The Untold Story of Carol Bingley

 The Untold Story of Carol Bingley

The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #5

Jane Hartley

Reviewed by Helen

If you have visited Marietta then you will know Carol Bingley and her gossiping and the opinions she is happy to give out, but maybe there is a reason why Carol is the way she is, and it is about time that secret is told.

When Carol was sixteen, she was a quiet girl intent on studying, she never expected a handsome bad boy cowboy to take an interest in her let alone start dating her, things were going wonderfully well and Carol was falling in love, until everything went wrong, how could she be treated the way she was and her life was changed forever.

Now Carol is very happily married to pharmacist Frank and they are very much in love but it is close approaching Christmas and it is time for Carol to really put the past behind her and uncover her past secrets and hope for forgiveness.

I did love this story so much, getting to know Carol for who she truly is was heartwarming and sad at times, this story pulls at the heartstrings and digs deep into the emotions as Carol tells her story.

I do highly recommend this one, it is so well written any fan of Marietta and its fabulous characters will be turning the pages as I was, the ending is just beautiful, don’t miss this one.

My thanks to Tule Publishing for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
September 27, 2023 by Tule Publishing

Promise Me Please, Cowboy

 Promise Me Please, Cowboy

The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #4

C J Carmichael

Reviewed by Helen

What a beautiful story this one is, I fell in love with Chet at the start and Amy she is the best, two people who deserve love and happiness, but will they find it, at Bramble House B & B?

Amy Arden has decided that a total change of life is what is needed after a terrible accident and decided to buy Bramble House B&B, this is a lot different from her Wall Street job, but after losing her Mum, she decides that is might be time to find her birth father and she has found a link to Marietta, so here she is and things are not going to plan.

Chet Hardwick has grown up around the rodeo circuit his father was the father from hell and although Chet does really well on the rodeo circuit, he is a loner who keeps to himself, he has done well for himself after the start he had in life and likes to stay clear of his father, so when he arrives in Montana for the 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo he has accommodation at Bramble House B&B he wonders why he is instantly attracted to the owner.

Soon Amy and Chet are opening up to each other like neither have before and they are growing close but Chet’s father arrives in town and causes a few problems and Amy thinks she has found her father, how will things turn out for these two lovely people?

This is an emotional story, beautifully told, it had me feeling all of the emotions and cheering them on, I loved being in Marietta again and I do highly recommend this story and the series you cannot go wrong with a cowboy and a beautiful heroine.

My thanks to Tule Publishing for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
September 26, 2023 by Tule Publishing

Return to Embthwaite farm

 Return to Embthwaite Farm

The Mowbray Sisters #1

Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Helen

This is a lovely story and a fabulous start to a new series, I loved the setting, North Yorkshire and I did very much enjoy getting to know the Mowbray family, sisters Rachel and Harriet and their father Peter.

Rachel left the family farm at eighteen setting off to university and she wasn’t planning to return, she also left behind her neighbour, Ben Mackey, but she wanted a career in London and although there were a couple of short visits home she never felt welcome and she has a great job and enjoying life, or is she?

Rachel is lapping it up on her first holiday since forever when she gets a call from her ex Ben, telling her she needs to come home and now, her father is not well, so Rachel arrives ready to do what she can but she is not met with welcome arms from her sister or father, but Ben still has the power to make her heart race, after all of these years.

Coming home though opens up a Pandora’s Box of childhood memories and they are challenging for Rachel and she starts questioning herself and Harriett, but as she works through the problems of her father’s health she also is talking to Ben more, she knows how much he means to her but does Ben feel the same way and when push comes to shove will she choose Ben or her job?

This is a beautiful story, with fabulous characters Kate Hewitt has dug deep into their emotions and bought them to life on the pages, Rachel had a lot to re-think about her life and about family, will she find her true HEA?

I do highly recommend this one and I am very eager for book two in the series.

My thanks to the publisher Tule for a digital copy to read and review.

4 stars
September 25, 2023 by Tule Publishing

Mistletoe Magic in Tahiti by Kandy Shepherd

 Mistletoe Magic in Tahiti

The Christmas Pact #1

Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

WOW not only has Kandy Shepherd given me a gorgeous romance with an awesome hero and heroine, she has given me the best holiday to Bora Bora, kitesurfing, surfing and snorkeling, if you are looking for an escape to pristine beaches and fabulous weather then this is one to pick up.

Sienna is English recently divorced and runs a very successful interior design company as well as being an influencer, and Christmas time has always been special in her family, but this year her parents are going on a cruise and the three sisters decide to holiday as well separately they make a pact to have the best time ever, and Sienna makes her trip to Bora Bora in Tahiti never realising that asking the very handsome kitesurfing instructor for lessons will change her life.

