Belle's Secret

Belle's Secret

Outback Brides #2

Victoria Purman

Belle's Secret by Victoria Purman

Reviewed by Helen
I am loving this series, this is the second one and we have already met Isabella, Isabella is the marriage celebrant and is now working and living at Wirra Station, but she has a secret that she has kept for one year and now after marrying a couple that secret maybe about to come to life in the form of Harry Harrison gorgeous American a guest at the wedding, love at first sight, Vegas, a runaway bride and true love, a sensual pull that cannot be denied, this is a must read.

Isabella Martenson is an only child her mother flitted from one relationship to another, and eventually Isabella went out on her own in Melbourne met Maggie her best friend and is now doing wedding ceremonies on Wirra Station, but after a trip to Vegas one year before she has become the runaway bride meeting Harry in a bar was love at first sight but Bella is scared and runs before morning leaving Harry in the lurch. Her life is turned upside down but she gets on with it until Harry turns up at a wedding.

Harry Harrison winemaker from California meets the beautiful Bella in a bar in Vegas and he ends up marrying her in an Elvis wedding he has never felt so close and attracted to a woman before not only do they get on so well the sensual pull is amazing and the sex the best of his life, but morning she is gone with no clues to who she is, until he runs into her at a wedding, fate maybe and he wants a divorce, or does he.

MS Purman has ticked all of the boxes for this story wow it is so good, fabulous characters, so much emotion, a sensual pull that is off the charts as these two pulled back together as they should be, I mean who can fight love at first sight like this. I loved it. I am loving this town Wiralong and the people in it, I highly recommend this story and am really looking forward to the next one in the series woohoo.
5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 25th 2018 by Tule Publishing