21 February 2015

The Greek's Pregnant Bride by Michelle Smart

The Greek's Pregnant Bride (Society Weddings)

Reviewed by Desere 

Pure addictive passion,  romance of the most sensual kind, words that flow like magic and characters so vividly brought to life they seem to be people we have know for many years, those are just a few of the descriptions I can use when speaking about the new Michelle Smart read.

The story tells of the gorgeous Greek Christian Markos, long ago he swapped the streets of Athens for the world's top boardrooms, now  he has enough riches to indulge in his every whim, except one. He can't buy it, but he can take it! The only trick would be to let go of it and not want to own it forever, it's doable, right?

Wrong one forbidden taste of his best friend's sister, Alessandra Mondelli and he is lost in her magic, but he's always been all about get the task done and get out, it's what keeps him alive and living more than comfortably. But then Alessandra announces she's pregnant with his child! This is one deal he won't be walking away from, ever.

Alessandra knows about pain, hurt and anger after a youthful mistake , it was public scrutiny she never wanted yet could not avoid. Christian offers her and their baby protection, but she must push all thoughts of love aside, except their dishonorable hunger for each other is threatening the convenient arrangement, is there any hope ?

I love Michelle's books and every time I know am in for a excellent read, but what I did not expect this time around was that she took her writing to a very new level of excellence. There were little twists and turns I could see coming , but instead of going the normal way I would expect it to run in a HP read, it went into directions I never imagined, and I could not have been happier.

The author weaved this journey of two souls that always were meant to be together, into a absolutely unbelievably journey of hope, compassion, a romance blossoming during a time of self discovery and heartship

I fell head over heals in love with both main characters , I wanted to see them be pushed to their limits and the author delivered this on each and every step of this remarkable read. I got to experience every emotion, every touch, felt every word whisper across the night sky as the author brought to life a romance so strong, so needed and so real.

I am taking away a message of life has little ways to push us into a corner we would rather run from than stand around taking hit after hit, but with no way out the only action you need to take is to hit back, keep going until you are freed.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, and if you have never read any of this author's books then my dear reading friends you are missing out on journeys filled with pure magic and vital to keeping our romantic hearts beating.

Super Special 5/5 Star review
" She brings him to say I do, but can he convince her to say it's forever?" 

17 February 2015

The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction by Dani Collins

The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction (Seven Sexy Sins #2)

Reviewed by Desere

No emotion or feelings are allowed to color the judgement of Sheikh Zafir, his carnal desires must be curbed for the sake of peace in his kingdom. But his control is tested beyond it's limits by the feisty Fern Davenport, he must have her !

Innocent Fern Davenport tries to resit the Sheikh's skillful seduction, she knows he can never marry her. But under the blistering sun an incendiary thirst awakens and one incredible night results in a very lasting consequence. Now the disgraced Sheikh must claim his heir and his bride!

This was a very nice easy flowing read with great and realistic characters. A wonderful plot with some really interesting twits and turns that I expected from the author, as she does the whole twisting and turning thing in many of her reads, but what surprised me is that it was not the twists and turns I thought it would be, I would expect one thing to happen and completely the opposite would happen, absolutely fabulous work Dani!

I felt really sorry for the character of Zafir, giving up what you want is never easy, it 's even harder if you have to give it up simply because it's what your country expects of you, and far worse when it's something that has become a vital part to your existence. So when the author let Zafir stand up and take a leap towards pulling an already complicated relationship to some form of normality , I really admired this hero. Through this character the author showed that sometimes pushing just a little harder than usual can have the end results needed towards the first step to freedom.

Fern was a very kind and sweet heroine, think white puffy clouds and sweet strawberry ice-cream, yes she had all those sugar coatings needed to me her a very likable heroine. Of course she had her very own set of issues , but instead of making seem like one of those " sweet, kind and shy yet a little too innocent to the extent that she cannot stand up for herself" kind of heroine, which quite frankly I have never cared for, she was the opposite.  A strong yet kind heroine, not too shy to be pushed around and smart enough to 'nail' Zafir when he most needed to be given a bit of a slap.  Through this character the author showed that the innocent are only innocent until the they are pushed too far, that's when they start fighting back and the results is a person that can never be forgotten or easily trampled to the ground.

I recommend this read for all fans of Dani Collins books, it was sinfully sexy and took me on a incredible journey of love conquering all.

4.5 star review
" He wants her, she wants him, but can they prove to the world that they truly need each other?" 

