curl, and I do mean seriously sexy, imagine the hottest guy you have ever seen, strip him naked and you will still not get close to the level of sexiness Jesse oozed! I loved his laid back attitude it was a nice fun and fresh new twist to the usual always dressed in a suit , fully blown corporate type of hero's, not that I don't adore those, I really do, but it showed him as sticking to his roots, and not falling into the usual role you would think a guy would when he makes it into big time leads.

The character of Alexia was really cool. I liked her tipping over the edge every now and then because of her past failures but clawing back to the top, it showed her as very realistic and most importantly reminded me that we are all human , we all make mistakes if we fall from grace and don't attempt to get back up we will never have a second chance at happiness. What I most enjoyed about Alexia was the back and forth addiction to Jesse, it made for some really fun and entertaining reading, one minute she wants to jump his bones and the next she wants to kill the guy, very funny stuff!

I am taking away a message of life is filled with loads of various types of pain. Some we are able to overcome and others will forever stay with us. But the trick is to realize every type of pain happens for a reason, every situation in your life serves a purpose, whether it is to teach you to communicate with others as in is the case of Jesse and Alexia or simply to be able to hear the voices trying to tell you to make a change, the reasons will always be there, it is up to you to recognize what the purpose of the pain could be.

I highly recommend this book to all romance fans. A fun, fresh, exciting, very sexy and tantalizing read!
5/5 Star Review

" Reinvention is the name of the deal, but can they give it an everlasting unbreakable seal?" 

In Bed with the competition by J.K. Coi

In Bed with the Competition

Reviewed by Desere

I love a good office romance. The excitement of the this could mean the end of someone's career if the relationship fails, or what if one of them wants a deal but the other does two and it comes down to the relationship or the deal?

Guaranteed excitement! In the new J.K Coi read we get to know Elizabeth Calson and Ben Harrison. They use to be friends, coworkers and ALMOST lovers. But this all happened before Ben suggested they mix business with pleasure which sent Elizabeth running for the hills, because there is no way she wants to lose her heart to a hotter than hot hotshot tycoon who lives for his take no prisoners attitude,  and then there is the fact that she wants to start her own company. So the entire business - pleasure thing is not for her and she walks away before it gets too hard.

But Ben with his take no prisoners attitude makes sure he always succeeds in getting everything he wants , and he wants Elizabeth, but before he could have her she walked away, sparking an all out rivalry war!

Whist competing for the same contract they both end up at a Caribbean conference and the attraction is too hot to handle. Ben still has his sights firmly set on finishing what they started but Elizabeth is still set on not losing her heart, her clothes and a few other inhibitions sure, but not her heart, no way! The question that remains is of course, can Ben make her see a business - pleasure relationship has nothing to do with him loving her more than life itself?

I really liked this read, most office romance reads have the same flow of events. The couple meet at work or through an office event, get down and dirty with each other and then pop, it becomes some kind of mess and the atmosphere in the office is downright uncomfortable.

But in this read it was a fun new twist with both main characters having their own companies and going up against each other, okay so they get into each other too, but that of course just made it more exciting. I loved the I want you, you want me but this will cause an issue vibe it made for some very entertaining reading.

I adored the character of Ben, loved his go get 'em attitude. It made him sexier than Ryan Gosling stripped naked! Elizabeth was a bit of a frustrating character at first, simply because I could not wrap my mind around her being so extremely determined to no fall for Ben. But after a while I tried placing myself in her shoes and I realized that when you put your heart and soul into anything or a as Elizabeth a company then it is never an easy decision to make when it comes to risking it on something that could have you lose it all.

I am taking away a message of life is filled with risks, some work out and other don't. But when it comes to risk taking you need to find that perfect balance between wanting it all and knowing you need it all. If you only want the glory that goes with success then go for it, but remember that all the glory of success will not bring you happiness when you find yourself alone with stacks of money and no love. If you know you need it all, then find a way to balance the success and love because somewhere in between you are going to find the right balance allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

I recommend this read for all fans of good, passionate, entertaining, fun and sexy romance reads.

4.5 star review
" All is fair in love and war, right ?"