No Looking Back~ Bindarra Creek: A Town Reborn by Linda Charles

Reviewed by Nas Dean

NO LOOKING BACK, BINDARRA CREEK: A TOWN REBORN by author Linda Charles is an October 2019 release.

Hannah McKenna falls from her horse when it is spooked but is helped by Blake Hudson. Blake takes her to the hospital and then waits with her. Then he brings her back to her home. Hannah doesn’t want to let him go, but would she still feel the same when she finds out the truth about him?

Blake has secrets he wants hidden but ultimately Hannah discovers all. How would he deal with Hannah uncovering all his secrets?

NO LOOKING BACK, BINDARRA CREEK: A TOWN REBORN is an emotional swoon-worthy romance with a strong heroine in Hannah, who knows what she wants and would not settle for anything less. And a sensitive gorgeous hero in Blake, who was emotionally closed but opens up when the time is right. Author Linda Charles, beautifully brought these two characters together making them move past their grievances and achieving their happy ever after. Set in a small rural town, amid the horse-racing scene, this is an emotionally uplifting story of hope and future.

Recommended for all readers of rural romance.


No Looking Back

Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn

Linda Charles

Reviewed by Helen

Can a fall from a horse bring two people together even if they have a past that is not known at first, Hannah McKenna meets Blake Hudson when he stops to help her and this starts a journey of uncovering secrets and putting the past behind you.

Hannah McKenna loves working with horses she is a trainer and is looking to get her horses on the big city tracks but when a syndication falls through this leaves her struggling to keep going but her strength shows through and with help from family and friends she continues. Not looking for love Hannah finds herself falling for her rescuer if she can leave the past behind.

Blake Hudson lives in Sydney he is an accountant he is a quiet man who loves horse racing and getting to know the bloodlines that go with the sport, when he stops to help a woman who has fallen from a horse he never realizes that it is the Hannah McKenna who he let down but he cannot deny the pull he has towards her.

This is an emotional story as Hannah and Blake journey through some ups and downs and come to terms with secrets, there are many fabulous characters in this story that add so much to the story and lots of lovely horses, I am enjoying this series and look forward to the next one.
4 stars