16 February 2015

The Taming of Xander Sterne by Carole Mortimer

Reviewed by Desere

Six weeks ago a car accident left Xander Sterne with a broken leg and to his disgust also the need for live in assistance. But to his surprise help arrives looking like he never expected. Exquisitely tempting Samantha Smith, is Xander's dream come true, well if you count the bed " em and leave 'em dream that is, broken leg or not he will have her!

With her boss launching a flirtatious and very persistent assault on her senses , Samantha has to push really hard to try and stay professional and unmoved by Xander's skillful seduction. But then she starts to wonder just how long it will be before he convinces her to join him in refining the meaning of personal assistant.

If you are ever in need of a warm, sensual, blissful romance read, this one is perfect! The chemistry between Xander and Samantha really was all things sugar and just a little bit of spice.

Both characters had a really great mystery feel about them, making it one of those couples you immediately want to dig out from the sand and start dusting off the layers to reveal just exactly what his hidden, and trust me the layers the author wove around these characters were sensational!

And Xander, oh my delicious, mysterious, smoldering hotter than hot Xander , what a man! He comes off as a really nice guy, and seems very open but in actual fact is quite dark , dark to the point were he started to at one stage worry me just a little, but in true Carole Mortimer fashion she brought the real Xander out and it was simply spectacular !

Samantha was a really great heroine, smart, funny and she had just enough feistyness to make me like her, not too much to be a total " I want to get rid of this heroine, as in kill her off!" and not too little to make me want to shout " Get some courage girl!" , just perfectly done Carole!

I am taking away a message of when people are really in your corner, the biggest mistake you can make is to assume they are doing it simply because they feel sorry for you, communication is the only way you will ever be sure, so push for that answer , yes it could very well be not what you want to hear, but at least you will then know. And most importantly don't let the most important person in your life walk out the door, once they are gone you might not be able to get them to come back.

I recommend this read for all fans of sweet and sensual reads filled with that special Carole Mortimer magic!

4.5 star review
" Together they make the journey to happiness" 

15 February 2015

The Redemption of Darius Stone by Carole Mortimer

Reviewed by Desere

Formidable tycoon, Darius Sterne has built a global empire and he always get's what he wants. Always. And what he wants right now, is ex ballerina Miranda Jacobs, in his bed and sighing out his name in pleasure.

Virginal Miranda can't resist the allure of the brooding billionaire, but the closer he pulls her the more he threatens the barriers she's very carefully constructed to conceal the scars that lead to her past. But is Miranda the only one hiding pain? Or is there more Darius? As the dance of passion begins so thus the redemption of dark and damaged Darius Sterne.

I have been a long time fan of this author's work , and the more I read the more I want! She has an amazing talent for taking a " it's been done before" plot and twisting and turning it into something new and fresh , I realize that might not make a lot of sense, but believe me it is the honest truth. There have been many books about ballerina's and hot rich men meeting and after a time becoming a couple and then voila , romance read. But what this author did was give the main characters more flair, both were more alive and realistic then I have found in some other similar reads.

The character of Darius is the typical dark, dangerous hero closed off hero, with the dreadful past, but instead of being completely disconnected from his family , as in other reads, Darius is close to his twin brother, they share the same pain and the same secrets and that touch was one I particularity enjoyed. It is not often that I find a read where the hero is at least talking to someone, well before he get's to the being part of being open with the heroine, we all know that takes a while. Through this character the author showed that we all have a past we wish we could simply make go away, but it's always there, lurking in the dark and ready to pounce when we least expect it, but courage to face up to it is the main key.

The character of Miranda was sweet, kind and not at all the kind of woman one would think would get involved with a hero as dark and dangerous as Darius. You would expect her to be with someone more sweet and sensitive , not cold and nearly completely closed off, but of course this happens in Hp reads all the time and it's what us fans thrive on! The difference between her and other heroines in similar settings? She was incredibly strong, most woman in her position would fall over and simply not even try to get back up, the ending of a career means is a very bitter pill to swallow, but not this heroine, she fights back to the point where she is comfortable, and thus could do a heck of a lot more, but as with the hero, she needs to find the courage to move forward. And through this character the author showed just how strong the influence of others can be when we need that final push in life.

I am taking away a message of the past is a cold and dark place none of us want to face, it's the hell we run from everyday. But if we never find the courage to face it, will it ever truly go away? No, of course it won't! Stand up and face it, no matter how hard it might seem, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you never know just who might be waiting within in that light, happiness is after-all what brings us home.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads. It's a stunning story of two lost souls and the journey they take towards the walls of the past being broken down.

