Shadow Alpha by Carole Mortimer

Shadow Alpha (Alpha 3)

Reviewed by Desere

Dair Grayston runs a worldwide security company  ( btw I love this man ) , with his military background he's the perfect choice when Gregori Markovic ( can you just imagine such a hot name but such a bastard of a character anyway's back to the story shall we) , Gregori is boss of a London criminal underworld and needs someone to find his sister, possibly even rescue her from certain death.

Of course this is a straight forward mission for such a bad ass military trained security expert such as Dair and he's all game, except for one little problem,  his target is Kat, the once 15 year old beauty who had captured his attention and mesmerized his soul.  Kat is now of course all grown up and her beauty not only manages to knock Dair's socks off but shows him a whole new side of the young girl he once knew.

Kat knows she needs rescuing but she's not so sure she needs to be rescued by the hardened and scarred warrior Dair has become, but of course Dair is determined and there is no changing his mind. Whilst running from Kat's ex-husband Dair and Kat find it incredibly hard to resist each other and the more shots fly the more sparks build.

The only downfall of the entire hot hero rescues damsel in distress heroine , guns blazing, bombs popping all over the place , fall in love with each other scenario, neither Dair or Kat does forever so this is going nowhere fast, well except straight into the bedroom where the flames of sexual tension goes up in smoke. But will they make it out alive and will Kat's ex hunt them down and watch them go up in flames of a whole other kind?

This book was HOT! From the seriously oh my gosh want hero ( yes I am addicted to hot military men) to the awesome kick ass heroine, it's not every day I find a heroine that hit's the perfect " I would love to be as bad-ass as this chick" notes like Kat did.

The action level in this read was absolutely off the charts brilliant, on the edge of my seat does not really describe any of the angst I was feeling during this read.

It was more like I needed to get up and shoot something or hit someone, the action was seriously intense.  I only know of two other authors who are able to bring that level of action, suspense and kick-ass wonder to romantic suspense reads, so Carole Mortimer you have officially taken a spot on my MUST READ ROMANTIC SUSPENSE AUTHOR'S  list, and for those who know me well enough will know that a spot on that particular list of mine is not easily achieved.

I should be telling you a whole lot more about this book , but my darling reader friends if I do just that I will completely ruin a book that is a must read, so all I will say is " Go get this book, trust me this is a keeper!"

5/5 star review
"He 's come to rescue her easy as one, two, bang! But will she be able to pull his shadow from the darkness and save his soul ?" 

** Reviewers note : If sex hotter than hell is not your thing or language of the explicit kind , this will not be the book for you.