Princess in the Iron Mask by Victoria Parker

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone wears masks, masks to protect themselves from hurt, masks to give them courage to face situations beyond their control, no matter the person there is always some kind of mask.

Usually there is only one person that is able to make you drop the mask long enough to see the person you are underneath, and that is also the person that will show you that you no more need the mask then you need the pretence.

And in this simply spectacular d├ębut  this author shows that masks are indeed overrated. The read is about Princess Claudia, she is quite the unusual kind too, she lives in a one bedroom flat in a not so great area, she works long hours as a biochemist and dresses like a frumpy old woman.

Why any Princess in the world would live in such a manner when she could have designer dresses, be living in a palace and spend her days shopping or lounging on the beach is unthinkable right?

In this read however the author very quickly showed me the reasoning behind Claudia'a actions and all was crystal clear, I could pick up that of course there is some dashing man that is going to come in and sweep her off her feet.

But what I did not see coming my dear reading friends is that the hero would be absolutely incredible, a "I only want you to protect me hero" ,this one is a real soldier that can do the entire guns blazing ,glass shattering I am coming to save you and will protect you with my life and it is no act!

Unlike other Mills and Boon Modern reads that involve a perfect gentlemanly hero, this one was so much more exciting and it was as if I was reading thrilling suspense that had met up with the world of romance to give me as reader the most exquisite perfect hero. Making this Modern the WOW one of the year!

The character of Claudia was one that I could connect with as she hides behind a mask of pain to bury the hurt from her childhood but I was also thrilled to see that she finds her strength and courage through Lucas, letting go and blossoming into a real woman.

I simply could not get enough of I'll take you to heaven and back again Lucas, he was simply amazing in every sense. Powerful, arrogant  forceful in his mission, and I really loved that he also finds the courage to let go of his tormented past.

The backdrop setting was gorgeous as the author described the the lavish surroundings and also the ocean and the calm it brings to ones soul but also the recklessness when a storm hits and this matched up perfectly the emotions of her characters.I also loved the feeling of protection that was depicted through not only Lucas' s actions but his words.

The dialogue was delicious as conflict moment after conflict moment gave the book that perfect go getting spirit it needed to make it an action packed read. I loved that the author let her words really show the true heart of what the characters try to protect and what they really are.

I highly recommend this read for all readers, you will be left with breathless moments of sadness and of joy. Grab a box of tissues trust me you will need them!

5/5 star review
" For King and Country he will protect her, even if he has to keep her shackled to his bed"
Publication Date : 21 May 2013 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Princess In The Iron Mask by Victoria Parker: We meet Princess Claudine Verbault, a brilliant biochemist desperately looking for a cure for JSMS Juvenile Dermatomyosytis. She has first hand knowledge of this painful disease. Diagnosed at a young age and sent to England by her parents for treatment she felt abandoned and unloved. When she really wanted love, compassion and understanding.

Lucas Garcia, is the Head of National Security and he will stop at nothing to bring the Princess back to Arunthia. He is focused, emotionless, intense and has secrets that has made him the man he is today. He will never love and he lets his feelings known up front. He has no problem walking away after a night of passion, so don't think this is anything more.

The passion between these two was scorching. Loved that Lucas fought his feelings and while he tried to resist, in the end he couldn't. The attraction was believable and Lucas soon learns just from watching Claudia that she is not the spoiled Princess he once thought her to be. 

I do one major issue with this book. While the plot was good, the characters Amazing. I seriously felt sick at the use of the word "Dios" throughout the story. It became so redundant that, I word searched it upon finishing this book. It was used 94 times in a 194 page novel. I seriously hope this is not something we have to look forward to in future books from this author. 

For a first time author I was very impressed, and I hope my one complaint does not keep readers away. This is a Harlequin worth the read.

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.