5/5 star review
" The swan rises up from the darkness, but will the darkness consume her before she's ready to save her hero?" 

13 February 2015

Breaking the Boss's Rules by Nina Milne

Reviewed by Desere

Joe McIntyre has three rules when it comes to dating:

1. Never mix business with pleasure
2. One night only!
3 Never look back.

Imogen Lorrimer knows that her temporary boss is completely way far off base and totally wrong for her so why does the man insist one appearing in her dreams.. naked! ? Perhaps it's time for Imo to try out his infamous dating rules herself, she'll either enjoy it or hate it, what's the worse that could happen?

One business trip to Paris later and they kiss goodbye rule number one, then Imo agrees to be Joe's plus one at a wedding, and right here is where sticking to rule number two and three becomes really hard, so very, very hard.

Any woman who has ever had a hotter than hot boss will tell you , it's really difficult to concentrate on work and if he shows up in your dreams naked ah heck it's even worse. So that idea alone as a plot in this book was absolutely brilliant! Well done Nina !

I really liked Mr I don't break the rules Joe, smart, fun and had that really nice charmer attitude going for him, even though I thought he was a bit too out there at times, he was still a nice guy. The whole vibe between these two characters was fresh and funky but also had that certain out there flair that left me in awe of just how amazing this author's writing is. I laughed out load so many times I recon those around me thought I was mad, had there been someone the room that is, so thankfully I have not been dragged off to an institution for bursting out laughing too loudly in public, all though that would be fine too, I could read Nina's books all day!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of fresh, fun, funky crazy sexy reads out there, Nina brings her A game and it's a total slam dunk of romantic epicness!

5/5 star review
" One , two, three whoops no more rules left  ! " 

Claimed by the Sheikh by Rachel Thomas

Reviewed by Desere

An arranged marriage to Prince Kazim - Al- Amed of Brazbin is a dream come true for Princess Amber, but then the wedding night comes and it all goes spectacularly wrong and a highly furious Kazim banished Amber from his kingdom and his life.

But now the country is in turmoil and Kazim must prove to his people that he has the ability to rule and provide an heir for his people, to do this he has to track down his princess first! But find her he will, but will she fall at his feet and forgive him allowing him to stake the ultimate claim on his wife, of will she be the one sending him away?

From the first time I read this author's work I was amazed and just how much clarity she pours into her work, nothing is left the imagination. Think about when you watch a tv show and it abruptly stops and moves on to a next scene, am always left thinking " Okay was that over?" , and sadly this happens in books all the time. But not with this author she lays it all out and wows the reader in the process with remarkable romance.

I adored Kazim 's sexy fierce power struggle and Amber was totally wow , she wants to fight it all but deep down there is still the powerful love she has for her prince and it overpowers all those thoughts of sending him away, fabulous stuff!

An amazing read about trust and forgiveness. Highly recommended for all readers who love a hotter than the desert sun read with loads of sweet romance.

5/5 star review
" Banished from his life, haunted by the past , willing to be claimed " 

08 February 2015

The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West

The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West
Reviewed by TashNz
5 Stars

The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West is a magical February 2015 Harlequin Presents release.

As a reader I was swept away to the magical Jazeer where we meet Sultan Asim and journalist Jacqui who are brought together by a mix of tragedy and Asim's grandmother who is helping Jacqui with her research for a book she's writing about Jazeer's Harem's.

An epic opening of all proportions gives way to the start of a story which is a chocolate box treat full of fascinating, alluring, exquisiteness and divine drama and passion all rolled up into one delicious treat!  Then when Sultan Asim discovers Jacqui in the Harem - even more epic deliciousness is weaved.

Asim is a stand-no-nonsense  kind of guy.  He is the Sultan of Jazeer and born and bred aristocracy pours through his veins.  He knows it's time to look for a wife to have his heirs and the girls on offer are just not cutting the mustard in so many ways.  His Queen needs to fit so many categories. No one does and then when Jacqui comes into his life his interest is piqued.  Small problem!  There's no way, shape or form that she would fit the Queen department but she raises so many other emotions in him; distrust for her profession, surprise at Jacqui not hesitating to voice her opinion, grief when thinking of their link but on the other hand he feels passion, he finds her thrilling, he feels elation when he sees her and  every interaction between Asim and Jacqui  is edge of your seat stuff.

