Innocent in the Billionair's Bed

Innocent in the Billionaire's Bed

Clare Connelly

Innocent in the Billionaire's Bed by Clare   Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what a story, the barometric pressure went through the roof when this hero and heroine meet on a gorgeous island off the coast of Capri.

Italian Tycoon Rio Mastrangelo is selling his island the island left to him by the father who he never knew till the end and he wants no interference by paparazzi so he is there to meet the prospective buyer himself the daughter of Art Wyndham, who has arrived for a week to check the island over and the sparks fly, it is love at first sight, this desire this feeling is all new to Rio.

Matilda Morgan is doing a favour for her boss’s spoilt daughter, Tilly and Cressida Wyndham are almost like twins and Tilly has helped her out before so when money is offered and Tilly needs it badly she accepts never realising that her life will be changed forever after and explosive, sizzling and sensual week on this gorgeous island.

Rio has been hurt before and trusts no one especially rich spoilt heiresses but there is something that just pulls him towards this beautiful woman and when a storm hits the island and they are closed in the little cabin neither can deny the lust and attraction. But there are lies and cover ups that blow everything up, but not for long you see Rio soon realizes that he cannot live without Tilly.

This is a fabulous story I loved both Rio and Tilly, both so strong and loving, the pages nearly burn up with their sensual spark and the openness they both draw from each other, this one will have you just sighing and smiling, the setting wow I want to go to this island Prim’amore of course being with Rio would be nice but he is definitely Tilly’s. Thank you MS Connelly for hours a reading pleasure.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: November 21st 2017 by Harlequin Presents Large Print