Never Say No to a Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne

Never Say No to a Caffarelli

Reviewed by Desere

Giving up the only home you have ever known is hard, no matter if it is because you have no financial choice in the matter or if simply need to let go for other reasons. It is filled with a lifetime of memories that can never be erased, but leaving it behind feels like you're leaving behind a part of yourself.

That is why Poppy will never part with her beloved home, she has lived there with her grandmother for many years and has built a life, made friends with the people of the community, formed a bond that is simply unbreakable.

So when Rafe Caffarelli comes walking into her tearoom and demands she sell the house to him in order for the property to return back to the link it has with the home's manor, she is outraged and insulted.

But she is also thrown completely off balance by the raw sexual attraction she feels towards him and cannot stop thinking how very badly she wants him to kiss her. But selling her home, is the last thing she will ever do even if she has to go up against Rafe and all his power. Only Rafe plays dirty and instead swears that he has never lost a deal and does not plan on doing so this time around. And so the war of ownership takes off!

The character of Poppy was not great. For me as reader she came off as being very childish, for example her actions of stomping to the front door of Rafe had me thinking how very unladylike of her and she is behaving like a child. I did love the idea of her being so old fashioned, she had the perfect blend of kind hearted and always full of sunshine personality, only again she remained very childlike for me and I would have liked to see the author let her mature into more of grown up at some stage.

Some of the lines she said also let me cringe as it is just not something you would expect a heroine to say, yet I found it somewhat refreshing as it showed how honest she is, but again it reminded me too more of a child than a woman.

The character of Rafe was one I felt sorry for as him feeling that he needs to always carry the burden of ensuring his family company is successful around each and very corner, and at the same time making sure his brothers are kept in place, tore my heart apart, it made him cold and unattached with the world and everyone around him.

He remains cold for most of the read, but does slowly let his guard drop here and there, showing he has a good heart somewhere under the suit of armour around his heart. I loved that the author lets the thoughts of Poppy wreck havoc on is brain, her invading his thoughts and actions gave me a bit of a laugh as it throws him so much more off balance then he has ever been.

The backdrop settings were quint and delightful. I very much loved that the manor has a certain darkness about it similar to the darkness of Rafe's soul and that Poppy's home was like sunshine after the rain much like she is.

The dialogue was great, I did love the lines of conflict and confusion. The read however did lack the passion and heat from this authors previous reads. The intense sexual attraction between the characters just did not burn as hot as it usually does in books from this author, and made the read a little dull and difficult to get through.

This author has always managed to surprise me with each of her books, but this time I was disappointed as something just did not gel in the read, it was almost as it just did not all come together, it was lacking the fire and wow factor I have come to expect from this author.

This is book one of a trilogy and I am looking forward to see what the author offers up with the other two brothers in this series, as based on the little insight she gave into the lives of the other two RR's I am thinking I might like them more and I am hoping the author re-finds her unique brand of passionate, sexy, heart stopping, leave me breathless romance writing style.

I am recommending the read for fans who love a trilogy, as if not reading this one I have a feeling you might be a little lost in the second and third book.

4 star review
"He shows her that saying yes is the only option she has" 

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Reviewed by Nas

NEVER SAY NO TO A CAFFARELLI (Those Scandalous Caffarellis) by USA Today bestselling author Melanie Milburne is August 2013 release from Harlequin Presents.

Poppy got the dower house with proper legality. She had no obligation or the inclination to sell it.

But when Rafe Caffarelli bought the manor, he wanted the dower house as well. And he is leaving no stones unturned to pressurize Poppy to sell the dower house to him. Will he go as far as faking an attraction just to get the house?

Poppy couldn’t be sure if Rafe was just stringing her along or if he really did have feelings for her. Would Rafe really play her along just for the house?

Author Melanie Milburne has written a fun, engrossing and fast paced story in NEVER SAY NO TO A CAFFARELLI. There are hidden depths to Rafe and Poppy’s characters. The emotions and sensuality is exquisitely done. NEVER SAY NO TO A CAFFARELLI has strong characters, snappy dialogue, and tender, sweet and exciting moments which will keep a reader riveted from the first page.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Never Say No to a Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne

Raffaele Caffarelli is half French and half Italian and every woman’s dream. Extremely good looking, and arrogant. He is use to getting what he wants both in business and in the bedroom. And right now he wants the Dower House. Rafe recently purchased The Dalrymple Estate. With his goal to turn it into a hotel spa, the only thing standing in his way is Poppy Silverton.

Poppy Silverton owns and operates a tearoom. And she has no intention of selling the Dower House to Rafe, no matter how good looking and charming he might be. This is the home she grew up in with her late Grandmother. Poppy would hate to see the estate changed.

I had mixed feelings about the character of Poppy. She was sweet but somewhat childish in some ways. And Rafe was a little too arrogant and to self-assured. I also think Poppy should have made him grovel a little more after the way he walked away.

