Contract for Marriage by Barbara DeLeo

Contract for Marriage
Reviewed by Desere

Pregnant and alone is a terrible feeling for any woman no matter the circumstances. But when you at least have somewhere to go then it shines a light on the situation.

But when you reach your destination and a arrogant man from your past shows up out of no where and insists the is buying the property , what else can a girl do but fight!

This was a real fun story with lots of emotion and conflict. I liked the idea that the characters knew each other from a long time ago and that they had a little thing going before they were caught.

I also loved that our hero is the kind to have fought his way to the top and is now ready to fight for more after years of being mistreated simply because he was the maid’s son.

The read was a quick one but very enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to read this as it gave a nice little spin on the lovers reunited element.

4/5 star review