Theseus Discovers His Heir (Kalliakis Crown #2) by Michelle Smart

Review by Amanda

Theseus Discovers His Heir. Ms. Smart brings lots of emotion, drama and intense moments to the page. Her poetic writing style, likable characters, touching sometimes highly dramatic dialogues and scenic descriptions pull you into the book and leaves you satisfied until the last page.

At first I didn’t like Theseus but eventually as I got to know him as the story progresses, I found him to be considerate. I saw him grow as the plot unravels and his change in character highlights Joanne’s motherly instincts. I especially found her character refreshing with the way she showers all her love on her darling son.

A few years back, Joanne Brooks had a steamy rendezvous with a gorgeous Greek man on a Mediterranean island. After she and Theo Patakis parted Joanne realizes her hot fling left her pregnant. So she goes out on a mission to find the father of her son. But shock leaves her breathless when upon doing research for her new stint writing the biography for King Astreus of Agon, she sees the face of Theo in that of Prince Theseus Kalliakis. She couldn’t find Theo because in reality he didn’t exist. I cheered on Theseus and Joanne through their journey eradicating the gap between them for the sake of their young son. I enjoyed the ending and I think the author did a good job resolving all the unanswered questions between the hero and heroine.

4.5 Stars