Lone Star Hero

Lone Star Hero

Calamity Valley Series #1

Jennie Jones

Lone Star Hero by Jennie Jones

Reviewed by Helen

I love Saul Solomon just let me say that from the start what a hero he is so protective, caring and loving and gorgeous and then we have Molly, quirky loving helpful and so very caring as well and these two are made for each other, they have both been through some tough times and something, some sort of fate maybe has bought them together and the road to a HEA is a little troublesome, but so thoroughly enjoyable.

Molly comes from a family of woman who are soothsayers and seem to always know what is happening, her grandmother Alice, Mother Marie and then there are her great aunts and cousins, there is a history that goes with these woman and a curse put on the by the great grandfathers many years ago, now Molly as returned home to Calamity Valley to work on her hacienda, and she needs someone to put a new roof on, when a stranger arrives who has the tool to do the job, welcome Saul.

Saul left his home and family in Colorado six years ago and has been working as a ranger but when he has a problem with a woman he takes off on a walk, a walk that will bring him to the town of Calamity and to help Molly, there is a pull, something a connection he cannot work out but there is forces in this town and at the hacienda that make him a little uneasy and the pull he has towards Molly is growing stronger everyday but he is forever being told that they are not for each other.

This was a fun quirky story with lots of woohoo going on with curses and seeing into the future and then there are developers trying to buy the town and with the towns folk joining together to keep the town this one had me turning the pages, MS Jones has a way of bringing her characters to life on the pages and again yes I loved Saul and Molly this is a fabulous journey to a very romantic HEA, and I highly recommend this one and I look forward to the cousin’s stories.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published May 24th 2018 by Tule Publishing