Breathe Again by Kamy Chetty

Reviewed by Desere

Marines! That word has always been able to blow me away. A hot man in uniform ready to kick
ass, no matter the time or place or how much danger is in front of him.

But what about the things they see or face out in the field, back home no matter they are still human. Something else that needs to be taken in to factor is the reason why anyone would want to join the Marines in any capacity. Are they running from a past, or simply trying to serve their country?

At the end of the day it comes down to not what these men are capable of out in the field saving lives whilst risking their own, but they are still human with feelings and when those feelings are bottled up and only released through measures such as beating the daylights out of a bad guy or running off on a rescue mission to save a life and no thing about your own, the emotional and psychological trauma can be devastating to the person's happiness.

In this new read from Kamy Chetty she introduces us to Skylar and Nick, they have had a rocky marriage for the last two years, and the end is in sight. But fate steps in and Skylar announces to Nick she is expecting his baby.

Nick goes off the deep end by calling the baby "her baby" and distancing himself even more then before. But Skylar knows that she loves him and that deep down inside the broken man lies her hero that loves her with a passion that will never burn out, she just needs to help him unleash it.

The character of Skylar was as many woman are today, seeking security. She finds it in Nick, big, strong and ready to protect her. So yes she is a broken heroine stemming from her past, and we all know that in most of the reads of today those are the kind to really irritate us as if you just want to shake them up and yell "Get over it and move on, you don't need a man with you at all times just to make it". But in this case I could understand what the author was trying to convey. It is not that Skylar does not want to be alone but rather that she seeks happiness in having someone around at all times, be it a man or a friend, she simply needs someone to be a constant always there figure.

What I liked about her is that she stays strong through it all. She does reach a point where she feels like giving up but with her being pregnant it is completely understandable, as we all know the changes can wreck havoc on any woman.  Loved that the author lets Skylar be the better person as when she is blamed for all the wrongs by Nick, she simply says sorry, that alone is a great character trait, we all know that being the better person and saying sorry even when you are not in the wrong is never easy, and you deserve a medal if you are able to simply do it!

The character of Nick was in the start a real bastard, I wanted to strangle the man when he says "your baby"! But as the author delved deeper into his mind it became clear that the man has a reason for being distant and not wanting to be emotionally involved with anyone, not his wife Skylar or the baby she is carrying.

I loved that he is a saviour, but at the same time he cannot save himself. As the relationship between him and Skylar start to take on a new life, the defences around his heart start to drop. The first sign of this is when he starts to call Skylar 'Skye'. Loved this touch from the author as this to me as reader showed that he was starting to slowly but surely get in touch with his feelings again, the ones he kept hidden from from the world, and from his own mind.

It was as if I was reading about a man receiving psychological treatment after being in a war zone for years only without the actual psychologist present and instead the love of a good woman and the bond of fatherhood when the torn hero holds his child for the first time, is what saves him.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was really emotional, I had tears in my eyes when Skylar and Nick face the worst possible tragedy in their lives, but I also had a huge smile on my face when their love prevails and it all comes together.

The sexual level of this read is hot, hot, hot, believe me if you have never thought of oysters as being particularly sexy, you will after this, I for one will not be looking at one without replaying Nick's words in my mind!

In the end of the read I took away a message of overcoming your past is never easy and yes for some it never happens and there is always apart of them that will simply rather as in this case walk away and go and save someone else rather then themselves.

But the first step to letting it out and get to the point of healing is seeing what is in front of you, no matter if it comes in the form of the most unexpected event in your life or in the form of getting the wind knocked out from you in order to realise what you can and cannot have.

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of romance with a emotional upsets, heartache, drama, life changing events and love winning the battle of hurt. And about a man that finally becomes the ultimate hero!

4.5 star review
"He is a protector and saviour but only with his body never his heart" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Breathe Again by Kamy Chetty

In Breathe Again by Kamy Chetty;  We find Skylar and Nick a married couple on the verge of divorce. To save her marriage she quits taking her birth control pills and yes gets pregnant. And of course this causes more grief as Nick stated all along he did not want to be a father, that it would be a deal breaker. 

Skylar has been trying to have the family she always dreamed of having. One like she had growing, until she lost her Father, and her Mother became emotionally absent. She has always loved Nick, but I question do you lie and deceive those you love?

Nick believes he will never be father material. After growing up in his own private hell. He had an alcoholic mother who depended on her young child. And an abusive father, which he feared he would be become like. He is totally emotionless and the only one who seems to understand him is Skylar.

There is great passion between these two. Some amazing love scenes. The author does a great job of showing the attraction and passion and to an extent the issues they had between them. But it seems his lack of communication was a major part of their problems. 
I am left to ask this question. They married each other but they knew nothing about each others past?

I have very mixed emotions about this book. And I truly struggled with Nick's character and the way he acted about the baby. I understood he felt betrayed by Skylar, but to keep referring to the baby she was carrying as your child etc it just didn't sit well with me. He did redeem himself by the end, but hard to forget some of the things he said. I also had issues with how much drama happened in this story, especially with Skylar. While real life can be challenging and hits you with a lot at once. This just started becoming more of a what's going to happen to Skylar next !

3.5/5 stars

Review by TashNz

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Breathe Again by Kamy Chetty is a June 2013 release by Red Sage.

In Breathe Again we meet ex-marine (hello!!!) now a Dr, Nick and his soon to be ex-wife and nurse, Skylar who work together and still live together   A dangerous emergency and a surprise announcement help throw the two back together.  And so begins an emotionally intense tale about two people who clearly love each other and have to overcome the fact that each of them want the complete opposite out of life.  Can they overcome their differences and share a life of love? 

Nick is cold and distant, he's clear enough about what he doesn't want from life and written in such a way that I kept turning the pages to find out why he is so cold and un-wanting of what most people cant wait to have in life... a family.  Skyler knew this when she married Nick but it didn't stop her from thinking she could change him.  That her love could change him, so when it becomes a reality and Nick doesn't change I was more and more curious to find out why.  

Skyler can't seem to do anything right and she has to face the consequences of what she's done and I thought she was quite brave in doing so because when the author takes us down a different route from the usual "oh i do actually love you and we will live happily ever after" my interest was piqued enough to find out how they were going to get their happy ever after. 

I loved the medical action in Breathe Again and think Kamy Chetty is so talented in this area and will fast become the queen of the Medical Romance genre because her medical drama is intense, dramatic and full of detail of varied accidents and emergencies  and I always feel like I've learnt something.   Not only that but this story has different A&E's than Kamy's other recent release Family Ties.

I always have a soft spot for any lil ole Kiwi who is lucky enough to get their work out into the big wide world so congratulations on your newest release Kamy, I hope it does well and I look forward to supporting you in the future.

4 Stars