The Ex Who Hired Her by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

THE EX WHO HIRED HER by author Kate Hardy is a March 2012 release from Mills & Boon Modern and Harlequin Presents April 2012 release.

Xandra Bennett walks in for the marketing manager job interview at the oldest departmental chain store. And guess what? The CEO of the company interviewing her turns out to be the last person she expected to see!

He was Jordan Smith, the man she’d vowed ten years ago to never to have anything to do with ever again. She’d never forgiven him for lying to her, for not being there when she needed him the most and for letting her down. It had taken her years to rebuild her life and now when her dreams were in reach; he was right in her way again.

Facing her after ten years, Jordan know this was Alexandra Porter, the woman who had dumped him without a cause and had lied to him. But his body still tingled remembering her. Can he forget their past and hire her now?

With this painful history between them will they be able to work together? And will they be able to ignore the attraction shimmering just below the surfaces? But why had Alex lied and dumped Jordan before? And why had he let her down?

THE EX WHO HIRED HER has a realistic hero in Jordan Smith who hasn’t found a suitable partner after he broke up with Alex. And the heroine, Alexandra, is someone we connect with as she goes through so much and hits the very bottom before she rises again.  Can they find a way to trust each other again after all this time? This lovely reunion romance is rich with emotion and humour and all of the characters are exquisitely rendered.

The poignant and realistic way in which they deal with their past is really magical to read.