Kia a world champion surfer loves his homeland but does not spend as much time there as he would like, he has a company to run, one that he started, and he spends a lot of time travelling and gets home as much as he can there is a very good reason for that, family. When the beautiful tourist mistakes him for an instructor he is happy to give lessons the instant attraction is something that has never happened to him before, will this be the change that he needs and wants.

Falling in love with Kia and his beautiful daughter was not on her plans but there is no way she can help the way her heart takes her and Kia is hit with emotions that he has not felt before, but both have commitments and Sienna is never going to give up what she has worked so hard for after her bitter divorce, can they come to a happy agreement because love is what they both share neither can walk away.

I loved this one so much and highly recommend it to any romance reader it is sure to leave you smiling and who doesn't love a Christmas story and the location, just glorious. Many thanks Kandy Shepherd for another keeper.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
October 12, 2023 by Mills & Boon True Love

Reviewed by Nas Dean

MISTLETOE MAGIC IN TAHITI by author Kandy Shepherd is a October 2023 release by Harlequin Romance series. 

Sienna is not ready for love or relationship until she goes off to Tahiti and meets gorgeous Kai. And then she meets his adorable daughter.

Mistletoe Magic in Tahiti is a sweet and exciting romance. Author Kandy Shepherd has a spell-binding way with her writing. I could visualize the story as it unfolded on the pages. She also did a marvelous job of bringing these two characters together for their happy ever despite their emotional baggage. This is an emotional and thrilling story with exotic locations as well as family warmth and relationships. 

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Marry Me Please, Cowboy

 Marry Me Please, Cowboy

The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #3

The Coyote Cowboys of Montana #2

Sinclair Jayne

Reviewed by Helen

This book is part of two series and I am loving both, we get to meet former soldier and now rodeo cowboy, Huck Jones and cowgirl and barrel racer Willow McBride, this is one very moving and fabulous romance.

Huck has arrived in Marietta to honour a promise to his fallen leader, Jace McBride and that is too walk Jace’s sister Willow down the aisle but things don’t turn out the way you would think a wedding should when the groom jilts the bride. Huck is more than happy to take said grooms place.

Willow is a champion barrel racer and when she finds herself pregnant and the father wants to marry her Willow agrees knowing it is not the love match she has always dreamed of, but a child needs a father, then he is a no-show and when Huck offers himself as the groom Willow is not impressed she can look after herself and the baby.

Huck steps up and does so much work around the McBride ranch and gets on so well with her mother and aunt, Willow sees the good in Huck but she needs love and Huck is convinced that he does not know how to love after his childhood. But soon it is way too hard to ignore the sparks that fly between them, will they finally find the love and happiness they want and deserve.

I loved Huck what a hero and Willow the best heroine for Huck, this is a beautiful romance, a page turner and one that I would highly recommend, don’t miss this one.

My thanks to the publisher Tule for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
September 19, 2023 by Tule Publishing

The Lure of the Jewel Sea

The Lure of the Jewel Sea

Whitsunday Romance #3

Rhonda Forest


Reviewed by Helen

Another wonderful visit to the Whitsundays, when Frankie and Simon plan their wedding, Frankie wants her best friend Kathleen to be the celebrant and Kathleen is more than happy to do it, she is undecided about her future at the moment and maybe a break will help her decide, will it be just what she needs?

Kathleen is used to the hustle and bustle of The Gold Coast, dressing up and having everything perfect but upon arrival up north she is met by heat and humidity and insects this is not Kathleen at all, but catching up with Frankie and meeting her soon to be husband Simon is just what she needs.

Kathleen is beside herself with worry about the wedding going to plan when she meets Jacko, Simon’s brother and owner of the resort where the wedding will be, but there is also a spark between Jacko and Kathleen will it amount to anything and can Kathleen leave behind her life on the Gold Coast and move here?

This story is filled with fun, there are some very laugh out loud moments, it is romantic as is the gorgeous setting, it is a very moving story as Jacko and Kathleen get closer together, I loved Jacko so much and seeing Kathleen come to terms with such a layback way was so good, this is one that I would highly recommend, I am loving this series and I do hope we visit again.

5 stars
September 1, 2023 by Valeena Press

Coffee is My Calling

 Coffee is My Calling

Barrington Series Prequel

Susan Mackie

Reviewed by Helen

I love the Barrington series and Susan Mackie has written a short story about Deb who runs the Coffee is Calling coffee shop, it starts when Deb arrives back home from England and catches up with her first love Jamie, will the sparks still fly?

Jamie has missed Deb while she was away and he is hoping that she will stay, will she be happy back in Barrington after the lights of London?

