Inherited by Ferranit

Inherited by Ferranit

Kate Hewitt

Inherited by Ferranti by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Helen

I found this book emotional and moving and such a great read from start to finish MS Hewitt has taken two people who have suffered in the past on a journey to sunshine at the end it is a rocky path but the epilogue is so good.

Sierra Rocci has led a childhood of emotional and physical abuse from a strong willed father who also controlled her mother but her mother was in love and no matter what Sierra said her mother would not listen so when her father found someone that he felt Sierra should marry at the age of nineteen Sierra agrees to get away from her father. But Sierra cannot go through with it and jilts Marco at the alter and takes off to start a new life in London never to return to Palermo until the reading of her father's will where she again meets the man she jilted and he is angry and wants answers Sierra is determined to be strong but can she resist this man.

Marco Ferranti had been an orphan he had a tough childhood but worked his way up from bellboy at one of the Rocci hotels in Palermo when he is taken under the wing of none other than the owner Arturo Rocci he treats him like a son and Marco works his way up to second in charge and is more than happy to meet his daughter the beautiful Sierra yes marriage to Sierra will be good it won't be a love match Marco doesn't need that everyone he has ever loved has left him but they will be friends and have a good family life, so when Sierra jilts him he is left shocked and angry but also wanting answers why?

Seven years later when they meet again Sierra is still beautiful but has grown and matured she seems stronger but Marco still wants answers and when Arturo leaves everything to Marco Sierra is not surprised at all and after an evening spent together this leaves them both wanting more but Sierra goes back to London. But when a new hotel is opening in New York Marco needs Sierra to help with the opening she agrees reluctantly. I can highly recommend this book it is a sizzling sensual journey that opens up a lot of dark secrets and makes them both realize they need to be open and honest for love to bloom and the sunshine at the end of the journey to shine and shine it does this one had me smiling and shedding a few tears. This really is a great story. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

  Published March 22nd 2016 by Harlequin (first published March 15th 2016)