Whiskey Sour Noir by Mickey J Corrigan

Whiskey Sour Noir by Mickey J. Corrigan

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

What a different kind of tale presented in just a few pages. Not a love story with sweet, tender dates accompanied by flowers and chocolates, while living in fancy houses, driving nice cars and planning romantic outings, but a glimpse as two people try to navigate their daily lives through a harsh existence to find love.

Focusing on the seedier side of Dusty Beach, this story follow a young woman, Tami Lee Conkers, as she wanders through her life working at the DIC, frequenting the local bars, and taking a tumble in anybody's bed. Such as it was, she was satisfied with her life, never wanting anything different, until she meets Cat Avery, the hunky new bartender at her favorite haunt. When one quick roll in the hay turns into a live in situation, she convinces herself that maybe this could be a lot more. Former unfamiliar feelings of affection, the fantastic sex and a satisfying contentment make unusual questions begin to pour into her mind. Has she shortchanged herself? Could they have a future together? Why couldn't she reach for the stars and fly?

Stripped of everything and labeled a criminal, Cat Avery got a job at a questionable bar named the Kettle Fish, seeing only a bleak future in front of him. Convinced he had been framed, but seeing no way to prove it, he worked, slept and pondered his situation until the gorgeous woman drifted into the bar. Instant attraction proceeded a somewhat satisfactory live-in arrangement. Although temporarily satisfied with his life, he couldn't let the idea go that he had been framed. Feelings for her might be trying to form, but could he contemplate their future together, if he didn't correct his past? Was it even possible to have his successful life back? Could he have it all?

This quick and easy read weaves a story around two people desperately trying to find their place in life. Packed in just a few short pages were a wide range of emotions. Very interesting, thought provoking and entertaining. I would recommend this story to any other readers who want a different kind of love story.

I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars                                 Could they have a happily ever after?


Reviewed by Desere

Very realistic true life read! A sexy short read about Tami and Cat. Cat has been framed for a crime he did not commit and as we all know most of these "I did not do it" crimes the "offender" goes to jail and when they come out they have lost everything from house to car to reputation.

This is exactly what Cat has to face, but he believes he can prove who framed him, all he needs is Tami's help. Understandably she does not really want to trust him, I mean most offenders say " I didn't do it" so why would you want to trust them?

A really sexy and fun read about two people both finding something they did not know they were looking for.

5/5 star review 

" Everyone deserves a chance in this messed up world we live in"


Reviewed by Maria

Mickey J. Corrigan writes romance fiction which is really hard to categorize at times.  She writes romance, but it’s not your champagne and flowers type of romance complete with a playboy prince to romance you with a background score of lush violins.  Your hero could be an ex-con who is out on parole. Instead of champagne, it’s a small whiskey with a beer chaser and hey, where are my roses?  And the sex?  It’s strictly down market.  Cheap hotels which rent rooms by the hour.  If you’re lucky.  Otherwise, you may find yourself making out by the dustbins down a back alley somewhere, shoulder to shoulder with a couple of alley cats howling instead of the violins.  Gross?  Your words, should you choose tho think that way, not mine, baby.  But do you know what?  I freaking love her stories.  They’re real, that’s why.  Real and human and yeah, unputdownable.  Mickey J. Tells it like it is, no frills, no flounces, just in your face.  And that writing voice?  Unbe-freaking-lievable.  The woman is a born storyteller.  That’s an Irish trait, mind.  And I knew she had Irish blood in her the minute I started reading her.  I just knew it.  Tami Lee lives a quiet life in Dusky Beach, a rough end of her Florida town where a lot of people who could be classed as low life hang out.  She works hard and she gets by and she enjoys a drink.  Like all of us, she’s looking for love, for someone special to share her life with. When she meets Cat who is, yes, out on parole and I’m not even going to tell you what for, she thinks that maybe there’s something here.  Well, is there?  You gotta get your hands on this book to find out.  So if you enjoy reading about life in the raw, read some of this author’s work, beginning with this story.  The one thing which strikes me about this author is that she has a woman’s voice – but she writes like a man.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, as we say in Ireland.


Reviewed by Nas

WHISKEY SOUR NOIR by Mickey J. Corrigan is a March 2014 release by The Wild Rose Press.
Tami Lee meets the new bartender and falls in lust with him. But he is a sex offender with a rap over his head and life. And he is obsessed because as he says, he was framed. Would he take their relationship beyond the hot fling?
Cat Avery is bent on taking revenge on who framed him. Could he move forward in his life without first finding out about it?
WHISKEY SOUR NOIR is a hilarious story but with an underlining controversial issue. It has message that not everyone is innocent or vice versa. Author Mickey J. Corrigan writes with humor. Her stories are always humorous and a pleasure to read.

Recommended to all readers.

Reviewed by TashNz

Whiskey Sour Noir by Mickey J Corrigan is another smart, sassy, funny and to the point, quick read that packs a punch.  As are all of Mickey's stories.

We all know a Whiskey Sour is an alcoholic drink and that's your first clue this story is set in the bars.  The bar's called Kettle of Fish to be exact.  "Tami Lee Conkers, meet Mr Cat Avery"  Cat introduces Tami to the Whiskey Sour... and that's not all if you know what I mean ;)    The problem is Cat is on Parole for an offence he swears he's innocent of.  Tami wants to believe him...

A quick read, as is usual with Mickey's stories.  I was left wanting more and hope there will be more to this story!  And I must mention, I LOVE the cover!