With A Vengeance by Jacqui Jacoby

With a Vengeance

Reviewed by Desere

Jaime is a woman who lives each and every day on the edge, she has loads of money to burn and not have a care in the world. Instead the exotic locations she visits do not involve lounging around by the pool sipping tropical drinks from Pineapples.

No she instead is a true honest to goodness kick ass CIA agent, and along with her three best friends, Collin, Dylan and Stephan they fly around the world and get themselves involved in getting shot at, beaten up, car wrecked and shipped around in crates!

When their latest mission goes horribly wrong Jaime decides it is time she uses her rich lifestyle to let go and relax a little,she books her plane ticket to the gorgeous Hawaii and invites along best friend Stephan, he is not only her partner but also the one man she feels an overwhelming attraction for and it's time to let go and have some fun! Stephan takes the bait and follows, only their perfect hot sex filled nights get shattered when their past catches up with them, their will to survive and uncover the past quickly becomes a danger filled action packed race towards the ultimate release of secrets.

I adored the main character of Jaime, a real Lara Croft if you will, she can fight right along with the best of them, kicking ass and making it known she is no weak female! She is strong willed and determined to fight off her inner demons on her own, all whilst having some fun. The character of Stephan was gorgeous, he is the ultimate hero protecting Jaime at all costs while falling deeper and deeper in love, and who of us would not want a man that will take a bullet for us!

The backdrop settings were the kind that make you think OK wow that sounds so exotic and they are only the author went  behind the gorgeous palm trees, calming waves, and colourful surroundings, taking me to sewers, infested sleazy motel rooms and definite places no respectable human being would want to be caught dead in.

The dialogue was very descriptive, and the author made sure that each and every word was able to fully take you from hot sexual interludes to calming waters and right back into danger.

A fast paced, action filled, kick ass romantic suspense with a secret bound to leave you in awe and shock!I highly recommend this read for all looking for romance intertwined with a kick ass hero and heroine fighting a race to save their lives!

5/5 star review

"To save her life she will need to let go of the only family she has left" 


Review by Nas

With A Vengeance by author Jacqui Jacoby is an April 2013 release from Samhain Publishing.

Jaimie Walsh is a strong, fiesty heroine you would adore. Someone is after her life and she is determined to get to the bottom of the killer or killers' identities.

I Loved the suspense and the romance in this story!

WITH A VENGEANCE is written with warmth, character, compassion and charm. The premise is exciting, thrilling and captivating. Author Jacqui Jacoby has done a fabulous job of hooking a reader in from start to finish!

Well worth reading!

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Review by TashNz

Crikey, what a rush!  With a Vengeance is action packed thriller filled with heart stopping drama, adventure, thrills and spills on every page while entwined with romance.  The action and adventure doesn't slow down until the heart-stopping climax.

Jaime Walsh is the true heroine in every sense. She saves the day more than once in a self-assured, calculated and courageous manner page after page after page all the while trying to keep her marriage in tact.  While she should be off honeymooning Jaime is instead flying around the world chasing the bad guys or  hiding out from everyone.

I really liked that each page and chapter had a purpose, there was no unnecessary waffle.  I was taken straight to the action and as each chapter went by I couldn't wait to see what twist and turns I was going to be taken on.

In my opinion Jacqui Jacoby's With a Vengeance was a fast paced read, I found it to be exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and dramatic.  Throw in splashes of passion and you have the makings of a perfect movie! I would totally watch this.

Hold on tight for this one, it's a bumpy ride!

Reviewed by Maria

Not so much a romance but a gritty thriller.  Jaime and Stephen are spies who have worked alongside each other as comrades.  They've had no time for emotions until now, but they decide to get married and give the relationship some space in their lives - but the past won't let them go so easily.  Jaime has a formidable enemy who now says that he doesn't have to hurt her to hurt her.  Now that she has a partner she loves, hurting him will be enough.

So what does she do?  Fight her enemy back?  Leave her husband so she won't have any vulnerable points? This couple has to fight for their relationship.  This is a fascinating read, but I warn you, there isn't much romance.  When you're fighting for your life, you don't have time for that.

This author is very talented.  She has a unique writing voice and a storytelling capacity that defies gravity.  I liked that she used some scriptures in the book, including one of my absolute favourites, the powerful Psalm 91, which is definitely the scripture I'd be taking with me if I had a job like Jaime's.  Psalm 91 is a scripture full of supernatural power.  It has the power to impart protection to people in the most unusual circumstances.  It is written as Jaime's mother' favourite scripture.  If her late mother had prayed that scripture over her child, I'm not surprised that Jaime can turn situations around even when she was outnumbered and get herself and her partner out of the most impossible circumstances.  It makes total sense to me.  The author seems unmoved by it though.  The authorial voice is the storytelling medium.  The emotions are for the protagonists and the readers.

This absorbing story will keep the reader enthralled to the final, satisfying conclusion.  If you want a touch of danger to you romance and plenty of chills and spills, pick this one up.