Tempted by Trouble by Susan Arden

When Dr. Carolina Rodriguez is snatching a power nap in the church parking lot before her best friend's Miami wedding after a lively hen night, she's disturbed to catch a couple having wild sex in the next vehicle - the kind of sex she's never thought herself capable of having.  Trying to make a quick exit, she bumps into  the couple's car and encounters the vehicle owner, Texan cowboy Matt McLemore, all man and all cowboy. He doesn't seem overly disturbed that she's interrupted him during an extremely private moment.   During the wedding, she's intrigued to discover that McLemore is the man she's just signed up to work with on her next assignment.  She's a vet who specializes in large animals and Matt needs Carolina to find out why his herds are being depleted by mysterious animal deaths.  In order not to give away the fact that he's having the matter investigated, Matt suggests that she visits his ranch in Texas posing as his girlfriend.  The babe in the parking lot had just been a casual pick up, nothing more.

It's against her better judgment, but Carolina is attracted to the down home Texan cowboy, even if he's inclined to be somewhat free with his favours.   But Matt is no pushover.  He's a family man through and through and now that he's set eyes on the lovely Latina, Carolina, he wants her in his life.  End. Of. Story.  But is he what she really wants?

A well written contemporary romance with the love scenes written in erotica style.  Therefore, it's not the kind of read to give your teenage daughter.   The sex scenes are long, graphic and explicit.  Blow by blow, touch by touch, feel by feel.  Which is fine if that's what you like.  I loved the premise - the lovely Latina and the macho Texan - and the intrigue had me - well, intrigued. But the over long sex scenes, while fabulously written, somewhat took the wind out of my sails as the story about the mysterious animal deaths took a back seat and paled into insignificance as Matt and Carolina's shenanigans in bed took the centre stage.

The main characters are well drawn, their dialogue is interesting and if you love well written, erotic romances, this is for you.  With bells on.  I'm one of those people who'd rather do it than read about it.  But if this author ever turns her hand to romantic suspense, I think she'd be fabulous.

BTW it has one of the most amazing scenes I've ever read in a romance novel - the heroine, a vet helps the hero deliver a calf.  It also has one of the most romantic closing scenes I've ever read.