The Best Man's Bride

The Best Man's Bride

Royal Wedding Invitations #4

Anne McAllister

The Best Man's Bride by Anne McAllister

Reviewed by Helen
Can rock star Jack Masterson finally get the only woman he loves and wants back after being apart for two years? Well that may take a bit to do but they are at a wedding a Royal wedding and Jack is best man can he convince his gorgeous ex Celina Harris that they were meant to be together?

Celina walked out on her marriage two years ago shocked and lonely but she has got her life on track and is working for San Michel’s Serene Dowager as her secretary content with her life, but when her friend Prince Jonas is getting married and tells her that Jack her ex is going to be his best man Celina’s heart does a little patter but she is determined to not let him get to her.

Jack is stunned when he arrives in England for the wedding and spies his Celie there, he has never gotten over her in the two years they have been apart but his band and the tours kept him going but now maybe it is time to get her back and settle down but convincing her is not going to be a walk in the park.

This is a beautiful story of second chance love there were so many misunderstandings and time apart that played a big part in their breakup, both are now older and that spark that had been there before is still there with a passion. I loved Jack he is a fabulous hero and just what Celie wanted back in her life, even if it took her a bit to realize. I loved the romantic journey that bought them back together the setting the sensual pull had me sighing, I can highly recommend this story. This series has been fabulous but I would love to see Nico get his HEA. Thank you for a fabulous story MS McAllister.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published October 20th 2017 by Tule Publishing