The Bouquet List

The Bouquet List

Barbara DeLeo

The Bouquet List by Barbara DeLeo

Reviewed by Helen

I have had this one on my TBR pile for quite some time and with the second book in this series coming out in May I needed to get this one read I had heard lots of good things about it and they were all correct what a great fun story this one was I thoroughly enjoyed it from page one.

Yasmin Katsalos has returned home to her family after nearly dying with Dengue fever while studying for her PHD in Borneo, she decides to make a bouquet list and make sure she gets it done firstly dye her hair get a piercing and to do what she wants in life rather than what everyone else wants plus a few other things. Yasmin comes from a Greek family that runs a wedding reception venue and when she returns home there is a problem her mother has returned to Greece and her father is going after her mother and leaving the Aegean Palace in her hands with renovations to be done in steps her brother's best friend Lane Griffiths the guy Yasmin had always had a crush on could he be no 5 on her list?

Lane Griffiths didn't have much of a family life growing up passed from mother to father but what he had was his best friend Nick Katsalos's family a big Greek and oh so family orientated one. Lane has made a name for himself in the restaurant business and is in between jobs at the moment so when he is asked by Mr Katsalos to help oversee the renovations on the Aegean Place and restaurant he gladly agrees he has a spare month the do so. But when he meets up with Nick's sister Yasmin who is so different from what he remembers this is going to change so much in his life.

Really this book will have you laughing and turning the pages this is a fabulous story about families best friends and doing what you want in life. Seeing conservative Lane open up when Yasmin pushes a little and seeing Yasmin changing was very uplifting. I highly recommend this book there are lots of emotions and love and joy that come to life on the pages the characters are real and alive and fresh bring on book two.

4/5 stars for a fun filled story

Published September 15th 2014 by Entangled: Bliss