Falling for the Single Dad

Falling for the Single Dad (The Hollywood Clinic Book 2)

Emily Forbes

Mills & Boon  by Emily Forbes

Reviewed by Helen
This is such a great story it is emotional and moving as Dr Abi Thompson takes a job at the the Hollywood Hills Clinic after returning from Afghanistan. Abi is suffering from PTSD and still has a few problems with some things but her work as a re-constructive surgeon never falters that she is great at and she has the help of her assistance dog Jonty. Abi has been through a lot in her life but she is very strong in so many ways and is determined to get on with her life but with just her and Jonty but when she meets her new boss Dr Damien Moore there is a spark that could light up the clinic.

Damien is a single Dad to five year old Summer he works hard and has a protective streak in him that got involved with his ex-wife he loves his daughter and will do anything for her but he isn't planning on finding her a new mother and is a bit terse when he first meets with Abi but when she steps in to help him a couple of times in their first couple of days working together that pull is getting stronger and that protective streak is coming to the surface.

This is a lovely story that will have you smiling as Abi, Damien, Summer and Jonty become close and work through a few problems that see Damien and Abi open up to each other and give into to that spark. I loved the openness of the characters and the dialogue between them they both have big responsibilities in their jobs and lives and they worked together to overcome their pasts and join together for a future that will be filled with laughter and love and fun as a family. I highly recommend this one it is the 2nd book in The Hollywood Hills Clinic series and I loved it.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published April 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical