The Little Shop Of Hopes And Dreams by Fiona Harper

Reviewed by Nas

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HOPES AND DREAMS by author Fiona Harper is a Mills & Boon release for October 2014.

Nicole Harrison launches her new business setting up marriage proposals for clients. She had all positive response for her business so far.

Now the latest client on her list wanted to propose to her boyfriend. But the problem was her boyfriend was Alex, the man Nicole had kissed on New Year’s Eve and haven’t been able to forget. Meeting him again brought all the shimmering chemistry they shared to the surface again. But what will Nicole do now? Could she set up a proposal for her client with the man she had hots for? How would Nicole solve her dilemma now? Her name and reputation was at stake. Could she chose love?

THE LITTLE SHOP OF HOPES AND DREAMS is a fun, fast-paced story. The characters are realistically depicted by the author Fiona Harper.