While I enjoyed this book and love Melanie’s writing style I did have issues with some of the wording regarding Poppy. Some of her lines seemed childish, for example the following. What was a passionate scene got really awkward for this reader. Ouch … then the comment I’m sorry for being such a drama queen … as she is losing her virginity just did not work for me.

This is still an enjoyable read and I look forward to more books from Melanie.

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Tash
Never say No to a Caffarelli is book one of three.  We meet Rafe, eldest Caffarelli brother. Strong, determined, always gets what he wants, after all who ever says No to a Caffarelli?  Well that would be Poppy.  Owner of the little house on the grounds of a main estate Rafe has bought to develop.  Poppy's little home has been left to her and it's all she's ever known in the name of a home.  It also hold all the memories for her of everyone she's ever loved.  Rafe wants the home and decides to set on a path to gain ownership and convincing Poppy in the best way he knows how.

I found Never Say No to a Caffarelli quite delightful and it took me back to memories of reading my first Mills and Boons.  When I was younger the characters would dance the dance of feelings and let their feeling and conversations tell the story to the eventual build up of letting it all go.  I found Rafe and Poppy's story to be a dance of feelings.  They didn't succumb to their feelings straight away so to get there they had to interact alot and talk alot which is not always how it is these days.  

I liked Poppy, she was refreshing and my interpretation of her was that while she was unworldly she was content with her dream of the white picket fence and her tea room to be a success.  I think her character was quite refreshing, she was who she was and even tho no one ever says no to Rafe in particular it was what made him look twice, this little bundle of red-headed spirit sticking up for what her little life meant  to her.

Rafe was a nice introduction to the Cafarelli brothers.  I love trilogy's and I cant want to read more.  Both brothers were mentioned enough to make me curious and it was edge of seat reading with Raoul and his accident.  I'm suspecting Lily will be more than just a physical therapist to brother Raoul and I eagerly await their story.

I really enjoyed Never Say No to a Caffarelli, it was deep without being too dark, the characters were complete opposites of each other and quite likable   The setting was lovely and quaint and I enjoyed reading it over a very wet Auckland weekend.  I cant wait for the release of Book II.


 Reviewed by Shirley

 Never Say No to a Caffarelli by Melanie Milburne

Which is more important: a commitment to business or romantic attraction to love? Depends upon your point of view.

Goal. Focus. Win. The mantra by which Rafe Caffarelli lives his life. Handsome, sexy, and successful, he has never failed to win in his personal or professional endeavors. That is, until now. The acquisition of the Dower House to complete the estate he wants to renovate into a hotel for the uber rich has hit a snag. Would his personal attention mean continued success or will a red headed five foot five obstacle determine his first defeat?

A home. A business. A love. Was that too much to ask? Over the last few months, pretty, feisty and stubborn, Poppy Silverton was beginning to believe it was. A development company wanted to purchase the Dower House, the only home she knew. Her business was barely able to make the rent, because of the new restaurant in a neighboring town by her ex-boyfriend. The deflection of her ex-boyfriend with another woman after stealing most of her prized recipes betrayed the love she thought they had. Maybe she couldn't do anything about the boyfriend, or the recipes, but her business would improve, she vowed, and Raffaele Caffarelli would never get the Dower House. Was she spinning pipe dreams or did fate have another solution in mind?

Then they met. He was, by turns, amused, aggravated, or annoyed. She was, by turns, infuriated, agitated, or intrigued. But neither could deny the chemistry growing between them.

Were they sworn enemies or future lovers?

Could their attraction lead to a long term relationship or would long term habits tear them apart?

A light, refreshing read that made you laugh, sympathize, empathize, and root for the characters to find the best solution to find love. Melanie Milburne has produced another entertaining story.

I would recommend this book.

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.

5/5 stars   Was the answer No or Maybe???

Reviewed by Maria

Poppy's what could be quaintly described as an old fashioned girl.  For this English village belle, traditional values matter.  Values like respect, fidelity and loyalty.  Rafe is a well travelled and cosmopolitan man who lives in the modern world.  As a property developer, he deals in property worth billions of dollars.  For him, money talks.

When this pair meet, how is it possible for them to get together and build a successful relationship, one that doesn't end in tears and loss and broken hearts?

Poppy's character was endearing.  She came across as this little girl lost, indignant and ready to stand up for the values she cherishes.  Her child/woman personality can be attributed to having been abandoned by her parents and raised by her elderly grandmother.  As she grows through the story, and learns to take risks for love, one can see her grow and mature.

Rafe was way too cold for my liking, but I loved how Poppy brought out the protective, loving side of him.

The love scenes were meltingly hot.  No more words needed there.

I loved the ending.  Satisfactory in all ways.

This is Melanie Milburne's fiftieth book and the first in a new series.  Recommended for fans of sensual romance fiction.