Hot Seal by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Seal
by Lynn Raye Harris
Review by TashNz
5 stars

I love me a good SEAL and by gosh Dane "Viking" Erikson is a mighty fine introduction of what looks to be a most promisingly delightful introduction of Seals into the HOT team!

The last place DEA Agent expects to run into her ex husband is at HOT headquarters, after all Dane is Navy, not Army, but there he is as freakin' gorgeous as she remembers, and while it's been a long four and a half years without him, it's like yesterday when the memories start flooding back.  SEAL Dane is just as shocked when his ex wife walks into mission control.  He knows the dangerous mission they're about to embark could risk lives and while he tries to hate Ivy on sight, he also tries to kid himself he'd step in front of a bullet for her as he would be for anyone under his command, not because she's someone special.

Racing against the clock Dane, along with the HOT team, Ivy and her DEA partner track down a  state of the art submarine originally designed for drug trafficking missing from Columbia; the Ruiz brothers who have a major hand in the drug trafficking that Ivy is hell bent on stopping and a nuclear warhead which can blow the Eastern seaboard to smithereens.  While surrounded by danger at every corner, partnered together puts Dane and Ivy in mighty fine close proximity where they cant ignore their past, their feelings or their differences and when one part of the mission means portraying themselves as a happy couple, Dane and Ivy are like the fireworks factory they liken themselves to and things really turn into the 4th of July! I loved the end scene, I could totally imagine it and was left feeling I would absolutely love to be swept off my feet by a man in uniform - preferably a SEAL ;)

Hot Seal is a Hostile Operations Team Novella, part of a July release box set Seals of Summer anthology .  So much is packed in it does not feel the length of a Novella.  So much action and drama swirling around mixed with high tensions and breath taking moments of intimacy I was completely hooked until the last page.  Lynn Raye Harris has such an amazing skill for writing heart-beating drama, non stop action and rock solid mind blowing romance all swirled together and packed into one delicious story that has the Hostile Operation Team on my must-read list.

Thank you for the ARC received for my honest opinon.

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Reviewed by Desere

I love, love, love men in uniform but from them all a seal is by far the sexiest! Hell let's get straight to it, they are the most kickass ever!

And what more could a huge fan like myself ask for .. yeah that's right I can ask that the amazing Lynn Raye Harris writes one for me, and she not only did she created what is undoubtedly the best, sexiest, most kickass, awesome, totally rock-bombing seal ever!!

Hot, steamy, exciting, exhilarating don't seem like words adequate to describe this read. I was there for every single moment , I felt every single emotion, I cried like a  baby and got tears all over Kindle, because I did not even realize I was crying , I was simply too trapped inside this awesome read!

There's so much more I can tell you, and I mean a whole helluva lot more ,but it would ruin it completely. It's the must read of the year.

There's just one more thing I have left to say : If you want to escape with the absolute perfection of kick-ass romantic suspense, read Lynn Raye Harris! It's phenomenal, breathtaking, and always , always perfect!!!

5/5 star review

" A seal in waiting is a deal worth taking"