After The Silence by Rula Sinara

Reviewed by Nas

AFTER THE SILENCE by author Rula Sinara is March 2015 release by Harlequin Heartwarming series. This is Book Two of ‘From Kenya with Love’ mini-series. Rula Sinara’s Book One was The Promise Of Rain.

Hope Alwanga was an intern at the hospital in Nairobi. But she was washed out by all the death and lack of facilities and medicine and was forced by her brother to take a break in America with a friend’s family. This friend, a marine, Ben Corallis has lost his wife and is left with three small kids to raise on his own.

Hope took her responsibility very seriously. She looked after the kids and became very close to them. They were a broken family and Hope melded right in. But Ben was a distraction she could do without. She couldn’t keep the children or Ben from becoming too attached to herself; after all she just came for a break. She was needed back in Nairobi. 

AFTER THE SILENCE would keep a reader hooked from the first page till the book ends. The emotional intensity moved me to tears and made me choke up many times. Author Rula Sinara has a way with words that would take a reader right into her story-world and keep her entranced. 

Highly recommended for all readers.