The Billionaire's Convenient Bride by Liz Fielding

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE BILLIONAIRE’S CONVENIENT BRIDE by author Liz Fielding is an April 2019 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Kam Faulkner returned to Priddy Castle with the intention to buy it. He knew the owners were in dire straits now. It would be his revenge as his mother had lost her job when he was caught kissing Agnes Prideaux. But with the old man gone and only Agnes struggling to make ends meet, he ended up helping her. After all they still were attracted to each other.

Dare Agnes trust Kam now after so many years? And could she trust her own heart? Would she say yes to Kam’s proposition for a convenient marriage?

THE BILLIONAIRE’S CONVENIENT BRIDE is a sweet romance about past betrayals and second chances. Author Liz Fielding brought this emotional romance to the pages. Her writing showcases Agnes so perfectly. Agnes’ struggles, her triumphs, her strengths and her fears, and ultimately her heart is bared out on the pages for the readers.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


The Billionaire's Convenient Bride

Liz Fielding

reviewed by Helen

Whenever I pick up one of MS Fielding’s books I know I am going to swept away to a world of romance and happiness and this one didn’t let me down, I loved the setting the characters and the journey to a beautiful HEA between people who had been friends from a young age and were torn apart, sit back and make yourself comfortable when you pick this one up.

Agnes Prideau is having a hard time keeping the castle she grew up in going, it needs a lot of work but Agnes is determined to not fail, but then the boy who is now a man and has had her heart since she was three arrives determined for revenge after the way him and his mother where thrown out years before, sees Agnes fighting a losing battle with her heart when Kam suggests a marriage of convenience to save the castle, will her heart be safe.

Kam Faulkner has returned to the place he grew up Priddy Castle, when he left ten years before things were not good but he was determined that one day he would be back and now was the time, he has made a good life for himself and his mother and Priddy Castle was struggling to keep going and he wanted it, but when he arrives and meets up with Agnes after all of these years his heart is on fast track to love again did he ever stop loving the girl who followed him everywhere.

This story is meltingly beautiful, filled with heart -warming emotions a page turner that had me cheering Agnes and Kam on and sighing so much, MS Fielding has written a story of true love that has lasted the distance of memories good and bad that need to be sorted, this is a story that I highly recommend, one not to be missed.

5 stars

Published April 1st 2019 by Harlequin Romance