His By Design by Dani Wade

 His by Design

Reviewed by Desere

Loads of woman with no regard for being descent have slept their way to the top. They see the position they want and no matter what or who they have to do, they will for in the end it will all be worth it, or so they think. But we all know that in the end those woman get exactly what is coming to them and they come tumbling down from their little built up pedestals really fast!

So most of us are more the woman that believe they can make it in any industry and they work for it too, they go by the book and stick to the rules, but when temptation comes along it takes a really strong and confident woman to be able to fight back and not lose her job, especially when told to "spy" on the new boss, and the new boss is no other than tempt-me-to-cover-every-inch-of-you Sloan.

So Ziara not only has the hard decision to make of using the spying information she finds to aid the company, but to let go for once and fall at the feet of delicious temptation and hope for the best, but will her decision be worth it in the end of will this be her downfall?

The character of Ziara was phenomenal! Strong, confident, passionate about her job, ambitious and has a drive to succeed. I loved that she has worked so hard to get to the top and done so honestly and with hard work and dedication. I adored that the author lets Ziara go from this almost lame "I dress so I don't entice" woman to "I am going after who I want" woman. It is not everyday I come across a heroine that is strong and confident in her work yet at the same time non leading in her personal life, the contradiction was simply fascinating, well done Dani!

The change in her personality happens very slowly but the author does not do so at a slow and boring pace, as I often find the stories of similar situations dragging on and on before it gets to the point. This author kept it interesting and moving with moments of true chance, conflict and passionate, emotional understanding shining through the haze of drama.

The character of Sloan, was at first a real idiot, as in I really wanted to slap this man and yell, I did not appreciate the manner he uses to approach Ziara, it is one thing to know you are beyond good looking and can get any woman into bed, but to go after a woman while knowing her involvement with you could cost her work and everything she has worked for, while not really caring is just plain nasty!

But I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted when the author started showing the kinder side of Sloan and he became a man worthy of Ziara's love.

The dialogue was a mixture of funny here and there, fantastic words of conflict, emotional truth and hot passionate spoke words. The backdrop setting was so beautifully incorporated by the author that it felt as if I could touch the surroundings and feel the pure elegance of it all.

I am taking away a message of, letting your past influence your future does not always have the desired outcome, you can fight your way to the top but there as to be a limit when it comes to letting go in order to be able to walk away as a new person with the courage to know you deserve happiness. And never let what people say about you influence you badly, push past the moment and focus on your goals, those who truly know you will know and see you are the real you and not as those out to get you try to portray you.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, this read is sweet, sensual, emotional , sexy, fast paced and simply gorgeous!  I look forward to many more terrific reads from this author.

Dani get writing, we want more!

5/5 star review

"Together they will design the perfect future"