Under the Spotlight

 Under the Spotlight

Megan Mayfair

Reviewed by Helen

This is another lovely romance from Megan Mayfair, filled with emotion and wonderful characters that were very easy to love, set in a major Sydney hospital we get to meet heart surgeon Dante Mancini and public relations manager Alexa Rogerson as they work together in different fields for the benefit of conjoined twins Chloe and Caitlyn.

Dante has been through tragedy in his life and hates being in the spotlight for good reasons but with the big operation coming up the hospital is under media scrutiny and he is also accepting a big award, he meets the hospitals PR manager Alexa and trusting her is hard but he agrees to trust her and work with her for the sake of the twins, he is finding that Alexa is nothing like he presumed and he is loving being with her.

Alexa loves her job but maybe it isn’t what she is truly meant to do no matter how good she is at it, meeting Dante should be a publicists dream only he is not a very trusting person where publicity is concerned, it is not long before she finds out why that is but her job is to raise good publicity and to fundraise. The more time she spends with Dante the more he makes her think about her future.

Dante and Alexa had a lot thrown at them during the build up to the twins surgery and it was not easy for Dante but Alexa made it run smoothly but when Dante gets Alexa to open up about her past he starts thinking she should be doing something else, They are so good for each other I loved seeing their hearts open and find the love they deserve. I do highly recommend this one it is sure to leave you feeling happy.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

4 stars

November 15, 2022 by Montauk Bay