Fair Game

Fair Game

Woman of W.A.R. #3

Amy Andrews

Fair Game by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

I love Amy Andrews’s stories and this one is a beauty, hot, steamy and so very sensual and sporty to boot as well. MS Andrews knows how to write a story that is sure to pull the reader in from the first page, her characters are easy to like, and they are strong, smart and fabulous, this is the third book in this series about woman playing Aussie Rules in their first national competition and in this one we meet Darcy Clarke who has been picked to play for the Brisbane Banshees and we journey with her to an awesome HEA.

Darcy is over the moon at being picked for the team, she loves her footy and has put everything into it, she has been single for the last two years after her boyfriend Tony walked out on her, she is still sharing the apartment with Levi Phillips who was Tony’s best friend and for two years they have become close friends they are there for each other and he is so easy to talk to. Darcy is determined to focus on her footy and winning the grand final but when her ex Tony is appointed coach of the team she puts the past behind and looks to the future.

Levi is a physio therapist and yoga teacher he has a man bun and is gorgeous but he is calm, cool and collected but he has always had feelings for Darcy during the years that she was with Tony but in the last two years that they have become friends and he is biding his time to finally let her know how he feels after the footy season, he knows what it means to her. But fate steps in and with Tony pushing and an injury to Darcy things happen a bit faster than was planned.

This really is a fabulous friends to lovers story, I absolutely loved Levi what a sexy hero he is so loving, caring and thoughtful and yeh he knows how to make a girl smile and Darcy what a heroine truly when Levi opens up to her about his feelings although shocked she is in and opening up about her feelings as well they make the perfect couple. This story will make you laugh and smile the banter between Darcy and Levi is the best and the sensual romance and journey to that stupendous HEA is so very good, thank you MS Andrews for another keeper, I highly recommend this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: February 20th 2018 by Escape Publishing