The Ruthless Caleb Wilde by Sandra Marton


Reviewed by Desere:

Warning do not start to read this book if you have any plans scheduled, it is just too good to put down. 

Sandra Marton has done it again ! This book was so,so,so very good I could not put it down and read it in one sitting !

Yes ladies the character of Caleb Wilde was absolutely tantalizing temping and deliciously sexy. He was ruthless but in that it-makes-him-irresistible kind of way.

The author totally blew me away with the fabulous plot, yes you will agree that the one night with a little present in the works has been done before but not with this much emotion or intensity. The author completely knocked me for a six with the little twists and turns.

And the "love scenes" rocked,very nicely done indeed Sandra.

I loved how determined Caleb was and a real go getter his ruthless attitude just made him so much more sexy.  I also loved how the author slowly let the reasons and turmoil's of Sage unfold.

The author's characterization was spot on and she took me on a journey of just pure romance at it 's best.  After reading I was left with that "I need a few moments to come back down to earth" feeling which is prove that the book was a perfect score.

Mrs Marton has again proved she is one of the very best authors of our time.

I look forward to the next read Sandra,keep them coming !

Ruthlessly captivating

5/5 star review

Review by Nas

THE RUTHLESS CALEB WILDE by USA Today Bestselling Author Sandra Marton is a November 2012 release from Harlequin Presents. It is from the miniseries of The Wilde Brothers.

After spending a passionate night in New York with Sage Dalton, lawyer Caleb Wilde wakes up to find she had misled him. He is disillusioned and goes back home. But he is haunted by Sage and can’t forget her or the night they spent together.

He gets a new client who claimed that a pregnant woman is carrying his dead son’s baby. This wealthy client wants the sole custody of the child. But the woman is adamant that the baby’s father is not the wealthy man’s only son. Caleb decides to look into this matter. But he gets a shock when he finds who the woman is. And now the million-dollar question is, who is the father of this baby?

Will Caleb walk away from Sage a second time now?

THE RUTHLESS CALEB WILDE  is a lively contemporary romance with a sexy, gorgeous hero you will swoon over and a strong heroine whom you’d love. Author Sandra Marton brought this sparkling tale of unexpected and chance encounters turning into red-hot passion. It is humour with steamy sensuality and heart tugging pathos. And the story is intensely emotional as well as very sensual. Highly entertaining and well worth reading
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Review by TashNz! Couldn't put this book down!

In Book 2 of the Wilde Brother's mini-series we meet Caleb, hot-shot lawyer.  He's at a party in NYC; bored, he happens to witness a waitress almost be attacked by a drunk.  He rescues Sage and even tho he has everyone's best interests at heart to start with they do end up spending a long night together. He wakes up all WOW until he thinks that Sage's boyfriend has arrived home.  He decks the new-comer, promptly leaves and basically goes into hibernation.  Ten weeks later his brother gives him a new case to snap him back to reality and Sage tumbles back into his life, uh-oh, pregnant; who's baby is it?!?

I seriously couldn't put this book down.  It's fast-paced, full of action, emotional, the works! I felt the characters as I grew to know them, for example and I quote "...he saw her anger drain away. She put her elbows on the table, leaned her forehead against her fists... tears rolled down her cheeks"... end of quote, by the time I reached this stage of the book I was almost crying with Sage.

Book 1 lays the foundations of the Wilde family, Book 2 The Ruthless Caleb Wilde rockets into outerspace in terms of drama and emotion and I can not wait to check out the Prequel to the Wilde Family Saga, The Prince of Pleasure.