Jacqui is at Asim’s home for reason’s he’s not entirely happy with but Jacqui is determined to write the history of the harem the best way she knows how, with as much factually information as she possibly can. She doesn't care much for the growly bear she has to answer to daily, at first.  With a sad heart Jacqui progresses with care but the growly bear pokes her enough to gain her attention in ways that neither of them expect.

Fantastic characters, beautiful locations and an original story, one that swept me far away during a time I was experiencing my own personal family grief.

Annie West has such a way with words.  Strong and solid writing I think.  So much is packed into 186 pages that when I sadly close the last page on Asim and Jacqui's story I feel very much totally satisfied  and I absolutely loved it!

Reviewed by Nas
5 Stars

THE SULTAN'S HAREM BRIDE by author Annie West is a Harlequin Presents release for February 2015. 

Of all things, this story is based in the Sultan's harem. Imagine the sensuality and the centuries old stories in this harem. 

Author Annie West has weaved magic with this tale, spinning Sultan Asim and journalist Jacqui in a web so strong that readers would be hooked in this romance and would love to pick it up again and again to read this book. 

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance. 

Reviewed by Alexia

5 Stars

"The Sultan's Harem Bride" by Annie West was not what I thought it would be about because of the title.....It was so much better. Annie is a fairly new author for me, within the last 9 months, and I have to say that she doesn't disappoint the readers.

Sultan Asim of Jazeer is looking for a bride. He isn't looking for love he just wants a suitable woman who will bear his children. Asim is very protective of his family and the secrets surrounding the family. Jacqui (Jacquiline) Fletcher is a journalist. She was invited to the home of the Jazeer family to write a book about Asim's Grandmother and the Harem brides from the past. Being that Jacqui is a journalist Asim doesn't trust her. She was also with his cousin Imran on an assignment when a bomb went off killing him.

Much more to this story of the 'Desert Vows.' Mistrust, Sadness, heartache, and possibility of love coming out of it all. 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Desere 

Annie West needs no introduction, her books are magical , romantic to the very core, passion that explodes from the pages, and couples that live forever in the readers hearts. 

This time we meet Sultan Asim Jazeer , he has hundreds to woman at his beck and call, so why he wants the one that can reveal all his families shameful is anyone 's guess! It 's pure madness , or is it?

Journalist Jacqui Fletcher jumped at the chance to write a history of the harem, certainly not to become some sultan's plaything , journalism does not work that way, but she finds it really hard to forget the sultan's sensuous caresses and remember her assignment!

Asim knows she is all wrong to be the pliable princess he needs, but why does holding her feel so right? 

If you have never read any of the books by this author, this is the one to pick up and your life will be changed forever, first of all there is the opening was off the hook epic! No other word to describe well that 's a lie, amazing, hot , strong and leaping from the pages can be added.

I loved, loved LOVED Asim, strong and determined , ready to fight even the darkest of nights and boy oh boy does this man know how to send any woman's heart soaring, such an amazing talent is his when he starts to speak, it melted my heart but at the same time that sexy coolness I don't care attitude was there and it just blended perfectly, amazing Annie!

Jacqui , was fun to read, really fun! Come get me if you can, dare if you want to but you will lose, are just some of the sentences I can use to describe her. I thought of her as one of those heroines you know will not go down without a fight, but will crumble when the right touch is felt, and she was!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, that deliver sexy, drama packed romance ! 

5/5 star review 
" She's bad for him, so very bad, but he still wants her" 

31 January 2015

It Happened In Paris by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS by author Robin Gianna is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Avery Gerard is supposed to be assessing Dr Jack Dunbar in the medical trial he is conducting. He is operating on patients and replacing the faulty valves in their hearts with the device he had constructed with a team of biomedical engineers. Avery’s job is to collect data but she has also been given the responsibility of shutting down the trial if she thinks it’s putting patients’ lives at risk.

But Avery didn’t know the stranger she went out with was the Dr Dunbar. Could she keep her distance now she knows? The scorching chemistry between them landed them in bed the first day. Could they both keep their professional and personal lives apart now?

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS has a gorgeous hero in Jack, he is tender and sensitive. And Avery is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart. Author Robin Gianna, by her spell-binding words brought this romance in the middle of medical trials and failures. I loved this story.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Desere 
It Happened in Paris...

