Husband Sit by Louise Cusack (Husband Series #1)

Review by Helen - 5 Stars

Jill Wilson is a woman who is single after the failure of her ten year marriage that was boring sex was always dull but Jill is now in a bit of a fix her only family younger sister is stuck in Bangkok and could soon be in jail if a lot of money is not raised very soon and when she finds out about a profession that pays lots of money and entails husband sitting although against her normal catholic morals she does what a girl has to do. One thing that she must at the start not do is tell her very best friends they would have her committed :)

Little does Jill realize that her first client will change her life forever Finn has a hard time at first coming to terms with his wife hiring someone for him to have sex with but Jill grows on him with her witty banter and fun personality. Although after they part supposedly for good Finn arrives to help when Jill needs him life is full of hurdles and falling in love can sometimes be a good hurdle.

This story is hot hot and very steamy there is humour and fun and the journey is filled with ups and downs but the proposal will have you smiling if you enjoy your romances with an erotic flavour than this is one for you keep a fan handy :)

Review by TashNz - 4 Stars

Fun fun fun, with a side of serious, what a great story! 

Jill needs money fast so she becomes a Husband-Sitter! Who knew there was such a thing lol! But with such an amazing amount of money at such a time Jill desperately needs it she's willing to give anything a go. This provides the background for a fun crazy ride that I have no clue how to explain properly hahahah. All the other reviews cover the story perfectly so I'll just say, sit down with a steaming hot cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy the ride :D

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

"Husband Sit" by Louise Cusack is a hot, steamy, quick read. If you enjoy reading sexy/erotic romance then you will really enjoy this book. Jill Wilson is fresh out of a relationship and needs to make money quickly in order to save her sister who is in a Bangkok jail. She finds that if she takes care of the sexual needs of men, so that their wives can fool around or just not bother, she can make good money and make it fast. Her first assignment is with a man named Finn. He is a well endowed, gentleman who seems to be falling for Jill. As she continues on her sexual quest S&M with another assignment leaves her hurting and calling Finn for assistance. It seems that Jill must learn to trust her feelings in order to move on. LOVED this story. 

Review by Amanda - 5 Stars

Louise Cusack’s new book Husband Sit is an explosion of sexiness and multi-layered emotions with just the right touch of comedy. I found Ms. Cusack’s writing to be sexy and flirtatious and her characters were different and diverse. I especially enjoyed seeing Jill grow from strength to strength as she moved past the hurdles littering her life. I deeply enjoyed this racy story and sure as hell would recommend it to romance readers who like to indulge in sinfully delicious reads where likable characters and an intriguing plot combines to give you a satisfactory ending.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

Jill Wilson just got out of a boring relationship that lasted 10 years too long. She is thirty something, no children, and no real home and needed to make money fast.
Jill's younger sister is soon to end up in a Bangkok jail for non-payment of hospital bills. She had gotten herself in a huge mess - boob job gone seriously wrong and needed help to pay the bills.
Jill came up with a way that she can make the money - Husband Sitting. Rich wives who will pay large sums to have a female stay in their house and keep an eye on their husband’s while they are on holiday, while they are having an affair, etc. 
First job was for Finn and his wife. But that memory of Finn will stick with her for a long time. He has sexy eyes and is well endowed. The rich wife hired Jill for a month. A bonus in there also if she can lure Finn to having sex with her since the rich wife has a girlfriend and is off having sex with her.
Book is filled with steamy sex scenes and so for sure not for young readers. There are quite the bedroom and other places of hot sex!
She learns to make sure she has a lawyer checking the contracts and letting in a friend so that someone knows where she might be.
Louise Cusack knows how to write a steamy story and with multiple characters and settings.

Review by Nas - 5 Stars

HUSBAND SIT by author Louise Cusack is a February 2016 release by Flirt Press.

In need of urgent money, she takes on the job of husband sitting for rich wives. To keep their husband’s at home while they go off on holidays.
This is a fun, sexy and steamy romp. It takes a reader on an alternate journey of what happens when plans go wrong and she falls in love with her first subject. The journey she takes to try and make him jealous is sexy as well as emotional.

Highly recommended for all readers of fun, sexy but emotional stories!

Review by Adel - 5 Stars

Husband Sit by Louise Cusack is Jill’s story in book one of the “Husband” series. It is a story of a desperate woman getting herself into a strange situation because she loves her dysfunctional sister. This is not just another love story, the plot is original and the characters are very entertaining in their antics.
Jill will do anything for her friends and family. She is a free spirit and yet she struggles with her father’s betrayal when she was a child. She pushed the good men in her life away until she met her match in Finn. Finn is an endearingly sexy character and puts up with a lot from Jill.
I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy a bit of the forbidden, readers who appreciate a woman that does what needs to be done and makes no apologies for it. In the end, Jill finds happiness with her perfect match. 

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

What happens when a woman over thirty with nothing to show for her ten year relationship, realizes she had nothing, no children house or for that doesn't even feel like she was in a relationship. Since she feels like everything has passed her by, a call for help from her little sister who is in trouble and not having the funds to help her, decides she needs to make money fast. How does ten thousand a week sound? That is what she will get from rich wives that want to keep their cheating husbands happy at home while they go play on vacation. So Jill Wilson starts her new career Husband sitting. Sounds like an easy plan until she meets Finn who has big green eyes and of course other big things too. This becomes a game of high and lows and Jill trying to figure if Finn may be what she was looking for all along. This is the first but truly not the last book I will read by Miss Cusack when you start you don't want to stop till the end. It is a wonderful book and you will enjoy the banter between Jill and Finn, definitely a book not to miss