NYC Angels: Making The Surgeon Smile by Lynne Marshall

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Reviewed by Desere

Finding the woman of your dreams having a family and being content is a gift and one that should be cherished as it can all be taken away from you in a heartbeat.

For Johnny Griffin he very nearly had it all, a beautiful wife and a baby on the way but life deals a cruel card his way and he loses them both. I reckon it takes a  remarkably strong person to get over such a tragedy and find the strength to carry on with life. So naturally the person building up a wall around their heart is a reaction I can fully understand.

But as we all know it takes just one special person to break down the walls and put back the life in someone who feels half dead all the time. In book seven from the new Harlequin Mills and Boon NYC ANGELS series that person for Johnny is Polly. She is bright and cheerful, always able to make everyone around her smile, a true ray of sunshine on dark gloomy day.

Polly and Johnny soon start a relationship that goes from flirty to blazing hot in seconds. But when tragedy strikes again their new found happy ever after will be put to the ultimate test.

The character of Polly was really amazing for the reason that she shows she got up from the ground when life got her down. Her character proved that people are strong and determined when wanting to take back control, but as we all know that takes guts and getting there is never easy.  Finding the strength to keep at it is a achievement all on its own, and getting rid of that sense of  belonging is almost never achieved. I truly adored that she was such a strong woman, and the little trick she pulls to get Johnny's attention and bring him out from hiding was so risky yet at the same time an awesome touch.

The character of Johnny was one that made me want to cry I ached so badly for him, losing his happy ever after, finding it again and then very nearly losing it all again.  I could understand his actions with going from lonely to needing action to letting go of it all and putting that wall firmly back in place, yet I was concerned that he would not get back up and fight.  The author,  however, did a remarkable job bringing it all in focus for this poor man.

The backdrop settings were fun, exciting but also laced with emotional drama, which perfectly captured the emotion unfolding between Polly and Johnny. It was as if the heartbreaking situations of a hospital and its staff,  who fight to save lives,  was being mirrored in the actions of Johnny, almost cold and unattached. As for me,  I kept thinking that for Polly, that  moment when a doctor literally saves a life and feels pride for what he has achieved factored in a turning point and the author perfectly let that spill over into the relationship between the two..

I loved the message this read gave me, everyone needs a little sunshine for when it's gone life will be a dark and lonely place.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance with heartfelt emotion that will bring you to the point of tears, for those who love a second chance romance written with exquisite detail, and most of all for any lover of Lynne Marshall books!

5/5 star review
"Sunshine melts away the icy grip of tragedy and lights the way to love"

Reviewed by Nas

NYC Angels: MAKING THE SURGEON SMILE by author Lynne Marshall is a Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for June 2013.

Polly Seymour is as the author says ‘a people pleaser’. She could never say ‘no’ to anyone. And she always strive to make people around her happy. Then on her first day of work, she bumps into the grumpy Dr John Griffin, her boss. How could she make him smile?

Johnny was only happy around his small patients. He had a smile and a funny face always for them.

What was Johnny hiding behind the façade of grumpiness? He had deep hurts lurking in his eyes. Will he share his secrets with Polly? For he did found himself looking forward to her smiles and he also found her enchanting.

Polly was hiding behind her mask of happiness. Would she share with Johnny her secrets? And yet she can’t help but feel the chemistry between them. Passion runs riot between them and then she drops a bombshell on Johnny that he is unable to dodge. What will he do now? Will he stand by her?

NYC Angels: MAKING THE SURGEON SMILE is a well-written, fast-paced story. It takes us to unexpected depths of past grief, human relationships and trust. Author Lynne Marshall brought this tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion. It has humor with steamy sensuality and heart tugging pathos. This story is intensely emotional and romantic amid the medical drama.

Highly emotional and medical lovers would love the story!
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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In Making The Surgeon Smile by Lynn Marshall Johnny Griffin is a talented surgeon who buries himself in his work. Loved by his patients, but not so much by his staff. At one time Johnny Griffin had everything. A beautiful wife he loved and adored and a baby on the way. And then the unthinkable happened 9/11. As a first responder he was there trying to help rescue his wife who was trapped in The World Trade Center. After more than a decade he has never moved on emotionally from his lost. 

Polly Seymour knows how it feels to be unwanted since she lost her Mother at the young age of 6. She was shuffled from Aunt's and Uncle's homes and never felt truly loved. Then betrayed by her boyfriend, she sets her sights on NYC. A new state, a new job and away from gossip. Her first day on the job and she literally runs right into Johnny Griffin. This little burst of energy is just what Johnny needed to shake him back to life. She brings such joy and happiness to the hospital ward. While Polly try's to bring Joy all around her, she also stands up for herself and is by no means a pushover.

After one night of intense passion between these two, He is having regrets, he feels he is too old for her, he is her boss and part of him feels he is betraying his late wife. Not because of having sex but because of the feelings he is having for Polly. But soon this one night of passion brings a second chance of having a family.

I must admit my emotions were all over the place after ready this Amazing book by Lynne Marshall. I lost track of how many times I cried over this story. It just really grabbed at the heart strings. Just as you think both are getting a HEA something else happens. And I honestly can't decide which part made be cry the most 9/11, the hospital ER scene, the nightstand scene or The ending.

I did have one question about the story. What happened to Mr. Caldara? 

The author was kind enough to send me a copy of this book, but I also purchased this book for my kindle. I highly recommend this book!

5/5 stars