Summer Lease

Summer Lease

Liz Fielding

A Summer's Lease

Reviewed by Helen

I am working my way through all of Liz Fielding’s stories and am thoroughly enjoying myself I have a long way to go yet but I can highly recommend this one it is a sweet read that has a fair bit of misunderstanding in it between the hero and heroine but will definitely have you smiling at the end.
Charlotte Palmer has lived since her birth at Beaumont Court she comes from a long line that has worked for the owners and now Charlotte is working for Richard Beaumont the current Baronet writing the history of Beaumont Court and learning about the generations that have come before since Harry Beaumont built it in the 16th century. Charlotte is very fond of Harry since she first saw his portrait as a young girl and is loving the wok she is doing but sadly Richard passes away and the new heir is about to arrive what will happen to the place Charlotte loves and cares so much for.
Matthew Ryan arrives after the death of his uncle for the reading of the will but he is first captivated by a young beauty walking the grounds while he is riding a black mount and their meeting is filled with sparks and a need that is not taken up. So when they meet formally there are still sparks and Charlotte is not happy at all. Matthew does not want to keep the estate it will take a lot of thought and investment and he has been hurt by the Beaumont’s and has never any of his relatives. He and Charlotte come to an arrangement regarding finishing her work at the estate which is going to keep them together ooh but there are many emotions and lots of angst between these two.
Matt is so very similar to the Harry Beaumont in looks and comes across as a tough and determined boss but there is a lot more to Matt and Charlotte is so determined to do what she can to get him to keep Beaumont Court throw in a neighbour who has their sights set on Matt and poachers and a little dog called Daisy, that their journey becomes a very uphill battle there seems to be problems that are everywhere and so many misunderstandings between them but the pull between them is so strong. This one had me so invested in the story I was almost yelling at them but what a fabulous story one that kept me turning the pages I loved the setting the story line old buccaneers and family history and that sensual pull throughout yes I can highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for a sweet read