Christmas with Her Secret Prince by Nina Singh

Reviewed by Nas Dean

CHRISTMAS WITH HER SECRET PRINCE by author Nina Singh is a November 2018 release by Harlequin Romance series.

After a car accident brings handsome and striking Ray in her life, Melina Osmon starts believing in fairy tales and Christmas magic. But would Ray stay with her forever? She gets a rude awakening when she finds out who actually the mysterious Ray is. Could she hope for her happy ever after with him now?

Rayhan al Saibbi is a Crown Prince and his royal family is on the lookout for a royal bride for him. Could he take Mel and introduce her to them? What would happen when his parents find out that he is seeing a commoner? Would they agree to him marrying her?

CHRISTMAS WITH HER SECRET PRINCE is a sweet romance full of Christmas magic. Author Nina Singh brought Ray and Melina on the pages for whom you would cheer to get to their happy ever after. Readers would be enthralled by this story to the very end.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Christmas with Her Secret Prince

Reviewed by Helen

If you are looking for a Christmas story that will sweep you off your feet then this is the book for you MS Singh has written a beautiful romantic story filled with emotion and all of those special feels that romance readers look for, sit back and get ready to meet Ray Saibbi and Melinda Osman as we tour Boston and fall in love.

Mel is working as a waitress for the Perlman sisters she has been through a divorce and lost a lot during that time, so when an invitation to the Mayoral Holiday ball arrives there is no way she wants to go but the sisters are insistent that she does. After shopping and on her way home she is literally swept off her feet during an accident and has her meeting with the handsome Ray the man that will change her life.

Prince Rayhan is in America on business for the Royal family and he is keeping the fact that he is a Prince to himself, because this will probably be the last time he has to enjoy life as a single man, but when he meets the beautiful Mel his heart takes its own direction as he tours Boston with her and takes her to the ball. The time comes when he must choose Mel or duty to his kingdom.

This is such a fairy tale story one that had me turning the pages, cheering both Mel and Ray on throughout and smiling, it really was a joy to read, MS Singh has bought the characters to life on the pages, and the Perlman sister they are so good and add so much to the story. I can highly recommend this story, it has all of the emotions to make this a must read

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

 Published November 6th 2018 by Harlequin Romance Large Print