Fool me Forever

Fool me Forever

The Confidence Game #2

Ainslie Paton

Fool Me Forever by Ainslie Paton

Reviewed by Helen

MS Paton has a fabulous writers voice she brings out the best in her characters, her stories are witty with wonderful banter, and this one is no exception there is a lot going on when Halsey Sherwood meets up with the beautiful Lenore Bradshaw and together they work on a sting to bring a Prime Minister down, the sparks fly and the sensual pull grows as PowerPoint girl and ExcelBoy work together and try and control their feelings.

Lenny is working hard to keep her charity, Dollars 4 Daughters going after her life has been turned upside down first by her father going to prison then her best friend and partner falling in love with Cal Sherwood who comes from a family of fraudsters as far as Lenny is concerned. So when Halsey, Paul Newman look alike brother of Cal arrives at her office to check her accounts the sparks start to fly with a sensual pull and then a proposition to team up and work a sting sets them on a course to love.

Hal is not a field person worker he is more a spreadsheet guy and working for the family in Robin Hood style brings them close to being con artists, but helping Lenny after everything that has happened to her is going to change how Hal works and bringing down the Prime Minister of Ossovia becomes top priority and although having Lenny work with him is not ideal in case she gets hurt it is a bonus that has Hal opening up to who he really is.

This was a real page turner, there are arguments, there is fun, the clothes and shoes that Lenny has is amazing but above all the love that grows between them is just amazing and beautiful and had me cheering them one, truly there is so much in this story that made me love Hal and Lenny, I highly recommend this one and look forward to more in the Sherwood family they are a family I want to get to know, thank you MS Paton.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published September 24th 2018 by Entangled, LLC (Amara)