The Family They've Longed For

The Family They've Longed For

Robin Gianna

The Family They've Longed For by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Helen

MS Gianna writes stories that go straight to the heart, they are moving, emotional and so darn good that I never want to put them down till the finish, and this one is no different, wow, set in Alaska one of my favourite places and two people who had been through so much and it is time for them to reunite in a gorgeous journey to a wonderful HEA.

Rory Anderson grew up in Eudemonia a small Alaskan town and she loved it, she met Jacob Hunter in fourth grade and the two were inseparable, and friendship grew into lovers when they were at college together, both determined to be doctors. When tragedy strikes Rory runs away, takes off to California and becomes a paediatric surgeon, she lives alone and quietly, but she is needed at home as her Mum is unwell and Rory goes home to look after her, but going home and meeting up with Jake and finding out he is a single dad rocks her.

Jake has always wanted to stay in Eudemonia, become a doctor have a wife and family but that wish is shattered when the love of his life Rory takes off, he stays makes good with most of his wish, he is a single dad to little Mika. Working at the medical centre he cares for Rory’s Mum and she is there to look after her, Jake is determined to not get his heart broken again, but when a snow storm has them trapped in a hut he cannot contain the sensual feelings for long, but it must only be for one night.

This is a beautiful story of second chances for Rory and Jake, Rory coming home gives her a chance to finally open up about what happened and why she ran, and Jake finally gives in to trust her again, this one hits the spot for a romance that will bring all of the best feelings to the surface, there were tears for me and then smiles. I highly recommend this one don’t miss out, thank you MS Gianna.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 1st 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romances