The Wilde Sisters: Emily- Sex and Sensibility by Sandra Marton

Reviewed by Desere

Take a moment and think how amazing it would be to be apart of the rich lifestyle, covered in silk, adorned with diamonds taken care of.

But when there is no chance for you to grow in the circle what would you do, run away from it all or stick around and loose more of the person your meant to be bit by bit day by day?

For Emily Wilde she has the family that is more than capable of giving her it all, but because she has dreams of being a something her father does not approve of, she does the only sense-able thing a woman  can do, she packs her bags and heads for the big city.

But once there things don't turn out as she imagined, one night she finds herself in the arms of wanting-you-is-the-last-thing-I-need-but-I'll-take-anyway Marco.

Fate throws their way a card of unexpected events and she becomes his Personal Assistant. Now that they are in each other's company the passion blazes out of control and yes you guessed it these two get hot and heavy, but the real deal clincher is when Marco discovers her secret will he accept or reject her?

The character of Emily was a very likeable one kind, sweet and considerate. I felt sorry for her that she has a family that does not really support her dreams and that she had to go to the lengths she did to try and make it. I loved the idea of her three kick-ass brothers always on the look out to protect her, three gorgeous men ready to take down even the wimpiest of men who dare to hurt you SCORE! However, this does cause her to be less of a fighter than I would have liked.

The character of Marco was the kind of hero that has a score to settle with the world, he had it tough and he will not go down again not emotionally or financially. Sounds like a real bad-ass right, and he is but when he gets near Emily he looses any sense of control, it was a delight watching this man fall! I loved that the author lets his sensitive side come out , showing that somewhere deep inside he has just a little bit of fire left around the the block of ice that is his heart.

The backdrop settings were romantic, from the gorgeous Paris filling the read with romance and passion to the exciting New York that simply screams hidden mystery's of emotion. The dialogue was good, the author gave some great lines of conflict and some nice lines of tenderness and all together this was a nice sweet romance, with some explosive emotional sex.

I recommend this read for lovers of romances where secrets can either define you or destroy you, and for all of you that have been following the Wilde family and all their drama!

4.5 star review
'He takes her from sense-able to Wilde" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Emily: Sex and Sensibility by Sandra Marton

This is the first Wilde Sisters story but it is the 5th book in the series. Here is the complete list for those new to this series.
The Prince of Pleasure,
The Dangerous Jacob Wilde 
The Ruthless Caleb Wilde 
The Merciless Travis Wilde
Emily: Sex and Sensibility

Look for two more books to this series and they are:

Jaimie: Fire and Ice due out in the fall and
Lissa: Sugar and Spice next spring.



Emily Wilde has been judged all her life by others, not for her talents but because of her family name. Emily comes from a large family consisting of 5 siblings that are all making their way in the world.  Growing up a Wilde might open doors but she wants to prove herself to others on her own talents not by her name. So she drops the Wilde and is now known is Emily Madison. She sets off to New York determined to make a living and not depending on others. But she is finding that her strong opinions are not always an asset.  She has been fired from more jobs in less than 2 years, than most people are in a lifetime. Upset over her last firing she leaves in the pouring rain, more concerned about being able to pay the rent than her safety or the weather. Enter our Hero to the rescue.

Marco Santini has everything a man could ever want, except for a good woman or Personal Assistant. Growing up in the slums of Sicily, he has worked hard to become the man he is today. While he is a hard worker, he also has enough arrogance to toss around by the boat loads. He has tried marriage once and found out his wife really just wanted his money. So when it comes to a woman, well he now prefers a Mistress. It is much easier to cut all ties, when a woman gets to clingy. But are Hero is about to fall and fall hard for our heroine. 

I loved how these two thought they could make it all business and no pleasure. And when the attraction becomes too much to ignore it makes for some really good reading. There were no problems with chemistry between these two. Emily is just what Marco needs in his life, she is no wallflower and shows she has no problem voicing her opinions. But what will happen when the truth comes out about who Emily really is.

We also get to revisit with the rest of the Wilde family from previous books, so you will be able to see a little of what is going on with her siblings. I look forward to the next two books in the series.
4.5 /5 Stars