An Inescapable Temptation by Scarlet Wilson (HM&B Medical)

 Review by Nas

AN INESCAPABLE TEMPTATION by Scarlet Wilson is a Mills & Boon February 2013 release.

Francesca Cruz took a job on a cruise liner so she could get away from her past and see the world at the same time. Then she meets doctor Gabriel Russo.

But she knows of him, a playboy billionaire, and she has to keep her distance, but would she be able to?

She tries to but is unable to resist the simmering attraction between them. Yet Gabriel is not the commitment type and runs a mile from the word ‘family’ would they be able to reach their happy ever after? Why does Gabriel run from commitment? And what is Francesca’s past secret, which she is hiding behind the pain in her eyes?

AN INESCAPAPABLE TEMPTATION is a well written romance amid the medical drama. It was an emotional uplifting story. Author Scarlet Wilson’s  story-telling makes the characters come alive on the pages and the reader is personally involved in their happiness and craves the resolution as deeply as they do. This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

I loved this story and highly recommend it.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Reviewed by Desere:

I have often wondered how nurses find the dedication needed to tend to the sick, the long hours are one thing but what about the risk of getting emotionally attached to your patients and when losing them to death , how do you handle it?  But never have I stopped to think about the nurses and Dr's that serve on cruise ships.

So far away from their homes and families and going from port to port. I am sure if must be very exciting seeing the world in this manner and just as in a hospital you meet new faces with each trip, but what about their "back home" and the reasons for them leaving it behind to travel the world.

In this read the author delved into the life of Francesca, a dedicated nurse on the run from a past and a secret best kept close to her heart, the author showed me that there is always a reason people take the actions they do, and in the process you can gain a new perspective of life.

The character of Francesca however discovers more than she bargained for when meeting her new boss, impossibly good looking sex on legs ready to heal any of your desires Dr. Gabriel Russo, but she does not reckon that their first meeting would involve her lips fused to his in an attempt to save his life!

The main characters of Fran and Gabriel were both well written. Fran is strong and independent yet the pain in her eyes is what shows she is not as strong as she wishes to portray to the outside world, and the author does a stunning job at taking the lost woman and bringing her out from hiding by setting her right into the path of a man worthy enough of dismissing all her past hurt.

Gabriel was pure delight! I loved that he is the fun and flirty type tempting Fran into submission taking her dreams of pink and fluffy and turning them into hot and sexy, yet holding back at the same time, this made for some truly wonderful moments of conflict and definitely burned up the pages with sexual heat simmering on the surface ready to explode at any given moment.

But yes ladies he also has the dreaded commitment issue most men have, but when the author reveals the truth you will be too shocked to be mad at him.

The backdrop setting of a cruise ship was different yet very exciting as the author showed the non fun part to me as reader with the medical emergencies that can creep up on the staff to the luxuries that lounging around in the sun can do for one's peace of mind.

The dialogue was a emotional one with the author using her words perfectly to show the anguish and hurt her characters are facing. I highly recommend this read for romance readers that love a bit of drama in their reads.

5/5 star review
" He'll melt away her past by showing her the future" 

Reviewed by Maria

I loved this premise.  Say you have a loyal, loving friend and a man lets her down.  You hate him too, right?  Wouldn't you love to go in on your friend's behalf  and teach the sod a lessson of a lifetime!  Well, that's what happened when Fran found herself working opposite Gabriel, the 'Italian' Stallion doctor who'd broken her friend's heart.  It didn't matter that he'd just almost been killed trying to save someone's life.  We girls must stick together, right?

Well, maybe!  The trouble is, before long the sparks are flying between Nurse Fran and the good doctor.  Hey, this wasn't supposed to happen!

I loved the characterization of the two protagonits and the sparky dialogue between the two. Scarlet Wilson knows the medical world well and gives a ring of authenticity to this romance set in the medical world. And I also loved reading about the atmosphere on a Meditarranean cruise ship.

Now I want to add going on a Mediterranean cruise to my wish list.

A great read from Scarlet Wilson.  Satisfaction guaranteed.