The Irresistible Rayal

The Irresistible Royal

Royal Affairs #4

Alyssa J Montgomery

The Irresistible Royal by Alyssa J. Montgomery

Reviewed by Helen

From page one I was hooked, MS Montgomery knows how to write a sensual romance that ticks all of the boxes that pull a reader in, that bring the characters to life in the fast paced word of royalty and money, of love of scandals and desire that blooms into a true love of the heart, this is one that I highly recommend sit back and get to know Chloe and Marco on their journey to a HEA that is sure to leave you sighing.

Chloe Salvatore has lived a good life growing up in the Napa Valley with her winemaker father, she is a lawyer and works hard in the legal aid offices, she has been invited to England to reunite with the mother that walked out on her when she was six years old, against her better judgment Chloe arrives just in time for a big party which sees her thrust in the sight of wealthy Prince Marco, and Chloe does something that she has never done before and has a very sizzling one night stand that leaves her pregnant.

Prince Marco of Ralvinia is wealthy gorgeous and has sworn never to love again after losing the love of his life in tragic circumstances he is not a playboy but has casual affairs and is shocked that when he is at a party he sets his sights on a beautiful woman an American woman that he feels a spark that has not been there for a long time, after an evening of sizzling delight that is disturbed by a conniving nasty woman, Chloe’s mother Marco’s world is turned upside down.

I loved this story there were emotions flying off the pages as Marco and Chloe try hard to deny the spark that pulls them together and Chloe’s manipulative mother causes more trouble than she is worth, what a nasty lady, but you know love always wins through in the end and MS Montgomery pulled them together in the best possible way so many things happening the settings are just amazing and Marco what a hero wow I loved him and Chloe shows such strength with the fears that had come from her past, this really is a story not to be missed, thank you Ms Montgomery for another keeper in this fabulous series.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 12th 2018 by Escape Publishing