When Honey Got Married by Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter, Ally Blake

Reviewed by Desere

This fabulous new read from four of the best authors of our time showed how four woman all part of the bigger picture at the wedding of the year, each meet their match in men that are able to show them the true image of who they really are, and not what they think they are or what they need.

Yes ladies our hero's in each of the four stories are men that charm the woman out of their clothes and bring out the real woman hiding inside ,shattering each one's perfect illusion on life into a million pieces, whilst setting their bodies aflame!


The first read Grace Felt The Heat by the brilliant Kimberly Lang we meet Grace, she is back in the town she swore she would never return to and is ready to get her revenge on the man who humiliated her years before. Only when she comes face to face with I-can-make-you-hotter-than-any-of-the-dishes-I-dream-up in-my-kitchen Beau, does she learn some things are easier said then done and revenge can eat away at your soul and let you loose out on the adventure of a lifetime. The author gave the read her classic sassy, sexy sizzle writing style that made her characters simply leap out from the pages and straight into my heart, guaranteeing moments of conflict and full on heat guaranteed to bring you a feeling of tremendous joy and excitement when it all comes together. She showed that the past can ruin your chance at happiness.              

'Revenge served with hot sexy heat"

In the second read Eve Met Her Match by the very talented Anna Cleary I was introduced to one of the guests at the luscious wedding Eve. Now Eve has a score to settle, the groom of the great event was not only her boss but the one man to kiss her and then simply walked away. She has to get his attention before he makes the mistake of his life. The man to help her put the plan in action -I'll-strip-you-bare-and-show-you-the-real-you -Rainer. As a negotiator the man is relentless in getting what he wants and what he wants is Eve stripped naked and under him and not thinking about the groom in any way or form. The author used her signature writing style of letting the reader fully go on a ride guaranteed to let you escape and become so connected to the characters it is almost at the end as if you simply cannot let go. She showed a message of showing the real you is never as bad as it seems, in fact it can land you the guy of your dreams.

'Negotiations are about to hit a new level of sexy" 


Third read Nina Tempted the Lord by the always creative Kelly Hunter I got to meet Nina, seven years ago she up and left , always in the shadows of her perfect sister Honey,was only one of the reasons. She followed her dreams for the love of dancing and finds her place in the world. Now she needs to return home as bridesmaid and make nice with her family. Her best friend I'll-take-you-to-new-heights Alex comes along to lend emotional support, but along the way the emotional support turns hot, sexy and wild the way she shows she can move her body with grace, poise and beauty and she moves it all over him. But when the time for truth revealing comes the real question is will she still be willing to take a leap of faith for the man of her dreams? The author incorporated her unique style of taking characters that seem out of touch with the real world yet at the same time is very present and aware of it all, and that on it's own is a remarkable talent from this author. She gave the message of faith in the one you love is sometimes all we have to go on, risk is the name of the game.

'The higher you aim the deeper the love you will find' 


Last read Pippa Bared All by Ally Blake who always manages to take normal to extraordinary, tells the story of Pippa, she ran away from it all years ago but she needs to go back and make amends. But now that she is back she needs a little arm candy to draw away the full attention of her actually being present at the wedding event of the year, her arm candy comes in the form of the one man she needs to avoid at all costs I'll-charm-you-right-out-of-that-dress Griff. Years of sexual attraction comes bubbling to the top in a explosive re-union, but if Pippa will stick around this time to live her happy every after is a whole other question, and will Griff let her go again? The author gave the read her signature blow the ordinary up into extraordinary writing style, giving me as reader the unexpected series of events that I have come to love so much form her books. She gave the message of running from people who love and caring what others think will never bring you happiness, laying bare the facts will get you everywhere.

'Travelling on the road to love will build your happiness'



A wedding is never a real wedding without a nerve wrecked bride. This bride has got a lot on her mind through out the read and each author's story gives us a glimpse into the emotions she are dealing with . But ultimately she and her wedding is the one that brings it all together. She learns to really live it up a little along the way showing me as reader that being perfect all the time and never having any fun will let you doubt yourself and the happiness you deserve.

'Don't plan your happiness just go with the flow" 

This was a magical read, pure romance delivered with exquisite writing from four brilliant authors. Each one stamping their own unique signature and giving short powerful read each blending in with the next read effortlessly. I highly recommend this read for fans of any of the authors, reader that love romance with twists and turns that brings moments of truth, happiness, understanding and guidance.

The dialogue of all four reads was straight talk each couple getting to the heart of the matter and laced with flirty, sexy talk. The backdrop setting, of course the wedding event of the year,  gave the read the perfect love is in the air and tonight it's going to explode like stunning fireworks. You will no doubt fall in love with each one of the characters from the impossibly to die for Rainer to the very wild Nina, and those are just two of the characters in a read that is more than worth your while. Go get a copy NOW!

Brilliant work ladies bring us more!