I loved this one it is short and sweet and fabulous I loved finding out how Deb and Jamie came together, and how the coffee shop got started, a must read for anyone who loves this series, and if you haven’t read you are missing out.

Thank You Susan Mackie for this feel good, beautiful story.

5 stars
October 1, 2023 by Small Town Publishing

Tempt Me Please, Cowboy

 Tempt Me Please, Cowboy

The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2

Megan Crane

Reviewed by Helen

I am back in Marietta for the 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo and I love being here this time we meet Sydney Campbell and Jackson Flint they have known each other for a while now after what they thought would be one night and one night only except it happened a few times over five years, could there be a future together?

Jackson is well and truly settled in Marietta now and loving it, he is close to his brothers and their families and there is Sydney who turns up most holidays but then returns to her job in Washington DC.

Sydney has spent lots of time in Marietta over the years after all she is part of the Grey family but her high pressure job is filled with data and it takes all she has to give but she loves her visits to Marietta especially catching up with Jackson. This visit is for the whole season she is on leave from her job and looking forward to more time with Jackson.

Sydney has arrived and Jackson has plans seeing as she is here for a longer time, he wants more, because he loves her, will he be able to convince Sydney? I loved this one you can feel the intense sensuality streaming from the pages as Jackson starts dating and seducing Sydney, will he be able to break down the walls that Sydney has built around her heart? You really need to read this one, I do highly recommend it.

My thanks to the publisher, Tule for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
September 12, 2023 by Tule Publishing

Nine Months to Save Their Marriage

 Nine Months to Save Their Marriage

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

Another sensual, emotional and fabulous story from one of my favourite authors Annie West, I loved getting to know Bess and Jack they both deserve love and happiness, will they get there?
Aussie self- made billionaire Jack Reilly needed a wife to help boost him in Europe and Bess was just the right woman, a marriage of convenience would be perfect and even better when they got on so well especially in the bedroom where they sizzled.

Bess knew from the start that she loved Jack, but after two years Bess knew it was time to go, Jack was good to her in so many ways but she felt hemmed in and wanted his love, as heartbreaking as it was Bess left and started a new life.

But when Jack and Bess meet up again at a wedding on a Caribbean Island the sparks fly and they decide to spend a very sensual and scorching week together, this leaves consequences and soon Jack is there supporting Bess but will it be enough, Bess knows she needs Jack’s love but can he give that after his childhood, will Bess break down the walls he has built to realise how much he loves her?

I loved this one from start to finish, I loved Jack he is strong and caring and determined to keep Bess protected and Bess, she is beautiful inside and out and they deserve each other and the happiness they can give each other, I do highly recommend this one, it is another one for my keeper shelf, it had me cheering them one and of course the setting is awesome, don’t miss this one, happy sighs from this reader.

My thanks t the author for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
September 26, 2023 by Harlequin Presents

Second Chance Love in Point Perry

 Second Chance Love in Point Perry

Joanne Speirs

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fantastic debut, beautifully written it is filled with so many emotions, be sure to keep the tissues handy because you will need them as we get to know Erin and Tom and the wonderful characters who form such a lovely community in Point Perry, come along for a roller coaster ride to such a gorgeous HEA.

Erin Fitzgerald has been to hell and back in the last year and needs to get herself back together maybe it is time to go home to Point Perry revisit the place she lost her father and bring her mother’s ashes home to rest, will this be the place to open her heart again?

Tom Schultz is a single dad, school teacher and footy player in Point Perry he too has had a tough time but he has a beautiful five year old son Carter who means the world to him, but it appears that life is about to become very rough again when his ex-wife and mother to Carter, Hanna, now a Hollywood actor is arriving home for her film premier and to get to know Carter.

Erin and Tom meet the day she arrives in Point Perry and there is an instant attraction but Erin’s emotions are all over the place and meeting Carter is hard for her as well but soon Tom and Erin are spending time together and getting to know each other, the walls are breaking down but there seems to be things pushing those walls back up again at every turn, a secret that has been kept for many years is uncovered, Hanna’s visit reopens wounds not just for Tom but Hanna as well, but there is also lots of friendships re-kindled for Erin and the community support is huge and very much welcomed, is Point Perry truly the place for second chance love?

I highly recommend this one, I loved it from page one, it is sensual, moving and emotional, it made me cry and smile so much. Erin, Tom and Carter are so loveable and easy to be friends with, add the other residents who add so much to the story, and it is the perfect romance story, one not to be missed. Huge congratulations Joanne Speirs on this awesome debut I look forward to many more stories and hopefully visits to Point Perry, many thanks for making me smile.

My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy to read and review

5 stars
September 1, 2023 by Escape Publishing