Waking Up In Vegas by Romy Sommer

Waking up in Vegas

Reviewed by Desere

Waking up with the mother of all hangovers is one thing, waking up and looking into the eyes of the most drop dead gorgeous man you have ever seen and not remembering you married him the night before, is a complete different scenario and one I think would send any woman running to a million different conclusions.

But if that drop dead gorgeous husband is refusing any idea of divorce, simply because he believes destiny and some age old magical spell has brought you together, how are you meant to get out it, jump out the window and run away or rather run into his arms and stick around to find out if the magic is real?

In the new read from Romy Sommer it is exactly what happens to Phoenix, she wakes up with a really bad headache, naked, well all for except a ring on her finger, and in the bed of all-I-need-to-do-is-touch-you-and-the-flames-burn-higher Max.

Immediately her mind starts working on a way to get out of his arms and away from the piercing blue eyes that seem to look straight into her soul and of course to a lawyers office for a divorce, marriage is not her thing, loving someone and then having to face loosing yourself if you were to loose them, is the one thing this free spirit simply does not do!

But Max, is not falling for it, he will do anything and everything in his power to keep his wife in his bed and in his life. Even if it means not revealing his true identity, and instead proving to her they are meant to be by showering her with attention in and out of bed.

The character of Phoenix was a but of  loopy one, she goes from hot to cold and from weird and unpredictable to totally straight faced in a manner of seconds. At first I did not like her all that much as I was thinking "Hello, your married to a drop dead gorgeous man, who will do absolutely everything for you, what more do you want?".

And ladies I mean everything, I am talking breakfast in bed, running you a hot bath with rose pedals and all, not to mention being able to burn up the sheets to a level of hotness that will leave you falling at his feet anytime anywhere! He also believes your his soul mate and freely admits he loves you even though he has only known your a few hours. What more could any woman ask for, it's the whole package.

But as the author revealed Phoenix's background it became clear why she holds back and would rather take it one day at a time or not all. I loved that the author lets Phoenix's personality adjust to her surroundings, it showed that if you put your mind to it you can do anything without loosing yourself in the process.

The character of Max was simply delicious!! He is strong, confident, kind, caring, considerate, and just plain sexy, everything a woman would want in a husband. I totally loved that the author lets his true identity stay secret until the right moment, it gave the read a sense of mystery and I could tell the moment of conflict was going to be great, and I could not wait to see what would happen when the truth is revealed. I  also completely adored how the author lets Max bring Phoenix's defences down bit by bit, by the incorporation of fairy tales from his country it was so much fun to read!

The backdrop settings were perfect, from the wild strips of Vegas, showing the wild and carefree spirit of Phoenix to the exquisitely described landscapes and private gardens that mirrored the need for privacy that Max's life entails.

The dialogue was sweet and kind but just as fast went to hot and passionate! The author gave me moments of true emotional joy and at the end of the read had me in tears !

I highly recommend this read to everyone that enjoys a fun and spicy romance read with a difference. The fact that the author incorporated a fairy tale backdrop made it that much more magical!

Excellent work Romy, keep them coming!
5/5 star review

" She runs from his bed, but will she be able to run from his love?"