No Stranger To Scandal by Rachel Bailey

 No Stranger to Scandal

Reviewed by Desere

Scandals are always so amazingly interesting to follow when your standing on the outside looking in, but I reckon when you find yourself front and centre of one, the first thing you would want to do is run, either that you suck it up and face it head on.

Which ever you choose there will always be consequences some good some bad, therefore your plan of action needs to be closely planned.

When congressional investigator Hayden investigates he really goes all out, he is relentless in his pursuit to bring down one of the biggest media moguls , he decides to make the daughter part of the plan to get to the truth.

He does not count on being so fiercely attracted to Lucy, nor does he reckon she is ready to fight any and every battle to stand by her family, but when these two's sexual attraction explodes to the point of no return , who will win and what exactly will be lost forever?

The character of Lucy was terrific , a strong no nonsense heroine , she fights and stands up to even the toughest of situations! Loved that she gave it as good as she got from Mr- I-so-badly-want-you- Hayden. It is not always I find a heroine in these reads that are strong and smart, I have found lately that more and more of those kind are popping up and I love it!

I did not however like her level of honestly towards Hayden, it gave the read too much of a "she 's hiding something bad" feeling and her being the stepdaughter to our target of investigation made it, yes more mysterious, but a little annoying as I was expecting her to be upfront with Hayden once their feelings hit a new level.

The character of Hayden, was a true hero, not because he has a heartbreaking past,but that certainly will let you understand the reasoning behind his actions, but because he had to make adjustments to his life that no man of today wants to simply just make as it is a woman's job!  Not going to spoil it for you, will just say that wishing you can do as you please every now and then is not always the answer, partnership is the name of the game.

The backdrop settings were kept in tune with the elements of excitement, scandal and mystery. Just perfect for the entire 'If this gets out we're toast "theme. The romance was hot and passionate, the dialogue flirty, sexy and emotional.

I loved the conflict in this read because of both characters being so strong willed it was exciting to anticipate what these two would get at next.

The author introduced me to a world where scandals are amplified to the point of the entire Nation being effected, and not just our hot and heavy for each other couple. Mystery, intrigue and loads of what now moments for our hero and heroine.

I recommend this read for those looking for a romance scandal with a little twist! Very compelling and enjoyable read.

5 star review
"They are each others saviours in a discovery far more life altering than scandal" 


Reviewed by Nas
NO STRANGER TO SCANDAL by USA Today Bestselling author Rachel Bailey is a Harlequin Desire release for April 2013.

Lucy Randall and her stepfather, the most powerful media tycoon in Washington are under suspicion of illegal practices. Lucy goes to the interview and felt that the congressional investigator, Hayden Black, without knowing her had already judged her and her step dad.

Hayden knows Lucy is not above suspicion yet he can’t help but feel the chemistry between them. Passion runs riot between them. Knowing it is wrong to take things further yet Lucy and Hayden are unable to stop the chemistry blowing up into a fully-fledged fling between them. Would this passion between them turn into something more? How will Hayden face the dilemma of investigating Lucy’s step dad and sleeping with her at the same time?

NO STRANGER TO SCANDAL is truly a thrilling story and a must for your keeper shelf. It is a fast paced, moving, and sensual romance. Packed with witty dialogue, intense emotion and sizzling love scenes.  I loved the characters and the growth and progression of romance between them was exquisitely rendered.                                                                                        

Author Rachel Bailey has always written good sensual romances but this is a spectacularly amazing story. It is an exciting premise altogether and the story keeps you involved from the first page. I had to restrain myself from turning to the last pages to know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ or ‘if’ Lucy and Hayden with his small son Josh and adorable dog, Rosie would be a family.

Highly recommended.

4.5 out of 5 stars.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

No Stranger To Scandal by Rachel Bailey

Congressional Investigator Hayden Black has his hands full. Raising his young son alone, after his wife was killed a few months ago. He also knows all about spoiled Society Princess's, he should, he was married to one. So when he interviews the beautiful Lucy Royall, he won't let it affect him in any way. Now hired to investigate illegal phone tapping, which has exposed that The President has an illegitimate daughter. Hayden is convinced that Billionaire Graham Boyle is behind it. 

Yes Lucy Royall was born into a rich family, but she is very down to earth. Raised by loving parents and a father who instilled charity work and giving back to society. She has also felt the love of her stepfather Graham, after losing first her father and then her mother at an early age. She feels she needs to prove she deserves to work at ANS just as much as others, and not just because Graham owns the company. She is strong, determined and loyal, and out to prove that her stepfather is not the monster that Hayden thinks he is.

The attraction was instant between these two. Just wondered how long before they gave in. I also loved how the young son Josh or Joshua was brought into the story, and not left as an after thought. I enjoyed how Lucy was loyal to her Stepfather, but was able to still set aside her issues and enter a relationship with Hayden regardless of the fact it was suppose to be temporary. I felt the main and secondary characters were well written.

The author also did a fantastic job of bringing this reader to tears. Very emotional near the end of this book on a few issues!

5/5 Stars

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Reviewed by TashNz

I thoroughly enjoyed No Stranger to Scandal, it's my first introduction to the Mini Series Daughters of Power and what an introduction!

The plot instantly captured me.  I was caught up in a whirlwind of intrigue and scandal.  Hayden Black is a congressional investigator who's been put on the case to find out and hold accountable whoever is responsible for illegally taping phone conversations.  The top of his hit-list is Graham Boyle, head of news network ANS.  Hayden decides Graham's step-daughter Lucy is just the person to start investigation with and calls her in for an interview that she can't decline.  The attraction is instant and they have to ignore it.  Lucy is determined to clear her step-father's name and Hayden is double determined to pin Graham as the culprit.  Add lots lots of twists and turns and the cutest little boy ever into the mix and you're in for a fantastic ride!

I loved how I was hooked immediately.  The drama and intrigue is bursting out from page one.  I instantly warmed to Lucy.  She not only has to prove to the world her step father, the only family she has left, is an innocent party but she also needs to proved to all her colleagues that she deserves her spot as a reporter; that she didn't just land the job because of who she is.  So when it's starting to look more and more like her step dad is innocent she's not sure where to turn.

Hayden is 100% sure of what he wants and needs to do in order to lay charges but distractions are coming in left right and center.  He knows what's right and what will happen to the investigation if he looks twice at Lucy.

No Stranger to Scandal isn't light and fluffy but it's not dark and cloudy either, I found it to be the perfect mix of mystery, scandal, captivating intensity and fascinating characters I was completely engrossed. 

With a brilliant backdrop, first-class twists and turns, witty dialogue and sensational characters I thoroughly enjoyed Rachel Bailey's No Stranger to Scandal and I look forward to reading the other books in this mini series. 

scandalous stars