The Baby That Changed Her Life by Louisa Heaton

Reviewed by Nas

THE BABY THAT CHANGED HER LIFE by debut author Louisa Heaton is a M&B and Harlequin Medical Romance series release for January 2015.

Midwife Callie Taylor was carrying Dr Lucas Gold’s baby. But it was a favour to her old friend. She was to hand the baby over to Lucas and his wife at the end of the pregnancy. Then Lucas’s wife left him. Now could Callie walk away from her baby? She had decided that she could not be a good mother. Could she be a mother to her baby now?

Could Lucas get Callie to agree to his heart’s desire?

THE BABY THAT CHANGED HER LIFE moved me to tears many times. It is a full on emotional drama. Louisa Heaton brought this tale shimmering with emotions.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Desere 

Midwife Callie was carrying Dr Lucas Gold's baby( already you can tell this is juicy read) But it was simply just a favor to her old friend and all she had to do was hand the baby over to Lucas and his wife and walk away. 

But then Lucas's marriage falls apart just as Callie becomes pregnant, and she so does not trust herself to be a good mother, so what now?

Can Lucas convince her she 's perfect for the role of mother and his wife? It's his delicious kisses messing with her plans or is it the hormones? Either way she's not ready for any of this but Lucas has other ideas and pushing her to her limits and making her see they are meant to be is all he wants. 

What a fun and sexy read this was ! Really nice and upbeat even with the whole marriage falling apart , the chemistry between Lucas and Callie was off the charts hot!  And Lucas oh my what a man! Loved him!!!!

Callie was a bit of a heartbreaking heroine, I could understand her motivation behind not wanting to be a mother but at the same time I really wanted to just yell at her that walking away from your child even if that was the original plan is never the answer, as a mother I simply cannot begin to think how hard that is to do, and again I just wanted to grab hold of Callie and tell her straight that if there is a way you take it no matter what. 

A stunning read about trust, understanding, new beginnings and a beautiful romance shining through the clouds of misery. Highly recommended for all readers.

5/5 star review

" Get ready,set time to be a mom!"