The Italian's Bold Reckoning

The Italian's Bold Reckoning

Hot Italian Nights #4

Annie West

The Italian's Bold Reckoning by Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

OMG the pages just about sizzle with this fabulous journey to a sensual steamy HEA, with such a beautiful setting and two very beautiful people, this is a second chance romance and the chemistry between movie star Matteo De Laurentis and his estranged wife Australian screen writer Angela has never cooled down after being apart for one year and now Matteo is determined to find out why his gorgeous wife left and to win her back.

Matteo was left stunned when his wife Angela left him and returned to Australia yes he knew her mother was gravely ill but he has given her a year to come to terms with that and now he wants her back. Angela was always quiet and reserved and so very passionate in bed they were a perfect match or so he thought. When she arrives in Venice under instructions from lawyers to front up on the set of his newest movie and the one she wrote the sparks fly in a lot of directions.

Angela was so brow beaten by her father that she lacked confidence in herself and when she feels that Matteo needs someone else for his way of life she is shattered and runs back to Australia and the year there although saddened by the loss of her mother she also gets a lot of help and a confidence boost by her sister, so the Angela that returns to Venice is a little different from the one that left but will she trust Matteo and the love that has never diminished.

Matteo is a hero to die for he is gorgeous loving caring and honest to a fault and he does everything right to convince Angela of the love that he never let go of for her as well and Angela is now a lot stronger and shows that strength in her love for Matteo. WOW what a beauty of a story this is, it is just so moving, sensual and sizzling and it had me smiling and sighing, a gorgeous reunion for a gorgeous couple. Thank you MS West for a story that took me to a happy place and will keep me there for a long while.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017