Taken by the Desert Sheikh

Taken by the Desert Sheikh

Mel Teshco, Cathleen Ross, Christina Phillips

Taken by the Desert Sheikh by Mel Teshco

Reviewed by Helen

I am very partial to a Sheikh so the tile of this boxed set had me grabbing for them and I was smiling at the end. We have three very alpha Sheikhs, brothers who have all spent a lot of time in the western world and now that they have their own lands to protect they must do what is needed and that according to the Grand Vizier is to marry virgins hand -picked by him, one very wise man, let the journeys begin.

Stolen by the Sheikh, Cathleen Ross
Jamal El-Amin is in London finding his bride to be, designer Lilly Jones she is tiny and beautiful and her grandmother who she cares for is a very famous heroine and marriage is not on her mind. Jamal talks her into coming to his home on Qutum to help redesign his home and he then needs to convince her that they are married not an easy task but a very sensual one.
This is a very sensual story and the love that is shown to Lilly by Jamal will have you melting an alpha hero to die for, it is so well written a short steamy story that is sure to leave you with a smile.

The Sheikh’s Rebel, Mel Teshco
This is Zafar El-Amin’s story and his virgin is the feisty daughter of a sheikh, Amber Al-Fayed and Amber has been spoilt by her beloved father her mother was killed in a battle with rebels and she is far from impressed when Zafar captures her and takes her in more ways than one he must convince her that he is taking her to help fight the rebels.
This story is hot and steamy Zafar and Amber are meant to be together the pull between them could light up the desert and Zafar although very alpha is understanding and caring. This one had me cheering Amber and Zafar on in so many ways loved them both.

The Sheikh’s Reluctant Princess, Christina Phillips
The youngest brother Tariq is also sent to London to find his wife Princess Sofia, Sofia is active with civil rights and is studying to become a lawyer and marriage is not what she wants or Tariq for that matter but duty calls and Tariq must convince Sofia that marriage will benefit both of them in lots of ways because they really do spark together.
Such a great story Tariq again alpha is also very thoughtful with what he thinks Sofia needs as she is not going to toe the line very easily but their journey to that fabulous HEA is very sexy steamy and hot loved it.

I do highly recommend these three stories they are erotic short and fabulous reads these alpha Sheikhs are doing everything they can to improve the way of life in their country and fall head over heels in love with their heroines, and with the help of the Grand Vizier (who has a little story himself) have chosen wives that will work with them in this, but their sensual and sexy journeys to beautiful HEA will have you turning the pages and leaving you with smiles but be warned keep a fan at the ready and a cool drink. Thank you Ladies for three fabulous stories.

5/5 stars 

Expected publication: June 19th 2017