5/5 star review
" No wedding has ever been this much fun" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

When Honey Got Married by Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter & Ally Blake

This is a series of four short novels by four different amazing authors all centered around the same extravagant wedding of Honey Moreau & Brent Delacroix in Bellefleur, Louisiana. From needing to replace The wedding planner at short notice, to wondering if someone is going to try to stop her wedding to the man she fell in love with since preschool. One can see why this Bride would be nervous! Follow along as these authors write about friends and family coming together to celebrate a marriage, and maybe just maybe find their true love.

1) Grace Felt The Heat by Kimberly Lang

Grace Henson " formerly Gracie Lee Duggins" has returned to the town she swore she would never step foot in again. Growing up poor in Bellefleur and always picked on in high school she was more than happy to move away after the death of her father, even if it is less than half an hour away. Brought in as a replacement wedding planner at the last minute, she is thrown into contact with the very people who caused her such stress. 
But Grace has changed over the years, gone are the cheap clothes. Now she has a stylish haircut to go with her much improved wardrobe. So coming face to face with her high school crush Beau Vaughn, is well maybe not so painful after all. 

2) Eve Met Her Match by Anna Cleary

Eve Fortescue has come back to Bellefleur for the wedding of Honey Moreau & Brent Delacroix. But she is not here to celebrate, she has a plan to steal Brent away from Honey long enough to convince him she is his true love. What she hadn't planned on was the sexy as heck Rainer Delacroix " Brent's cousin". He sees Eve and it is game on. And what happens behind closed doors well, I am just surprised the fire department didn't get called out on that what happened.

3) Nina Tempted The Lord by Kelly Hunter

Nina Moreau left behind her family and Bellefleur at the age of 17 to join The Night Circus, and she has never been back. Following her heart in a path not worthy of a Moreau. But with her sister Honey's wedding fast approaching and Nina as the Bridesmaid, she has no choice but to return. Finance Director for The Night Circus and friend, Alexander Carradice offers to travel with Nina for support. But he has been hoping for more than friendship, he has secretly been in love with Nina. A lot can happen on a road trip, with more secrets to be revealed.

4) Pippa Bared All by Ally Blake

In the last book Pippa return for the wedding on her long time friend Honey and her ex boyfriend Brent. When Brent had asked Pippa to Marry him she broke off their relationship and hightailed it out of Bellefleur. That was ten years ago. But one of the main reason was her attraction to Brent's brother Griffin. Griffin fell in love with Pippa the minute he first laid eyes on her, but she was his brother's girlfriend. The minute she broke up with him he kissed her, but he let her go. Ten years later he still can't forget her and he has decided she will know exactly how he feels.

4/5 stars


Reviewed by Maria

There's really nothing like a wedding for bringing people together.  People of the same family, same community, friends old and new, neighbourhood acquaintances.  As traditions throughout the known world bite the dust, the wedding of two people of a similar family status from the same community inspires so much emotion.  For people of the same community, there's a sense of stability and continuation, of the rightness and lasting value of tradition.  For those who have fallen by the wayside and failed to live up to family expectations, there's a chance to think over what has been lost and what has been won.  Amid the pageantry of tradition, there's often reaffirmation of emotions and family ties and faith and belief in the power of true and lasting love.

WHEN HONEY GOT MARRIED, the new release from Entangled Publishing, is what this reviewer calls an antho-novel - an anthology of short fiction from four talented writers of contemporary romance fiction.  The four stories melt and blend into one another to provide a full length novel, with five unique points of view. The authors, Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary and Ally Blake bring us the wedding of Honore (Honey) Moreau and Brent Delacroix, from two of the oldest families in the town of Bellefleur, Louisiana, from several angles. There's the wedding planner, Grace Hensen (nee Gracie Lee Duggins), the girl from the wrong side of the tracks made good, who sets the wedding chef Beau Vaughn's heart racing.  He knows her from somewhere - but where?  There's the woman who thought Brent Delacroix really loved her, Eve.  Then he went and proposed to Honey.  There's Brent's first girlfriend, Pippa Montgomery.  And of course, there's Honey's wayward sister, Nina, who literally ran away to join the circus.  She's driving home for the wedding as we speak in a vintage car driven by an English aristocrat.  Loads of room here for gossip, intrigue and enough emotion and sexual tension to set the wedding venue on fire.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this slice of life anth-novel and dang me if the steamy bits didn't take me completely by surprise.  Then again, it's all in excellent taste, because as you know, this is the south and things are done in Louisiana in a tasteful and well bred manner.  Always!

Honey is a complete darling, everybody's best friend, an absolutely girly girl who hankers for her signature flower, honeysuckle, to feature throughout the wedding, along with a bees and hummingbirds theme.I just found it a teensy bit difficult to believe that she's loved Brent since kindergarten. He had at least two women yearning for him - at least for the memory of him - among the wedding guests.  And there was no old boyfriend hankering for dear, sweet Honey. Unfair, I say!  Brent shouldn't be having it all his own way!  But then, that's just me.

This is a great read and a terrific introduction to four new (for me) talented authors.  I love the multi point of view angle of the antho-novel.  I enjoyed the four authors.  I loved the whole theme of this adorable read.  Go grab a copy and check it out for yourself.