His Final Bargain by Melanie Milburne

His Final Bargain

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone of us has done something that we have regretted and have had to learn to live with the guilt. But not all of us will stand by the person we have wronged and in the process push away any chance we have at happiness.

In this read we meet Eliza, she has been engaged to her finance for eight years, has been making an honest living and focuses solely on making sure her best kept secret is hidden from the world.

However when the love of her life sexier than sin I'll -rope-you-in-with-a-mere-touch Leo makes her a proposal she cannot refuse she has no choice but to accept.

But she will make sure that her secret stays hidden and heart stays guarded. But Leo has other plans and to him Eliza will become more than just nanny to his little daughter, he will make her burn for him with a fire so intense she will never want to leave again.

The character of Eliza was wonderful, a strong and confident woman, but also very sad as the secret she carries places her under severe emotional distress , yet being so strong she soldiers on through life. This to me was the perfect heroine as she proves that woman are loyal and strong enough to handle even the toughest of situations.

The character of Leo was spectacular! He is not only all kind of delicious hotness, believe me girls this man will turn your knees to jelly in a heartbeat and make you wish you were his object of affection.

But he is also a torn hero and as we all know those are the best kind, and when written by this author you know your in for a guaranteed treat!

I loved that he was ruthless in his attempts to bring Eliza back into his life but also that the author showed me as reader he has a soft side that makes him the kind of hero any woman would want in her life.

The backdrop setting was exquisite with the descriptions brought to life by the author of gorgeous Italy and all the magic of romance it holds within it's beautiful landscapes.

The dialogue was sexy, sexy, sexy ! As the author lets Leo and Eliza's passion burn for each other from page to page and finally setting it all alight with an explosive reunion of the hottest kind!

The author's words were so strong and powerful that the moments of confusion and conflict brought tears to my eyes.

I truly loved that the author showed that secrets can destroy our lives and coming clean is sometimes the only way we can be released from our burdens.

5/5 star review
" Exposing her secret by kissing her senseless" 


Reviewed by Nas

HIS FINAL BARGAIN by author Melanie Milburne is a June 2013 release by Harlequin Presents.

Leo Valente fell in love and proposed to Eliza Lincoln four years ago. Yet she had turned him down. Why had she turned him down? Did she not love him?

Eliza was surprised to see Leo after four years. What was he doing at her door, after all this time? Was he here for revenge? She was still not ready to divulge her secret and the reason she had turned him down. What was her explosive secret?

But Leo was here for a different reason, he wanted Eliza to look after his small daughter! Will Eliza agree to be part of Leo’s family again? Wouldn’t it expose her heart to hurt and reveal her secret? 

HIS FINAL BARGAIN is a beautiful romance but tinged with betrayal by loved ones. It had explosive past secrets which needed to be unearthed before the affair could progress. It is a delightfully fast-paced and feel-good romance that sparkles with mesmerizing emotion and intense passion

Written with all the warmth, tenderness and sensitivity that has become USA Today Bestselling author Melanie Milburne’s hallmark. Her characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do!

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

His Final Bargain by Melanie Milburne 

Four years ago Leo Valente and Eliza Lincoln entered into an intense and passionate three week affair, but when Leo asks Eliza to marry him she tells him NO. She is more than surprised when Leo shows up at her door. But he is not there pick up where they left off, he is in need of a Nanny for his 3 year old daughter. Eliza agrees to Leo's proposition, but wonders how she will ever get over him again. She has had thoughts of Leo everyday since they parted four years ago, but she had her reasons for not accepting marriage to the one man she can't forget. When Leo finally discovers her secret, I as the reader could feel his pain for the things he had said to her, how he had treated her and the things he accused her of.

Leo Valente is one very hot, sexy, passionate Italian. While he tells Eliza he is only interested in her taking care of his small daughter, I was not buying it. You could tell he had never gotten over Eliza refusing his proposal. And that he wants more from her than to just be there for his daughter.

Eliza has been living for years with "in my opinion" unjustified quilt. The one time she has taken time out for herself is when she met Leo. And while he is the only man who has truly stirred passion in her, he is someone she can not commit to. Eliza is strong, determined, compassionate, kindhearted and caring of others. And puts others ahead of herself even when it cost her so much in life.

When these two finally accept that the attraction is still there and reunite, it is explosive. Very well written and believable passion. I thought my kindle was going to erupt into flames. Especially the scene in the study. WOW. And once this passion has erupted Leo does not want it to end, and makes Eliza another offer. 

You also have another strong character in this book, young Alessandra. Leo's three year old daughter. How could you not fall heads over heels for this precious little girl, who has had more than her fair share of heartache for one so young.

I love Melanie Milburne's writing style. She has a talent of making the characters very believable. Some of the things said by the Hero & Heroine come across as very hurtful. But in my opinion it makes it all the more believable, because it seems like something you might hear in real life. I love when an author is able to take me away from my real world and put me in the middle of her pages, like I am one of the characters. And Melanie was able to do that with this book!

5/5  Stars