What started with a kiss could end with forever! Avery Girard might have sworn off men, but she can't seem to help herself when Valentines Day rolls around, she's in the city of lights, Paris ! And as everyone knows it's hard not to notice all the beauty, magic and pure romance Paris is able to bring to life, even when it's not Valentines day.

So naturally Avery much like any girl would, is lost in the moment and ends up spending Valentines Day with totally hot and totally irresistible Dr. Jack Dunbar, it's just one tiny little fling and that 's never hurt anyone, right?

Wrong!! After an afternoon of beautiful passion , Avery discovers that Jack is actually the cardiologist she is meant to be assessing, awkward! Even more worrying is when it comes to Jack, she's not only close to losing her perfectly perfected professional cool ,she's close to losing her heart.

This read was done in true Robin Gianna fashion, heartfelt characters, that were so realistic I just wanted to wrap them up and , keep them inside a little snowglobe forever! It's the kind of romance one simply cannot ever forget.

Both Jack and Avery have had more than their fare share of hurt in the past, but am sure all readers will agree with me that when the setting is right , the hurt from the past seems to magically melt away and it's only when morning comes that the magic fades and reality rears it's ugly head. That is exactly what these characters go through, from romance and passion to " Oh, oh, how did this happen?" .

The author captured the emotions of the characters with stunning clarity, I was right there for the romance is in the air, to the blazing passion and the past coming back to haunt them, simply amazing job Robin.

I am taking away a message of sometimes we end up in the right place at the right time, it does not seem to be the right place or right time at all, but you need to be able to trust life's little here and there steering's and come to realize that there is a reason behind it all, don't walk away , trust your heart not the past.

A highly recommended read.
5/5 star review

" She's the light he needs, he's the hope she craves " 

22 January 2015

Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team #7)
Hot Ice
by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by TashNz
6 stars!

I joked with the incredible Lynn Raye Harris I was going to write a review that was going to be WOW! That's it! Just WOW!  Why? Because there are no words to describe just how freakin WOW Hot Ice is! I figured if I wrote WOW everyone would know what I meant!  My theory is totally blown out the water with the lovely Desere's review but may I just say WOW!

Garret "Iceman" Spencer is given the job of being Grace Campbell's bodyguard.  Her Dad knows the boss and there's no backing out of this command.  Grace is someone Garret sees as nothing but a rich and snobby Senator's daughter.  He wants to be out blowing sh!t up, NOT babysitting, it's the last job on earth that he wants to do.

Grace is not just a Senator's daughter, she's a successful scientist who is doing some research the badies want to cause her serious harm to get.  Grace is not snobby and yes, although her family is of wealth, she pays her own way.  And if Garret thinks he doesn't want to be anywhere near the city lights, he's feeling nothing close to what Grace thinks of her current situation.  She does NOT need a babysitter and thinks her father is out of her mind.

For someone smart Garret sure shakes his head at the dumb things Grace does.  And that there is a great example of the absolutely brilliant moments of humor that is sprinkled through Hot Ice.  I laughed so much.  Hot Ice isn't a comedy, it's full of sass and humor that I really enjoyed.  The sass and humor combined with the non stop action and the brilliant characters made for a story I didn't want to stop!  I loved that Garret got his story and I can-not-wait for #8!

I know I say this every-time I read one of Lynn Raye Harris's Hot series, but honestly, they just get better and better.  You think it can't possibly because the last is just so full of awesomeness that hello, yes it can!  Honestly, I can't find the words to describe how much I loved Hot Ice!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC to provide my honest opinion.  I hope the above certifies my honest opinion is 6 stars - Keep em coming Lynn Raye Harris - PUUUHHLEASE!!!

Find your amazon copy HERE

P.S If you haven't had the joy of reading any of the HOT series, check out this incredible sampler.  A bit of each book is in this and at the time of writing FREE!


Reviewed by Desere 
Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team #7)
Lynn Raye Harris is back with another totally awesome installment in the HOT series. This time we meet Grace Campbell , the daughter of a United States senator and leading a very privileged life. She moves within the social circles of the rich and famous.

But underneath all that little rich girl look she is also a scientist and when someone learns she possesses the knowledge necessary to create a new super virus capable of destroying entire nations, she becomes a target for terror groups and foreign governments everywhere.

Garret" Iceman" Spencer did so not join the army 's elite HOT to babysit some spoiled little rich girl, but as we all know when superiors speak there is no other choice but to comply.

And so Iceman finds himself babysitting Grace , what shocks him the most is when he discovers Grace is far from dull and underneath the glasses and serious scowl there's a woman hotter than any other he 's ever come across, and even though he has been burned before he still wants to jump right into the flame that Grace clearly is.

