The Russian's Ultimatum by Michelle Smart

The Russian's Ultimatum

Reviewed by Desere

Who doesn't love a good " He'll make her an offer " read, I for darn sure do, but when it's written by the super talented Michelle Smart it's a masterpiece that will never leave my mind.

We meet Pascha Virshilas , he's on the brink of securing personal redemption when Emily Richardson breaks into office and steals private company documents. But she does not stop there, oh no this spitfire has the gall to blackmail him into clearing her father's name!

But Pascha is ruthless and definitely not a pushover, so he sets his own terms. He will do as she asks but the enticing Emily must accompany him to his private island , for there he can ensure her silence.  A tropical storm hits, and as the storm rages so does the wind as it blows aside the suspicions and secrets to reveal something much more dangerous, and not Pascha nor Emily is prepared for any of it!

I fell in love with this author's work from book one, and I have never been happier then when I find out she has conjured up something new for me to devour!

I adored the character of Emily, always trying to fix everyone. It does seem like an annoying personality trait , and in real life it can be. But it showed Emily in a very likable " This woman fights to make the world  better place" light and I simply loved it. The push till she wins attitude made her the type of heroine every woman really wants to be, or at least one that I would not mind being. But in real life it can get very tricky to try and give someone a push whilst still trying to not meddle. The author did a fantastic job at showing just when the right time is to push a person and just when you need to back off is there in order for the person to still love you afterwards.

The character of Pascha was not the kind of hero am use to , yes he was strong and independent, ruthless and gorgeous , but he was different from the normal everyday hero's I come across in books. He had a certain flair, that believe it or not am finding difficult to describe. There was just something about him that makes him stand out from the crowd. I adored his strength and guts to push away others simply because of his secret( which by the way Michelle I did not see coming, at all), Through this character the author showed there is always light at even the darkest of tunnels in life, all one needs to do is chip open tiny little bit of love to let that little slitter of light shine and guide our way.

I am taking away a message of love is what makes the world go round, without it there really is no point. Of course if we push away every single person that tries to show us love, simply because we think our secrets of life does not allow us to have what everyone else has, we never will find the real meaning of life. So the next time you come across love on the road, don't run , don't panic and don't push the person away, embrace the possibilities of a bright and happy future.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance and Michelle Smart books, it was passionate, fire meets ice, romance written with perfection and an exquisite story of love conquering all.

Michelle keep them coming, I for darn sure cannot live without my MS reading fix , your books lift my heart and nurture my soul.

5/5 star review
" Bought together by an ultimatum, bound by love"