Secret Baby, Second Chance by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Nas Dean

SECRET BABY, SECOND CHANCE by author Jane Godman is January 2018 release by Harlequin Romantic Suspense series.

When Vincente Delaney found out that Beth Wade was alive and she was not a serial killer’s target, but she had walked out on him in the midst of their affair without letting him know, he was not really sure what he felt.

So he went to her door to find out. Guess what he found out? A baby who looked exactly like him. But then why had she left in the first place? Apparently there was a killer after her. What would Vincente do? Would he step up and look after his new family?

SECRET BABY, SECOND CHANCE is a thrilling story full of suspense and mystery. The story hooked me right from the beginning and kept me on the edge wanting to know how it all ends. Author Jane Godman was a new to me author but she didn’t disappoint. This story flows fluidly and will take a reader to heartbreaking tensions and breathtaking thrills.

Highly recommended for all readers of romantic suspense. 


Second Chance, Secret Baby

Sons of Stillwater #3

Jane Godman

Secret Baby, Second Chance by Jane Godman

Reviewed by Helen

I love a good second chance story and this one is a beauty, it has all of the good things that a romance reader wants in a romantic suspense, there is danger, lots of emotion and of course a sensual love between two strong willed people, I suggest that you make yourself comfortable while reading this one because you won’t want to put it down.

Vincente Delaney has lived in Stillwater always, his Italian mother left him as a child and he was bought up by his father and stepmother he has two younger half- brothers and he always felt a little left out. He works hard and him and his girlfriend Beth have a very fiery on and off again relationship he doesn’t do forever but he does find it hard to stay away from Beth, and then she disappears, vanishes not to be heard from and no amount of searching can find her.

Beth Wade vanishes from Stillwater after being threatened, memories from a tragedy that happened ten years before resurface and Beth needs to go, but two years in hiding and with a secret, Beth was always reluctant to leave Vincente but it had to be done and now he has found her and their baby. Beth reluctantly agrees to his help this brings them closer together, could Vincente be changing his mind about permanent now and with him falling under the spell of his gorgeous daughter Lia life is changing but there is danger ahead.

This is a fabulous story part of a series but I have come in with the third one and it was a fabulous read, MS Godman has ticked all of the boxes for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat as a killer comes after Beth and Lia and Vincente goes out of his way to protect them, but his heart opens up and their love blossoms beautifully to the best HEA, I loved both Beth and Vicente and their strong characters, do yourself a favour and pick this one up you will not be sorry, I am off to get the first two in the series and I look forward to many more stories from MS Godman.

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story

Published January 2nd 2018 by Harlequin Romantic Suspense