But the job comes first and above all he needs to keep her alive and secondly keep his hands off her , it's a full time job but hey someone has to do it, failure is not an option and as a member of HOT he will not fail, he will keep he alive at all costs , keeping his hands off her now that's a lot tougher!

Lynn Raye Harris has become the number one author for me when it comes to super hot , delicious and sizzling romantic suspense, the woman simply never fails me . I always walk away at the end of the books with everything I wanted. The action, the suspense, the scorching hot romance and best of all each and every time it's a new exciting plot with new twists and turns that simply enthralls me every time and brings me great reading joy !

In this read , book number seven in the HOT series I was transported back into that super sexy dark and mysterious world of  men giving their all to protect at all costs and complete the mission without fail. As I have always said there is simply just something so much sexier about a man on a mission than anything else and this author nails it each and every darn time, no idea how but am loving it!

Iceman was all that and more, I could not get enough of this man and at the end of the read I wanted more , more, more I tell you! Now without spoiling this read for anyone because believe me you HAVE TO READ IT, all I will add is if you love romance with kick ass adventure, explosive sex, emotionally heartwarming tenderness and a off the hook plot, you will love this book. Sexy, captivating and one of the very best in the romantic suspense genre, read it and thank me later !

5/5 star review
" She's not what he wanted, but she's exactly what he needs" 

Her Perfect Proposal by Lynne Marshall

Her Perfect Proposal

Reviewed by Desere

Journalist Lilly Matsuda writes headlines, she never makes them! Until she runs afoul of Gunnar Norling while on a assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia. Gunnar has been sworn to secrecy about the town's mysterious past and he refuses to compromise that for anyone even very tempting and beautiful Lilly , who is as all journalists should be , hot on the trail of a good story!  And of course to her it does not matter much anyway, it's a headline today and a past story she did tomorrow. She'll be long gone and onto the trail of the her next headline before the impact of exposing the town's secret even hits her. That is unless she decides to put love first.

I have always loved this authors books, the stories are always heartwarming, gives new hope and simply shines like bright stars breaking through the clouds on a late stormy evening ! This read was no different , it had all of that going for it and more.

In this read it is not only Lilly that finds that new zest and hope for life nor is it only Gunnar, the whole charming and absolutely captivating town of Heartlandia finds new hope.

The fun part about this read was definitely the secret and mystery of the town, I found myself ready to climb inside the pages and dig just as hard and deep as Lilly to get to the heart of the secret and just why the town 's people are so determined to hide it.

All the characters in this read were simply marvelous, intriguing, and so realistic that they were all so much more than just characters, they were more like real everyday people I come across , the author brought them all to life with vivid clarity !

I am taking away a message of life is a challenge , with everything we do, but when we become the challenge instead of the real person we are inside, then it's not a challenge anymore, it's more of a thing we have become and thus we are pretty much no longer human. We push and push to reach the end of it all and along the way we are simply just little specs of dust that use to be, one needs to always remember what life is truly about or those who are or become important to us will merely see us a here today gone tomorrow. And no one wants to be remembered as simply just that.

I recommend this read for fans that adore romance reads with loads of lovely twists and turns , mystery and just plain crazy falling in love fun. Well done Lynne, keep them coming!

4 star review
" She rushes to make headlines, he rushes to capture her heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL by author Lynne Marshall is a Harlequin Special Edition release for March 2015.

This is book two of the mini-series set in the town of Heartlandia. Book One is A Doctor For Keeps released in March 2014 by Lynne Marshall. 

Journalist Lilly Matsuda moves from San Francisco to small town Heartlandia to start a new job as the town reporter. She is after a huge story as she wants to make her name by breaking ‘The Story.’
Cop Gunnar Norling doesn’t want anyone snooping around his town for it’s mysterious history. He intends to keep the town secret safe till the time to release it comes. Can he keep it safe from Lilly? After all she’s hot on the story’s trail. And Gunnar would like to shed his bachelor image in favor of happy ever after with this feisty journalist! Could he trust Lilly with his town’s secret and his heart? 

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL is a romance between two different culture’s characters. The dialogue is believable and realistic and I was thoroughly engaged in Lilly and Gunnar’s lives. If you’re looking for a sweet story with exciting characters who uncover thrilling secrets, then this romance by Author Lynne Marshall is for you. 

Highly recommended for all readers.