Cornerstone of Love (Modern Masters of Their Castles Bk 1) by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas Dean

CORNERSTONE OF LOVE (Modern Masters of Their Castles Book 1) by Susan Carlisle is a March 2020 release.

Ian Chalmers is the master of his castle. And his castle needs some renovation work. But he didn’t expect his contractor to be a woman. And yet he couldn’t keep her out of his mind.
Allison has dreams and goals. And none of it included being the lady of a castle. Yet she is attracted to Ian and they start a fling. Could it be more?

CORNERSTONE OF LOVE is an emotional swoon-worthy romance with a strong heroine in Allison, who knows what she wants and would not settle for anything less. And a sensitive gorgeous hero in Ian, who was emotionally closed but opens when the time is right. Author Susan Carlisle, beautifully brought these two characters together making them move past their grievances and achieving their happy ever after.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.