A Throne For The Taking by Kate Walker

Reviewed by Desere

We have all heard and seen the royal families of the world, the high standards set by their parents, the pure perfection of the images they need to uphold.

And I have often thought how awful it must be to know that your every move is controlled, you do not have the honour to make any of your own decisions without thinking about the implications or scandal it can bring to the royal household.

And that is just one of the( and most likely the only one for now) reasons I can think of that I would not want to be royalty , nope I am more than happy to be a average everyday normal woman!

In the case of Honoria ( btw Kate I love that name it is so royally perfect) she has the chance to save her father and her country Mecjoria.

And the one to help her do it is I am-a-broken-man-but-I am-all-yours-if you-want-me-and-I-know-you-want-me Alexei.

He has been betrayed, cast aside, heartbroken and has loved and lost, the perfect tormented hero ladies. You will instantly fall in love with him and all his ruthless ways!

The characters of Ria and Alexei were both very well written. I could see in vivid detail the manner in which Ria is always making sure to fall back on her upbringing in order to stay in control and not let her emotions show. I totally adored the manner in which of course Alexei takes that control and shatters it into a million royal diamond pieces!

Alexei, was as I said the tormented hero, I felt sorry for him that he needed to face so much heartache and be the victim of so many secrets before his life starts to fall into place. But at the same time I loved the idea of the secrets, it gave the book that perfect royal scandal feeling, and made for some very interesting reading.

The backdrop settings were exquisite it was all very posh and the whole time it felt as if I could see the grandeur of royal life. Very vivid descriptions and attention to little details that yes does not make a book, as characters and the actual plot brings it all together, but for me as reader I like to know 'where I am and what am I seeing".

The dialogue was just perfect, the author made sure to use words that a person of high stature would use, if your thinking that you might not understand what the characters are saying you would be wrong, as the intensity and clarity of this read will blow away any words you think you might not be understanding.

The author lets her characters truly speak , as reader I was very glad to see that the author let me in on just what each one of the characters were thinking, as I often find that I want to know what she or he is thinking and not knowing drives me insane, and in the case of Ria and Alexei it would have infuriated me, so thank you Kate!

I particularly liked the message this read gave me, not all secrets are as deadly as one may think, sometimes revealing the truth can save you, opening up the road to recovery.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of royal romances with intense secrets and all Kate Walker fans!

5/5 star review
" Shattering her royal composure is a challenge he plans on winning" 


Reviewed by Nas

A THRONE FOR THE TAKING by author Kate Walker is a June 2013 release by Harlequin Presents.

Honoria Escalona went to seek help from Alexei Sarova, a man no longer interested in the kingdom of Mecjoria. Ria wanted Alexei to come back and take the throne of the kingdom. But will Alexei come back? After all he was thrown out from there with his mother after the death of his father. Could her forgive and forget?

Ria had faith in her friend. But this man she confronted now was no longer her friend. Could she persuade him to come back and be the King of Mecjoria? But she was also hiding information from him and Alexei was determined to get to the bottom of it. Would he be able to unearth what Ria was hiding from him?

A THRONE FOR THE TAKING is a very different, intriguing and thrilling story. It is full of conspiracy, scheming and plotting against the kingdom amidst the mesmerizing romance between Ria and Alexei. Author Kate Walker has yet again stunned her readers with a unique twist to her romance. She skillfully penned another gripping and compelling tale that would hook a reader in until the very last page.

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Review by TashNz - 5 Royal Stars!
I've read Kate Walker’s A Throne for the Taking twice since I've owned it.

I was asked by a good friend how it was going when I started reading it and my answer was “It’s a cracker of an opening”.  Upon finishing it I have to say, I can’t think of a better description for this book than “It’s a cracker of a story!!!

I absolutely love it when I’m thrown straight into the drama and that certainly happens when we meet Honoria;  long lost childhood friend of Alexei Sarova; she's sitting, heart pounding, waiting nervously for him to come through the door so she can give him important documents.  Important documents that prove he is the rightful King of Mecjoria.  They haven’t seen each other for 10 years. Alexei was exiled from his country along with his mother, with nothing more than a shirt on their backs.  And the second he recognises her??? 
You!’ he said the single word thick and dark with hostility… 

And so begins a wonderfully thrilling crafted tale which was full of scandalous secrets, gripping scenes and fabulous dialogue between 'Ria and Alexei , not to mention the rich descriptions of far away lands that sparked my imagination.  I sat in the park reading this and the world melted away, I didn't want to come back.  What a fabulous journey I was taken on.
Ria has been raised by royalty and feels her country and people's fate as well as her own rests on her shoulders.  It's nice that for once it's not the Hero that feels like this.  So Ria goes in search of the only person that can save her country and her. 
Past wrongs have helped shape Alexei into the hard man he is today.  His walls are built so far up you'd need a rocket ship to go over them.  The journey Ria and Alexei took me on clearly showed me that the author is a master at her craft.   A tale was weaved that held me from the first chapter right through to the suspenseful and heart-melting conclusion.  
A Throne for the Taking is exactly why Kate Walker is in my top 5 list of fave authors. 
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Reviewed by Maria

There's nothing quite like a royal romance for fairtytale quality, is there?  The recent royal wedding proved that.  Royal romances tend to capture our imagination and lift us out of the everyday grind.  Of course we all know deep down that the reality is often totally opposite to glamour and happiness, but it doesn't seem to deter our eagerness to learn more about them.

For Ria, her romance with Alexei, the future king of Mecjoria, was all about duty and what was best for their country. Never mind the fact that she'd been in love with him forever.  But deep down, Ria needs so much more than just the assurance that she's saving her country from possible turmoil.  She's a real woman and not just a duchess and she yearns for love, passion, romance.  Just like any other woman.  So will Alexei be able to give her what she's yearning for?  Or will theirs be just another cold, loveless union?

Kate Walker has been missing from the romance novel scene for over a year and she has been missed.  Her thoughtful, deep romantic stories strike a chord with women worldwide, with her vulnerable yet strong heroines and alpha male heroes.  When you pick up one of her stories, you get a couple of hours of sheer escape from the everyday grind and get swept off into another reality.  For a while at least.

Kate Walker's many fans are going to love this.  This is a great introduction for new readers too, to the author who writes 'emotionally rich and passionately intense' romance.