The Secret Beneath the Veil by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE SECRET BENEATH THE VEIL by Dani Collins is a September 2016 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Mikolas Petrides was at the alter on the verge of getting married—no, already married when he lifts the veil and sees that it was a different girl! He was marrying her in the first place to secure the success of his company through the merger. But, now what?  

Viveka Brice’s only thought was to save her younger sister from the unwanted marriage. So she changed places with her. But she hadn’t really thought through about the consequences, did she? 

THE SECRET BENEATH THE VEIL is a sizzling romance. It highlights some aspect of physical abuse and I loved how Mikolas taught Viveka to defend herself. That’s a good lesson to have and for readers everywhere as we never know when and where physical violence happens. Author Dani Collins brought this story filled with tension and drama.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.           


The Secret Beneath the Veil

Dani Collins

The Secret Beneath the Veil by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

Dani Collins is a fabulous story teller she writes stories that sizzle and bring out so many emotions that will engage the reader and bring a smile to your face when you finish with a wonderful HEA and this one is a beauty of a story.

Viveka Brice has had a pretty tough childhood that leaves her mentally scared she is loyal to a fault and pays her own way and she will do anything to help her half- sister Trina even to the point of helping her get out of a forced marriage to someone not suited to the young Trina by Trina’s father the man that has always been cruel to Viveka. But with the revelation of her deception starts some very emotional changes to her life that will see innocent Viveka blossom into a strong woman.

Mikolas Petrides has lived on the streets of Athens been through some things in life at a young age that no one should he has come from a criminal background and has been saved by his grandfather but is working hard to bring the family company into a legal form and to do that he must marry to form a merger, but when he lifts the veil of his bride there is shock and sparks and when he saves Viveka ‘s life he takes her on as a  mistress Mikolas can never love it is not in him or is it?

This is a story that had me turning the pages from the beginning I didn’t want to put it down I fell for both Viveka and Mikolas  and what they had been through and the strength that they both showed as they journeyed to the most beautiful HEA. This is a romance readers dream story with sizzle deep emotion hurt and love they will have you sighing and smiling I highly recommend this one thank you MS Collins for another keeper.
5/5 stars for a fabulous story