A Royal Baby for Christmas

A Royal Baby for Christmas

Christmas Miracles in Maternity #4

Scarlet Wilson

A Royal Baby For Christmas by Scarlet Wilson

Reviewed by Helen

MS Wilson never disappoints me with one of her stories she brings out the best in emotions from her characters makes you feel part of the story and these characters become friends and this story is a beauty loved it the setting the story line so good and it is a Christmas story.

Sienna McDonald is Scottish and with an accent that makes a lot of men melt and she is pretty feisty with it but she is also a top neonatal cardiothoracic surgeon at Teddy's in The Cotswolds but when she is sent to Montanari to help train the Doctors there she meets Sebastian and the sparks fly and both decide on a fling that neither of them will forget ever and that leaves Sienna pregnant.

Prince Sebastian Falco leads a busy life a life that is all about duty so when he meets the gorgeous feisty Sienna at the bar and with an impending duty engagement about to be announced a fling is all that he is thinking about but really this pull he has never felt for a woman before and their fling does not end well and Sienna leaves and returns home but Seb cannot stop thinking about Sienna and his duty and when he hears about the pregnancy he goes after her.

What a fabulous journey to a beautiful HEA Seb arrives at Teddys determined to make Sienna his wife and make his child the legitimate heir to the throne never thinking that Sienna would not want what any woman would want the fairytale a Prince a castle but she is nothing but feisty and strong it is Christmas Sienna's favourite time of the year and she has no intention of marrying for duty that brings back too many memories for her so Seb works hard. This story will have you smiling throughout what a beautiful story it is I can highly recommend it really don't miss this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical